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Easily the best late night talk show ever
in_no_big_hurry18 June 2004
Jay Leno, Johnny Carson, Letterman, they are all alright. but usually when i watch one of them, it is because an actor or musical act i like will be on. Conan is the only talk show i watch just to see him. they could have a channel of nothing but reruns of Conan shows, and i would watch it all day. i did not become a hardcore watcher(every night) of Conan until maybe six months ago, and i feel cheated for not being able to see the 10 years of shows he did prior. He is hilarious, Max is hilarious, all the little skits they do range from terrible to genius, but even the terrible ones make you giggle from the sheer stupidity of them. Hilarious. Truly one of the most consistently funny shows ever, up there with South Park, Arrested Development, and the best sitcom ever, Scrubs. The humor may not always work, but they are never afraid to attempt jokes and skits you can not believe are on a huge network show. Max and Conan have this chemistry, its like they have no chemistry kind of, and that is what makes it so great. I never get tired of Conan making fun of how crappy he and his show is, even though we all know it is the exact opposite. Definitely worth staying up for.
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Late-Night Comedy At It's Best
musicandme11 September 2004
'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' will put at least a silly smile on your face every time you watch it. Conan gives viewers a good and fun hour to just let loose. With all of the hysterical skits and witty humour, you'll wonder why you didn't watch this show to begin with. Conan O'Brien makes a delightfully wonderful host and can take even the boringest subjects and make it funny for everyone.

Granted the show has had its moments of non-funny stupidity, but there's no doubt that you'll be laughing again within the next ten minutes. Not only is this show great for laughs, but it features a wide variety of special guests varying from movie stars, singers, political figures, to some of the weirdest people you will ever meet. Conan has been praised in the past to be equal to or even better than 'The Tonight Show'! And you'll definitely know why when you see it.

I, myself, have watched this show for nearly seven years and I can assure that 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' is late-night TV at its best.
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Funniest Guy Alive
keisha_anne22 February 2004
Conan is not only the king of late night, he is king of comedy. Period. The first thing you see every night on his show is this tall, sharp featured guy walk out on the stage. Immediately, he becomes animated and does his little trademark dance and jump that you can't help but laugh at. You're immediately put in what Conan likes to call "the laugh zone." His opening monologue, obviously not written by him, doesn't always have the funniest jokes. But Conan is the only guy I've seen that could take a lame joke and make it hilarious using physical, animated comedy played off audience reactions mixed with charm and wit uniquely Conan. His smiles and laughs are infectious and his facial expressions endless. You can't help but smile and sympathize with his innocence and self bashing (for instance, when talking to Ruben Studdard about the falsity of rumors, Conan exclaimed "Yeah, I'm not gay!" His smile immediately fell into an expression of "what the hell did I just do?" That you had to sympathize with). His sincerity is unmissable; he is always completely genuinely interested in his guests and what they have to say. He does everything possible to make them feel comfortable. In an interview of Conan he said it is his job to make every interview on his show funny and to make the guest comfortable. He says he never thinks "oh, that guest was a real lunker" because if the interview sucked, it was his fault, not theirs. As I Canadian, I have to say how lucky we were to have the best comic alive come and shed some light on our vastly overlooked country. I hope Americans found it funny and maybe know a little bit more about their neighbor. I hope all the controversy can be cleared up and forgotten and forgiven so that Conan can again soon come back to our country. My wish is that it becomes an annual thing. Or better yet, semi-annual!

You won't ever see a funnier, more animated, sincere or charming comedian than Conan. I don't watch much TV. Conan is the one and only show I make sure I watch regularly. There's never been a show were I didn't feel completely uplifted after. I could describe him for hours but you have to see him for yourself to understand. "Keep it cool my babies!" Long live the king!
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King of Late Night
renaldo and clara13 July 2001
Yeah, ok...most people still think Leno is, but that'll all change in time.

