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Sex & Nudity

  • There is an innuendo (very mild) every once in a while.
  • In one of the episodes, a teacher makes the students film a video project about sex and love. Coincidentally, Cory and Topanga film it together, and develop it late at school and fall asleep to be woken up by their teachers who thought they had sex.
  • In a Christmas episode, Cory tells his brother Eric that since Topanga will be spending Christmas with them that he can't do his usual Christmas Morning routine of running and shouting through the halls naked.
  • Eric talks about his sex life a few times.
  • Eric and Jack state that they've seen each other naked before.
  • In seasons 6 & 7, Jack wears form-fitting and revealing clothing. (Sweaters, Shirts etc.)
  • Jack exposes his abs and one of his nipples to Angela and Rachel. His lower abdomen pubic hair are visible. Angela pokes his abs.
  • The 90's Boy Meets World Audience is VERY thirsty, and often hoop and holler at the boys (primarily Jack and Eric) when there is absolutely NOTHING sexually enticing going on.
  • In one episode of Season 6, a muscular and half naked boy attempts to enter into the co-ed shower room and since Topanga was in there, Cory attempted to stop him but he forced his way in anyway. As he entered Cory snatched his towel off, ultimately causing Topanga to see the boy fully frontally naked. It is implied that she sees his penis and testicles.
  • In a few episodes, Cory thinks Topanga wants to have sex with him, so he buys satin sheets and pajamas.
  • The boys cross dress about twice.
  • Although it is narrowly implied, there is a homoerotic subtext between Eric and Jack, and it is also implied that they possess homosexual feelings towards one another. Although it is totally innocent, and they both seem to be womanizers most of the time.
  • For a baby shower, Cory hires a male stripper "Pizza Delivery Guy" to bring a "slice" for his mother. He stripped off to shirtless before being kicked out.
  • Cory and Shawn break into their girlfriends' apartment and discover Rachel's underwear. Topanga and Angela fail to chastise the boys, so out of retaliation, Rachel parades around the apartment in a revealing piece of lingerie. The boy's see her and their pleasured expressions are seen, as they howl at her.
  • A scantily clad photograph of Rachel is displayed in public out of retaliation.
  • Many times, there are jokes about how Cory is virgin until marriage.
  • In "And Then There Was Shawn" which was a horror movie spoof, there is talk of virginity loss, where "Virgins never die" so Cory thanks his girlfriend for saving him. Then two boys say "I'm Dead" and another claims he will be very sick. And then they mention an adult teacher already died and chant "Go Feeny!". At the end of the spoof horror story, the non-virgins die.
  • In one episode, Cory is accidentally seen naked in the shower by Angela. It is obvious and stated that she sees his completely naked buttocks. Later in the episode, Topanga shows Cory her naked butt on an elevator. Cory's pleasured face and expressions are later seen as he explains it to his friends.
  • In one episode Cory and to panga want to have sex after prom. They rent a hotel room and get on the bed and try to start taking each other's clothes off. They are interrupted several times and end up the same episode Cory,s moms is shown in somewhat revealing lingerie.
  • In one episode to panga asks Shawn if he could spend one night with anybody with no strings attached who would it be. He answers and the girl he mentions is standing right there, and she says something like lets go and he's like "now"? She leads him to a bedroom they kiss a lot they're on the bed on top of each other fully clothed he ends up saying I love you and she throws him off of the bed upset that he couldn't keep his emotions out of it.
  • In one episode Cory finds Shawn and topanga under a blanket, and he tells them to go out on date. They eventually do and as a joke, they come back to the dorm and pretend like they're going to have sex. They read from a script and Shawn comments on topangas legs and eyes before dropping the script and saying something like"don't you like what I'm doing to you" he pics up one of those stick things with the ball on the end of the string and starts making sounds like he's spanking her. They make a lot of other sexual noises.
  • In another episode corys mom is talking to Allen and says thing like the bath is ready and she comes out in lingerie in a few episodes.
  • In one episode Shawn is keeping a girl at his house. Cory thinks they are having sex and is convinced he and topangas should too. He takes her to his bedroom and puts on music lights candles suff like that. He try's to undo her bra she stops him.

Violence & Gore

  • Comic violence (smacking, pushing, kicking etc)
  • The episode "Dangerous Secret" is about Shawn and Cory helping a classmate who is abused by her father. In one scene she has a bruised arm, and the next scene she is shown with a black eye.
  • In one episode Shawn gets drunk and jack makes a reference to how their dad was abusive in a previous marriage. Shawn shoves Angela against a door.
  • Cory and Shawn and Cory And Eric get in fights. In Season 7 Cory and Eric pick a fight with a grown man and take quite a beating. They are later seen in the Hospital bloodied and bruised.
  • A man is seen in the hospital wrapped up in bandages after an accident.


  • There are a total of 49 curse words uttered throughout the entire series.
  • Which consist of: Hell, Damn, Bitch, Jackass (used only once by Jack in Season 7) and Slut. (Used only once by Cory in Season 7)
  • There are no swears until Season 3, Episode 5 entitled "Hometown Hero" and they become increasingly more prevalent as the series progresses.
  • Crap isn't a swear, but it is used extremely sparingly throughout the series.
  • In one episode as a finishing joke, Cory's younger sister says a swearword but it was beeped out. It was only for comedy.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are some episodes in which characters get drunk
  • In one episode Cory starts drinking and he convinces Shawn to also. Shawn becomes an alcoholic before quitting by the end of the episode(see the violence section for more details) they say his dad drank also.
  • In the first season Eric tells the kids that once they go to high school things like alcohol and cigarettes and drugs will be easy to get, but that they shouldn't listen to them.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The episode "And Then There Was Shawn" may be frightening for younger viewers. This was a parody of the movie "Scream".
  • There's one episode about witches with chanting and the like.
  • There's an episode about a cult.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There was a two-part episode of how Chet Hunter got a heart attack, and then died.
  • After the Matthews gave birth to a third son, the baby had breathing problems and almost died.

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