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Season 7

23 Sep. 1997
Divided We Fall
Lieutenant Colonel Philip Drysdale, the new CO, arrives with his traditional views on army life and is unimpressed the attitude of B Company's men. The arrival of Fusilier Tony Rossi causes a stir amongst the soldiers and their girlfriends.
30 Sep. 1997
Things Can Only Get Better
The arrival of CSM Alan Fitzpatrick ruffles a few feathers whilst his wife helps the women raise money for charity. Corporal Hobbs hopes for promotion are dashed after an interrogation exercise.
7 Oct. 1997
Line of Departure
B Company are training cadets and Alan Fitzpatrick has to face the fact that his little girl is growing up. Angela McLeod has to contend with a stalker. Stacey Grey has to contend with an unwanted guest and later gets her old job back.
14 Oct. 1997
Under Fire
The CO has to take evasive action when Special Branch come to visit but the biggest threat is closer to home. Andy Butcher fails his fitness test again but his heroic actions saves the day and it's the end of the road Jacko and Julie.
21 Oct. 1997
Friends and Lovers
Mark Hobbs returns to work and has to accompany the men are sent on a survival exercise which goes horribly wrong. Alan Fitzpatrick's son starts to question his sexuality and the plan to increase the odds on a greyhound doesn't go to plan.
28 Oct. 1997
How Was It for You?
Major Jessica Bailey finds it a struggle to fit in amongst the regiment and so the CO sets her a challenge. The attentions of an officer makes Chris McLeod jealous after he returns from leave and the women hatch a scheme to make money.
4 Nov. 1997
The Road to Damascus
The men and women take part in an exercise which forces everyone to question what they really want in life and what is important to them and forces some to breaking point. Julie takes drastic action when she receives some unwelcome news.
11 Nov. 1997
Mark Hobbs starts to adjust to life outside of the army with difficulty and accepts the help of a new found friend. Alan Fitzpatrick's son finally faces up to his sexuality whilst his father struggles to cope with the news.
18 Nov. 1997
Fit to Explode
A full inspection of the regiment brings some of the CO's methods into question. Life in the Fitzpatrick household returns to normal when events at Alan's birthday helps level feelings and the McLeod's have something to celebrate.
25 Nov. 1997
Chain of Command
The regiment travel to Zokindi to maintain order and deliver food but end up fighting more than they'd thought. The CO's decisions put soldiers lives on the line and Mark Hobbs has to decide on which side his loyalties lie.
2 Dec. 1997
Sounds of War
Following their return from Zokindi, the regiment prepares for some well-earned leave but have a funeral to attend and Jacko and Rossi's rivalry over Julie reaches boiling point.
9 Dec. 1997
No Pain, No Gain
The CO's poor decisions in Zokindi are called into question at a Board of Inquiry and the CO finally has to face up to his methods. Julie has a decision to make and Jacko tries to fix a quiz but will Andy play the game?

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