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the dark one
dr_foreman19 March 2004
The first "Trancers" was light-hearted fun. "Trancers III" plays up the dark film-noir aspects of the concept and adds a healthy dose of violence, not to mention a scathing attack on military "morality." Much ham acting and some tacky moments (including a dual trancing/sex scene) detract from what is, overall, a commendable attempt to make a serious science fiction film.

On first viewing, I hated this one, but a few years later the social commentary sunk in. This does not rate high on my "fun" meter, but it is well made. Look for Helen Hunt in a teeny-tiny cameo, on the verge of stardom but still with one foot in the B-movie camp.
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Worse than part one, better than part two
Tito-87 July 1999
Although this is a step up from Part II, this is still a notch below the original, and this is only an average film at best. Some new characters helped to breathe some life into this entry, but even though they participate in several good scenes, the film was still a little flat overall. The action was better in this installment, but really, it was only okay, and even though the film also had a few good laughs, it still fell far short of the frequently amusing original. This is a good time-killer, but nothing more.
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Possibly as good as the original, definitely better than II
CheeseDogX11 February 2010
Trancers was a very enjoyable B Sci-Fi flick. The sequel was rather poor, and left me questioning the wisdom of making the movies into a franchise. However, Trancers III made me rethink that.

Trancers III reunites us with Jack Deth, a cop sent to 20th-Century Los Angeles to protect the future. In this brief installment, Jack is temporarily brought back to his own time to find that things have gone terribly wrong in Angel City (though no one seems to call it that in this movie for some reason). He is then sent back in time to 2005, to try and destroy the project that originally created the titular Trancers; humans turned into killing machines.

Charles Band appears to have wanted to amp up the action in this movie, I think it had more shoot-outs than the first two movies combined. However, it fell into the trap a lot of movies (especially Sci-Fi movies) do. The bad guys had worse aim than a company of Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers. It sort of takes the wind out of an action scene when one guy is able to take on foes who outnumber him 10 to 1 and walk away without a scratch.

One thing that I was pleased by was the main villain in this movie. I won't give anything away, but I will say that he was the more complex than the bad guys in the previous two films. He had motivation beyond the typical Evil Overlord Megalomania used by lazy screenwriters.

Jack Deth didn't toss off one-liners quite like he did in the original film (and the one at the very end felt rather forced), but Tim Thomerson nevertheless was enjoyable to watch. The cameos by Helen Hunt (who by this point was on Mad About You) and Megan Ward were nice touches, as well.

The internal logic of the movies always seemed non-existent to me, and this one was no exception. I get the feeling Charles Band was more or less making up things as he went along, as there was little continuity in the movie. But, that's true of the series as a whole, and if you're willing to ignore such things, then you should get a good deal of enjoyment out of this movie.
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Cheesy sci-fi fun
DVD_Connoisseur11 September 2006
Although "Trancers 3" is not as thoroughly entertaining as its predecessors, this straight-to-video production still delivers its fair share of cheesy fun.

Tim Thomerson is on the way to becoming one of my favourite actors - the more I see of him, the more I appreciate his comic timing and film presence.

"Trancers 3" is worth seeing just for Andrew Robinson repeating his old "Hellraiser" line, "Come to Daddy"! Here it's in a whole new context and is sure to raise a smile (or grimace) with Clive Barker fans! A darker "Trancers" tale than normal, this is a great film to watch with a few cans and nibbles. Enjoy!
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A little disapointing
jarreman28 March 2004
Yip I luv trancers,I have only seen1,2 and 3.I think the first one is amazing,the second one is quite good too,but the third one it's ok I suppose. I was disappointed mainly becuaese lena and deth are getting divorced. Well in the first one,jack decided to wait in the past with lena,so he gave up his life in the future,for her,now they are splitting up,ungreateful so and so. Well the plot wasn't great either,but it was to be expected,and I didn't like deths' partner either,he was a bit hopeless really,shark I think he was called,I mean he didn't help much did he,hopeless. But I did like megan wards character,she was more tougher than before,but she wasn't all together soft in the second one though. But if you have saw other trancers films and liked them,I suggest you watch it if you get the chance,it is watchable but a little disapointing
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Great.....but not the best of the series
The Creeper7 December 2002
I liked this movie, as I tend to like movies from Full Moon Pictures. However, unlike some people, I would not go as far as to say that it was the best of the Series. I have only seen parts I, III, and VI, and so far, I & VI were both better than this. Why? First off, in this movie, the thrills and scares don't really come at a good time. The action builds up to a point to where Jack is "bullet proof", so we know what to expect, and end up bored. Also, nothing really makes us pay full attention to this movie.

