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The most unrealistic--and awesome--cop show of all time.
Chromium_515 July 2004
This show was so much fun, I don't even know where to begin. I loved it as a kid, and I still love it now when I see it in reruns... only now it seems hilariously hokey, which makes it even better.

Not only did every single episode have the exact same plot (evil criminal mastermind wants to get rich and/or take over Texas), but the EXACT SAME THINGS happened, too. For instance, in EVERY episode of the show, Walker and Trivette would walk into a bar and start questioning the bartender. After about 15 seconds of questioning, the bartender, along with 10 or 20 random patrons, would break out in karate. Apparently everyone in Texas knows karate. It's like a cult down there.

And then there were the episodes where Walker would tell stories of a Texas sheriff who lived in the days of the Old West... who was, of course, played by Chuck Norris. I believe there was also an episode where Walker himself was transported back in time to the Old West.

I could go on and on, but I'll just summarize by saying that it was an awesome show, with awesome karate fights, and awesomely unrealistic plots. But of course, it was never meant to be taken seriously; it was just meant to be enjoyed. It also neatly wrapped up every episode with a nice moral or message. Thank you, Chuck Norris, for eight years of ass-kicking action.
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Kick butt action-adventure the whole family can enjoy!
bassbonediva10 August 2006
It was a sad day in my house when this series aired its farewell episode. It was a ritual for my dad and I to sit down every Saturday night and watch Walker, Texas Ranger. I was teased endlessly in high school for being a Chuck Norris fan, but this series made it all worth it. I got my weekly dose of uncynical, clean-languaged action and got to laugh at the sometimes too-good-to-be-true situations. It was nice to have a show out there that didn't feel like it had to use foul language and sexual innuendos every ten seconds to appeal to their audience. I love Chuck Norris' multi-cultural character and the way he mixes Native American wisdom with kick-butt martial arts. Clarence Gilyard's character, James Trivette, was perfectly cast. No one I have talked to could imagine anyone but Clarence Gilyard playing Trivette. He was good in Matlock, but he was sensational in Walker, Texas Ranger. Noble Willingham made for a perfect CD Parker--in fact, he reminded me more than once of my Uncle Jimmy. Sheree J Wilson could not have been cast more perfectly as Assistant DA Alex Cahill, Walker's courtroom nemesis at first, then later his love interest. My favorites, though, have to be the later addition of Judson Mills as Francis Gage and Nia Peeples as Sydney Cooke. Could there have been any more romantic tension between those two?!?!? Judson Mills added a certain almost school-boy charm when it came to bantering with Sydney and Nia Peeples was perfect in the way she let Gage know he was utterly clueless when it came to women. My dad used to say "You know, you can only take so many boots to the face before you just don't get up anymore and I think Walker has exceeded his limit." I was sad to see this show end, but I'm glad that USA Network and the Hallmark Channel air reruns of it, even though they are mostly older episodes from the early '90's.
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Thanks Chuck!
graicnikol8 November 2006
Thanks to Chuck Norris and everyone involved for taking on the issues of the day head on! Mentioning God, respecting other religions and cultures, drugs and gangs, and keeping it on a family viewing level reminds us that TV can still get the point across without having to be dirty. Watching Walker Texas Ranger revives a spirit of decency in me that I used to feel when I was a kid. When most people were decent people. The police don't enforce laws that deal with moral issues anymore, especially using filthy language in public where it's obviously inappropriate, like in a nice restaurant on Mother's Day for example. I believe that decent people should still have the right to be decent people in public, and, others who want to reduce them to their own pathetic level should still have to pay the price for their incorrigibility. Anyone with their head on straight knows that filthy language is just another form of violence where someone can hurt someone without touching them physically.
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Awesome TV series
bennymelman4 March 2009
Now, I am not from the times when Walker was on. i'm only 10, Walker Texas Ranger finished when I was only a toddler. but watching the re-runs of the show, i can tell that is awesome, exciting and sometimes even funny! Walker always wins, he rarely gets hurt in the fights. Best TV series I ever seen! OK, here's the way the show goes: Ranger Cordele Walker- (Chuck Norris) is a Texas ranger partnered with a younger ranger named Jimmy Trivette- (Clarence Gilyard Jr) and the episodes usually begin with a crime scene and then you see the rangers at their office when they hear about the crime. they go out and find the bad guy. a while later, they plan a showdown, and Walker goes with Trivette in their truck, finds the bad guy and beats him up. after that, the rangers reunite or something, then the episode ends. the show is super! i strongly recommend it, Chuck Norris kicks butt. 10/10
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The "Snakes on a Plane" of Television
Gafaddict29 October 2006
Yes, the acting is horrendously bad. Yes, the dialog is unbelievably cheesy and stale. Yes, the plots are unoriginal and don't make sense. But damn it, when was the last time that we were able to just turn on the television, sit back and enjoy the action without having to deal with some over-the-top action/drama that goes way too fast and shoves some moral lesson on life in our faces? That's what makes Walker Texas Ranger so enjoyable -- it really recreates the feel of those classic Westerns that used to be on all the time back in the '50s. So horrendously bad that it's great to watch when you just need some time to unwind and forget about everything else. And you've gotta admit, it paved way for a great comedy segment on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I know I'll still be watching this for years to come.
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hilariously amazing mini action movies
athenssx19 November 2006
I as well shared in the family sit down time with Walker, watching it with my dad as did my roommate. Nothing was better than sitting back and just watching an action movie in an hour.

