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Season 1

13 Sep. 1993
De-Zanitized/The Monkey Song/Nighty-Night Toon
In "De-Zanitized," frazzled Dr. Scratchansniff, the studio psychiatrist, uses every psychiatric technique he knows to "de-zani-tize" the Warners because the kids are just too zany. Next, as the Warners drive him crazy, Dr. Scratchansniff sings a song of woe "The Monkey Song" to a calypso beat, while the rest of the "Animaniacs" cast sings the chorus. Finally, in "Nighty-Night Toon," the Warners and company spoof a famous children's bedtime storybook.
14 Sep. 1993
Yakko's World/Cookies for Einstein/Win Big
The Warners help Albert Einstein discover the theory of relativity in "Cookies For Einstein." Then, to finance his latest scheme to overthrow the world, The Brain becomes a contestant on a game show, where he hopes to "Win Big." Finally in an upbeat ditty, Yakko sings the name of every country in the world ("Yakko's World").
15 Sep. 1993
H.M.S. Yakko/Slappy Goes Walnuts/Yakko's Universe Song
"Slappy Goes Walnuts" as she and Skippy Squirrel gathers walnuts from the yard of their nemesis, Doug the Dog. Next, Yakko takes everyone on a trip through "Yakko's Universe," as he sings about the galaxies with the Warners. In "H.M.S. Yakko," a musical tribute to Gilbert & Sullivan, the Warners encounter the evil pirate, Captain Mel.
16 Sep. 1993
Hooked on a Ceiling/Goodfeathers: The Beginning
The Warners give unwanted help to Kirk Douglas-cum-Michelangelo as he tries to paint the Sistine Chapel. Squit tells the story of how he became a Goodfeather - a story that involves a discarded bagel on a busy street.
17 Sep. 1993
Taming of the Screwy
Mr. Plotz tasks Scratchansniff with bringing the Warners in line so they might appear at a huge gala to schmooze some Japanese investors.
20 Sep. 1993
Flipper Parody/Temporary Insanity/Operation: Lollipop/What Are We?
The Warners fill in for Mr. Plotz' secretary when she is ill, making Plotz mentally ill; Buttons scrambles to protect Mindy as she hunts for her lollipop; the Warners sing about what they are.
21 Sep. 1993
Piano Rag/When Rita Met Runt
A savvy cat and naive pooch join forces to escape the city pound in "When Rita Met Runt." Then, the wild Warner siblings disrupt a piano concert at staid Carnegie Hall in "Piano Rag."
22 Sep. 1993
The Warner's Lot Song/The Big Candy Store/Bumbie's Mom
Slappy Squirrel takes her nephew Skippy to see the film 'Bumbi.' Things seem to be going well, until the film gets to the part where Bumbi's Mom is killed. Slappy tries to calm Skippy down, but the little squirrel is traumatized. In desperation, Slappy takes Skippy to meet the actress who played Bumbi's Mom. Seeing that she's alright, Skippy finds closure...that is, until he watches the in-flight movie on the way home, which happens to be 'Old Yellow.'
23 Sep. 1993
Wally Llama/Where Rodents Dare
The famed Wally Llama knows much, and can answer almost any question. But after being asked so many simple and mundane questions, the famous Llama has had it. But right about then, the Warner siblings show up with a very, very, very, important question-and they won't leave until they know the answer.
24 Sep. 1993
King Yakko
The Warners arrive in Anvilania to take their rightful place as rulers - and annoyers.
27 Sep. 1993
No Pain, No Painting/Les Miseranimals
The Warners help Pablo Picasso discover his new painting style, and modern art is born in "No Pain, No Painting." Then, in a musical parody of Victor Hugo's classic novel Les Miserables, Runt breaks out of Le Pound during the French revolution to save Rita and the Miserable Cats from being made into pastries.
28 Sep. 1993
Garage Sale of the Century/West Side Pigeons
In "Westside Pigeons," the Goodfeathers battle with the Sparrows as they fight over possession of a statue of Martin Scorsese in this musical spoof of "West Side Story." Then at the "Garage Sale of the Century," the Warners attempt to buy the seller's garage.
29 Sep. 1993
Hello Nice Warners/La Behemoth/Little Old Slappy from Pasadena
Hello Nice Warners" tells the story of what happens when the Warners siblings are cast in a new film by the comedy genius, Mr. Director. Later, when their maid quits, the Hip Hippos try to cope on their own in "La Behemoth," a parody of a tragic opera. Finally, "Little Old Slappy From Pasadena" takes her powerful sports car for a drive around town, set to the tune of the classic rock and roll song, "Little Old Lady from Pasadena.
