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Sex & Nudity

  • Bubby has sex with his mother two or three times. Her breasts are shown no nudity on him is shown.
  • Bubby's mother walks into a room naked before putting on a nighty. Her buttocks are shown.
  • Bubby pulls his mothers shirt open and reveals her breasts.
  • Bubby's father pulls is mothers shirt open and reveals her breasts.
  • Bubby comes into cell to find his cell mate naked, he is then pinned down by him. No nudity is shown and it is implied that Bubby is raped.
  • Bubby has sex with a Salvation Army worker. His buttocks are seen. Her breasts and buttocks are shown. Her vagina is briefly exposed.
  • Bubby is seen naked being bathed by his mother. His penis and testicles are seen.
  • Bubby is seen being showered by Angel at a nursing home. His penis and testicles are seen.
  • Bubby convinces Angel to flash him. Her breasts are seen.
  • Bubby's mother wipes urine from his crotch. His buttocks are seen.
  • Bubby walks into a bedroom and pulls the sheets away to find two stark naked groupies who try to convince him to have sex with them which he refuses. Their breasts, buttocks and vaginas are seen.
  • Bubby and Angel are seen having sex. Bubby's buttocks are seen. Angel's breasts are seen.
  • Angel is seen giving birth in the nude. Her breasts and vagina are seen.

Violence & Gore

  • A man suffocates a cat and his parents with clingwrap. The same man is punched in the stomach and raped at later stages in the film.


  • Several uses of "fuck" "shit" "cunt"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire film has a surreal and disturbing feel about it which gets under your skin in regards to it's themes of many forms of abuse, mental illness, etc. It's also funny at the same time.

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