Now obviously, there is a lack in actual quality in the show as far as the writing goes, but it's always hilarious to see the far-fetched plots that the writers come up with. He somehow manages to get involved with gangsters, drug lords, crooked cops, satanists, kidnappers and all sorts of people despite the fact that he's only a Texas ranger.

Despite this, anyone should be able to sit back, laugh at Chuck Norris' antics, while watching all sorts of things get broken (he always breaks everyone's furniture but no one ever seems to get too mad about it), things blowing up (almost immediately on impact most of the time) and slow motion spin kicks as well as some clever villain banter. The native American episodes are always interesting too with hallucinations and visions...Walker is part native American, so he has supernatural visions.

The theme song always amused me too. The original theme song had a hilarious guitar lead part that reminded em of Top Gun or something and I lost it when I fist heard the song sung by Chuck Norris. Nothing will ever be as good as "the eyes of the ranger."

I don't really know how I felt about the addition of the newer younger characters, but I guess after so many years, you have to do something new. It just didn't seem the same to me anymore after they were added though. Nothing compares to Trivette and Walker's seasons alone for the most part. If you haven't seen this show and you like actions movies, then I highly recommend checking it out, as it airs several times a day.
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There is a Walker in all of us
MN-Troy20 April 2011
The year was 1993 and there was darkness across television. Chuck Norris appeared and decreed: "let there be a show starring myself as a Texas Ranger named Walker." Now there was show called Walker Texas Ranger. And that is how the show got started. Chuck Norris did not have to persuade CBS to broadcast his program; he simply demanded it and it was done. Thus begins my wonderful journey into the kingdom of Walker Texas Ranger.

Yes the formula for Walker Texas Ranger was simple but effective. Case in point: Walker and his partner Trivette would be cruising down the streets in their Dodge Ram and notice some illicit activity going down in the park. They would get out investigate said activity--- and by now everyone knows the shady looking characters are dealing dope. The 6 or 7 dope dealers feeling very cocky think they can take on Walker and his partner. Big mistake! Apparently the dope dealers have never seen Norris's action blockbuster: TOP DOG because if they had, they would known that Norris was an 8th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. After Walker and his partner punch and kick justice into the lowlifes, they learn the dope is being shipped and concealed through cans of baby formulas and thus begins the story.