See Leno and Conan are complete opposites. Both hosts are extremely entertaining, but when Leno's up on stage, you can tell he's kinda' just a cute monkey in a suit who's told to read his cue cards. *Then* he sounds funny. But Conan actually starts off funny; doing physical comedy, reacting to his audience, etc., but it's often his writers that make him tell lame jokes. Don't get me wrong; they're not all lame. They can get repetitive though, and are actually sometimes too vulgar or tasteless for Conan's classy personality. The funniest parts of the show are when he actually expresses his "what the hell kind of joke was that?"face to what he just said. Conan's cool; he plays guitar, he can be very self-deprecating (though he's toned down a bit -thank goodness), but best of all..he always acts genuinely interested in his guests and always seems to try to learn from them.

I think that what about Conan appeals to a younger audience(19-30 crowd) is not only that he can get away with more explicit material on his show, he also on the other hand shows disgust in any kind of strange sexual taboo(this is what evens out the show.)Example? Like when Conan asked Max Weinberg "Now, come on. Why should *you* have your own generation? Because you're such a good drummer?" "No, because of my hundreds of iligitimate children." Conan makes a disgusted face and we don't know if it's toward the writers or the situation, but we always sympathize and have to laugh!

The only problem I have with the show is I think Conan should write his dialogue. I mean, come on, this guy went to Harvard to become funny and wrote for SNL & he Simpsons!

Long Live Conan! Har-dee-har-har! Me lucky charms!
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12:35 am is fun!
AllisonLVenezio18 April 2002
Who's that man with the carrot top hair? It's Conan O'Brien!!

Conan O'Brien, a former writer for both "Saturday night Live" and "The Simpsons" brings his irreverant humor to the barren wasteland that is late-night television. At the start of his hosting gig, he was branded for failure by every critic, but managed to push on despite the odds. Now, he's one of the most-beloved and praised talk show hosts today.]

I have personal experience with "Late Night," and I don't even work there. Two years ago, during my Junior year of high school (2000), I took a trip to NBC Studios NYC to see a taping of "Late Night." Seeing this experience set me up for life, as I am now a freshman Communications major (sophomore in Fall 2002) in college. I actually did get close enough to Conan--he shook my hand!! Quite possibly one of the greatest moments of my life!

I love everything about "Late Night"--especially the comedy segments. "If they Mated" is by far one of my personal favorites, as is the recent segments on "Inspiration Jesus Statues," and "The Moving Lips," where Robert Smigel superimoses his mouth on a politician or celebrity while on a television monitor. Triumph the Comic Dog is so disgusting, but so funny you can't look away, not even when he was humping the dog at the Westminster Dog Show. ("Tickle me Silly--she could tickle me silly anyday!", "How can such an innocent dog be such a filthy whore?" "For me to poop on!")

I am among many fans when I say that I miss Andy Richter, but this show is always wonderful, and I enjoy watching it. If you love "Tonight Show with Jay Leno," I highly recommend staying up late to watch this gem. Believe me, it's worth it!
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Best late night show, beats out competition by a mile.
RunningFromSatan13 August 2000
I like Jay Leno a lot (with his headlines, and other things he does), but Conan is better. Why? He has an awesome ability to improvise, and he is a guy who can make fun of himself all the time. It was sad to see Andy Richter leave the show in May, but it wasn't a total loss (a show with a sidekick was an original idea, anyway). His agenda is set up perfectly are funny, too...short, but sweet monolouge, then 15 minutes of fun. I especially like the recent Masturbating Bear skit, and the one where Conan sings to the babies who are supposedly gotta see it to believe it. I give this show a perfect 10.

P.S. Now it's time to give Richie 'La Bamba' Rosenberg A Chance To Tell Everybody He's Gay!
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Brutally funny TV
KingofCarrotFlowers7 November 2004
This show is absolutely hilarious from start to finish and Conan is in my opinion the best talk show host around beating even Jon Stewart and WAY ahead of the once funny Jay Leno.The humour is so stupidely original that it shouldn't work in any level but it comes out swinging with such greats as the Texas Ranger lever,Conan Hates My Homeland,the deadpan interplay between Conan and Max,the neverending picking on La Bamba or even the celebrities ending sentences(my favorite-O.J.Simpson"I hate being recognized when...I'm killing people"). The guests are also always more loose with Conan(late night)and not desperate to plug stuff as in Leno.
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Still funny... and also repeats at 1 and 7 PM on Comedy Central
Eric-122629 April 2003
This Late-late show is my favorite late night talk show, and it's still fresh and funny after 10 years on the air. (Has it really been ten years already?!). I still remember the very first show, and still remember some of the lines from Conan's first monologue.