30 Sep. 1993
La La Law/Cat on a Hot Steel Beam
In "Cat on a Hot Steel Beam," Mindy pursues a cute kitty into a dangerous construction site and Buttons tries desperately to save her. Later, Dr. Scratchansniff gets a parking ticket, he's represented in court by the firm of Warner, Warner and Warner ("La La Law").
1 Oct. 1993
Space Probed/Battle for the Planet
Aliens abduct Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Inspired by the Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" radio drama, Brain stages a similar hoax on television, hoping to cause a nationwide panic.
1 Oct. 1993
Chalkboard Bungle/Hurray for Slappy/The Great Wakkorotti: The Master & His Music
In "Hooray for Slappy," Slappy Squirrel's old cartoon enemies, Walter Wolf, Sid the Squid and Beanie the Bison, attempt to ruin an award banquet given in Slappy's honor. It's the first day of school for the world's strictest teacher and her new students: the wild and wacky Warner siblings ("Chalkboard Bungle"). Finally, "The Great Wakkorotti: The Master & His Music" features Wakko's rendition of the classic waltz, "The Blue Danube."
5 Oct. 1993
Roll Over, Beethoven/The Cat and the Fiddle
Slight correction to the summary above: the segment "Roll Over, Beethoven" is followed by "The Cat and the Fiddle".
6 Oct. 1993
Pavlov's Mice/Chicken Boo-Ryshnikov/Nothing but the Tooth
First, Chicken Boo tries to pass himself off as world-famous ballet dancer, "Chicken Booryshnikov." Then, Pinky and The Brain attempt to steal the crown jewels of Russia in "Pavlov's Mice." Finally, in Czarist Russia, royal dentists Yakko, Wakko and Dot treat Rasputin's toothache in "Nothing But the Tooth."
7 Oct. 1993
Meatballs or Consequences/A Moving Experience
The Hip Hippos have "A Moving Experience" as they move from the jungle to the city in pursuit of the latest fads.Then in a parody of the films of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, the Warners compete against the grim reaper in a life-or-death game of checkers ("Meatballs or Consequences").
11 Oct. 1993
The Flame/Wakko's America/Davey Omelette/Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago
Wakko names all fifty states and their capitals in "Wakko's America." Next, Chicken Boo plays the famed frontiersman, "Davey Omelette." Later, "The Flame" of a candle comes to life and guides the audience through a special night in American history. Finally, President Abraham Lincoln attempts to write his Gettysburg Address with the "assistance" of the Warner siblings.
12 Oct. 1993
Hitchcock Opening/Hearts of Twilight/The Boids
In "Hearts of Twilight," genius filmmaker Mr. Director goes over budget on his new film and the studio sends in the Warners to halt the project in their own inimitable fashion. Later, the Goodfeathers are cast as stunt doubles in a horror film entitled "The Boids."
13 Oct. 1993
Guardin' in the Garden/Plane Pals
A disgruntled businessman is irked even further when his flight has to move him from his usual 1st class accommodations to coach class. While one wouldn't assume it'd be so bad, the only seat left is near the Warner Brothers and Sister. In no time at all, the siblings have decided to make the fellow their 'special friend.'
15 Oct. 1993
Be Careful What You Eat/Up the Crazy River/To Da Dump, to Da Dump, to Da Dump Dump Dump
Mindy travels "Up The Crazy River" in the Amazon rainforest, with Buttons once again protecting her from danger. Next, the Warners admonish viewers to "Be Careful What You Eat" in this song about nutrition. Then, Bobbie, Pesto and Squit go "Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump, Dump, Dump." Coveting a culinary gold mine in the form of a garbage barge on the wharf, the three birds have their dinnertime delayed when Pesto becomes tangled in the plastic rings from a beverage six-pack.
18 Oct. 1993
Yakko's World of Baldness/Opportunity Knox/Wings Take Heart
In "Opportunity Knox," Pinky and The Brain travel to Fort Knox to steal the nation's gold supply. Later, a moth's love for a beautiful butterfly sweeps him away on an incredible and comic journey in "Wings Take Heart."
