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Season 1

11 Jul. 1993
Fatal Distraction/Lethal Luau
In 'The Searcher' segment, titled "Fatal Distraction", the knight errant comes to the aid of a married man who had a one-night-stand with a beautiful but psychotic woman who is threatening to kill him. In the 'Tropical Punch' segment, titled "Lethal Luau", the team attempts to arrest a ninja who is intent on assassinating a U.S. Senator.
18 Jul. 1993
Phantom of Fashion/Aloha, Rich Man, Goodbye
In "The Searcher" segment titled 'Phantom of Fashion', our leather-clad hero comes to the aid of a fashion designer whose is being threatened by a former owner of her boutique, a crazed has-been tailor. In the "Tropical Punch" segment, 'Aloha, Rich Man, Goodbye'¸ the team attempts to apprehend a beautiful black widow who preys on middle-aged rich men.
25 Jul. 1993
Comes a Searcher/Vengeance in the Grass
In "The Searcher" segment titled 'Comes a Searcher', the leather-clad hero comes to the aid of pretty cowgirl whose attempts to turn an Old West ghost town into a tourist attraction are being frustrated by a crazed old codger who pretends to be a masked avenging hero. In the "Tropical Punch" segment, 'Vengeance in the Grass', a prisoner serving three consecutive life sentences murders a guard and determines to exact revenge upon the police officer whose testimony put him in jail ten years earlier.
1 Aug. 1993
Go Ahead, Fry Me
The Searcher is asked by the girlfriend of Darek Jones, the leader of a popular heavy metal band, to protect him from a fan who sends him weird and deadly gifts. Jones finds the presents, such as an enormous timber rattlesnake, to be amusing, but the black-clad hero suspects someone close to the band might be planning to exact a deadly vengeance upon the trendy musician.
8 Aug. 1993
An Old Friend for Dinner
When a young woman is kidnapped by Meyer the Fryer, a maniacal copycat cannibal serial killer, The Searcher is soon on the scene to investigate. He discovers that Meyer was imitating the crimes committed by Andre the Gourmet, another psychopath who ate his victims. The Searcher unwitting allows Andre to escape from the insane asylum and must rescue the woman and Meyer before they are turned into human pot roasts.
15 Aug. 1993
Move My Lips/Dead Stranger in Paradise
In "The Searcher" segment titled 'Move My Lips', the leather-clad hero rides to the aid of a popular children's television program ventriloquist who insists his dummy is trying to kill him. In the "Tropical Punch" segment, 'Dead Stranger in Paradise', the Hawaiian police unit receives a tip ten million dollars in counterfeit money will be smuggled onto the island by a gangland courier, only to discover that the thug has been murdered and the attaché case full of loot has been stolen.
22 Aug. 1993
Searcher in the Mist/Sex, Lies & Decaf
In "The Searcher" segment 'Searcher in the Mist', the leather-clad hero is called in to recapture an orangutan from a secret government facility. The ape was being trained to assassinate Saddam Hussein, but had only been trained to hate anyone wearing a mustache. In the second segment, "Sex, Lies and Decaf" a new team of crime fighters are introduced. Ray Monroe and Clay Gentry, two coffee shop denizens-turned private detectives, are hired to return a woman's engagement ring to her ex-fiancé - a biker who doesn't handle rejection very well.

 Season 1 

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