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  • In The Show Where Sam Shows Up (1995), Sam comes to Seattle with his sex-addicted fiancé (Téa Leoni), but ends things once he discovers she previously slept with much of the Cheers gang. He also informs Frasier that Woody and Kelly have a (smart) kid and that Rebecca returned to the bar after her plumber husband (Tom Berenger) became rich and ended their relationship.

    In The Show Where Diane Comes Back (1996), Diane visits Frasier in Seattle in hopes he will fund her play which thinly veils her experiences at Cheers, with the exception of her being perceived as the most prominent and well-loved member of the gang. Frasier and Diane finally reconcile in this episode.

    In The Show Where Woody Shows Up (1999), Woody comes to town for his cousins' wedding. He and Frasier reminisce about old times at Cheers, but quickly discover they have nothing in common except the past, as well as very different ideas of success. During the stay, Woody informs Frasier that he now has a boy and a girl, and that Cliff's mail-order fiancé went back to Bosnia after two days of living together. He also states he is still working at Cheers and does not mention his city council career.

    In Cheerful Goodbyes (2002), Frasier runs into Norm, Cliff, and Carla when he returns to Boston. Cliff has retired from the US Postal Service and initially plans to move to Florida. He then decides to live his retirement years in Boston, much to Carla's dismay. Norm bonds with Martin over beer.

    Unlike the rest of the Cheers gang, Lilith becomes a reoccurring character throughout the series, beginning with the first season episode The Show Where Lilith Comes Back (1994).

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  • 1952. In The Late Dr. Crane (1999), a news report erroneously claiming that Frasier has died in a freak accident explicitly gives his birth year on screen as 1952. In the first season, filmed in 1993, Frasier's age is repeatedly given as 41. This makes Frasier three years older than Kelsey Grammer. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • 1987.

    In Cheers (1982) we first meet Hester Crane, very much alive, in the third season/1984 episode Diane Meets Mom (1984), but in the sixth season/1988 episode To All the Girls I've Loved Before (1988) Frasier explicitly states that his mother is dead.

    We get a consistent date of 1987 in Frasier: for example, in the tenth season/2002 episode Rooms with a View (2002) Frasier says that his mother has been gone for six years and in the ninth season/2001 episode Room Full of Heroes (2001) Niles says she has been gone for fourteen years.

    We don't actually know how she died, but the tenth season/2002 episode Don't Go Breaking My Heart (2002) implies it was from an illness. In "Room With a View" Martin has a flashback to to 1986 or 1987 where the doctor show two chest x-rays and says "Mr. Crane, I'm afraid your wife's x-ray's do not look good." Since they were chest x-rays, one could assume she had breast cancer, lung disease, or heart disease.

    In season 9 episode 2: Don Juan in Hell, the reason for her death is given as cancer. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • [link]nm0170225[/link] and [link]nm0000263[/link] never appeared. Colasanto passed away in 1985 before Cheers ended, with his final episode being . It was rumored that Alley never appeared due to her Scientology background, and their disdain for psychiatry and the science being a primary focus of the show. Kirstie Alley's character [link]ch0014247 was mentioned by Sam in The Show Where Sam Shows Up (1995) Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. The cane was just a prop. This is shown in The Return of Martin Crane (2001), which features a flashback from before he got injured, and a dream sequence in the final season where he performs a song and dance number unaided. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Soon after his first appearance on Cheers, Frasier is revealed to be dating barmaid Diane Chambers, whom he treated for severe depression after she broke up with Sam Malone. They got engaged, but Diane left him at the altar in Italy. Frasier still continued to come to Cheers, and eventually married Dr. Lilith Sternin, a fellow psychiatrist. After she cheated on him, he threatened to commit suicide, but eventually decided not to after thinking of his son Frederick. Lilith went to live in an ecopod with a fellow research scientist, but then she came back. She and Frasier briefly reconciled and they did not divorce during the Cheers timeline. They divorced between the time the Cheers timeline ended and the Frasier timeline began.

