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This story never ends...
Ohgress14 October 2004
I was 17 years old when TV4 broadcast this show for the first time in Sweden back in 1994. Back then I had a big geeky interest in UFO:s and the paranormal so you can imaging how I felt when this TV-show came along. It was like my heart could explode of joy. Well, the geeky interest for UFO:s faded and sometimes I was quite tired of the X-files but I always kept on watching. The funny thing is that it is now, a year after the "end" of the show, when I'm 27 years old, that I realize how extremely important the show has been to me. It has been a big part of my life for ten years. And now, life feels a bit empty without it.

What is the best part of the X-files then? Well, of course, first of all, Mulder and Scully and the tension between them. You can't describe it with words, it's magical. That is, very good acting. (If the main goals of life for Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny weren't to become icons, well tough luck :)!) Second, the Gothic atmosphere. The X-files is forests, fog, darkness, snow, mud, autumn, rain, desert. Mmm, me love. Third, the dialog. "SCULLY: Mulder, I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you. MULDER: If there's an ice tea in that bag, could be love. SCULLY: Must be fate, Mulder. Root beer." That says about everything. Forth, all the other characters. They are so complex and carefully created. And fifth, the story. I mean, this is the story of all stories. It has everything. A love bigger than the universe, heroes, diplomats, true evil, a father-son-tragedy and a big, huge and completely wonderful conspiracy. And some aliens not to forget.

I love this story and it will never end. Not in my heart anyway...
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It's been a great ride.
clark-3916 December 2001
What can one say? The X-Files will forever be remembered as a true hit TV show, and a breakout accomplishment for Fox. Its survived cast changes, location moves, ups and downs in ratings, and years of airing. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it has been a thrill. Chris Carter has created one of the most defining shows of the '90s. People that don't even watch the show know what it is, and EVERYONE knows who Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are, whether they've ever seen one episode or not. The show brought on a whole new level of TV entertainment in 1993, with its different, moody atmosphere, intriguing lead characters, and mind-bending plots. I admit, while watching most of the episodes, I thought, "This isn't very scary...", but then I payed attention to the detail and it got so good...the lighting, the sets...even when Mulder and Scully are outside (which is often), the sky is hardly ever sunny and bright, but rather dark and shadowy. The details on these things are terrific alone. And Chris Carter has also managed to create intense torture for the fans by forever dragging out the "Mulder and Scully in love" idea. People used to tune in to see when those two would kiss, and they had alot of fun with that, especially in the feature film. But a true sign of integrity for the show is the amount of truth in it. While the show is about the paranormal, and truth in it seems ironic, the show knows what the heck it's talking about. Every word from Scully's mouth is based on actual science. And unlike other FBI shows, The X-Files shows the FBI like it really is--not some tired cliche, but REAL people. And whenever someone, whether a fan or not, hears anything referring to aliens, they immediately think of little green men with small bodies, big heads, and large eyes...all courtesy of The X-Files. In short, this amazing television series has affected so many people. I feel blessed to have grown up with this show, rather than being born after it, doomed to see it in reruns. Because I got to be there for the ride...and though it was often bumpy and is now coming to its end...I can look back and say, "Hey, it was a GREAT 9 years."
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The most intricately perfect work of art.
TooCynicalToSpeak20 October 2002
I find it hard to comment on The X- Files because it simply transcends words. It's an intelligent masterpiece, an epos of beautifully complicated scenarios, plots and characters. Eruditely taking on the grayest of areas, confronting those things under your bed and inside your closet thus bringing new meaning to the fears brought on by conventions and the imprudent obstinacy of social norms. The script, the actors and the direction make the most unbelievable seem believable and the unfathomable- unfathomably real. So thought provoking that if you really let yourself dwell in its essence, it can change the way you see the world, if only just by believing in the conviction that The Truth Is Out There.
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An intelligent and inspiring look into the human imagination
chadly8620 June 2001
Warning: Spoilers
It is unfortunate that I became a fan of this series 8 years after it was created. I look at TV these days with disappointment and boredom most of the time since most television drama series/movies deal with one of three genres: law, medicine, or science fiction. At first glance, The X-Files would seem to fit into this trend. However, its uniqueness is that it fits into all three of these categories plus a fourth and most important one: human imagination. This is what makes The X-Files one of the most intelligent and most important shows on television today. After all of these years, it is still one-of-a-kind. It forces us to think, to imagine, and to hope. I can't say that about too many other shows at the present time.

