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Season 1

16 May 1993
Everything Must Go
Set in the near-future of 2007, Harry Wyckoff is a successful patent attorney living in Beverly Hills who is on the brink of becoming a partner in the agency he works at. He has two children with his wife Grace, a perfect housewife and the owner of Hiroshima, a retro fashion boutique. Their children are 11-year-old child actor Coty, who has just been cast for a new "Channel 3" series, and the ever-mute 4-year-old Deirdre. Grace's mother is Josie Ito, a vain chic socialite and interior decorator of strong will and numerous shady connections. At night, Harry is plagued ...
17 May 1993
The Floating World
Harry's co-worker Gavin puts him in contact with the blinded Tully and the leaders of the underground Friends movement where they inform Harry about the dangerous of the Wild Palms Group and the Church of Synthiotics. Later, Coty personally murders Gavin so he will never talk again. Distraught and alienated with Harry, Grace attempts suicide. She continues to have encounters with the young boy Peter who seems to know more about what is going on then Grace does. Meanwhile, Kreutzer sends Harry and Paige to Kyoto, Japan to talk business where he persuades them to find a...
18 May 1993
Rising Sons
With Harry newly accepted into the Wild Palms Group, Grace is visited by Hiro, a childhood friend from her years spent in Japan who is an enemy of Kreutzer. Meanwhile, Tommy escapes from prison and is reunited with Tully and the members of the Friends resistance. Eli soon joins them after making his own escape and reestablishes control over the group. Elsewhere, Coty not only becomes a child TV star but also, due to his ruthlessness, a high-ranking member of the Church of Synthiotics. Also, Chickie turns the tables on his captor, Chap, but ends up being tortured to ...
19 May 1993
Hungry Ghosts
Kreutzer and Paige's wedding is held where Harry does not hesitate to hide his disgust. Afterwords, Harry meets with Peter who tells him that Deirdre has been kidnapped and Grace is in hiding at Eli's new sanctuary in the Wilderzone slum. Peter finally tells Harry that he is his real biological son. Meanwhile, Tommy struggles with his Mimezine addiction which leads to fatal consequences. Later, Harry gets arrested for Grace's murder when she is found dead. Harry is then tortured by his former therapist, Tobias, when he learns that the Go Chip was implanted in Harry's ...
20 May 1993
Hello, I Must Be Going
Harry officially defects from the Fathers and joins the Friends and enforces the videotaped broadcast of Grace's murder. The broadcast causes a social uproar; Synthiotics facilities and campaigning offices of Kreutzer, who is running for president, are attacked. Josie is arrested for the murder, but she soon makes bail and plots with Kreutzer to release an doctored videotape which shows Harry instead committing the murder. Meanwhile, Tully, distraught over the death of Tommy, betrays Eli to Josie who has him secretly murdered. Plagued with guilt, Tully then redeems ...

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