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From 'Hustlers' to 'Bombshell': How Female Alliances Influenced Movies in 2019

From 'Hustlers' to 'Bombshell': How Female Alliances Influenced Movies in 2019
If the history of film has taught us anything, it's that a woman will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

The figure of the lone striver worming her way into power has been the basis of popular fiction since Vanity Fair author William Makepeace Thackeray devised Becky Sharp to make an example of ambitious, manipulative women. You see this vixen throughout popular cinema: Anne Baxter in All About Eve, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Emma Stone in The Favourite, Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female, Patty Duke in Valley of the Dolls, Demi Moore in Disclosure, Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand That ...
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Frightfest 2019: ‘Kindred Spirits’ Review

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Stars: Thora Birch, Caitlin Stasey, Macon Blair, Sasha Frolova, Shonagh Smith, Isai Torres | Written by Chris Sivertson | Directed by Lucky McKee

Directed by Lucky McKee (The Woman) and co-written by Chris Sivertson, Kindred Spirits is an enjoyable throwback to the sort of Fill-in-the-blank From Hell thrillers that were all the rage in the 1990s – think The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Nanny From Hell), Single White Female (Roommate From Hell) and Unlawful Entry (Cop From Hell).

Thora Birch makes a welcome return to the big screen as Chloe, a single mother whose teenage daughter Nicole (Sasha Frolova) has just started seeing her first boyfriend, Derek (Isai Torres). In turn, Chloe has decided not to tell Nicole that she’s secretly seeing Alex (Macon Blair), the father of Nicole’s best friend Shay (Shonagh Smith), who’s still hoping her separated parents will get back together.

However, their lives are all
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Why Chely Wright Had to Wait 10 Years to Play the Opry After Coming Out

Why Chely Wright Had to Wait 10 Years to Play the Opry After Coming Out
In September 1989, Wellsville, Kansas, native Chely Wright made the first of many appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, a venue that would become an important touchstone in her career. But after coming out as a lesbian in 2010, Wright, now 48, went more than nine years without an invitation to come play the hallowed stage. That is, until August 10th, nearly 30 years after her debut.

As Opry member Jeannie Seely introduced her to rousing applause, Wright performed the familiar hits “Shut Up and Drive” and “Single White Female” — the latter of which
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Today in Soap Opera History (June 16)

1930: Clara, Lu & Em premiered.

1989: Another World's Rachel said goodbye to Mac.

1992: One Life to Live's Asa married Blair.

2006: Days of our Lives' Ej and Sami danced the tango."History speaks to artists. It changes the artist's thinking and is constantly reshaping it into d ifferent and unexpected images."

Anselm Kiefer

"Today in Soap Opera History" is a collection of the most memorable, interesting and influential events in the history of scripted, serialized programs. From birthdays and anniversaries to scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...

1930: Clara, Lu and Em, radio's first network daytime soap opera, premiered on Wgn-am in Chicago. It continued through the 1930s and early 1940s on the NBC Blue Network and CBS, finally airing as a syndicated series in 1945.

1972: On Another World, Gerald (Walter Mathews) dialed Steve's number, handed Rachel (Robin Strasser) the phone,
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‘The Cleaning Lady’ DVD Review

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Stars: Alexis Kendra, Stelio Savante, Rachel Alig, Elizabeth Sandy, Mykayla Sohn, JoAnne McGrath, Keri Marrone | Written by Jon Knautz, Alexis Kendra | Directed by Jon Knautz

Based on the 2016 short of the same name (also written and directed by Jon Knautz), The Cleaning Lady follows a floundering love addict who forms a dangerous bond with her new domestic while trying to avoid her married lover. As Alice struggles to end her affair with a married man, she finds solace in Shelly, a reclusive burn victim who cleans Alice’s apartment. As their friendship grows, so does Shelly’s twisted obsession with Alice. When Shelly learns of Alice’s on-and-off affair, she takes matters into her own hands in order to cleanse Alice of her bad behavior.