I have heard several complaints from many people about the past few years of this show: The writing seems to have deteriorated, the loss of David Duchovny hurt the show, one never seems to find out anything from the show (and on the opposite end, we've found out too much from the show), and it has worn out its welcome. I disagree with all of these. The writing is as good as ever (This year had excellent shows; check out Redrum, This Is Not Happening, and the two-part season finale for a peek.). David Duchovny leaving the show may be a blow to fans, but I think Robert Patrick has done a terrific job in stepping in so late in a series. The acting is as good on that show as it has ever been. As for what we have learned from the show, I think that if one expects to be content with knowing why things that happened on the show happened, he is missing one of the major points of the show. The show is half the story; your imagination is the rest. Chris Carter has found that happy medium ground of saying enough but not too much. And I for one should be proof that the show has not been on too long. It is still finding fans (old and new). Those of you who have shied away from the show are missing out on truly great television.

My favorite show is the third episode from the sixth season: Triangle. The show was wonderfully written and brilliantly acted. Any new fan should check this show in particular out.

The truth is out there. The X-Files is still a terrific show after 8 years, and I am anxiously awaiting what is to come.
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An epic series, in more ways than one.
Rob_Taylor11 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching the X Files years ago, catching an episode here, an episode there. And I have to say that most of the underlying conspiracy plot was lost to me as a result. Consequently, I rated the show as OK, but nothing special. Something to watch if you happened to turn the TV on and it was playing, but not something to actively seek out.

However, I recently acquired all 9 seasons and set about watching them, in order, from start to finish, at about a rate of an episode a day. I have to say it all makes a lot more sense now. The conspiracy theorie's "on-off is it-isn't it" nature makes for confusing twists and turns which is exactly what it is supposed to do.

I can't really say whether the earlier seasons are better than the later ones or not. When you watch that many episodes over a few months they all seem much the same in terms of quality. There are standout episodes just as there are the odd turkeys, but overall the quality is good and fairly consistent.

What most people don't get, I think, is that the show became less about the conspiracy theory and weirdness and more about Mulder and Scully as the seasons rolled by. Perhaps this was why it was such a shock when Mulder vanished at the end of season 7 and was replaced by Doggett and Reyes. I too, was inherently antagonistic towards them but, I am very glad to say, they do grow on you. But the two seasons they were in were not really enough for you to get to know them intimately, as you did Mulder and Scully.

The show was filled with memorable characters such as CSM and the Lone Gunmen. Special episodes gave you an insight into these recurring characters and how they came to be who they are. Indeed, the Gunmen got their own show, albeit only for a run of thirteen episodes (unlucky for them!). Other characters like Gibson Praise, The Alien Bountyhunter, Pusher, Tooms and Agent Harrison also recurred and were pleasant enough to watch whenever they were on screen. Old faithfuls, if you would.

I've become, from an indifferent beginning, a definite fan of the show. It was a shame to watch the final episode and think that it was over, but here's hoping they make a couple more movies. I think it's probably a foregone conclusion that they will, since the ending of the show was left wide open with unresolved issues. But maybe that's what was intended, that the ending be a non-happy one. Only time, and another movie (or series) will tell.

EDIT FOR SEASON 10: Well, this is a review I never thought I'd update! A new series picking up where it left off, though years later, of course. It is looking pretty good so far, though the pilot was a little odd. Ep 2 is an improvement and Ep 3 shows that the show can poke fun at itself. Ep 4 is the best so far. Here's hoping it continues to get better and better.
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Scully? Marry me.
Sanpaco1327 February 2007
Well I have been putting this off for a while because really I can't figure out how words can really express just how amazing of a show this is. I think I was 11 or 12 when the Pilot first aired. I didn't watch the show then because I was afraid of it after I saw episodes like "The Jersey Devil" and "Born Again" when they first aired, which is really funny because theses are some of the tamest episodes to me now. So unfortunately I wasn't quite ready or prepared for the X-Files during it's running. Later I remember watching TV one Saturday and there was a Chris Carter double feature. First "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" and then the Millennium episode "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense". Both episodes had me in tears laughing at the dark humor.

