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Season 7

11 Jan. 2000
Loogie Nights
Danny and Andy catch an assault that looks like it was done by the boys in blue. Jill considers dating her ex-husband.
18 Jan. 2000
A Hole in Juan
Jill's son has his first communion, where Andy and Danny spot a surveillance van across the street from the church. A baby is found dead in a dumpster.
25 Jan. 2000
The Man with Two Right Shoes
Andy is finding Theo a challenge. A man is found dead in a hotel bath-tub, minus a part of his anatomy and some personal effects. A mother brings her son into the house because she thinks he's been stealing.
1 Feb. 2000
The Naked Are the Dead
The squad attends a homicide with seven naked bodies. Jill's ex is arrested.
8 Feb. 2000
These Shoots Are Made for Joaquin
James passes his sergeant's exam. Jill's ex-husband could be causing problems for Jill.
15 Feb. 2000
Brothers Under Arms
It's James' last day with the squad before he moves on as a sergeant. Jill's ex is in the wind and causing more problems for Jill.
22 Feb. 2000
Along Came Jones
Medavoy gets a new partner. A cop is shot and killed. Diane seeks counsel from Andy about whether to tell Jill what she knows about her ex.
23 Feb. 2000
Everybody Plays the Mule
A woman is run over by a bus, she was already dead when she was tossed from a van. Two Russian boys go missing after their father says he left them with his sister.
29 Feb. 2000
A young boy is suspected of killing his mother's boyfriend; Fancy realizes that Lt. Abner is severely depressed. Sipowicz has a date with a niece of a friend as a favor; Katie becomes upset at this news.
7 Mar. 2000
Who Murders Sleep
Andy and Danny reopen an unsolved murder when the body of a small child is found buried within a wall; Medavoy and Jones deal with the owner of a dog who has a bullet in his nose they need as evidence in their case.
14 Mar. 2000
Little Abner
Fancy tries to rebuild his relationship with Abner; Andy and Danny investigate the murder of a club owner; Jones takes out his frustration on a man who is suspected of raping and beating a woman.
21 Mar. 2000
Welcome to New York
John Irvin, the department's PAA, helps Andy and Danny with a possible love triangle homicide. Jill and Diane help a mentally challenged woman find the gang who raped her.
28 Mar. 2000
The Irvin Files
Medavoy and Jones look for a woman reported missing by her "distraught" husband; Andy and Danny deal with a snotty, eccentric art owner whose collection has been stolen.
4 Apr. 2000
Sleep Over
Andy and Danny investigate the robbery of an elderly couple; Medavoy and Jones deal with a wealthy woman with a grudge against her former maid; Danny's informant, J.B., seems headed for disaster.
11 Apr. 2000
Stressed for Success
Danny has an emotional crisis; John Irvin helps in a case involving stolen antique clothing; Jill deals with a young woman with small children who steals because of her unemployed, abusive husband.
18 Apr. 2000
Goodbye Charlie
Jones uses his charm to help Andy and Danny solve the murder of an elderly couple; Medavoy gets involved with an old friend who is having trouble with the Chinese mafia.
25 Apr. 2000
Roll Out the Barrel
A dismembered is found in a barrel. The trail leads Andy and Danny to a mobster who denies knowledge; they later learn he's connected to another murder, his wife who disappeared years earlier.
2 May 2000
Lucky Luciano
A young woman tries to convince Jill and Diane that her twin sister has become a victim of foul play. Andy and Danny investigate an immigrant's missing, wealthy and unpopular wife.
9 May 2000
Tea and Sympathy
The detectives accept the help of a pair of British policeman catch a rapist-murdered who has emigrated from England to NY. Meanwhile, Jones becomes close with a reporter he met during a previous case.
16 May 2000
This Old Spouse
Diane once again finds herself embroiled with Harry Denby who has information about Jill's ex-husband. The squad investigates a home repair scam.
23 May 2000
Bats Off to Larry
Andy goes into a tailspin when a doctor's visit reveals that Theo may have cancer. Diane and Jill's relationship suffers when info about Jill's ex-husband surfaces. Andy and Danny ponder the impact on Jill's career.
23 May 2000
The Last Round Up
IAB is closing in on Jill. Jill explains the leverage Don has over her. Andy stays by Theo's side as he undergoes tests to determine if he has cancer. Changes are made in the department as fallout over Jill's ex-husband.

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