Walker Texas Ranger would adhere to that type of story line every single week and BINGO, the viewers were awarded 9 years of bliss. Of course the critics and elitists would pooh-pooh the show calling it over-the-top and badly acted, but they don't understand the appeal of those types of shows. The viewers enjoyed Walker Texas Ranger because they know the bad guys will get what's coming to them at end, but like to see Walker karate chop his way to the point.

I know Chuck Norris is very busy selling the TOTAL GYM but if ever have the chance to meet him I would shake his hand and tell him THANK YOU for bring Walker Texas Ranger into my home and my life every Saturday Night.
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A truly excellent series.
Riley Hale5 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Walker: Texas Ranger was without a doubt an excellent series, as someone who works in law enforcement I can say that the show is nothing like real life but that is not its purpose, it is not meant to be taken seriously it is simply meant to be pure entertainment, action and drama often with an important message as well, the series was certainly a great one and I'm my opinion it ended all too soon, I didn't always have a chance to see it when it was on TV so I purchased the entire series on DVD back on 08/01/2010 and finally finished watching it on 10/04/2010, All the series is worth seeing and in my opinion it had to specific weak points, Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris) and James Trivette (Clarence Gilyard Jr.) are great characters and are always interesting on screen, to me they are one of the best pairs since Starsky & Hutch, Alex Cahill (Sheree J. Wilson), C.D. Parker (Noble Willingham), Carlos Sandoval (Marco Sanchez), Trent Malloy (James Wlcek) and all the secondary characters also do a great job and have few if any weak moments, I also liked the addition of Francis Gage (Judson Mills) and Sydney Cooke (Nia Peeples) for the final seasons as they brought a new flavor and presence to the show, I'm also glad the series ended on a strong note instead of waiting until it eventually ran its course and became stale and boring, The Final Show/Down Part 1 & 2 were an excellent way to finish up the series, one thing I really liked about the series was it didn't solely rely on firearms to get the job done but focused on Martial Arts and team work as a much better solution, There are however a number of things in the series that made little sense, for example: Trivette switching from a SIG-Sauer P226 to a Walther P5 which no one in law enforcement would even contemplate doing and being able to defeat numerous opponents in unarmed combat which might work sometimes but no one is capable of winning every single time no matter how good they are.