19 Oct. 1993
Distasterpiece Theatre/Hercule Yakko/Home on De-Nile/A Midsummer Night's Dream
First, in ancient Egypt, Rita and Runt find a "Home on De-Nile" in Cleopatra's palace until they discover that Rita is going to be Cleopatra's next sacrifice to the gods. Next, the Warners spoof the mystery novels of Agatha Christie in "Hercule Yakko," a story set aboard a luxury liner featuring the entire cast. Finally, Yakko performs Puck's famous monologue from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which Dot translates for the Shakepeare-impaired.
21 Oct. 1993
Testimonials/Babblin' Bijou/Potty Emergency/Sir Yaksalot
The Warners wreak havoc at the movie theatre in a black and white cartoon from the 1930s. Then, Wakko has a "Potty Emergency" as he races against time and nature to find a bathroom.
25 Oct. 1993
You Risk Your Life/I Got Yer Can/Jockey for Position
Greek playwright Aristotle tries to win cash and prizes on "You Risk Your Life," a game show hosted by Yakko.
26 Oct. 1993
Moby or Not Moby/Mesozoic Mindy/The Good, the Boo and the Ugly
The Warner siblings save the great white whale, Moby Dick, from Captain Ahab. Next, in "Mesozoic Mindy," Buttons rescues cave girl Mindy from prehistoric peril.
29 Oct. 1993
Draculee, Draculaa/Phranken-Runt
In "Draculee Draculaa," the first cartoon in a special Halloween episode, the wacky Warner siblings spend the night at Dracula's castle in Transylvania.
28 Oct. 1993
Hot, Bothered, and Bedeviled/Moon Over Minerva/Skullhead Boneyhands
In this Halloween episode, the Devil is "Hot, Bothered & Bedeviled" when the Warners visit Hades and torment him. Next, in "Moon Over Minerva," nerdy Wilford Wolf courts beautiful Minerva Mink.
1 Nov. 1993
O Silly Mio/Puttin' on the Blitz/The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert
A pompous opera divas tangles with the Warners in "O Silly Mio." Then, Rita and Runt help a young child escape the Nazis in war-torn Poland. Finally, "The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert" features Wakko Warner's classic summer camp song.
2 Nov. 1993
Chairman of the Bored/Planets Song/Astro-Buttons
At a Hollywood party, the Warner siblings meet the world's most boring man, who tells the world's most boring story in "Chairman of the Bored." Later, Mindy leads "Astro-Buttons" on a wild chase across a strange planet.
3 Nov. 1993
Cartoons in Wakko's Body/Noah's Lark/The Big Kiss/Hiccup
First, in "Noahs' Lark," the Hip Hippos board Noah's ark, much to Noah's chagrin. Then, "The Big Kiss" features Chicken Boo disguising himself as one of Hollywood's leading men.
4 Nov. 1993
Clown and Out/Bubba Bo Bob Brain
On his birthday, a clown visits Wakko, who is terrified of clowns ("Clown & Out"). Then, in another ploy to take over the world, The Brain seeks adoration by becoming "Bubba Bo Bob Brain," a country music star.
5 Nov. 1993
Very Special Opening/In the Garden of Mindy/No Place Like Homeless/Katie Ka-Boo/Baghdad Cafe
This four-cartoon episode features the stars of the show appearing in each other's segments. First, The Brain ventures "In the Garden of Mindy" and enlists Mindy's help in his latest plan to take over the world.
8 Nov. 1993
Critical Condition/The Three Muska-Warners
When Slappy Squirrel's cartoons are reviewed negatively by a couple of critics, Slappy puts them in "Critical Condition." Then, in "The Three Muska-Warners," Yakko, Wakko and Dot defend the king and his castle in a parody of the famed Dumas tale.
9 Nov. 1993
Dough Dough Boys/Boot Camping/General Boo-Regard
In this three-cartoon episode with a wartime theme, "Dough Dough Boys" features the Goodfeathers as messenger pigeons sent on a mission during World War I.
10 Nov. 1993
Pinky and The Brain become "Spellbound" when they attempt to use Merlin's book of magic to take over the world in the Middle Ages.
11 Nov. 1993
Smitten with Kittens/Alas Poor Skullhead/White Gloves
Rita and Runt are "Smitten With Kittens" when they befriend three lost cats. Then, "Alas Poor Skullhead" features the Warners performing a scene from Shakespeare's "Hamlet.