I later found out that FX had an episode every night at 9 and so every night for an entire summer I got to watch an episode and I quickly became immersed in the mythology of the alien conspiracy. Some of the most memorable episodes for me from this period are "Bad Blood", "The Host", "Darkness Falls", "E.B.E", "Little Green Men", and countless others. I quickly became a fan but I had yet to see every episode and I avoided watching it new airings for fear of spoilers. So I began to buy the seasons on DVD. Over two years I was able to purchase and watch every episode. Interesting to me was the fact that I had already seen most of the episodes through syndication but there were many that I hadn't.

Anyway enough about my history with the show. The elements of the show that I think make it a great are simple. Likable characters, psychopathic bad guys, enough dark comedy mixed in with the horror and drama to give the viewer a healthy balance. The writer's of the show have a wonderful talent of leaving certain stories hanging only to the extent that does not make the viewer feel betrayed but wanting to watch more.

The X-Files defined an era of television and opened the way for other Sci-Fi related shows as well as helping define the crime drama shows that are all over the place now. If the 60's/70's gave us Trekkies for decades on, the 90's gave us the X-Files which will continue to create X-Philes for decades on in suit.
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One of the best shows on television
Arkaan9 November 1999
According to my friends, I am not a true X-phile (don't ask why). Oh well.

The X-Files ranks as one of the most intelligent and brilliant shows on television. It is a cinematic show, using techniques that are more associated with movies than the tv show (like the long unedited sequence in Triangle). Admittedly it was once a better show than it is now, but most episodes are minor masterpieces. But when it peaks, like with "Redux", "Triangle", and "One Son", it peaks like no other show has before.

It is completely unclassifiable. It is a mystery, a sci-fi, and sometimes self parody, and the show has several markedly sexual overtones (the cigarette smoking man). The sexual tension is what probably has attracted the most people. The byplay between Mulder and Scully is cool and reserved, yet you wonder exactly what there really thinking.

It pays homage to old shows, and movies as well ("Duel in the Sun", "Rope"). This show doesn't always give you what you want.

Though it has gotten more Hollywood-ish, it's a testament to the creators and writers that they haven't put Scully and Mulder together (will they or won't they? Probably. It is Hollywood, after all).