Jon Knautz is, for me, one of the most fascinating writer/directors working in horror today. Knautz’s work often times feels like a love
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Ma review – Octavia Spencer kills it in creepy exploitation thriller

The Oscar winner devours her role as a lonely woman preying on a group of teenagers in a patchy yet mostly entertaining cross between Carrie and Misery

There’s a great deal of fun to be had hanging out with Ma, a nasty yet surprisingly empathetic slab of exploitation with more than just carnage on its mind. There are shades of early 90s psycho thrillers, of the Single White Female/Hand That Rocks the Cradle mould, as well as echoes of Misery and Carrie, a film that follows a well-beaten path yet does so proficiently, a B-movie made with mostly A-grade skill.

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New to Streaming: ‘Aniara,’ Cannes 2019 Shorts, ‘Moonlight,’ ‘The Perfection,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’re highlighting the noteworthy titles that have recently hit platforms. Check out this week’s selections below and an archive of past round-ups here.

Aniara (Pella Kågerman & Hugo Lilja)

The title shares its name with a city-size spacecraft ferrying humans from Earth to Mars in barely three weeks. It’s a routine trip that’s never run into problems with many passengers already having family on the red planet to greet them upon arrival. But there’s a first time for everything as a small field of debris forces Captain Chefone (Arvin Kananian) off course. Unfortunately a screw breaches their hull anyway, pushing their nuclear fuel supply to critical mass. Expelling it may save them for the moment, but without it they cannot steer. So despite having enough self-sustaining electricity and
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Guy Burnet & Nora Arnezeder Set Thriller ‘Glorious Empire’

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Guy Burnet & Nora Arnezeder Set Thriller ‘Glorious Empire’
Exclusive: Guy Burnet and Nora Arnezeder are set to star in the psychological thriller Glorious Empire written and directed by Matt Szymanowski. Andre Gaines will produce and Valerie Edwards will Executive Produce for Cinemation Studios. Produce will commence at end of summer.

Glorious Empire is a love story that turns into a living nightmare as Jeremy (Burnet) suspects his girlfriend Dagmara (Arnezeder), is gaslighting Jeremy and his family in order to cover up an affair with Jeremy’s brother. Even Jeremy’s concerned parents question his mental state, until it is revealed that Dagmara may have gotten away with the ultimate deception. The pic is described as a modern day homage to thrillers such as Play Misty for Me, Fatal Attraction and Single White Female.

Szymanowski is a Polish Film School-trained writer/director and Glorious Empire reps his
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Review: The Intruder Features Dennis Quaid’s Most Wonderfully Weird Performance to Date

In the grand tradition of psychological thrillers from yesteryear (especially the 1990s)—you know, the ones where we watch as some psychotic manipulator takes advantage of well-meaning folks who are afraid of confrontation—comes Deon Taylor’s The Intruder, an endlessly entertaining and enthralling cautionary tale about the dangers of home ownership.

The Intruder is centered around Scott and Annie Russell (played by Michael Ealy and Meagan Good), a young and successful couple who are tired of the hustle and bustle of living in downtown San Francisco and decide that they’re in need of a change of scenery. They find the home of their dreams out in Napa Valley, as widower Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid) has decided to sell his family estate, Foxglove, and start a new life out in Florida. The Russells eagerly make an offer on the house, and as they begin to settle in to their
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The Intruder review – Dennis Quaid goes gonzo in fun, silly thriller

A couple find themselves the target of a madman in a familiar retread of early 90s psycho-from-hell thrillers that squeezes enjoyment from tired cliches

After its peak in the early 90s, the psycho-from-hell thriller, typified by films such as Fatal Attraction, Single White Female and Pacific Heights, died a villain’s death at the box office, only rearing its head infrequently in the years since. In the late 00s, Sony’s genre label Screen Gems spotted a gap in the market and started pumping out variations on a cookie-cutter formula but with one key difference. Films such as Obsessed, No Good Deed, The Perfect Guy and When the Bough Breaks have been almost universally populated by actors of colour in strict opposition to the all-white thrillers that came before them.