One of the biggest draw cards of the series for me is of course Chuck Norris who is one of my favorite actors and being a Martial Artist myself he is also someone I greatly admire which is not something I say lightly, watching Lone Wolf McQuade(1981) with Chuck Norris and David Carradine was what got me into Martial Arts in the first place and thus I have been a fan of both ever since, I'm my opinion the series could have lasted another 9 seasons without losing its edge but as I already stated I am glad it ended on a high note, I can certainly understand why some people don't like the series, not even remotely close to real life law enforcement, poor weapons handling, atrocious dialog, sometimes poor acting, overuse of actors, far fetched plots, way over the top action pieces and sets/locations just to name a few but to me the series is meant to be nothing more then entertainment which it more then delivers, there is not one single episode I didn't like in one way or another, So in closing Walker: Texas Ranger will always be one of my favorite series' on TV, I completely understand why some people do not like it but as for me it will always have a special place in my heart.
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A pure CBS hit!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh23 January 2006
This show, in my opinion, is a pure CBS hit! Despite the fact that I've never seen every episode, I still enjoyed it. There are many episodes that I enjoyed. One of them was where Walker (Chuck Norris) and Alex (Sheree J. Wilson) got married. If you want to know why, you'll have to have seen it for yourself. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, even though it can be seen on USA now, I strongly recommend you catch it just in case it goes off the air for good.
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Unbelievable, but in a good way
xredgarnetx14 June 2006
You pick your favorite episode and I'll pick mine. I just watched the episode where Walker helps run a karate school for disadvantaged kids and earnestly works to keep one particular kid from becoming a gangbanger. The acting couldn't be worse, the dialog is atrocious ("My little sister was killed in a drive-by shooting so I put my purple belt in her coffin"), the blocking and even the action are all third-rate. Instead of immediately taking down the bad boys near the end, Norris challenges the entire gang (all 50 of them) to a fistfight -- which he naturally wins, and handily, I might add. Then and only then does his backup posse move in to make the arrest. The whole thing is made of moldy cardboard and cheese. And yet...it works. Norris the Most Wooden Indian of Actors since Charlie Bronson clearly cares about the subject, and it shows. The gangbanger stuff is cartoonish but true enough at its core, even if most of the gangbangers on screen are right out of "West Side Story," and there is a touching dedication to what I assume was a real-life dead gangbanger at the end. The footage of real street kids in a real karate class is heart-tugging, even when two young gangbangers show up at the 11th hour and haltingly ask if they may join the class. The message is loud and clear: no drugs, no gangs. Of course, Norris plays the Great White Hope and it is only because of his efforts that these poor Mexican-American kids ever see the light. Let it stand. The message is heartfelt. I'd say show this episode in schools, except the kids would probably laugh at it. For one thing, no blood. Plenty of shootings and violent fighting, but no blood. No one dies, either. Or not that I know of. If any of the gangbangers buy the farm after being shot, the episode does not make this clear. The focus is on the running down and subsequent recovery of Walker's bar owner buddy plus the drive-by shooting and recovery of a very clean-cut adult Mexican-American who runs a garage and was a former gangbanger whom Walker turned around. Natch. Oddly enough, Walker's longtime partner and constant companion Trivett spends all but the last 30 seconds of this episode in or near their office. Walker goes solo for reasons best understood by the scripters. Maybe the actor playing Trivett was sick or injured during the episode's shooting. I wish I had never found out Norris wears a rug. It is all too evident in this episode, and quite distracting as it is a mullet job. Norris wore much shorter and far less obtrusive rugs in the final years of the series.
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requires a "willing suspension of sheer incredulity"
jefu16 April 2002
Walker, Texas Ranger is not only a bad show, but its silly and often enough downright stupid.

We all know the plot - Good Guy (?) Ranger Walker gets involved with a crime - usually involving Bad Guys so horrendously evil that we're supposed to automatically like what Walker does. And, of course, in the last few minutes Walker saves everything with a few karate chops and kicks. (Often ignoring guns near at hand.)

Why is this so much worse than other shows that follow about the same general form?

To begin with, Chuck Norris is a terrible actor - one or two facial expressions, about as much intonation in his voice as Jack Webb at his most absurd.

Then, he surrounds himself with wooden actors, that by their very poverty of talent make him actually almost look good.

And it looks more like the kind of police brutality that made Amadou Diallow famous - so thats a bit of an exaggeration. But its easy to see how Norris's fondness for beating people up is probably the same kind of thing that leads to police brutality cases in real life. Worse yet, Norris is clearly a bit of an exhibitionist this way - he loves to be SEEN beating people up and defining himself as the ultimate arbiter of the law and as an equally ultimate judge of morality.

And... Clarence Gilyard as Ranger Trivette gets to play Norris' sidekick, and is treated as the very worse kind of sidekick - there as a foil to Norris, and as a source of what I think the writers will see as humourous lines. But unlike (say) Cheech Marin in "Nash Bridges" Trivette is not allowd to much more than be such a foil - and very often he is treated as just another person to show on screen.

Finally, the law and even just reasonable behavior are completely ignored. Walker is apparently sufficiently above legal restraints that he does essentially what he wants - even if it is something that would incur his righteous wrath when someone else did it. (Even the theme song echoes this sentiment.)

