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Boy has this show gone downhill!
Asteri-Atypical6 November 2001
Ricki has gone downhill in her time online.

It was never great television but in recent years it's degenerated to stupidity and smut.

I write this because I'm saddened. I used to like her. I still think she's an interesting personality. Yet she's allowed her show to become infected with the "cancer".

If you like smut and to watch stupid people doing what stupid people do best, you may like it. I find myself seeing too much of stupidity in daily life, personally.

Alas, poor Ricki. I once liked ye...
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It's so boring
rooboy848 August 2002
Well, it is. No interesting story's. Although Springer is bad, it still makes you laugh, where as this show dosen't amuse in any way whatsoever. It's rolled and rolled down the hill since it's first year. And i've seen the guests re-used, too.
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Daytime Trash for Unemployed Trailer Park Inhabitants.
imasniperbang-11 February 2007
The 1990's begun to have day time talk shows sprout up left and right. Every network had one, and they all lacked one thing Originality. Ricky Lake was just another show to entertain the obese trailer park mother with a Marlboro cigarette hanging out of her mouth while breast feeding one of her dozens of toothless, illiterate children. The English language and other cornerstones of mankind where ruined by this shows existence. Titltes ranging from Girl you a Pigeon Head and so on. How could anyone want to watch this pure and utter garbage? Has our society really became nothing more than a bunch of hill billy's and dead beat fathers? The people who appear on this show were Trash. The people who watched this show were Trash. Anyone that wishes to see this show re aired or put onto DVD is TRASH. People wonder why Americans are becoming huge piles of lard and too fat to even get jobs, its having shows like this tell them Its OK to be 500lbs overweight, and have 12 year old girls act like prostitutes. Having such trash on TV has ruined morals.
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Is this show off the air yet?
pikachu_angel16 August 2002
This show bites. It's gone to hell in a handbasket. Once upon a time a long time ago in a land far far away this show might have been good. I haven't seen it on the air in a while, and wondering if it's off the air. Yet. If so...I hope it stays that way forever.
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LittleJ19 June 1999
The people who watch this don't know how to get online anyway. This is probably even worse than watching the home shopping network.
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This show were n't so bad Once Upon a Time
robred6913 February 2001
Ricki Lake , is most probably the lighter version of Jerry Springer and they really do have uneasy subject matters...They are always the same.

I dont mind affairs and the like , yet the people who come out and explain their actions are immediately booed and hissed. I just have 1 wish , I would just love to go on the show and tell Ricki what most English people think of the subjects that seem to come out all the time. Id begin with affairs , by explaining that affairs are a plain fact of life , we dont like to be the victim or the wronged partner , but that is how it is. Another is this strange obsession with make-overs...they are boring. A memorable program was this Radio DJ condemning people on welfare and wanting to stop welfare payments , whilst neglecting , that he most probably will personally benefit if those tax-cuts took place. Ricki , comes over as a nice woman , but would she be brave enough to deter from the safe salacious stories to hard-hitting subjects that actually would increase her International audience....I wont hold my breath.
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"Ricki Fake"
Blooeyz20014 June 2005
Ricki Lake started out as an actress parlaying her obesity into a novelty. The fat novelty could only last so long in films & TV fare. So she lost some weight, but still acting jobs were scarce. So she decided to become a hip talk show host. The concept was fresh & innovative in 1993. "Ricki" even spawned the rip-off "The Tempestt Bledsoe Show". This "hip" show stayed on the air way past it's expiration date. The show got stale quickly. One annoying aspect towards the end was the lie detector dynamic. Ricki really beat this one into the ground like a dead horse. It was like watching the same exact show daily. Dolts take a lie detector test & their partners find out whether they cheated or not. UGH! Another major problem with this show was Ricki Lake herself. The woman is as fake & plastic as the day is long. You'd never know she was an "actress" by watching this slop. The idiotic faces she'd make to show "concern", "understanding", etc. were appalling, false, & calculated. She'd also shed a crocodile tear or two, & laughed that phony laugh. She was also a puppet-head. Any fool could have been doing her job, because 90% of the time she was reading cue cards. Thank goodness this trash finally ended up in the TV dumpster in 2004! (If you'd like to see my thoughts duplicated, practically word for word with some extra gibberish thrown in, read what Raysond had to say).
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Garbage for ghetto dwellers and trailer trash deadbeats...
keelhaul-8085620 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Another of a long list of shows that devolved into nothing more than a Jerry Springer ripoff.

Research all of the daytime hosts and check out their background. This will explain a lot.

Sally Jesse, Ricki, Springer, etc. = nothing but a waste of time to parade around goth kids yelling at their parents, fat morons with adolescent idiot kids who should have been aborted, along with the show and the parents and hosts alike.

