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Season 1

25 Sep. 1993
After a coronary episode, David Hart decides to try & make his lifelong dream of being a cowboy come true. He makes a deposit on a dude ranch, then finds out things are not quite what they seem.
2 Oct. 1993
The Right Stuff
The Hart family are eagerly awaiting delivery of their "stuff" from Chicago. Meanwhile, they take on a new ranch hand: a former rodeo clown.
30 Oct. 1993
Guess Who's Coming to Chow?
Alison's mother, Nina, comes for a visit & Dave is trying to get rid of Ralph, the prairie dog.
6 Nov. 1993
Dead Man's Leap
R.O. gets struck by lightning & begins to channel multiple personalities. Dave & Zayne both struggle with father/son issues.
13 Nov. 1993
Goodnight Irene
There are two mysteries to be solved: Who killed Garrel's cow, Irene? And why is Duke struggling in school?
4 Dec. 1993
Cowboyz in the Hood
Marcus needs to perform community service so he brings a young offender to the ranch.
11 Dec. 1993
Auggie's End
Auggie decides his time has come and begins to prepare for death, but Dave struggles with the idea & tries to convince him otherwise, while Auggie's extended family comes to join in the celebration.
25 Dec. 1993
Jake's Brother
Jake's brother shows up to have a showdown with his brother & Dave takes over as sheriff to try & stop it.
8 Jan. 1994
Ghost Run
Dave wants to compete in the traditional buckboard competition & gets a previous winner as his partner, but it doesn't turn out to be who he expects. Then Allison joins the race & it's a battle of the sexes.
15 Jan. 1994
You Got to Have Heart
This episode centers around a bull-riding event at the local rodeo & heart issues for Duke & L'Amour.
22 Jan. 1994
Home Alone
R.O. gets kicked out & moves in with the Harts. L'Amour & Zane find a lingerie catalog their parents had printed when they were first starting out & are shocked. Duke opens up about being scared of horses.
29 Jan. 1994
Heart's Vacation
The Hart's decide to take a camping trip for their vacation and run into a series of unexpected events.
4 Jun. 1994
Back in the Panties Again
The Hart's well runs dry & Dave is drawn back into selling to make some extra money. Zayne is being followed around by a donkey.
11 Jun. 1994
Drive, He Said
When the owner of the company that has a monopoly on taking the town's cattle to market quadruples his prices, Dave et al decide to have an old-fashioned cattle drive.
18 Jun. 1994
Jake and Duke's Excellent Adventure
Allison thinks she might be pregnant. Duke goes on a rite of passage trip with Jake. Zane thinks Cassie wants to spend the night with him.

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