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3 Jan. 1994
Just Kidding
The Barrys choice in words land them in trouble.
10 Jan. 1994
The Road Taken
After his divorce is finalized Shel buys a boat.
24 Jan. 1994
Shel in Love
Shel gets back in the dating game by going out on a double date with the Barrys.
31 Jan. 1994
Four Characters in Search of a Ring
Dave and Beth search for Dave's lost wedding ring.
28 Feb. 1994
Lost Weekend
Kenny looks after the kids while Dave and Beth spend a weekend out of town.
14 Mar. 1994
Six Years Old and All Washed Up
Dave worries about Willie when he struggles in kindergarten.
2 May 1994
Saved by Estelle
Shel, Kenny, Beth and the kids go to Shel's cabin and run into Shel's ex-wife, Estelle.
19 Sep. 1994
The Last Auction Hero
Mia quits her job and Shel and Kenny take part in a bachelor auction.
26 Sep. 1994
A Room with a View
The Barrys build Tommy a tree house.
3 Oct. 1994
Please Won't You Be My Neighbor
After Shel's car is burglarized the Barrys join the neighborhood watch.
10 Oct. 1994
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Dave tries to get Rolling Stones tickets.
17 Oct. 1994
Gone with the Wind: Part 1
Willie's birthday is ruined by a hurricane.
31 Oct. 1994
Lobster Envy
Tommy is hit by a car while trick-or-treating, prompting Dave to flashback to the boy's birth.
7 Nov. 1994
Family Membership
The Barrys join a health club.
14 Nov. 1994
One Mump or Two?
Dave temporarily moves in with Kenny after the kids get the mumps.
21 Nov. 1994
The Donor Party
Shel donates a kidney to his brother.
28 Nov. 1994
How Long Has This Been Going On?
When Beth doesn't hear from her mother, she sends Dave to check on her. He discovers she's been seeing a guy. And not wanting Beth to know asks Dave to keep quiet which proves to be difficult.
5 Dec. 1994
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Dave is visited by someone from his past after he reveals too much on a TV talk show.

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