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Season 3

16 Sep. 1995
The Hunted
While Aladdin, Genie, Iago, Abu and Jasmine chase a thief, she gets abducted herself, next the other mortals. Genie learns it's the work of the ghost warriors of the evil 'mukhtar', a magic-spotter who wants in exchange for her release Genie's help to defeat Mozenrath in his enchanted realm of the black sand. There Genie saves mukhtar's life, only to be sold to Mozenrath, who traps him in a magical crystal. Yet the mukhtar delivers the mortal friends, as his honor debt to Genie, only to be caught one by one in Mozenrath's magic, but...
23 Sep. 1995
Riders Redux
Time-sorcerer Sarastro's gang robs, in the sultan's absence, a caravan from a country which threatens to go to war with Agrabah. Aladdin only escapes by pretending to join Sarastro, which palace guard captain Rasul actually believes. The ambassadors make Jasmine engage the Riders of Ramont (from "The Sands of Fate") and imprison Aladdin, but she sets him free to join the Riders' mission, only to be captured with them and Aladdin's entire gang.
30 Sep. 1995
The Book of Khartoum
Mozenrath has found, after seven years, the magical book of Khartoum, which promises to get him the secret for ultimate cosmic power of that great magician, who was captivated it in ages ago. Mozenrath manages to activate it, and it shows him how to make a philosophers stone, the key to power. The missing ingredient is enough magic to heat the magical oven. Thereto Mozenrath cleverly captures Genie, masquerading as a coachman. Aladdin, Iago and Abu on Carpet and Genie's girlfriend, a green genie, come to his rescue, but are expected, worse: the green genie is wanted ...
7 Oct. 1995
While the City Snoozes
The spiteful feline sorceress Mirage puts all Agraba under the sleep-inducing spell of a magic box in the sultan's palace; worse: once people awake, they become here sleep-walking servants, which she turns on Aladdin's band which flew back from out of town. Soon it even works on Iago and Abu, on Genie, on the flying carpet and after the blind magician Fakir told them about the box and warned for 'the monster of the night' finally on princess Jasmine, so only Aladdin is still fighting off sleep when he finds Mirage near the box, accompanied by a slumber monster she ...
14 Oct. 1995
Two to Tangle
Sorcer Mozenrath's magic glove has exhausted his body. So he decides to kidnap super-fit Aladdin and perform a brain transfer. Alas Ghost's gang interrupts the procedure, leaving them both caught in Aladdin's body. The only solution is an elixir, if Mozenrath is to be trusted. There is no alternative.
21 Oct. 1995
The Ethereal
Iago was mounting a tourist map business, but the sultan's city gets a less welcome visitor. Just after Jasmine has a nightmare prophesying Agrabah's destruction, it hails in summer followed by an earthquake and a plague of giant scorpions. Finally the Ethereal appears for real, announcing judgment over Agrabah's civilization after an inspection, at risk of destruction. No material, intellectual or artistic treasures make a redeeming impression. The magical spear Genie forges can't avert the Ethereal either, so it starts the apocalyptic sequence.
28 Oct. 1995
The Shadow Knows
Ayam Aghoul is banished to the underworld and has found a way to take revenge. He brings his shadow to life with powers to corrupt the shadows of Aladdin's gang and the sultan. If their shadows don't return to them and rest at night in the Shadowland, both shadows and the people they belong to will die, ending up in the underworld with Ayam. Genie takes Aladdin on a desperate expedition to the Shadowland.
4 Nov. 1995
The Great Rift
When the ruins of the centuries long lost desert city of Mesmeria are found, the Sultan sends Aladdin and his gang. They dig up a chest with four magical jewels, but one is immediately nicked by a hawk, pursued in vain by treasure-horny Iago. It's Mesmeria's enchanted king, who resurrects the emerald into his evil queen Daluqa, who against his loving warning steals the other three and resurrects them as her three ever striving brothers, in Agraba, all with frightful magical amulets, and alas their anger feeds a great monster, which tramples whole buildings...

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