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Sex & Nudity

  • Nude couple lounging in bed, woman's breasts are seen for about 2 minutes. See man's pubic hair briefly. No sex
  • Few Nudie magazines with topless women briefly seen. Porno movies seen on TV twice. Buttocks are seen grinding and a woman's head is seen bobbing in front of a naked man (no nudity)
  • Clothed man and woman makeout - some moaning
  • Man's nude dead body being autopsied, including full view of penis
  • Man get an erection, shown by a bulge in his shorts growing
  • Man drops pants, naked butt is shown. He approaches a topless woman in bed (breasts exposed) they are shown grinding but it's not sexually graphic (but is gory)
  • Sex scenes tend to be strong in the film.

Violence & Gore

  • Character with open gashes in his neck (he's alive). Tentacles emerge and enter his mouth
  • Mans neck is bitten and he is stabbed in crotch by a spear (not super gory) - a woman drips blood from her mouth
  • A pregnant mothers bloodied placenta drops out of her (not super graphic). Her stomach swells emits tentacles. She is shown with her stomach burst open (sillier than it is traumatizing)
  • A man gets a very large erection inside of this shorts (no nudity) it explodes off screen - gore splatters on a wall
  • Woman's tongue grows to gigantic proportions, she chokes on it
  • Man shot in hand, bullet hole seen, then shoots himself in head off screen (no gore, unseen)
  • Man chokes woman to death with his hand while having sex (it's an accident) blood drips from her mouth
  • The Australian Film Council didn't rate it "Adults Only" for nothing. The violence IS EXTREME, and QUITE GORY!
  • Melting body sequences are very detailed and explicit. Mucus drips from peoples faces and may also mix with the blood in the scenes, which may gross out audiences.
  • A woman meanly slaps a woman in the face when she idiotically puts the dangerous gel on her face. The woman's head is crushed and she is killed.
  • Body parts get forced out of people's mouths as part of the drug's symptoms. These sequences may frighten viewers. A rib pops out of a mans chest, a pregnant woman "births" a couple of placenta monster things.


  • Fuck, shit used fairly regularly. At least one cunt
  • Fuck, shit several times. cunt at least once

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Woman smokes a cigarette
  • Several instances of people chugging vitamin pills and injecting vitamin serum via needles.
  • Several characters smoke cigarettes socially

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It's technically a B-Movie. But for those scared of the violence, it's not for the faint of heart.

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