I like the quirky, you-never-know-just-what-to-expect humor that Conan can spontaneously generate. I think he is able to do more "cutting edge" stuff - things that Letterman and Leno can only dream of. This is perhaps due to the fact that Conan comes on so late, that most viewers who don't have the necessary "cutting edge" sense of humor have already gone to bed - after having been suitably numbed by the more conservative routines of Letterman and Leno.

Though Letterman and Leno are both admirable comics, they have been relegated to little more than telling carefully thought-out jokes on their shows. Whereas Conan comes out acting spontaneously funny/crazy/weird; the show comes across as more of a mad-cap adventure for the viewer. So it's more fulfilling. Oh, and the Max Weinberg Seven: great band!

I'm glad that the Comedy Central channel plays the previous night's show every night at 7 PM then repeats it the next day at 1 PM. Now I no longer have to stay up late or even set my VCR.

(I think the only thing that helped me survive the Clinton presidency was the "talking lips" skit that Conan's show did all through the Clinton scandals. Those were priceless!)

***Edit*** I need to update my comment with more up-to-date info regarding the note about the Comedy Central channel airing repeats of the previous night's show. This is no longer the case. However, CNBC currently repeats the previous night's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" at 4 P.M.
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My Fave Lines from the show...
decrepitbricks20 December 2004
MOVING LIPS: "you can't jingle half the've got to jingle ALL the way!" (Making fun of Arnold)

"Of course I threw him off the else is he gonna be gravity savvy?" (Steve Irwin's baby stunt)

"Ooh Conan, you're making bubbles devilish" (Michael Jackson)

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: "My first pet was...delicious" (Star Jones)

THE PROTECTORS SKIT: "The legal age to pose in this magazine is 18 years old. How old were you when you started?" "I was...21" "21? That's not exactly 18, is it? How dare you!'(Barely Legal)