    The Frasier of "Cheers" is more subdued and less pompous ("more" and "less" being relative) than the Frasier of "Frasier". However, in the season 10 episode "Don't Shoot... I'm Just the Psychiatrist", he reveals the pompous, self-centered windbag he'll become in the spinoff.

    Niles was not mentioned in Cheers, and also Frasier claimed that his father was a scientist, and dead (Two Girls for Every Boyd (1989)). This is explained in Frasier as Frasier claims that this was due to bad blood between himself and his father. (1995 Episode: "The Show Where Sam Shows Up") Edit (Coming Soon)

  • -In Cheers Frasier states that he has no brother and his father is dead. When Sam visits him in Seattle and reminds him of this Frasier explains that he was feuding with Niles and Martin at the time and just wished it were true. John Mahoney who played Martin Crane had actually previously guest starred on Cheers as a jingle writer hired by Rebecca to help advertise the bar. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • If by 'Mrs Crane' you mean Frasier and Niles' mother, then yes, but only in home movies the boys watch in 'Momma Mia' and as one of Frasier's hallucinations (along with his three ex-wives and every woman he's ever dated) in 'Don Juan in Hell pt2'

    If you mean Maris Crane, Niles' wife/ex-wife, then no. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The boys very much take after their mother who was very similar to them, Martin was a homicide detective so he was away a great deal of the time leaving Fraiser and Niles to be raised and influenced by her. Martin met his wife at the scene of a murder he was investigating where she was standing beside a dead body. Every year on their anniversary she would make gingerbread men which her sons took to be dancing but were actually shaped in the outline of the corpse in memory of the night she and Martin met. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Seven times between the three of them. Frasier married his hippy wife Nanette (who returns in Season 11 as beloved children's entertainer Nanny G for an episode) as a young man and divorced her. He almost married Diane but she left him at the altar before they were married. He then married Lilith during his time at Cheers then divorced her before moving to Seattle. Niles was married to and then divorced Maris and later Mel before finally marrying Daphney. Martin married Hester Crane who died, and in the last episode he married Ronee Lawrance. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. David Hyde Pierce studied classical piano at Yale before turning to acting, and Kelsey Grammer dabbled in piano at Juilliard. Incidentally, David Hyde Pierce is a classical pianist, while Grammer is a jazz pianist. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin' (refers to the people calling Frasier's show) Tossed salad and scrambled eggs (a metaphor for the callers being all mixed up and confused) And maybe I seem a bit confused, but I got you pegged (Frasier is often confused about the events in his own life, but can figure out other peoples' problems) But I don't know what to do with those tossed salad and scrambled eggs (Frasier often mentions how taxing it is diagnosing the psychological problems of others) They're calling again (pretty self-explanatory!) Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Daphne and Niles have a baby boy named David, named after co-producer David Angell, who was murdered in the 9/11 hijackings (aboard AA11).

    Frasier performs his father's wedding ceremony to Ronee ([link]nm0005176[/link]).

    Roz is appointed the radio station's new manager.

    Frasier feels especially lonely after Charlotte ([link]nm0001473[/link]) goes back to Chicago. We only hear his side of a phone conversation with Lilith.

    Frasier accepts a job offer in San Francisco. He says goodbye to everyone. However, as his plane lands we find out he flew to Chicago in order to be with Charlotte.

    Frasier is late for his show after spending the night with Charlotte, who is moving to Chicago. Kenny fills in for Frasier, gets the "broadcasting bug," and decides to leave his position to become a DJ. Bebe gets Frasier a job offer in San Francisco, and Frasier eventually accepts. Martin and Ronee plan to marry in a big ceremony planned by Frasier and Niles, but a sudden emergency sends Niles and Daphne to the vet with Eddie. Daphne goes in to labor at the vet, and delivers a baby boy (named David). Frasier, Martin, and Ronee join them at the vet's office, and Frasier officiates a small ceremony there (before Niles, Daphne, and David are taken to the hospital). Roz learns that she has been selected as the new station manager. Later, Frasier says his goodbyes to the family and Roz. In the last scene, he is in an airplane landing in Chicago (implying that he changed his mind about the San Francisco job to continue his relationship with Charlotte). Edit (Coming Soon)

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