This show is a thinking person's show. Sometimes it does get slow, but it always remains interesting.
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Really one of the coolest shows around
Op_Prime8 June 2000
The X-Files is one of the best shows ever. The show has great episodes dealing with something paranormal and/or conspiracy. The characters have a great chemistry, especially Mulder and Scully. It's not as good as it was a few years back, but it's still way above most shows on today. Many episodes have dealt with this alien conspiracy recently, but the neat thing about it is how not everything is explained, leaving the door open for further episodes. The X-Files is a very excellent show.
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thornedbud3 October 2002
Forget alcohol, this absolutely incredible show is quite possibly more addicting. The acting is to say the least amazing, and the characters are so real it's a bit spooky. The first fours seasons are the best, combing sci-fi, horror and reality drama into a most satisfying combination. I find the show fearlessness when showing gore is refreshing (no i do not have a gore fetish)and ability to back up the most wild theories is almost unimaginable. The scripts are so unbelievable, that you might laugh them off at first thought, but they draw you in making you want to believe. Most episodes in the first 5 seasons are phenomenal, though there are some duds, after all, nobody can have perfection. The chemistry shared between the two main characters, Mulder and Scully is at times choking, they seem so connected that you can help but momentarily forget, they aren't real. Splitting them up pretty much wrote the epitaph for the show, bringing them back together for the series finale did boost it ever so slightly. Even before I watched the show I knew half the catch phrases, Trust no one, the truth is out there, i want to believe and characters names, now what does that say? The show will forever be remembered hopefully when it was strongest, not toward then sad end it had.
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Greatest Science Fiction/Horror television Series of All Time
BaronBl00d16 June 2006
The writing, the acting, the production values, the continuity, the heart of The X Files all secure a reputation for this show as the best in its class. It has no peers. The story of two FBI agents working in a small office in the basement of the FBI to uncover, prove, disprove supernatural and unexplained phenomena and alien presence builds beautifully in the nine seasons the show existed. And having seen every episode in chronological order, they build with purpose, continuity, and innovation. Sure, there were set-backs when one actor didn't do most of a season, or another actress was pregnant, or whatever might have arisen, but the show's writers and creator - and make no mistake here that creator Chris Carter and his staff of writers/directors are the reason for this show being what it is - always met each and every set-back with a creative, engaging response. When Fox Mulder's character was gone for most of two seasons, they created two new characters that were every bit as solid as Mulder and Scully. Robert Patrick's Doggett and Anabeth Gish's Reyes were equally compelling characters. There are so many good things to say about this show. The two leads, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, grew as characters and thespians before our very eyes. They honed their crafts and became stronger screen presences. These characters were characters that we learned to like and wanted to follow. Duchovny brought some much needed wry humour to an otherwise serious subject. He was able at one moment to convince you that the world was one big conspiracy and in the next moment comment on the lack of movement from a dead person with lighthearted appeal. Anderson softened each year, becoming less rigid and inflexible. The cast of supporting characters was always first-rate with Mitch Pillegi as Skinner and William Davis as the antagonistic Smoking Man never giving a bad performance. The three Lone Gunmen were excellent light diversions in bloody cases or cases involving alien invasion or what not. The first season will always be my favorite. Mulder and Scully are finding themselves as characters and the idea of conspiracy is all too real. Jerry Hardin plays Deep Throat, the man feeding Mulder news of government conspiracy, with strength and a true believability. But before I get too compartmentalized, The X Files was able to be two series in one - perhaps its greatest achievement. One the one hand, we had Mulder and Scully battling conspiracy, aliens looking to invade Earth, Mulder finding his sister that had been abducted by aliens, and other plot strands of a similar nature. But the show would also show totally unrelated episodes that were very scary and horrifyinfg. We saw worm men, killer insects, a man that sucked the fat out of his victims, cannibalistic cults, and the list goes on and on. I love the myth episodes, but these horror episodes are my favorites because they are so creative. I cannot remember how many times, having just watched and episode, saying how does someone think this stuff up? Whether The X Files is spoofing the Brady Bunch or alluding to Moby Dick or creating a homage to Frankenstein and movies of its ilk or just trying its best to scare you or disgust you(the episode Home - a favorite of mine), it is always true to itself in terms of the creativity that courses through its proverbial veins. Yes, sometimes, it is a bit full of itself, and, yes, sometimes, the creativity falls right down on its face(as when the show combined the X Files with Cops). But the show has far more, far more hits than misses. I think that as time goes by, this television show will be remembered for much more than what we remember it for today. I think it will be one of the all-time greats. The Truth is out there.
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"Every story needs a hero, our story has two..."
irinted5 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Every story needs a hero, our story has two...". This appears on the opening screen of one of my favourite music videos based on the X Files saga.

I agree!

I started watching the X Files when I was 10 (I am 17.5 at the moment). My first episode was Home and my mum was there when I saw it. BAD way to start my experience! She freaked a bit (make that a lot) and of course never let me see another episode. But, in December 2000, I got to the video club and guess what I found! X Files tapes! I was thrilled! I took and watched each one of them. Luckily the show was still on t.v. so I became an instant addict. I already knew the plot backbone, so it was easier for me to follow all the plot-twists. I came to love the Mulder-Scully dynamic but I must admit that all the dynamics were great. (May I remind Mulder-CSM or Mulder-Krycek, or Scully-Skinner, or Bill Scully-Mulder). As most fans, I was anxiously waiting for that kiss in the movie, but that #$%@ bee ruined it. But anyway, the kiss came in triangle (even if not "real") and the romance found its way. However, the reason for watching the show was never the "relationship". I think I watched the show, because simply, it was superb. The actors, the director, the writers, the visual effects, the creepy Mark Snow music, the innovative ideas, the "mutant of the week", the Morley cigarettes, the story itself and its implications. That is what I loved in this show and that is what made me an avid X-phile!

The X Files has become my personal addiction. If I am tired or need an energy boost, then I know that my tapes (71 of them!) always wait for me and the VCR is ready. When I press "play" my world is gone in an instant and the wonderful world of Mulder and Scully sneaks in and takes me completely.

Now that the show is over and I have seen every episode (except some of s9 -that I don't have the courage or the wish to see), I seek my X Files drug in collecting music videos, creating videos, downloading X stuff, playing the X Files games in Playstation (Resist or Serve was amazing!!!), reading lots of fan-fiction, watching the episodes (of course), and generally trying to compensate for what is lost.

