The Adventures of Pete & Pete Poster

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Season 2

Grounded for Life
Little Pete interferes in Dad's lawn competition with his neighbor and gets grounded, but then hatches a plan tunnel out of the house. In the process, he meets his new neighbor, Nona F. Mecklenberg, who is unhappy with moving to a new town.
1 Nov. 2005
Field of Pete
Big Pete is finally on a winning baseball team. Their secret? Using Little Pete to distract the other team by yelling at them while they're at bat. Then the yelling starts to distract Big Pete.
18 Sep. 1994
The Call
A town pay phone has been ringing for 27 years, and no one will answer it, believing it's cursed. Little Pete has had enough and now he's going to answer the call!
The Big Quiet
Little Pete attempts to deal with the death of Gary the Lizard, while Big Pete is stumped by his inability to have a conversation with Dad.
23 Oct. 1994
Time Tunnel
On the day of Daylight Savings Time, Little Pete tries to have a time travel adventure so legendary that it will be memorialized on a pen. Meanwhile, Big Pete has forgotten about the usual time travel adventure he shares with his brother to ask Ellen on a date.
Inspector 34
Little Pete meets his guardian angel, "Kreb of the Loom" underwear Inspector 34.
30 Oct. 1994
Big Pete loses his Halloween spirit. Could be because the Halloween terror gang, the Pumpkin Eaters, is looking for him!
Ellen asks the question every kid does - why do we need to know word problems - to her Math teacher Ms. Fingerwood, making the teacher question her whole life.
1 Nov. 2005
On Golden Pete
Dad and Little Pete try to outwit and capture Bob the Bass, while Big Pete does everything in his power to stop them.
Farewell, My Little Viking: Part 1
Super Villian John McFlemp convinces everyone in Wellsville that Artie's a danger. The International Adult Conspiracy chooses Mr. Wrigley to get rid of the Superhero.
Farewell, My Little Viking: Part 2
With Artie gone, Little Pete must face the neighborhood bully, Papercut, alone.
Yellow Fever
The effects of the bus ride to a field trip take their toll on Ellen and Big Pete.
4 Dec. 1994
Sick Day
Little Pete fakes food poisoning in order to stay home from school. As he ventures around Wellsville, he begins to realize that there's a whole different world than meets the eye.
16 Jun. 1992
Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas
Ellen and Big Pete just have one last paper to write before their summer break, how hard can it be?

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