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  • When Tanya Robertson (Mädchen Amick) accepts a date with the new boy at her high school, Charles Brady (Brian Krause), little does she know that he's a "sleepwalker", a supernatural shape-shifting creature with human and feline origins, and that his intention is to steal her lifeforce and feed it to his energy-starved mother Mary (Alice Krige). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Sleepwalkers is based on an original screenplay written by American horror writer Stephen King. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. Stephen King appears as the graveyard caretaker. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While Mary is forcing Tanya to dance with Charles, who is near death, the police are sneaking up on the Brady house. When Charles tries to feed on Tanya's breath, she pokes out Charles' eyes with her fingers. Mary is irate. "You killed my only son," she screams at Tanya. Clovis and the police break in, also letting in some cats who leap on Mary. She fights them off while the policeman tries to get Tanya out of there. Mary catches up with them, killing the policeman by impaling him on a picket fence. Tanya jumps into the patrol car and tries to get it started. In cat form, Mary breaks the window and attempts to pull Tanya from the car. Cats start leaping on Mary, biting her and causing her to burst into flames. Engulfed in fire, Mary takes human form long enough to leap on the patrol car windshield and scream at Tanya one last time, "You killed my son... my only son." As Mary burns up in the driveway, Clovis jumps into the car with Tanya. As Tanya hugs Clovis, the other cats start leaving, there being nothing more there for them. Edit (Coming Soon)


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