12 Nov. 1993
Casablanca Opening/Fair Game/The Slapper/Puppet Rulers
First, in "Fair Game," the Warners become contestants on their favorite game show, "Quiz Me Quick." Next, Pinky and The Brain hope to become "Puppet Rulers" as the stars of a 1950s children's television show.
15 Nov. 1993
Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter/Broadcast Nusiance/Raging Bird
The Warner siblings deliver lunch to famed newscaster Dan Anchorman. However, the stuffed shirt is so egotistical that he refuses to tip the delivery persons. Needless to say, Dan's next newscast doesn't go quite according to plan.
16 Nov. 1993
Animator's Alley/Can't Buy a Thrill/Holly Woodchuck
In "Can't Buy A Thrill," Flavio and Marita decide to seek thrilling adventures, much to the horror of Gina Embryo. Then, a naive Kansas woodchuck who desires to become a "Hollywoodchuck" travels to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune.
17 Nov. 1993
Of Nice and Men/What a Dump!/Survey Ladies
At the mall, the kids are pestered by two "Survey Ladies" who ask inane questions. Later, in "Of Nice and Men," Rita and Runt lead a daring escape from a farm where rabbits are being raised for their pelts.
18 Nov. 1993
The Senses Song/The World Can Wait/Kiki's Kitten
The Warners sing "The Senses Song," a ditty delving into the six senses and beyond. "The World Can Wait" when The Brain falls in love and enlists Pinky's help to woo the object of his affection.
19 Nov. 1993
Mary Tyler Dot Song/Windsor Hassle/...And Justice for Slappy
Dot Warner parodies the classic opening theme from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" in the "Mary Tyler Dot Song." Next, the wild Warners create a "Windsor Hassle" when they help the Queen refurbish Windsor Castle.
22 Nov. 1993
Turkey Jerky/Wild Blue Yonder
A Thanksgiving cartoon, "Turkey Jerky," features the Warner siblings in Plymouth, Massachusetts, protecting their pet turkey from hunter Miles Standish.
23 Nov. 1993
Video Review/When Mice Ruled the Earth
First, in "Video Review," the Warners run amok in a video store late at night. Then, in another effort to overthrow the world, Pinky and The Brain use H.G. Wells' time machine to create an era "When Mice Ruled the Earth."
24 Nov. 1993
Mobster Mash/Lake Titicaca/Icebreakers
In "Mobster Mash," the Warners tangle with the head of the Mob while dining at a pasta restaurant. Next, the three zany siblings sing about the beautiful "Lake Titicaca." In the last cartoon, "Icebreakers," Runt becomes a sled dog in the Yukon.
6 Dec. 1993
A Christmas Plotz/Little Drummer Warners
On Christmas Eve, the Warner Bros. chief, Thaddeus Plotz, is subjected to a Dickensian nightmare provided by the Warners in "A Christmas Plotz." Later, the three Warners star in "Little Drummer Warners," a musical version of the nativity.
6 Dec. 1993
Slippin' on the Ice Song/'Twas the Day Before Christmas/Jingle Boo/The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert/Toy Shop Terror/Yakko's Universe
Warner CEO Thaddeus Plotz has had it with Ralph the security guard's inability to keep the Warner kids from running amok, and has him fired-on Christmas Eve no less. That evening, Plotz is visited by three spirits (who strangely resemble 3 familiar siblings!), that show him the error of his ways.
10 Feb. 1994
Branimaniacs/The Warners and the Beanstalk/Frontier Slappy
The Warner siblings confront Ralph the Giant in "The Warners and the Beanstalk," their own version of the fairy tale classic. Another disastrous confrontation occurs when legendary trailblazer Daniel Boone meets "Frontier Slappy" Squirrel.
11 Feb. 1994
Ups and Downs/The Brave Little Trailer/Yes, Always
Wakko and Dr. Scratchansniff have their "Ups and Downs" when they get trapped in an elevator together, for hours. Then, will a "Brave Little Trailer" survive when a fierce tornado tears through his trailer park? Later, in "Yes, Always," Pinky and The Brain demonstrate how voices are recorded for cartoons.
14 Feb. 1994
Drive-Insane/Girlfeathers/I'm Cute
The Warners disrupt Dr. Scratchansniff's date in "Drive Insane." Then, the Goodfeathers chase their girlfriends, the "Girlfeathers," who are playing "hard-to-get." Later, Dot's sweet personality is analyzed in a musical number, "I'm Cute."