I also LOVE the Walker Texas Ranger lever...Conan's a classic. 10/10
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funny and better music
cheeseboy8012 November 2000
not only this show is funnier than Jay Leno and David Letterman. This show have much better music guests than those shows. Jay Leno have mostly no-talent teenybopper popstars and sell-out bands. This show have mostly underground metal and rock music. You hardly will see any teenybopper bands on this show. That what make this show great and funny at the same time.
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The Only Talk Show I Ever Watch
PopRox913914 September 2003
I don't know what it is, but nowadays I just hate every other talk show. Actually, I do know what it is: they're not Conan. I just started watching the show about a year ago and it has ruined my taste for any other talk show host. The monologue is usually funny, at the worst times I still laugh at least once. Next comes one of the skits such as Actual Items, If They Mated, What in the World?, State Quarters, etc. These can be a little gross at times, but the funny parts are enough to make up for it. The interviews, on some talk shows, bring the show down. There are boring questions, long awkward pauses, even the guest seems bored. On Conan, though, the major thing that keeps the interview going is Conan himself. It's all about improvisation, doing a little dance, telling a little story, whatever will get it back in motion. The house band is great and the musical guests are great. Keep your Letterman and your Leno, cause I'm watching Conan!
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One of the saddest moments I have ever experienced is when Andy walked out the exit door
zetes27 May 2000
I've been a big fan of this show since maybe its first season (one of the first three, anyway). I've basically grown up with it. I love everyone involved in it. But now Andy has left, and that is a tremendous pain. I hope he does well for himself elsewhere (I can't wait to see him in the next Robert Altman film). I think Conan and Max (if he stays much longer) can handle it without Andy, but it will never be the same. Anyway, this is by far the best late night talk show ever made.
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Funniest Show on Earth.
anti-imperialist119414 December 2003
I don't know how this man manages to be so funny. This is by far the funniest show that ever existed. Not only is it great because Conan is on it but, it is also great because of what the writers come up with to do in the beginning of the show. Not to mention "Triumph". Besides that one dog on "Family Guy" Triumph is the coolest dog on Earth. He is also the funniest. If you are up between 12:37AM and 1:37Am on the eastern coast then you should take the time to change to whatever channel is NBC for you and watch "Late Night with Conan O'Brian". I guarantee, you will laugh your pants off.
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best late night talk show on today
iburnedmyhousedown29 September 2003
I don't know what all you detractors are talking about. You're calling it stale, when they're the only show coming up with new ideas constantly. Although I like Letterman, he does the same stuff most of the time. Don't even get me started on Leno and Kilborn (blech). Conan is one of the most genuinely funny television stars on today. The self-deprecating humor and sarcasm are brought to their highest levels on this show. And remember, Conan was Ivy League eddicated! So remember....Conan Rules!
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pyrogal10161 June 2004
This is absolutely, hands down, the best and funniest show on television. Conan, you rock my socks! Seriously, just watch how funny he is. One of my favorite, most recent skit, is "Conan O'Brien Hates my Homeland", where he insults, very brutally, every country in the world so he will get hate mail from that country and know whether or not his show is aired there. I also really enjoy the "Walker, Texas Ranger Lever". NBC merged with Universal, which owns USA, which owns Walker, Texas Ranger, so Conan can air random (hilarious) clips of WTR whenever he wants! I don't think there has ever been a night of Conan, not even a rerun, that hasn't made me come close to wetting my pants.
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Max Weinberg Rules!
famousgir11 November 2001
They've recently started to air Late Night With Conan O'Brien over here in the UK and I think it's tied with The Late Show With David Letterman as my favourite American late night show. I think Conan just wins though, as he's really funny and he has the brilliant Max Weinberg (Who is brilliant.) and the Max Weinberg 7 on the every show. Conan has great guests on his show and his jokes are really funny. I'm not to keen on some of his Christina Aguilera jokes though. If you haven't been watching Late Night With Conan O'Brien then you really should. Great show.
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The funniest Conan has ever been
Maniac-97 February 2012
The best material on late night television that Conan O'Brien or any late night host for that matter will always be Conan's stint on NBC after Leno. Between PimpBot 5000, the Masturbating Bear, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Amy Poehler playing Andy Richter's sister the show had literally the funniest stuff on late night TV ever, by far.

Before Andy Richter left the show him and Conan would play off of each other to perfection. Max Weinberg had his moments in skits himself, in addition to leading the house band.

When Conan first took over the Late Night gig after Letterman left for CBS he was still working through things and perfecting his act but by season 3-4 they were running on all cylinders.
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Great comedy, a bit edgy but fun.
Nuno H28 August 2006
I love this show. It's not as high brow as say the Today Show, nor as down to earth as Jay Leno's show, but it sits perfect in the middle.

Conan is a very intuitive comedian, which can pulls great lines from nowhere and even leave guests in trouble, if they insist on keeping a straight face.

The music is alternative, even obscure at times, but at average good.

I liked the show better when he had his sidekick Andy. I think the show now depends way too much on O'Brien, and sometimes fails because of this.

Otherwise it's a great show, with great comedy and music.
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Conan is the funniest talk show host ever...
whostolemysocks3 September 2004
Conan O'Brien is the best, no doubt about it. He beats Jay Leno, David Letterman, Craig Kilborn, and Carson Daly by a long shot. Almost all of Conan's jokes are hilarious and even if they aren't, he has a backup joke of his own to fill in. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is also hilarious, not just with his skits, but with his songs. Who cares if he's offensive, everyone who stays up at night has to watch Conan, he's never the same on any of the shows unless they're reruns, but he brings back popular stuff like "If They Mated" and "The Walker Texas Ranger Lever". And the skits with the lips of Arnold Schwartzenegger, George Bush, and Martha Stewart are especially funny. And if you miss the show at 12:30 at night, you can watch it the next day on Comedy Central, and if you don't have cable, then you're screwed. Bottom line, Conan is awesome, no one should put him down, he's always gut bustingly funny and fun to watch.
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Gotta defend the man...Conan
David22 November 2003
You know, Co-NAN. See, it, forget it. Honestly, any one who doesn't find this to be one of the most gleefully hilarious shows on television needs to check and see where their sense of humor committed suicide. Now 10 years running, everything about this show seems divinely inspired by the mythical deities of comedy...and heck, if it's not, Conan can just do one of his jigs or facial expressions and it's funny again. That's the key to this show's success, really, his free-for-all, self-deprecating, refreshingly geekish lack of self-constraint. And then there's Max Weinburg, the perfect straight fact he seems to have almost no personality, which is why he's so great (oh yeah, and his band is band on late night). And Joel is always Joel, God bless him and his Asian boy toy. And TRIUMPH! Need I say more?