I would recommend it, but would recommend you get Part VI before.

About 8 out of 10 points

Fans of Movies like this should Check out Puppet Master, Slumber Party Massacre, Skinned Alive, Sleep Away Camp, and other Full Moon Pictures flicks. For other recommendations, check out the other comments I have sent in by clicking on my name above this comment section.
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The Best of the Sequels!
Zorin-22 February 1999
"Trancers III: Deth Lives" is the best of the "Trancer" sequels and in some ways even out does the original. This Time Tim Thomerson as Jack Deth has to fight an even tougher trancer. Far better then the next two "Trancer" entries.
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They're back, and this time they're refined.
stu-673 June 1999
The Trancers have returned and now they are being trained in military fashion.DIRTY HARRY'S ANDREW ROBINSON plays an excellent col. mutha, I THINK.Jack is sent down the line to stop col. mutha, will he do it? Since there are two sequels I think you know the answer to that. New character Shark is interesting indeed, like when he bumps his head on the TCL chamber before bashing a cop. Good Movie
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They Still Got it.
mr_pivac198527 February 2003
These films keep getting better and better, Trancers 3 is good but not as good as the second one but better then the first one, thats so far. I think they should carry on making these films forever there so cool. And once again the acting is great.

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Jack is back...
barnthebarn14 March 2009
Lacklustre third Trancer film from Full Moon. C. Courtney Joyner's direction really needs tightening up and the script here lacks the wit of the earlier films. Megan Ward and Helen Hunt both return as Deth's former wives and this time Megan Ward (who was due to be killed in upon returning home) has become one of the top characters there and is now part of the team ordering Deth around. There is a large mutant, Shark, a crystal powered cyborg actually who befriends Deth and helps him enter the heart of Trancerdom and rid the world of the evil blighter's. However this new addition simply rubbishes the story rather than enhancing it. Shame.
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Just a really random film.....
FlashCallahan25 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you have t seen the original Trancers film, and it's sequel, you'd be forgiven to think that this was just some random TV pilot that never made it to fruition.

Jack Deth is timejacked to 2247 to save Angel City from a new wave of trancers. His mission is to find the origin of the trancers and end it with extreme prejudice.

Jack learns that the new trancer program is government sponsored, and that his usual shoot everything attitude might not work this time.

With R.J. and Shark, a crystal powered cyborg, Deth will have to find a way inside the trancer program and shut it down........

It's bonkers for sure, But the way that everyone keeps a straight face throughout the whole thing is beyond me.....there is so much breaking of the fourth wall, and winking to the camera, you'd think that this was almost a fan made film.

Thomerson has a classic screen presence, like he should have starred in some big movies from the thirties, but instead he became the B-movie Clarke Gable, and gained a massive following from doing so.

Helen Hunt turns up looking a little bemused by the whole thing, as she was obviously hitting the big time around this point, and must have been contracted to do the whole blooming thing.

It's really cheap, we have a random monster that travels around in a cheap looking Tardis, and Andrew Robinson plays the villain, because Ronny Cox must have been doing some other bad guy duty.

It's an acquired taste, but although it's not very good, it's not on for very long, and it's bright and breezy.
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Travelling deth...
fmarkland3215 August 2018
Jack Deth goes to the future, back to the past and then to 1992 to stop the Trancer program from ever taking off, meanwhile he fights to save his crumbling marriage to Lena (Helen Hunt) and to stop military program head Robinson from creating Trancers in the first place. Trancers III is a 3 star movie, but not in the traditional sense. I often liked Trancers III for it's ambition, ideas and out right wackiness then I did as Science Fiction or Action. Trancers III then starts out in the 90s, goes to 3 years from now of this writing, and back again to the 90s and so on, the program is vaguely explained and I'm not even sure if it's really explained how Trancers we're made, but the film works because we don't know where this film is going. Indeed, part of the fun is the surreal dream like nature of the film in which we have no idea what the hell is going on or what the filmmakers are trying to do. This can often kill a film, but because Trancers III is made with a weird energy, such low budget loopiness goes a long way, and we sort of just accept it.