The show has one redeeming feature - if you want to know how not to act, if you want to know how not to write for the screen, if you want to know how to break laws and still feel like you're always right, this is the show for you - otherwise it would make a good foundation for a drinking game - or MST2K type audience commentary.
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A good series
joenasc22 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Chuck Norris plays Cordell Walker, a half-white, half Indian Texas Ranger who could beat the crap out of an enemy with his martial arts. His partner is Jimmy Trivette, who also knows his karate. Walker's love interest (and eventually wife) is Alex Cahill, the Assistant District Attorney. C.D. Parker is a veteran Texas Ranger who owns a bar and is friends with Walker, Trivette, Alex, and other people. The show's enemies consisted of drug dealers, white supremacists, gangs, bank robbers, murderers, rapists and so on.

I remember watching this show when I was younger and even today I still watch the reruns whenever I can. I've always loved the show's action/fight scenes, like the car chases, enemies getting the crap beaten out of them, and the explosions. The special effects on some of the episodes were a little cheesy, but they weren't horrible. Some of the lines the characters said were great and others were kinda cheesy. Also, the show did have its funny moments.

Another thing I liked about the show is how some of the episodes had moral values and lessons: like never stop believing in yourself or someone else, don't do drugs, don't be racist, stuff about God, and I think there were a few other ones.

Overall, "Walker Texas Ranger" is/was a good series. Sure it had its cheesy moments, but in a way, that's what made the show kinda fun. I give the show a "C+".
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just don't understand
seandattoli23 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just don't understand why anytime someone does a show about one of the largest metro areas in the country (Houston, Dallas, Austin/San Antonio etc.), they portray the average person as someone who wears wranglers/cowboy hat , talks with a drawl, has zero fashion sense, and drives a truck on his way to either the "saloon" or his next hunting trip, rodeo, skeet shooting or country music concert. I have never even seen a small town cop driving a police-truck...anywhere in Texas.

The funny thing is this is not done for artistic reasons or comedy...they are actually serious and I guess believe the average person is too stupid to know the difference. The bad scripts and equally bad acting give that away. This show makes goofy shows in the past like Knightrider look like high-brow entertainment. At least Knightrider had the talking car.
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Walker is addicting indeed
metaoaks13 August 2005
Been a big fan of Chuck (Carlos) Norris for decades. His Walker series is the best. If I'm not mistaken, it was created or based from his Lone Wolf McQuade movie, in which Chuck plays a less hygienically kept Texas Ranger. My favorite scene in Lone Wolf McQuade is when McQuades's Dodge truck's turbo gets him out of a big hole that was covered up with dirt. My husband use to make fun of me because I watch Walker every night on USA or Hallmark. We bought the last season on DVD and now he's hooked on it too big time. If anyone knows if there is a DVD set that shows Alex and Walker's wedding, I'd love to know. Also am interested in any seasons on DVD of JAG. I think during the final year is when Chuck and his real wife had twins. I love how Chuck thinks, he stopped Walker while it was on top and he did the same thing with his world championship in Marital Arts. He quit competing after I think it was 6 years as world champion in a row. He also has a very good book out called "Against ALL Odds" and it's a great book, couldn't put it down.
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Can we please get Chuck Norris a new facial expression?
Jay28 July 2001
Seriously, this guy has the same self-satisfied countenance whether he's being coy with his wife or committing acts of police brutality on what have to be the world's most stereotypical criminals, whether he's at a big ol' Texas barbeque or watching the state execute a mentally retarded prisoner convicted despite the flimsy evidence against him.

Not that this is the worst flaw of the show. That honor would probably go to the way it patronizes women, children, the elderly, crime victims, members of any non-Caucasian ethnic group, and anybody else who doesn't routinely commit acts of gratuitous violence. Frankly, I'm getting so sick of Norris's holier-than-thou attitude that I want him to get run over by an ice cream truck or die in a horrible cow tipping accident to wipe that smug expression off his face.