Since moving to a central standard time zone, Conan's on at 11:35, so I actually get to watch on a consistent basis now, which is great (and yeah, I know he's on Comedy Central in the evenings, but's the experience just isn't the same). Here's hoping this show lasts another 10 years!
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probably the greatest show ever (besides the simpson)
skater331_9929 October 2003
well where to start, imagine nine years old watching conan as he is just starting out. this is me, i started watching late night with conan o'brien when it first came on the air and have been a fan ever since. to me this show is the funniest show that ever was is and will be. besides the simpsons i dont think anything can make me laugh as much as this show. conan is brilliant. he destroys jay leno, david letterman and craig kilborn. besides finding david letterman as being completely not funny anyway. but thats another story. all in all i just absolutely love love love late night with conan o'brien. thats all. you have all been a wonderful reading audeince...... for mee toooo pooop on:)
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husky_jl29 August 2003
I love Late night with conan!!! It makes me laugh so hard every time i watch it. Conan it sooo funny!!! I just don't know how some people doesnt think that show is funny! Clearly, they just have no sense of humour. Conan's way better than letterman and soooo much funnier than Leno!!! I hope this show will last another 10 years ;-))))))
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David_Niemann30 June 2003
This is by far the funniest late night chat show on television.

In my opinion, the thing that really makes the show a winner is Conan's spontaneity and rapid-fire wit. For instance, I used to watch The Late Show with David Letterman a lot, but whenever there was a guest that was unappealing to me, I would not continue watching. With Conan, however, even if he had the most boring guest on the planet he would add his trademark humour and spice up the interview. He just has this wonderful knack of coming up with consistently funny lines.

The sketches veer from absurdly weird to spot on satire. One of my favourites had Conan going on a "drive" with his desk, along with an audience member. It was also very funny when the show poked fun at 24-hour news channels broadcasting police chases. The episode was filled with cuts to toy cars chasing each other in a mock-news style. Very Funny!

I started watching this show when Andy was Conan's side-kick, and I thought Andy was very good, but I don't think the show has suffered from his departure.

This is a very funny show, hosted by a charmingly goofy guy, who is also refreshingly not stuck up. Highly recommended for fans of slightly left of centre comedy.
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Conan is the best!
Registered_User21 May 2003
I still think Late Night is the most entertaining night time program. I like Leno OK, but I usually just sit through his show waiting for good old Conan. He's so unpredictable and I love the way the show naturally flows. It's obvious they're writing it for a slaphappy audience still up past one 'o just works on some weird level. Conan also has the funniest entrance and opening monologue (Letterman and Leno couldn't get away with some of the stuff he comes up with). His sarcasm and random interjections make me crack up.
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Great show, great host
ClassicDame2122 February 2003
I started watching Late Night With Conan O'Brien, a couple years ago. I would watch it here and there but latley I have been tuning in on a daily basis. Conan O'Brien is a very funny guy. He's certainly has a gift for comedy.Granted that not ALL of his skits are funny but a good majority of them are, and if the joke isn't funny Conan always does something goofy to make up for it. No matter who he has on it is funny. Some of my favorite skits (I'll call them skits because I don't know what else they would be catorgized under) are "Kids Drawings", when he has "parties" and shows the pictures from them, and Joel Goddard and his Asian male prostitutes. I suggest everyone at least watch the show once. You may find that you end up loving the show. To me, he is the best of the best out of all the late night talk shows. Sure, Jay Leno may have all the HUGE movie stars and what not, but he is not as funny as Conan. I think the thing that makes Conan funny is that he always puts himself down. And in a way we all can relate to that on some level.
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