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MPAA Rated PG-13 for macabre humor

Sex & Nudity

  • Morticia and Gomez share a kiss after dancing at the restaurant.
  • Fester asks himself what was he thinking when he was with Debbie and Wednesday says "Physical pleasure."
  • Wednesday tells a girl she is in a hospital waiting room with that her parents "had sex" (a reference to her mother delivering a baby.)
  • There is a subtle masturbation reference at 'Thing'.
  • In order to make Fester say that he doesn't want to see his family, Debbie acts sensual and sexy, showing some cleavage.
  • There are references to Fester being a virgin.
  • Debbie is clearly in disgust when she realizes she has to have sex with Fester, but she does (not seen) so that he'll he wrapped around her finger.
  • A teen boy and a teen girl kiss briefly.
  • Debbie kisses Fester as she straddles him on the bed, and moves her hands down his chest until they are not seen onscreen; Fester collapses onto the bed, clearly aroused.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is about to electrocute a family and ends up electrocuting herself.
  • Wednesday, Puglsey and the grandma bury a live cat. Very dark for humor and might offend animal lovers.
  • Debbie attempts to kill Fester by electrocuting him in the bathtub.
  • Debbie again attempts to kill Fester by blowing up her house.
  • Wednesday and Pugsley try multiple times to kill Pubert in violent ways.
  • Wednesday and other kids ruin a stage play, by setting it on fire and burning people at the stake, though it is not shown.


  • A girl says damn.
  • Debbie takes the Lord's name in vain. She also is quoted by Fester doing the same.
  • During a Thanksgiving pageant, a 'tween-aged boy dressed as a turkey repeatedly urges the audience to "eat me" as part of the lyrics. (The film makes clear that the pageant genre is a target of parody, and that the pageant's author is a smug villain whose work is not to be taken seriously.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A girl is drinking whiskies.
  • Gomez smokes a cigar at Camp Chippewa, he also gives one to Pugsley and lights it. Pugsley is only seen putting his cigar towards his mouth.
  • An infant is fed a bottle of an adult hangover "cure," including vodka and a raw egg, the morning after a raucous party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A radio explodes when it is thrown in the tub and all the lights go in and out (might disturb those who suffer from seizures).
  • Kids burn a girl at the stake (the burning itself is not shown, and the girl is shown afterwards fully intact) and set a playset on fire. During the same incident, they roast two adult authority figures (who have greatly abused their authority) over an open fire on a spit.
  • Two kids try to cut off a baby's head with a guillotine. At the last minute, the baby himself reaches up and stops the blade in mid-fall, establishing that this particular baby can fend quite well for himself.
  • A hand reaches out from the grave and grabs a boy by the wrist.
  • A woman is accidentily baked alive inside a cake. While this isn't seen, it can be disturbing how quickly they brush it off.
  • The scenes involving child abuse and animal abuse can upset some people.

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