I am looking forward to the next movie. I feel like I am in withdrawal and it isn't a nice feeling! I am amazed at myself for being so needy. Everyday I catch myself thinking about the show, the plot and its characters. And it is never enough. I wish I didn't need to sleep to keep doing this for as long as I can, until I get completely repelled by the idea itself. I honestly believe it, that until something happens and I hate the show, I will continue to adore it and treasure it to the extreme until the day I am gone. My love will never fade, if it has to end, then it will end abruptly.

Favourite episodes of all times, include all the Mytharc ones, and especially Duane Barry, Ascension and One Breath of s.2, Anasazi, Blessing Way and Paperclip of s.3, Tunguska and Terma of s.4, the Redux trilogy, the movie, Triangle and the Sixth Extinction trilogy.

The last episode had a non-happy end! I don't believe any of the X-Philes was truly surprised at that since no one expected closure. On the contrary everybody secretly wished for reasons to keep the show going. The Truth leaves untouched questions, answers some of the existing ones and creates more! A true X Files episode. As David Duchovny said once in an interview, "Mulder can never find happiness, he is a questing hero". After 9 years (12 now!)I am sure that this applies to Scully too and that we all want the heroic quest continued!

Nicole XXX
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Groundbreaking Sci-fi
SnoopyStyle22 September 2013
Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is a marginalized loner FBI agent stuck in the basement. He's been ostracized because he's a true believer in the paranormal. Dr Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is a skeptic, a woman of science, and assigned to keep Mulder under control.

The X Files represents a breakout for the sci-fi genre. Its success gave it license to put on more paranormal shows treated as reasonable. It also became a benchmark by which these shows are measured. There are amazing episodes with some less so. The best is the chemistry between the two leads. It broke new ground with great writing from some future notable names. It lasted 9 seasons. It may have gone on too long but it was great while it lasted.
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xsnowangelx6 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The X-Files is one of the greatest shows ever made. The concept was original. The chemistry was amazing. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny make one of the best on-screen pairings of all time. Week after week, the X-Files consistently delivered solid, fantastic entertainment. They had a great team of writers who wrote such original and brilliant episodes as 'Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose' and 'Beyond The Sea'. Whether it was straight horror: Season 4's 'Home', horror mixed with humor: Season 5's 'Bad Blood', or just good old aliens: Season 2's 'Little Green Men' X-Files did it best. It lasted a long 9 seasons and inspired 1 movie so far, and I am devastated that I have no new X-Files to see. There have been many imitations since it ended but nothing will ever come close.
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Growing Up watching The X Files
xXdrowningkittenXx25 June 2007
As a young child, my parents let me watch almost anything that they watched on TV. This included The X Files. I was always excited to see it come on TV. Later in my childhood, I decided to revisit The X Files. There my family was, watching all of the episodes... some my parents had seen and some they had not. I grew up laughing, loving, and many times questioning the truth with The X Files. (My friend and I had a little crush on Mulder when we were about 7 or 8. xD) I spent countless nights watching my favorite episodes... and I still do. Now we have so many inside jokes, along with family memories, all thanks to The X Files. These days it even provides an easy way for our family to spend time together without me getting tired of my parents. The X Files continues to excite me every day. I love this show and I am grateful for all of the childhood memories it provided and still provides each day. ♥
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X Files
VidSteh13 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I miss this show. To be honest, I miss most of this old shows like Twin Peaks, X - Files, Frasier, Cheers... hell, I even miss Friends, because todays shows just suck. Most of the todays shows are focusing on idiotic doctors, snobbish lawyers, retarded people with super powers and boring forensics. Todays shows are just copying each other and are so boring and predictable.

Take a look into the X - Files, clever, mysterious, dark, humorous, disturbing and scary show about two FBI agents, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), who are working on X Files, a special FBI devision for paranormal and UFO events. Both Mulder and Scully, are one of the best couples I've ever seen in TV show and their chemistry definitely works. Okay... sometimes I have a felling like Duchovny is playing too much like a stone (with minimal emotions), but overall I like Duchovny and his character, spooky Mulder. Anderson is cute and sarcastic, most of the time she doesn't believe Mulders predictions about aliens and paranormal events. Both are making really odd couple with a good sense of humor and intelligent thinking.