* * * Out of 4-(Good)
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Tim Thomerson keeps this series watchable.
Hey_Sweden6 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a fan of what I've seen so far from the "Trancers" film series. Granted, the second was somewhat disappointing, but the premise is still fun here, and it's executed in fine B movie fashion. Tim Thomerson is once again hugely enjoyable as sarcastic, sardonic Trancer hunter Jack Deth. Some of his former co-stars have no more than extended cameos, but there are great contributions by some new cast members.

Written and directed by C. Courtney Joyner, this sees Jack working as a low rent private eye in 1992, complete with a hilariously cheesy, inept commercial, who's abducted and taken down the line to the year 2352, where he finds out that the Trancers have taken over and made life miserable for the humans that are left. He's assigned by Harris (Stephen Macht) to go back in time to the year 2005, to try to destroy those damn Trancers at their source.

This sequel is very short and sweet (even shorter than the first movie), with decent action, makeup effects by the KNB guys, and good production design for the low budget. As usual, there are some good laughs to be had. Only the conclusion fails to be truly satisfying, serving mainly to set up further sequels. What this movie does have is a great villain, played to the hilt by Andrew Robinson of "Dirty Harry" fame; the role was actually written with Robinson in mind. It's nice to see Helen Hunt, Megan Ward, and Telma Hopkins from the previous entries. R.A. Mihailoff is a hoot as towering alien Shark, whom Jack takes to calling "Godzilla". And the script does come up with an interesting explanation for how the Trancers came to exist in the first place.

In the end, it's the wonderful Thomerson who makes the "Trancers" series what it is; it wouldn't be the same without him.

Seven out of 10.
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great trance
martinsalas-8418424 September 2020
I didnt even know this movie existed,,anyways i ddid like it very 90's the kind of movies i still like i give it a 8
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more camp
SnoopyStyle15 January 2020
Lena (Helen Hunt) is getting divorced from Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson). He is pulled back to 2352. The future is under constant Trancer attacks. All they know is that reporter Lena has information on the source of the attacks in 2005. There is a secret government program developing Trancers run by Col. Daddy Muthuh and R.J. is Lena's inside source.

From a fish robot to a time traveling booth, the franchise keeps adding strange artifacts. It's turning more and more into camp. The movie is basically trolling any critical review by naming the villain Daddy Mother. At 75 minutes, it barely has enough material to call this a movie. I'm surprised that both Hunt and Ward returned for this one albeit for short scenes. This franchise is going down a weird side road.
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Freshness Added and Jack Deth Still Rocks
charlieoso13 December 2019
Writer/director C. Courtney Joyner does a good job keeping things fresh in the third installment in the TRANCERS series. Adding new ideas while in my mind not running far off the beaten path from the previous two entries.

Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) is a private eye tracking down cheating lovers. In fact he has a ridiculous and funny commercial to start the movie. Its 1992 now and Deth and Lena (Helen Hunt) are getting a divorce. But, Deth is still driving his classic Corvette. A crystal-powered android Shark (R.A. Milhailoff) is sent back to 1992 to get Deth. He then is taken to 2352 where he sees Alice Stillwell (Megan Ward) and Commander Raines (Telma Hopkins) again. He is told that he must be sent to 2005 to stop a Colonel Daddy Muthuh (Andrew Robinson) from creating new trancers. Once there for poor old Jack the trancers are much harder than before to spot.

Tim Thomerson still is great as Jack Deth. To me without him in that role right from the start they could have been bad movies. Stephen Macht also stars as Harris from the future.

First time seeing this film and must say that the first three are really a good B movie sci-fi trilogy from Charles Band.
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Yeah trancers three i agree
jeffreyc-3256714 September 2019
Fairly good 📼 film but it seems something was lacking. Tim thomersen seems to still keep the action going so as a reviewer I am not going to knock the film 📼. I have noticed that full moon have two more trancers films available. I have them on order so roll on. Still good biffin movies in my estimation. Jacey peace out.
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Favorite of the series
bdk_solo24 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of the entire Trancer Series (except maybe part 5). But part 3 is by far my favorite. We still have the same formula with Jack Deth trying to kill Trancers. But this one has a little more fun than the other films. The one-liners are top notch. Tim Thomerson is on fire with his delivery of one-liners. The villains are similar (Trancers but this time with military training) but it's the relationships/dynamic and dialogue between the heroes that make this movie awesome! The banter between Jack and Harris and Shark are all great.

