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daniel_hofverberg21 June 2002
Paradise Beach is definitely one of the best drama series available. I have always liked Australian shows, and this is definitely not an exception. Good and realistic storylines, with good and talented actors.

The only downside is that the show doesn't have the best ending, due to the fact that the show was canceled very sudden without any chance for the producers to gracefully end the show.
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This show was pretty bad
shaman196919 May 2006
This show was pretty bad but unlike the person who wrote the previous review I wouldn't say it was the worst show ever on Australian television.There have been a couple of Australian shows worse than Paradise Beach. One of those shows was an early eighties show called Holiday Island.It was a soapie set in a resort on a tropical island.The series which was supposed to be set in Queensland was mostly filmed in Melbourne.There were some scenes where you could actually see the goose bumps on the actors because they were so cold from filming scenes wearing swimwear during a Melbourne winter.There was even a scene where you could see condensation from the breaths of the actors.Yes the acting in Paradise Beach was terrible however there were some interesting faces who appeared in the series such as Matt Latanzi(Olivia Newton Johns ex-husband), Isla Fisher from Scooby Doo and The Wedding Crashers and Ingo Rademacher from Another World.It was good to watch if you like to see hunks or babes in scantily clad swimwear.The story lines at the beginning were pretty terrible but towards the series end they really started to improve and the show really started to pick up.Unfortunately though that all came too late and the show was canceled.
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Terrible show, hot girls, Megan killed herself.
bobvegas4 September 2007
This was one of the most badly produced cheap shows of all time Australian TV. They just paraded models around and pretended they could act. A lot of people talk about the bad acting in Neighbours and Home and Away but the acting in Paradise Beach was so much worse.

A bit sad to hear Megan Connolly killed herself in 2001, I did not even know that until today. She was the hot blonde teen star (Tori Hayden) and the actress Kimberly Joseph played (Cassie Barsby)who was the hot brunette teen star. I met them at an appearance where they were giving away stuff as a promotion for the show. Very hot girls. Megan seemed the most down to earth, friendly 'girl next door' type girl. She didn't' mind chatting to her fans at all, quite different to Kimberly who thought she was 'all that' and seemed fake.

It was filmed on the Gold Coast and for some insane reason The fate of the show rested with overseas sales. Well the show was terrible so it never was going to sell well, I think it was sold to a United States cable network but it really did badly and was quickly axed.

So because continued production depended on good overseas sales income it did not come back for it's 2nd season and all the story lines were left up in the air.
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Just plain dreadful
$TEVE McD7 August 2000
Paradise Beach is the most poorly acted and written Australian show of all time.I remember thinking how bad it was when I was eleven years old.It's like "Days of our lives" but this is much worse.The dialogue and situations are just laughable.At times you would swear it was a send up of soap operas.
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