The episodes are always concentrating on government conspiracies with aliens, paranormal events, people with special powers etc. The episodes are sometimes stupid and don't make a lot of sense, but overall X Files is a great show for all people, who are having open minds and accepting the fact that we're not alone in the universe. The music in the show is also great, very intense and not annoying even for a minute, the environment is often dark and the events disturbing. Other characters are also great and sometimes very scary (The Smoker, Kryczek, Myers and the gang) etc.

Overall, this show is great. It delivers an intelligent view in the theme, which could be considered stupid, but not in hand of the creator Chris Carter and other writers. I miss X Files. Why there is no original show on TV today?
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Great first episode! This new series is a must watch.
cclarkspellman1 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The X-Files is kind of like good wine or cheese in that it's aged rather well. The characters and the world they live in is frighteningly real, even as we hope it isn't, and the new series gives their world a dose of extra realism, cynicism, and mystery. Mulder and Sculley are just as you remember them and their scientist/skeptic meets true believer dynamic isn't old or tired. They've aged and matured and that's actually a good thing.

One cool thing is that they got as many of the original cast as possible. Every time one of them came on screen my inner 10 year old screamed in happiness. Skinner and yes, CSM are back because what would the X-Files be without them. There are a few new faces that you will definitely like.

The only thing I will say about episode 1 is this: Meta. As. Hell.
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I'm a new addict
Tricer14474 February 2003
I never watched the x-files when it was on. But after watching "So Weird" and being addicted to "Psi Factor: Chronicls of the Paranormal" I decided to check it out. It's a good show. Very freaky with excellent paranormal stories involving ferocious creatures and is pretty unpreditable. Gillian Anderson is great as Scully and I thought she was also great as Moro the wolf goddess from Princess Mononoke. The rest of the acting is good too. They show reruns alot and I will be addicted to it. I didn't become a fan of Psi:Factor or MST3K until I saw reruns but I had never even heard of them before I saw them. Bottom Line: This is the best paranormal show ever, well this and Psi Factor are tied.
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Decent Entertainment
Arc-19 February 2001
I watched this show every week for its first four seasons without fail, but halfway into its fourth year I found it to be turning a little stale, and I stopped watching it as regularly. The shows 'Staleness" was due in part to the boring character interaction between Scully and Mulder, which ranges from "ho-hum" to headache inducing. What was fresh and original sounding back in the first few seasons, became ordinary snorefest dialog interrupted every so often with a terrific performance by the actor who portrayed the CSM(can't remember his name). But recently the show has improved a great deal, thanks in part to the addition of Robert Patrick, who is a far superior actor to David "The Mumbler" Duchovny.
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The Greatest Sci-Fi Show Ever
jamhorner11 July 2007
The X-Files would have probably have been the single best sci-fi show ever created by Chris Carter and Fox. The show itself was very well made and had a good feel of jump-out horror, psychological horror and suspense horror. Which for a TV series is pretty good. The plot line itself was very well constructed. It would tell individual and bizarre stories but would have a bigger and more enticing plot that would reveal itself.

The characters have great chemistry together (Dana Scully and Fox Mulder). There is a perfect blend of cryptozoologists, rational-real-life people, control freaks, mysterious men and aliens. The show plays on such legends as Area 51, Lock Ness, Aliens, and Men in Black, abductions, freaks and more. The acting is solid, both on set and off set.

This movie would be ideal for those who believe that there is something out there and that the "Truth is out there."
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Good old days of x-files era are back
adarshbohra698 December 2015
It's an intelligent masterpiece, an epos of beautifully complicated scenarios, plots and characters. Eruditely taking on the grayest of areas, confronting those things under your bed and inside your closet thus bringing new meaning to the fears brought on by conventions and the imprudent obstinacy of social norms. The script, the actors and the direction make the most unbelievable seem believable and the unfathomable- unfathomably real. So thought provoking that if you really let yourself dwell in its essence, it can change the way you see the world, if only just by believing in the conviction that The Truth Is Out There.
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Perfect Timing on the Return to Greatness!
scottmannen124 January 2016
I actually watched the episode before taking the time to write a review about it. Too many people wanted to be first to write the reviews to the returned series, and have managed to get away with it by providing a review with the most generic information possible, so much so that it becomes glaring clear they never actually say the first episode. I suppose you can't blame someone for wanting to be a part of the return to greatness!