SPOILERS Jack Deth is not your conventional hero and he has no problem showing that when he doesn't hesitate to kill the damsel in distress. He doesn't argue that they can find a way to beat or cure her Trancer virus. He just shoots her. Best line: God Damn it, Shark! Why don't you help me get this dizzy bitch off of me!?!
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Trancers + Cheesefest = Trancers 3
logantoxic3 April 2013
A good attempt of a sequel to Trancers and Trancers 2. In the beginning of the film Jack Deth is having relationship problems with has wife Helen Hunt, who makes a brief cameo in this film. She is maybe in the film for a total of six minutes but that is enough for her because she was all ready a star and probably was just being nice to the director even appear in this film. Jack is sent on another mission trying to stop the origins of the Trancers. There is more of a military aspect to this film which I like and prefer over the second one. There is more action and a better story that even has an unstoppable android who looks like a shark as Jack Deth's sidekick. You notice the lack of Megan Ward and Helen Hunt in the action and that does hurt the film. It seems like the two Trancers sequels reverse there weakness and strengths. Trancers 2 was lacking a good story but had good characters to make up for it (Helen Hunt and Megan Ward). Trancers 3 has a good story but is lacking those essential characters. It is a toss up between 2 and 3 but if you enjoyed the first two there is no reason why you wont enjoy the third. I recommend it.

For more reviews visit my Youtube channel Logan Toxic and my blog logantoxic.blogspot
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About as good (or bad) as part II
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki25 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Shortly after the gabby Trancers II, a six and a half foot tall trancer called Shark materialises in convenience store to bring Jack Deth back to the 23rd century, to give him his newest assignment. Convenience store trancer looks like a mutant fish from a 1950s B-movie; too silly, even for a series like this, especially when the overall tone of this film is much darker and more violent than its two predecessors. (Great line from a cop however, to Shark: "Hey, bonehead! I'm talking' to you!") As far as the plot, it's mostly business as usual here, with Jack Deth being sent back to hunt still more trancers unleashed in modern day L.A., this time, by the US government.

With her character now separated from Jack Deth, Helen Hunt has merely a two-scene cameo, as does the delicious looking Megan Ward; the latter's presence, especially, is sorely missed by this reviewer. Shorter run time should help to keep the pace from lagging, but it seems as though it takes forever for anything of note to happen. A bit of S&M seems out of place, as does the American Gladiators-inspired fight sequence. As with part II, the two deaths at the end of the film are badly photographed and edited.

It is good that the filmmakers tried to change the tone of this film, rather than copying the first film again, but the downside to that is, that this film is hardly any fun at all.
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The best of the "Trancers" sequels
Woodyanders7 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A marked improvement over the strictly so-so first sequel, with a much darker tone, more (often grisly) violence, yet still retaining a nice line in frequently amusing sarcastic wit, and topped off by a spot on savage critique of military megalomania run dangerously amok, this third entry in the series finds rough'n'tumble ace trancer hunter Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson in splendidly sardonic form) traveling to 2005 to stop the fanatical Col. Daddy Muthuh (deliciously essayed with lip-smacking fiendish relish by Andrew Robinson) from succeeding with his trancer experiments on trainee soldiers. Writer/director C. Courtney Joyner largely downplays the light tongue-in-cheek sensibility of the prior pictures in favor of more gritty and hard-around-the-edges pulpy noir attitude (for example, Jack at the start of the film is eking out a living as a private detective). Moreover, Joyner keeps the pace snappy and nonstop throughout, stages the plentiful action set pieces with real flair, delivers a few startling outbursts of brutal violence, and concludes everything with a funny open ending that leaves room for more sequels. The sturdy acting from a capable cast helps matters a whole lot, with especially praiseworthy work by Melanie Smith as tough, perky deserter R.J., Tony Pierce as oily trouble shooter Jason, Megan Ward as the feisty Alice Stillwell, Dawn Ann Billings as Muthuh's fierce prize subject Jana, Stephen Macht as Jack's hard-bitten superior Harris, R.A. Mihailoff as hulking and intimidating robot Shark, and, in a regrettably minor role, Helen Hunt as Jack's fed-up wife Lena. Adolfo Bartoli's sharp cinematography makes neat occasional use of strenuous slow motion. The moody pulsating score by Phil Davies, Mark Ryder, and Richard Band likewise hits the spot. A worthy follow-up to the terrific original.
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