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MPAA Rated PG for some off-color humor and language

Sex & Nudity

  • During Duane'a Underworld, Garth has a girls magazine that's shows a naked women on front
  • A man is shown cross dressing and his wife says "you have boobs," which he says that they're not his.
  • Roy and Helen act romantically and are a couple.
  • On "You Can't Win", Roy and Helen are both revealed to have been seeing previous lovers.
  • Helen dresses provocatively in the speakeasy. Roy reads out his name label as saying "Roy Knable, Private Dick", which he says is better than being a public dick.
  • In "Off With His Head", Helen and Roy (whilst cross-dressing) are flirted with by French Guards.

Violence & Gore

  • Helen smashes a TV screen with a fencing trophy.
  • The Gorgons slam Roy against the floor and knock him out. Helen then defeats the Gorgons with a microphone stand. Very funny, played for laughs.
  • Mrs Seidenbaum is crushed by a Godzilla-like monster on a TV screen. Comical.
  • Roy is shot at with phasers set to "Torture" mode. Funny.
  • A woman is hit by a car and explodes, non-graphic.
  • A man has his head blown off by a torrent of air. Funny and non-graphic.
  • A woman sets on fire, and another makes her own head turn 360 degrees multiple times. Funny.
  • Roy is beaten with a hockey stick, and pushed around by hockey players.
  • Roy is narrowly missed by a fireball in a Salt-N-Pepa music video. He is not damaged.


  • Words like "damn", 'hell', "bitch" and "dick" are used in the movie.
  • The word "Oh my God." is used in the movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is drank in the speakeasy and the French pub. People smoke in the speakeasy.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The sadistic TV shows, such as "Cruel Practical Jokes", "Three Men and Rosemary's Baby" and "Thirty-something to Life" are played for black comedy, but if taken the wrong way could be upsetting.
  • Spike could be quite scary, seeing as he's an avatar of the Devil.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Roy and Helen are held out over a pit full of boiling unseen nastiness, which, seeing as it's from hell, is probably not going to be that nice. They escape by answering a question correct, though.
  • In a show called "Northern Overexposure", Crowley's finger falls off from the cold. This is very comical. Sometime after this Crowley walks outside a log cabin and is torn apart by wolves, which drag parts of him away. He survives, but with a missing leg and arm. He hops about comically.
  • In the style of most "Tom and Jerry" cartoons, there is a sequence where the Knables are chased in mouse form by a Cat version of The Terminator, which is pushed into a bath, and gives off electric sparks. It is later blown up. Comical.
  • In a speakeasy sequence Roy Knable punches multiple guards and gangsters. A gangster boss walks in and opens fire on the speakeasy. Mr Seidenbaum is shot and dies. Roy Knable decides to take on the gangster with a pistol, and kills said gangster in one shot.
  • Roy is brought before the guillotine with Helen watching, and a random noble is seen being beheaded for a split second, gushing blood everywhere. The camera cuts away, but the blade is still bloodied. Roy is brought before the guillotine, but is saved by his son pretending to be god to rescue him
  • Helen has her hands tied to a cart on a railroad, where a train covered in dynamite approaches her. Spike and Roy fight, and Roy appears to be shot, but he gets back up again. Roy rescues Helen by blowing up the train before it reaches both of them standing on the railroad.
  • Roy and Spike duel in a castle, where Roy loses his sword. He gets it back and defeats Spike.
  • Crowley hits a chandelier with an axe, and Spike falls to the floor, and is about to be mauled by a dog when the camera cuts away. Comical.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene for "Northern Overexposure" could be considered quite scary because of Crowley having some of his limbs torn off by wolves.

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