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MPAA Rated PG for mild language and unsuitable teen behavior

Sex & Nudity

  • There is romantic kissing throughout the movie, with both married couples and teenagers.
  • A teenage boy brings a girl to his room and locks the door behind him. When she feels uncomfortable and tries to leave, she realizes the door is locked. The implication is that the boy might be ready to rape her, but they are both fully clothed, and he doesn't touch her at all on-screen, other than some innocent kissing. All he does is say "Relax, this is going to be an experience you're never gonna forget", but do to unforeseen events, he is not able to do anything with her. Everything ends up being okay, but adults may need to have a discussion about this with younger viewers.
  • Two St. Bernard dogs mate and have puppies in the movie.
  • A young girl (about 8 years old) asks her father where babies come from. His attempts to explain it are drawn-out and quite humorous.
  • The two dogs are shown at a movie about two teenagers who kiss passionately.

Violence & Gore

  • A man pokes another man in the stomach with a stick.
  • A puppy pees on a man's face.
  • The "villains" in the movie fall into a pool of mud, then fall into a raging river. They are not hurt, though.
  • One "villain" is involved in an accident where he falls down a mountain and violently lands head first into a tree stump. Meant to be humorous, but this is a blatant reference to decapitation.
  • Near the end of the film, the two "villains" are scene being washed away in the rapids of a river. While not much is on screen, it seems to infer that the two characters will either plummet to their deaths or crash into the rocks, being inflicted with near fatal brain damage. However, this scene is quite humorous.


  • "Oh God" is used a few times, along with the word "crap". Pretty mild language.
  • When an older teenage boy starts picking on Ted, he tells Beethoven to "bite this guy in the wiener".
  • One villain tells the family to "stuff it".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenagers are drinking alcohol at a house party. Some of the kids are obviously very drunk. A few of them even start dumping beer on the dog, Beethoven. They are laughing and behaving erratically.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • When provoked, Beethoven jerks at the part of a lake house where he has been chained up, and part of the house literally falls down. Several teenagers fall into the lake as a result. It is not really scary, though, and nobody is hurt - there's just a lot of yelling. In fact, audiences may be more inclined to laugh at how fake it looks when the house falls.
  • There is a contest at a fair where some men race to see who can eat more burgers at once. The man who wins ends up vomiting afterward. The vomit itself is not seen, but his cheeks puff up, and he is seen rushing into a Port-o-Potty and retching.
  • Regina is very cruel to her boyfriend, her ex-husband, and especially the dogs in the movie. She steals the puppies from kids at one point and is just generally very mean. Younger viewers might be a little afraid of her.

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