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Alternate Versions

When the episode "Comedians" was shown in later showings, the following scenes were removed:
  • The scene where Butt-head gets the idea to become a comedian, Beavis says: "Let's go over to Stewart's house and burn something." The edited version has Butt-head interrupting Beavis after "house."
  • The scene where Beavis is juggling flaming newspapers (which burns down the Laff Hole) is removed.
  • The fire references have been removed from the Vince Neil video. The Belly video was added to fill the time from the edited scenes.
For legal reasons, most home video releases remove the music videos.
The Mike Judge Collection DVD sets feature longer opening credits than when the episodes originally aired.
The episode "kidnapped" also had some missing scenes when shown again:
  • The Fire references During the "Cool Kids" video.
  • A scene of Beavis trying unsuccessfully to light a lighter has been edited out.
  • When Stewart first walks in and Beavis and Butt-head get an idea to kidnap him, the thought balloons have been changed from lighters flicking to light bulbs.
  • When Stuart is watching Urkel, a shot of Urkel on the TV pointing to fire saying, "Did I do that?" has been removed.
  • During "Rapture," Beavis is trying unsucessfully to light his lighter before saying, "Just dial 1-800-WUSS".
  • The complete, unedited version of this episode appears on the home video release "Sticky Situations".
In the episode "Good credit" the original version contains a shot of Beavis trying to burn Mr. Anderson's credit card; this has been edited out.
In the episode "Way down mexico way" the original version contained the following disclaimer: "WARNING: If you're not a cartoon, swallowing a rubber full of drugs can kill you." The unedited version of this episode was shown only once or twice. Later airings were shown as a single episode,with the drug-smuggling subplot removed.
In the episode "For better or verse", the original version contained two fire references that were eventually removed in later showings:a scene with Beavis showing Butt-head how to light aerosol spray on fire (which singes him), and fire references in the Das EFX video.
In the episode "Tornado" the scene with "Barney" with his hands on fire, yelling "This sucks!" is heard, but the original visual is replaced with a "Technical Difficulties" card on Beavis and Butt-head's TV in a later showing
In the episode "Sporting goods", the original version of this episode aired without the "dueling grasshoppers" at the very beginning, instead starting with the boys flicking their lighters as they talked to Daria.

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