The really sad part of "Walker" is that it's creator Paul Haggis's only show to really have any sort of life. While "Due South" lasted only three years and "EZ Streets" lasted only three episodes, this dumb brute of a show keeps on living in syndication. It's just another example of the symbiosis between network television and pure junk.
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Comments from "scythempress"
rainmantwin24 January 2006
Some of his points were well taken if you were a paid CRITIC of TV shows. For those of us in law enforcement that just want entertainment, Walker provides it to many of us. We all know that it's a make believe world. I'm also an ex/experienced ER Registered Nurse and Ex-Paramedic. When I watch the TV show ER, I don't critique it, it's entertainment too, it's NOT real life. My extensive surgery experience as an RN finds mistakes in MASH and the more recent plastic surgery show "Nip N Tuck", but it's just a TV show, for the clueless by and large, entertainment all. I don't think a show show be judged TOO harshly (especially Walker) if it provides decent family, moral, and ethical values (most of the time) - and besides, he hardly ever hurts, much less kills anyone. He got awards from a Christian group for his values. Change channels if you don't like it I guess. That's what I do if I must critique a show that much. Turn off the TV, read a good book, go for a walk, listen to music. You don't HAVE to watch Walker.........I see mistakes on EVERY show I watch, but I am tolerant.
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What a joke this show is!
keatsfan112 March 2007
First of all, no one with any law enforcement experience (Not ER or EMT, but real law enforcement) takes this show seriously. Walker would be drummed out of any police force in the US for his illegal and totally unprofessional tactics. On top of that, he is a comic book character---no acting ability, incredibly trite lines, no character development. The fact that Alex Cahill loves him shows just how dumb blondes really are. And Trivett is the ultimate clown in black-face. Come on---if you think Walker is a heartfelt show without bias, then explain why JT is treated as a dolt, always is the subject of Walker's jokes, never is allowed to be the one to solve the crime, and never rescues Walker, who should be dead 50 times over for the stupid things he does. While it may be true that many criminals are even dumber than the detectives who go after them (and believe me, most cops are dumber than dirt), the smart ones Walker comes up against never seem to get the point that once Walker is captured, the jerk needs to be put of his misery. But then again, Norris produced the show as well as starred in it, so how could he willingly get rid of himself or even show how stupid his tactics are. As if six guys are going to wait around to take him one at a time. What a terrible series! It is more demeaning than any of the hokey westerns like The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, The Cisco Kid, and Wild Bill Hickock, though I would imagine that most of you on here are far too young to remember those shows. But like those shows, in the same way as those shows, Walker TR is just as insulting and just plain silly.
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sam-10230 April 2006
This series is formulaic and boring. The episodes are the same thing every week, simply with slightly varied settings. Some purely evil character does some dastardly deed, Walker goes after him, and it ends in a Karate match. The villains are super-cliché super-stereotypical evil villains, the good guys are all pure, honest and saintly, and the story lines are simplistic and unrealistic. After about 2 episodes, the show becomes totally unwatchable by all but the least discerning fans. Certainly not Norris's best work. His other work may be cliché but it usually does not drag on for weeks. If you enjoy formulaic,boring, repetitive clichéd snooze-fests, then this is for you.
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Never again
Zuzana27 February 2001
I have never seen something such stupid as this. Chuck Norris is so good guy, that he seems to be plastic. You could feel sick after seeing this! I hope to never meet somebody like he in his role in real life.
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Chuck Norris is like an Oak, but not in a good way
sparkymcgrew23 January 2001
This is one really bad program.

I don't know which is stiffer: Chuck Norris' martial arts or his verbal delivery. He may once have been a great fighter (in the 70s), but he moves almost robotically now. Jet Li would take him apart.

As for the show itself, it tries to be a "message" show, outlining clear good guys and bad guys, but it does so in such a heavy-handed fashion that it's just condescendingly insulting. Even the derivative "Martial Law" was better, in that it had more of a sense of humour about itself. I'm not sure if the fault lies with the acting or the writing (probably both), but the result is a stiflingly straight-laced, humourless, and genuinely wooden product. "Walker" makes "VIP" look like a masterpiece of the small screen.
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Lets talk about someone new.
alm8-118 June 2006
Okay, so every one talks about Chuck Norris and all the other cast, EXCEPT for Alex(Sheree J. Wilson). She is my favorite of all of the characters. Her facial expressions crack me up. Whoever it was who asked about what she was thinking to marry walker is right.