Such a sad society, that has resorted to 500 shows like this for ghetto and hillbilly stereotypes to sit around and watch parodies and examples of themselves on TV.
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Go Ricki! Go Ricki! Go Ricki!
White Dolphin18 December 2000
Quality television this ain't, but it's still well worth a watch. Is it real? Who the hell knows! My guess is that most stories are real, but exaggerated. Either way Ricki is a great host. She knows the limits. She can have sassy spicy sexy (and other words beginning with S) shows. And she can also have sweet sentimental tear-jerking shows. She's one cool gal and I'm sure she's changed many peoples lives (for the better that is). Well worth a watch if you've got nothing to do and want to have a little bit of fun which doesn't involve much thinking.
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I have nothing personal against Ricki herself, but I HATE this show
TheLittleSongbird22 April 2010
I admit it, I am not a fan of confrontational shows. Out of all the confrontational shows, Ricki Lake is the worst, worse than Maury and Jerry Springer put together. Now I have nothing personal against Ricki herself, she is likable, but she deserves better. One major problem are the guests, some of them are absolutely horrible and if I had a choice between meeting them in person and being sick in the toilet I'd know which one I'd choose. Secondly, and this applies to pretty much all the talk shows, the audience is so annoying, they are so ungratifying and prejudge the guests without hearing their side of the story. Yes, some get to voice their side, but seriously do you think any of the guests are going to take on board anything anybody other than Ricki says? Thirdly, it feels like the same thing talked about over and over, it gets really boring. I don't like the music either, too generic and the episodes are really pedestrian in pace. Overall, I hate it, not Ricki herself but the show. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Okay talk show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh2 November 2006
I really miss this talk show. First off, I must say that it was an okay talk show. Also, I haven't seen every episode. However, if you ask me, it was still a good show. I know some of the theme song by heart, too. I didn't enjoy every topic that Ricki did. Still, I enjoyed watching people get busted. It was especially fun watching people get reformed. That's what I liked most about this talk show. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I haven't seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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The Ricki Lake Show
raysond21 October 2005
Actress Ricki Lake started out as in films that were parlaying her obesity into a novelty. With such films as "Hairspray","Mrs. Winterbourne",and "Cry Baby",and her success on a weekly television series "China Beach" that characters that she portrayed were likable but were surrounded by the insult of obesity jokes. However,the "fat" novelty could only last so long during her stint in television and movies. So from there she lost the weight,but still acting jobs were still scarce at the time. Then in September of 1993,the reality of a lifetime really paid off when she went from second banana in TV and movies to the title of "daytime talk show host". This was a talk show that was hip as well as outgoing making it one of the most successful talk shows of the 1990's,until its demise in 2004 which she killed it.

"The Ricki Lake Show"(Syndication:1993-2004),was a cool concept that provided a fresh face with some innovative topics and some frank and very interesting discussion. The series ran for 11-years and even spawned off several "Ricki" clones that were horrible,which included rip-offs left and right:"Rolanda","The Tempsett Bledsoe Show","Donny", "Bertie Berry","The Danny Bonaduce Show",not to mention "Jenny Jones". It did however went toe to toe against "The Jerry Springer Show",and "Maury" and alongside "Montel Williams" and "Oprah Winfrey" for the battle of the talk show supremacy. During its run on the air Ricki Lake was nominated in 1994 for an Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host. But what made this show great was the guests she had on there and the guests were some of the strangest ever brought out--and you thought Jerry Springer and Maury Povich had all the freaks where all of them show there stuff in front of a studio audience,well all of them did including Ricki Lake.

It was good a awhile until the show got really stale,and went way beyond its expiration date,which by the way the final episode of "The Ricki Lake Show",ended its 11-year run in April of 2004. Some of the guests were re-used in just every segment and so were the topics that were presented as well. One episode dealt with a lie detector test,where this was a repeated process with got boring and stale very quick! The other segment dealt with either musical guests or love and relationship issues and this is what gets me here---Why was it that Sandra Denton(the one half of the 80's female rap group-Salt and Pepa) is on every episode talking about whatever? The other segments dealt with teenagers,child control and strange bedfellows were really killed the premise of the show. Even if you watch the show that she was an actress pretending to be a diva,aka a "fat" diva at that.

What really killed the show itself was the host--Ricki Lake! You can tell when she making expressions in front of the camera to support her guests since she really disgusting in doing so. Basically the producers got themselves a puppet and she was the puppet to do the gestures and so forth just to bring in the ratings. By the way,any person could have done her job,since almost in every segment she was reading off the cue-cards and questioning her guests in front of those cards! By the way,anyone could have done her job and still get paid doing so which she did 90% of the time. This was so idiotic and such,that it is nowadays that daytime television has gone to the days,and so did Ricki Lake's show,when it finally ended up in the dumpster,never to be heard from again since it was going downhill and a rate of speed and in the ratings really quick! That what basically killed off the show,and Ricki Lake's career as a daytime talk-show host.

By the way,where is Ricki Lake doing these days?
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still number one
leephilip733 February 2002
The Ricki Lake show currently in its nineth season is still the most popular chat show in the United Kingdom. After nine years on air the show is always coming up with fresh and exciting new ideas. While Jerry Springer is the undisputed king of daytime tv Ricki Lake is definatly the queen. Ricki in the past has won best talk show host at the British National Television awards, the only American host to have currently won the award.
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watch it
jdvrana26 August 2000
For those of you who don't watch "Ricki Lake" simply because you think it looks corny, you are way too narrow-minded. There are a lot of much worse shows. She looks like such a nice and wonderful person, you have to enjoy. I don't quite know what it is about her, but I love her.
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