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Back Off Boyfriend: He's Mine!
Women bring gay male friends on the show and demand that they stop hitting on the straight men in their lives.
Sexy Secrets Revealed
Ricki brings on guests who have a sexy secret to tell their loved ones.
You Think Your Hot Naked Body's the Bomb, But I'm Here to Tell You You're Nasty.com!
Ricki brings on people who are using the Internet to make a living in the sex business.
24 Nov. 1999
im Getting Out Of The Gang And im Taking Someone with me
2 brothers in rival gangs come together and reunite after Ricki sends the boys to a funeral home where they portray one of the brothers has been killed in a gang involved shooting making the older brother realize its time to quit.
Webcam Secrets
Two years later Ricki follows up on her 1998 story about Internet web-cam sex performers.
20 Feb. 2004
Trash or Treasure?
Guests having disputes with their friends and loved ones about the value of items they've collected are helped to resolve their controversies by appraiser Judith Katz-Schwartz Then, each collector is given the opportunity to trade away his item for a surprise gift.

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