Alex is the A.D.A and is alway's in trouble. And of course who saves her? Walker. Alex and Walkers relationship is amazing. It always makes me smile when their around each other.

I have a favorite line that Walker said when Alex was kidnapped in I'm pretty sure "Survival". Trivette:(talking about leaving tracks)That was their first mistake. Walker:No, Taking Alex was their first mistake.

Alex is the coolest actress ever and I will miss seeing her act on WTR.
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The greatest series of them all Walker, Texas Ranger
msbsegal1 November 2006
Walker, Texas Ranger is the best series I have watched on TV. For such an expert in martial arts, Walker never boosts of his know-how, keeps his calm and cool at all times. I read many of the comments, and I do not understand the critics : do other law-enforcement series differ ? I have seen other American, British, French, German and Austrian police or detective series, do they begin without some crime and don't the heroes always get the bad evil ones. In 95% of the cases we get the right good and of course expected ending, otherwise it would not be part of this type of series. In what way then does Walker T. R. differ ? Well it is set as part of the community: Chuck Norris in his private life is a concerned citizen fighting drugs etc. This is brought to life in many episodes when he helps poor kids get out of the gangs; he fights the gangs and brings the killers to trial; He gets help from friends, fighters like himself or former gangs members or former convicts to get pupils and students get rid of the drugs vicious circle. And you think yes it is a movie but may be one can learn a lesson and try to copy the movie in real life schools and colleges and get rid of gangs, drugs, drugs dealers etc. Why not try ? I also like very much the episodes with White Eagle and the customs and way of life of the Indians. Some of the scenes are simply fascinating and esoteric, full of very interesting mysticism, I mean it seriously no joke. For me some of these scenes have a complex meaning and remind me of things I have read in the Jewish literature.

The whole cast gives a great support to WTR, and as one commentator said they have become part of my family too. My husband knows that if I get the chance to put my hand on a Walker episode, nothing is more important – it is watching a good friend giving you a good time.
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World class karate, World class series
frankiedoodles5 February 2006
Ten of ten stars with a bullet, to the bad guys that is. Walker Texas Ranger is a great series. Thanks to USA you can still see it every week. Chuck Norris is a bona fide world karate champion and left as a world champion. He did the same with Walker. The cast is brilliant. I always feel like they are part of my family. Clarence Gilyard as Jimmy Trivette is always there when you need him, but provides just the right suspense. In the back of your mind you always think it might not work out for the Rangers this time. Sheree Wilson as DA Alex Chahill is the perfect girlfriend and later,wife. I'd love to see the wedding on DVD. Noble Willingham, Judson Mills and Nia Peeples all play great supporting roles. CD'Big Dog'Parker gives the Rangers that age old wisdom for their modern day problems. As for Cage and Sydney, they are everyone's favorite unmarried couple. Always the underlying romantic tension while they beat the bad guys with some great karate of their own. Just a wonderful series with many life lessons. I wasn't hooked at the beginning, but now it's like a ritual. I finally get it.
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Sadly, this sucks.
spastic_colin_powell15 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The fact that this cruddy series could elicit dozens of comments (much less hundreds of 'votes') speaks volumes as to the decline of Western (or at least American) civilization.

Read Proust, you morons!! Or at least Dave Barry or Calvin and Hobbes anthologies.

Chuck Norris. Wrap your brains around the fact that in order to rate or write about this series you'd have to have spent minutes..nay, HOURS...viewing this poor sod treading the boards and spewing lines with less emotional impact than the gal who used to call off the correct time on your local service.

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