I did watch the first episode, and it truly has been done correct! I figured that X-Files season 10 was either going to be 'boom or bust' endeavour. Lucky for us they really did right by it by bringing back all of the old regulars, bringing in some new talent that looks respectable, and changing the theme completely! It's no longer about the aliens vs. The human race. Instead Chris Carter has humans using alien technology as the root of all evil, the corporations behind them and the evil agenda's they are pushing!

9/11 was just the beginning according to an older, wiser Mulder. These evil cabals led by the Smoking Man are using ufo's, nanotechnology and sub-orbital UAV technology to track Americans everywhere and anywhere. Without spoiling the main story, which by the way tracks as far back as to Roswell, and as recently as 9/11.

There is a real tension that plays heavy to the U.S. conspiracy, even more than before! If episode 2 which airs tomorrow evening is as good or better than this, then we are in for a rare nostalgic treat! That's what a feel like when I am watch this show: A Nostalgic Treat.

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Completely the best series ever made
blackasp983 April 2007
In all my years of watching television,i have to say that the x-files to me has to be the most controversial and well made series in history.Chris Carter who gave the idea that the governments keep secrets or too many secrets away from the public,only gives the people the absolute power to say....I do believe.David duchovny and Gillian Anderson,is the best duo on TV bar none.And yet the supporting cast throughout the seasons gave us the spectacle of comradery in the toughest situations each agent had to endure.Especially the odd three known as the lone gunman.Aliens,specters,or freaks of nature or government conspiracies could not hide well enough,and this television show brought us more imagination to our lives than anything else being watched.Hopefully there will be a second movie which i hear is in the works to 2008.Hopefully the legal battles are done by then with David and carter.It was so sad to see them feud like this all because one wanted to move to L.A.,still other than that we are going to see a wonderful film to give us dreamers and aliens another chance to maybe see a next series kick-off with the new generation dynamic duo.Hats off to David and Gillian,and also carter.Fantastic wonder you gave us all.
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I appreciate this
alicelein21 January 2004
I¡¯m a chinese.In China this TV-series is not very famous, because we were lack of up-to-date information when TXF became popular I¡¯m sorry to say I did¡¯t know its existence until january 1,2004 and I have missed a good time. TXF is very different from those series in China.But I like it.I¡¯m absorbed in it.Fascinated by the idea,the plotline ,the talent of the playwright, DD and so on..Some of the story are full of imagination, and some are close to the ordinary life and to the society. I mean,they reflect the worry of people and the problems in the society. I don¡¯t know whether you, westerners,are tired of vampires,ghost boats or not, but I would say that in our eyes these things are chaming and mysterious. Last,I think Mulder is a wonderful man.He isn¡¯t a hero like superman,but a true man. You can say that he is great,somehow, I¡¯d rather to say he¡¯s clinging. The disapprence of his sister is only made him investigate,but later why he continues ,I think,is a belief that he should search for the true. However,He sacrifices a lot.I remember once he returned home after visiting Scully in hospital,seeing his room messed by the Amy, he cryed!!!I was really touched. Though TXF has come to its end,I think there is no terminus for this story.

PS:Why does Mulder always stick ¡°X¡± on the window?Looks cool,but why?
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From one of the best shows..
elielilemasabachtani31 January 2018
To drop the ball with idiotic scriptwriters for the new seasons! I hope they fire them and fire them again and again and again, they should never have written these new episodes, they are a joke, fulfilling nothing of what X-Files used to be.

They are only making fun of the show and not in a good way. I want to like it so much but i cant, they F-up.
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It was one heck of a show
n_y_c_9321 January 2002
I have watched this show religiously since the first episode began in September of 1993 and I have never been disappointed. The writing, the great cast (notably Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi), the great plots and the great everything else have made me enjoy myself for the last 9 years. Even when David Duchovny decided to take his leave from the show, Chris Carter knew what to do in employing the talent of such stars as Robert Patrick & Annabeth Gish. This show has continued to amaze the world and I'm sure it will until it's final episode in May 2002. I would like to thank Chris Carter and the whole X-Files team for giving me 9 years of enjoyment on Sunday nights. It's been one heck of a show, and I'm sure that it will always be remembered. Farewell to a great series.
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