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Season 3

6 Jan. 1995
Zwarte dinsdag
Baby Miller arrives at the prison and appears to have racist feelings against Snoes. José desperately wants to be transferred away from this particular prison. Director Dorrestijn has to inform the inmates that from now on they will have to share their cells with new arrivals.
13 Jan. 1995
Kleur bekennen
Julia accuses David of having an affair with José and breaks off their relationship. Baby Miller refuses to share a cell with the new, colored arrival Joy Deurslag. Teun receives word that the love of her live is marrying another.
20 Jan. 1995
Iedereen is eenzaam
Troost tells Dorrestein that Teuntje hasn't got a place to stay during her weekend off. When Teuntje causes a commotion, José grabs a kitchen knife which she plans to use in an escape attempt.
27 Jan. 1995
Liefde en haat
David takes Julia home for the weekend to meet his mother and sisters. Unfortunately he still has to work the night shift. Guusje learns about love between two women from Teuntje but is shocked to learn her husband Ricardo has found her.
3 Feb. 1995
Dreigend onheil
Troost & Snoes manage to get Nel Wittebol so rilled up she loses control of herself and leaves. Regina learns she has something in common with Baby Miller. Akkie Dorrestijn receives a threatening letter.
10 Feb. 1995
Teun's besluit
Troost has been promoted over Nel. Juultje hears that she will be pardoned soon and David immediately starts making wedding plans. Teuntje is on leave but Guusje's brother in law objects to her staying over, leaving her to roam the city.
17 Feb. 1995
Wanhoop en geluk
Teun has fled to Belgium instead of going back to prison. Jantje goes on leave and surprises her two lovers at the old age pensioners home. Juultje hears she's about to be released but can't seem to reach David anywhere.
24 Feb. 1995
Eindelijk vrij
Juultje is released at last. Director Dorrestijn keeps getting threatening letters, but the police won't help her. Agnes confronts her mother in law and Baby her foster mother.
3 Mar. 1995
Baby has withdrawn completely into herself. Juultje's suspicions are confirmed: she is pregnant. A new prisoner, Nathalie arrives and turns out to be an old acquaintance of Director Dorrestijn. Everybody gets ill after dinner.
10 Mar. 1995
Het keerpunt
Juultje is finding it difficult to cope with David's family. But when she asks Tonny if they can move into her house, Tonny feels she's being pushed out. Joy receives some distressing news from her fellow ecological crusader Robin.
17 Mar. 1995
Snoes throws a fit when nobody remembers her 26th birthday. Dr Jaspers is falling deeper under Nathalie's spell. Guusje has reservations about getting married in church.
24 Mar. 1995
Ja, ik wil!
Nel's spirits are crushed when Trip has a relapse and gets drunk again. Nathalie offers Joy and Agnes money to cook for her and Agnes accepts. Guusje spends the night before her wedding at her parents house.
31 Mar. 1995
In het nauw gedreven
Teun is visited by her Belgian friend Goedele. Dr. Jaspers catches himself being manipulated by Nathalie. Troost forces Joy into a corner because he knows her darkest secret so she confides in Mary Tijl and Baby Miller.
7 Apr. 1995
De harde waarheid
Snoes tries to reach out to the others, but all her efforts backfire. Regina has a new flame: Wilberto. Joy is visited by the mother of the boy who's death she inadvertently caused.
14 Apr. 1995
Valse hoop
A fire breaks out at night and during the evacuation, Joy goes back to safe Jantje. Teun has gotten permission for Goedele to meet her in the visitors sleeping quarters. Troost introduces a new warden: Rietje Verdonk.
21 Apr. 1995
Drugs en sex en...
Snoes is looking for a place to stay during her free weekend. Dr. Paul has traded Akkie Dorrestijn for Mary Tijl. Jantje is allowed to visit Ferdinand in the hospital after he has a seizure. The male wardens put on the charms for Rietje, but she only has eyes for her boyfriend.
28 Apr. 1995
Snoes op drift
Snoes is out and about for the weekend and immediately gets back into her old groove. Wimpie introduces his boyfriend Ron to his parents. Guusje can't keep her hands off warden Jan Brouwer, leading Troost to reprimand him. But Baby Miller is quick to remind Troosts of his own loose hands.
5 May 1995
Boze buitenwereld
Julia is afraid all the neighbors are gossiping about her. Baby has another confrontation with her foster mother, but this time to she knows exactly what to say to her. When all of Tellegens little plans begin to backfire, she decides to file a complaint against Dr. Jaspers. Meanwhile the other women decide to start a singing group led by Baby.
12 May 1995
Valse meiden
Snoes receives a visit, not from Charlie but from his girlfriend Mia. Tellegen files an official complaint against Jaspers. Trip is urged to drink alcohol by a colleague but bails out before it's too late.
19 May 1995
Bedrieger bedrogen
Mia catches Charlie visiting Snoes behind her back. Teun is not exactly thrilled to hear Goedele wants to move from Antwerpen to Weesp. Nathalie offers false proof and testimony implying that Jaspers assaulted her.
26 May 1995
Teun is nervous over her impending crane driving exams. Snoes is in seventh heaven about Charlie and Jantje acts like a mother to her. Nel thinks she might be pregnant. Jasper proposes to Mary but she thinks he's not meant to be a married man. Meanwhile Akkie is very happy being courted by her new lover.
2 Jun. 1995
Een lach en een traan
Snoes is shattered after Charlie has been shot dead. Baby has been found by her older brother she hasn't seen since she was three years old. Köksal invites Regina for dinner while Troost asks Brouwer to take him along when he goes dancing. Tonny has traded her farmer for a new lover, a cop. Jantje writes a letter to the Queen asking to be pardoned. Julia gives birth to a baby boy, Jimmy.

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