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Season 3

6 Nov. 1995
Matters of Honor
A small colony is attacked by the Shadows. It's the location of a Ranger training base, Marcus Cole goes to Babylon 5 to get help. Sheridan and Delenn embark on a mission to help the Rangers in the newly built White Star. Meanwhile Earth force sends a representative to find out more about the ship that destroyed Lt. Keffer.
13 Nov. 1995
A mad bomber is loose on Babylon 5. When they find him, he threatens to detonate the station, if his demands are not met. Meanwhile G'Kar and Londo are trapped in an elevator. Londo wants to work together so they can escape, but G'Kar refuses to aide his nemesis.
20 Nov. 1995
A Day in the Strife
Sheridan and Ivanova deal with a dispute with the worker's guild. A probe arrives, and presents the station with a test. If they pass, it promises to share advanced technology. if they fail, the station will be destroyed in a few hours. Garibaldi talks to Franklin about his stim usage.
27 Nov. 1995
Passing Through Gethsemane
Kosh's ship arrives at the station bearing a surprise visitor, Lyta Alexander returns after visiting the Vorlon home world. Brother Edward, a monk with Brother Theo visits with Delenn to discuss religion. Soon he begins to hear voices. They discover that Edward is experiencing repressed memories, someone is forcing him to relive past moments. Why would someone make a monk relive such horrors?
29 Jan. 1996
Voices of Authority
Sheridan has an interesting time dealing with the new Political Officer stationed by EarthGov. Ivanova and Marcus take the White Star in search of the First Ones.
5 Feb. 1996
Dust to Dust
Bester returns to Babylon 5 to stop the flow of Dust, a powerful new drug which can temporarily unlock telepathic powers. But Captain Sheridan and the crew can't risk Bester reading their minds and uncovering their secret Shadow war preparations.
12 Feb. 1996
Marcus and Franklin investigate a series of strange incidents in Downbelow caused by a mysterious parasite.
19 Feb. 1996
Messages from Earth
Sheridan discovers a terrifying new alliance between the Shadows and another race.
26 Feb. 1996
Point of No Return
Nightwatch takes control of Babylon 5 security. The widow of the former Centauri Emperor visits Londo, and gives Londo and Vir news of their future.
1 Apr. 1996
Severed Dreams
When President Clark escalates his brutal repression of the people of the Earth Alliance, Captain Sheridan declares Babylon 5 independent.
8 Apr. 1996
Ceremonies of Light and Dark
After severing ties with Earth, the command staff must deal with some unexpected issues. Delenn suggests they go through a Minbari rebirth ceremony. Secrets are revealed, and hidden dangers are revealed as a group loyal to Clark takes Delenn hostage.
15 Apr. 1996
Sic Transit Vir
Vir returns to Babylon 5, and meets his fiancée Lyndisty. As he and his bride-to-be get to know each other, a Narn attacks, and takes a blood oath to kill them. The command staff must figure out why someone would want to kill Vir.
22 Apr. 1996
A Late Delivery from Avalon
An impressive man in medieval armor arrives on the station, claiming to be King Arthur. Is he the genuine hero, sent by the Vorlons? If not, who is he and what are his secrets?
29 Apr. 1996
Ship of Tears
Bester arrives in a Starfury. He wants the crew's help in tracking down weapons, which turns out to be telepaths captured by the Shadows. They discover why the Shadows wanted telepaths for their war.
6 May 1996
Interludes and Examinations
Garibaldi tries to get Franklin to face up to his stim usage. Londo waits anxiously for Adira to return. Morden returns first, and manipulates the situation to his advantage. The alliance asks Sheridan to prove he has forces equal to the Shadows before they will commit. Sheridan calls on Kosh for assistance, but Kosh is resistant at first, Kosh finally agrees to help Sheridan, and later pays the price for his involvement.
13 May 1996
War Without End: Part One
Jeffrey Sinclair returns to Babylon 5 with a mission: to take Babylon 4 back in time to where it is most needed.
20 May 1996
War Without End: Part Two
The mission to send Babylon 4 where it's needed continues. Sinclair's destiny is revealed. Sheridan sees what will happen to Centauri Prime in the future. Zathras explains who the "One" is.
30 Sep. 1996
Kosh's replacement arrives. Dr. Franklin falls in love with a singer during his walkabout.
7 Oct. 1996
Grey 17 Is Missing
With Sinclair gone, the Rangers need a new leader, and everyone looks to Delenn. But some in the warrior caste will not accept her in this new role, and seek a way to block her. Marcus must stop Neroon from interfering in the ceremony at any cost. Meanwhile, Garibaldi investigates the death of a maintenance worker and a mysterious cult on a section that "vanished."
14 Oct. 1996
And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
Religious leaders gather on Babylon 5 to bring news of events on Earth. Sheridan and Delenn figure out where the Shadows will strike next. G'Kar is captured by Lord Refa on Narn.
21 Oct. 1996
Shadow Dancing
Delenn asks the League for ships for a mission, she won't tell them where or when the mission will take place. The League hesitates, but they agree to support her. The fleet manages to prevent an attack by a Shadow Fleet. Franklin finally finds himself, and confronts his inner demons. An unexpected visitor from Sheridan's past arrives.
28 Oct. 1996
After his supposedly dead wife Anna turns up very much alive on Babylon 5, Sheridan travels with her to the Shadows' homeworld Z'ha'dum. Secrets are revealed and Kosh's warning that he will die haunts Sheridan.

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