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  • Goodnight Sweetheart is a British science fiction comedy drama series that aired on BBC1 from 1993 - 1999. The series stars Nicholas Lyndhurst as Gary Sparrow, a hapless TV repairman in 1993 whom accidentally walks through a time portal and finds himself 50 years in the past during World War I and he begins to live a double life as a TV repairman and time traveler as he falls in love and begins an affair with Cockney barmaid Phoebe Bamford (Dervla Kirwan later Elizabeth Carling) and pretends to be a government agent and Gary struggles with his other life back in the present day with his troubled marriage to his long suffering wife Yvonne (Michelle Holmes later Emma Amos) and also struggles to keep his life as a time traveler a secret from both Phoebe and Yvonne and the only one whom knows the truth is Gary's best friend Scouse printer Ron Wheatcroft (Victor McGuire). Edit (Coming Soon)


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