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11 Jan. 2005
Stoli with a Twist
The detectives continue their search for a serial killer who targets alcoholics trying to get sober; and Clark and Jones investigate a homicide linked to a woman with whom Clark had a one-night stand.
18 Jan. 2005
Stratis Fear
Sipowicz and Clark investigate the stabbing death of a coffee-shop owner who was attracted to young girls; Ortiz tries to keep her cousin out of trouble; and Medavoy and Jones link a murder to a paralyzed police officer and his family.
25 Jan. 2005
La Bomba
The detectives search for a suspect who killed a businessman by blowing up his car; and Ortiz and Murphy investigate the beating death of a student.
1 Feb. 2005
Old Man Quiver
The detectives investigate the smothering death of an elderly man married to a voluptuous woman in her 20s; and a state judge pressures Medavoy and Jones to find out who poisoned her mother.
8 Feb. 2005
Sergeant Sipowicz' Lonely Hearts Club Band
Detective John Clark Jr., Andy Sipowicz (who just was promoted Sergeant) and a military investigator examine the murder of military recruiter Sergeant Lester Bakewell, whose affair with a female colleague caused her divorce from a retired veteran Colonel; however, the prime suspect is student Paul Corbelli, whose brother was killed in service in Iraq. A woman reports her homeless Basque uncle missing abnormally since four days; he's found dead and Detectives Baldwin Jones and Greg Medavoy investigate.
15 Feb. 2005
Lenny Scissorhands
A squad member is shot while storming an apartment; Clark and Jones investigate the bludgeoning death of a woman whose wealthy husband was going to finance a friend's salon business.
22 Feb. 2005
Bale to the Chief
Bale offers to recommend Sipowicz for the squad commander position; Ortiz and Murphy investigates the death of a Muslim woman; and detectives search for the man who shot Bale.
1 Mar. 2005
Moving Day
As he begins his new job as squad commander, Sipowicz disobeys orders and keeps a murder investigation open... even though a Japanese man with diplomatic immunity has confessed to the crime.

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