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The greatest sitcom from Québec television !!!
thebigmovieguy21 April 2003
"La petite vie" was a former play created by Claude Meunier starring Serge hériault as môman (mom) and himself as Pôpa (dad). They form a strange couple of senior citizens who've got nothing else to do than argue about their children and their boring lives. The play was a hit on stage when Claude Meunier decided to turn it into a TV show.

With much more characters and funnier situations, "La petite vie" became a cult classic TV show of the 90's in Québec. The new characters were Rénald, a brainless account, Thérèse, an annoying housewife who can't bake shepperd's pie, Rod, môma's favourite and Caro, the rejected little girl of the family, as pôpa and môman's children. Lison is Rénald's low in IQ wife, Réjean is Thérèse's lazy husband and Jean-Lou is the gay neighbor. All these colourful characters brought together shows how lovely and sometimes stupid, a family can really be.

This TV show was on cable from 1993 to 1999. Every Monday night, I'd watch it with my family and laughed at the jokes and pranks the characters pulled off against each other. If you speak french, you must watch at least a few episodes of this TV phenomena. But don't take it seriously, turn your brain off and have fun watching "La petite vie".

By the way, if you see the show's last episode "Le bog de l'an 2000" on shelves at Wal-Mart, buy it ! You won't regret it for a second.
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I miss so much this show!
Adrayle13 August 2003
If you speak french, it's a show you must see (I know it doesn't play anymore but buy the tapes!) Funny, funny, funny! Some boring lives become humoristic and cool, really! The Bog de l'an 2000 is a must-see! The actors are good, so is the scenario and the story!
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