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10 Oct. 1994
About Face
Sarah Nade has stolen the Balinese Masks.
11 Oct. 1994
Space Place Chase
Robocrook has stolen NASA's Space Camp.
12 Oct. 1994
Gum Clues for Gumshoes
Eartha Brute has stolen the GUM Department Store.
13 Oct. 1994
Patty's Plaster Picture Pinch
Patty Larceny has stolen the Diego Rivera Murals.
14 Oct. 1994
Medieval Evil
The Contessa has stolen Himeji Castle.
17 Oct. 1994
Kamehameha Mayhem
Vic the Slick has stolen the King Kamehameha Statue.
18 Oct. 1994
Wonder Rat has stolen French Guiana's European Space Center.
19 Oct. 1994
How to Get a Head in Crime
Kneemoi has stolen the Olmec Stone Heads.
20 Oct. 1994
The Dragony of Defeat
Double Trouble have stolen the International Dragon Boat Races.
21 Oct. 1994
Frix the Grand Prix
Top Grunge has stolen the Monaco Grand Prix.
26 Oct. 1994
Atomic Glomb
Robocrook has stolen the Atomium.
27 Oct. 1994
Big Buffoon Bags Big Balloons
Eartha Brute has stolen the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
28 Oct. 1994
Crook Snatches Natchez
The Contessa has stolen the Nineteeth Century Mansions of Natchez, Mississippi.
31 Oct. 1994
Wanted for Armed Cobbery
Vic the Slick has stolen South Dakota's Corn Palace.
1 Nov. 1994
Trunk and Disorderly
Eartha Brute has stolen the African Bush Elephant.
2 Nov. 1994
Mining Crime Station
Patty Larceny has stolen the White Pass and Yukon Route.
3 Nov. 1994
Who Heisted the Humps?
Top Grunge has stolen the Camels of the North Africa Dunes.
4 Nov. 1994
A 'Toon for the Misbegotten
Wonder Rat has stolen the Sullivan Bluth Studios.
7 Nov. 1994
Evil to the Core
Kneemoi has stolen Earth's Core.
8 Nov. 1994
E. Pluribus Steal 'Em
Double Trouble have stolen Bald Eagles.
9 Nov. 1994
Folla' That Koala
Robocrook has stolen Australia's Koalas.
10 Nov. 1994
Nice Geysers Finish Last
Sarah Nade has stolen New Zealand's Geysers.
11 Nov. 1994
Cheetahs Never Win
The Contessa has stolen Namibia's Cheetahs.
14 Nov. 1994
The Stoler Eclipse
Wonder Rat has stolen the Sun.
15 Nov. 1994
Craven Raven Knavery
Vic the Slick has stolen London's Ravens.
16 Nov. 1994
She Done Me Khlong
Patty Larceny has stolen Bangkok's Khlong Saen Saeb.
17 Nov. 1994
Get That Cactus Back t' Us
Kneemoi has stolen the Saguaro Cacti.
18 Nov. 1994
The Tortoise & the Snare
Top Grunge has stolen the Galapagos Tortoises.
21 Nov. 1994
Snug as a Thug in a Rug
Sarah Nade has stolen Morocco's Woven Carpets.
22 Nov. 1994
O Stole Mio
Double Trouble have stolen Italy's Gondolas.
23 Nov. 1994
A Disaster Aria
The Contessa has stolen Teatro Amazonas.
24 Nov. 1994
Steel Felon Steals Steel Phantom
Robocrook has stolen the Steel Phantom Roller Coaster.
25 Nov. 1994
The Acropolis Topple Fuss
Eartha Brute has stolen the Acropolis.
28 Nov. 1994
The Hot Ice Heist
The Contessa has stolen the Quebec Winter Carnival Ice Sculptures.
29 Nov. 1994
Chagrin and Bear It
Eartha Brute has stolen the Wrangel Island Polar Bears.
30 Nov. 1994
Alphabet Scoop
Patty Larceny has stolen Chinese Writing.
1 Dec. 1994
Fifteen Minutes of Infamy
Sarah Nade has stolen Andy Warhol's Portraits of Marilyn Monroe.
2 Dec. 1994
Et tu, Abu?
Wonder Rat has stolen the Abu Simbel Temples.
12 Dec. 1994
Get Those Gargoyle-Grabbing Geeks
Double Trouble has stolen Notre Dame Cathedral's Gargoyle Statues.
13 Dec. 1994
The Brazilian Reptilian Rip-Off
Vic the Slick has stolen the Butanta Snake Institute.
14 Dec. 1994
Phind That Phanatic
Top Grunge has stolen the Phillie Phanatic.
15 Dec. 1994
Thief Chisels Thief
Wonder Rat has stolen Crazy Horse Memorial.
16 Dec. 1994
He Stole the Whole Kit 'n' Caboodle
Robocrook has stolen Arizona's Kitt Peak National Observatory.
19 Dec. 1994
The Neuschwansteal
The Contessa has stolen Neuschwanstein Castle.
20 Dec. 1994
Constellation Consternation
Kneemoi has stolen the Southern Sky's Constellation Crux.
21 Dec. 1994
To Bead or Not to Bead?
Patty Larceny has stolen Africa's Masai Beads.
22 Dec. 1994
The Greedhouse Effect
Top Grunge has stolen the Butchart Gardens.
23 Dec. 1994
The Off-Course Norse Course
Double Trouble have stolen the Viking Route to Newfoundland.

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