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Set your mind in ''dreaming'' mode
pv6123 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is an incredible adventure! After watching it I even thought I had dreamed about it. But no, it is fantastic and has a story that rivals those of Gabriel García Márquez, to make an example. Fernando Solanas tells us Martin's (Walter Quiroz) story, a young Argentinian, who one day decides it is time to go look for his father. In order to do this, he has to leave behind his mother, stepfather, friends and girlfriend. Takes his bicycle and, without knowing how far he will have to go, departs. His most treasured memento is a illustrated book his father drew for him before leaving. So, with his book and his bicycle, starts his journey from the very tip of the south pole, Patagonia, and travels his way up, ending in México. All the time watching incredible landscapes and meeting incredible people. Prepare to be amazed by this movie!
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A foresee overlooked at its time
boudu_sauve_des_eaux3 March 2003
"El viaje" is a simple movie. But it has the most precise look of Argentine's reality at the beginning of the nineties. Pay special attention to the tragicomic representation of Carlos Menem, by Carlos Carella. If people would have paid more attention, maybe Argentina would have been a better place today. Sad to see it now.
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Classic and stainless trash
jhmb200311 September 2006
This is not a comment, this is a warning. My personal ranking (1,350 movies) sets this one at the bottom. I could talk about its pointless story, lack of good actors, no script at all, boring and stupid political satire, overcooked surrealism, corny dialogs, etc. I am plenty of reasons. But the most important of them deserves an explanation: This films is a landmark in my record as a movie snob because I chose working instead of watching a movie. A took an unauthorized break in my job and came to the theater. I chose "El Viaje" because at that time -early '90- Solanas was at least his own legend. Well, after 50 minutes of torture I returned to my job, hopeless, depressed and angry. After that, I promise to myself not to watch a Solanas'movie never, never in my life. Nevermore. And I kept my promise.
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