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Greta review – Isabelle Huppert gives scary crockery-smashing turn

The French actor plays a widow befriended by Chloë Grace Moretz’s waitress in Neil Jordan’s enjoyably preposterous psychological thriller

Isabelle Huppert was enjoyably outrageous in Paul Verhoeven’s Elle in 2016, and on the face of it, this is similar material: a psychological suspense thriller with hints of Fatal Attraction and Single White Female, written by Ray Wright and directed by Neil Jordan. The element of ridiculousness – arguably not just allowable but vital for this sort of film – is supplied by the always watchable Huppert, though she arguably goes a tad too far with one fit of crockery-smashing, table-splintering rage in a restaurant.

Chloë Grace Moretz plays Frances, a young woman in New York working as a waitress and sharing an improbably huge apartment with her friend Erica (Maika Monroe). Frances is lonely and depressed because her mother has just died. But one day she finds an expensive-looking bag
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‘The Last Mrs. Parrish’: Drama Series Based On Novel In Works At Amazon With Cathy Schulman & Jeff Gaspin Producing

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Exclusive: Amazon is developing a drama series based on The Last Mrs. Parrish, Liv Constantine’s bestselling debut novel, with Cathy Schulman’s Welle Entertainment and Jeff Gaspin’s Gaspin Media producing. Jessica Mecklenburg will pen the adaptation and executive produce.

The twisty thriller, pitched as The Hand That Rocks the Cradle meets Single White Female, sees a plain young woman striving to insert herself into high society life by usurping the Queen Bee’s fairytale life only to realize she may have gotten herself in way over her head.

The collaboration stems from Schulman and Gaspin’s work together while Gaspin was president of Primary Wave Entertainment, which backs Welle.

Shulman’s Welle Entertainment optioned rights to the book, published worldwide by HarperCollins in October 2017. It hit bestseller lists in multiple international territories and in the U.S.
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Isabelle Huppert Had 'a Lot of Fun' Tormenting Chloë Grace Moretz in Greta

Isabelle Huppert Had 'a Lot of Fun' Tormenting Chloë Grace Moretz in Greta
Isabelle Huppert plays a serial killer psychopath in her new thriller Greta — and had a ball being bad.

The French Oscar nominee, 65, hasn’t shied away from dark material in her 48-year career: She famously won a Cannes Best Actress award for her work as a disturbed woman who embarks on a torrid affair with her student in The Piano Teacher (2001), and in 2004 embodied a mother who gets a little too close with her son in Ma Mère (2004).

In Greta, from Interview with a Vampire director Neil Jordan, Huppert throws herself into the role of the titular widow whose obsession
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Killer Instinct: Why Isabelle Huppert Is Still the Most Dangerous Actress in the World

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Killer Instinct: Why Isabelle Huppert Is Still the Most Dangerous Actress in the World
“Acting is very easy for me,” Isabelle Huppert said, not bragging so much as stating a fact. Sitting in a small Manhattan conference room, she leaned back and shrugged her shoulders. The famously understated French star, whose “Greta” opens this month, is as honest and direct as she appears on screen — if also warmer than you might expect from her many film roles. “Everything I do as an actress is really the story of the scorpion who can’t avoid stinging the frog,” she said. “It’s just my nature, you know?”

That casual admission was alarming to hear. Huppert’s five-decade filmography — a peerless body of work that’s crossed paths with everyone from Otto Preminger and Jean-Luc Godard to Claire Denis and Mia Hansen-Løve — is littered with sociopaths, self-mutilators, and murderers. Huppert only objected to the last type: “What killers have I played before?” she asked. Well, there
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Greta Review: Chloe Grace Moretz Stalker Movie Gets Lost

Neil Jordan's Greta, the one where Isabelle Huppert stalks Chloe Grace Moretz, is just campy enough to almost work. Almost.

No good deed goes unpunished, and no sweet kindness in a Hollywood thriller can be anything other than a snare of malevolent intentions. Such were the traps laid by Kathy Bates in Misery, Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female, and even the bunny hoppin’ mad Glenn Close, who should’ve never been ignored in Fatal Attraction. Thus Greta emerges from the perpetually underlit New York streets that are conveniently empty of people and witnesses. Isabelle Huppert and director Neil Jordan seek to add a maternal extinct to these well-worn cinematic hunting grounds, but perhaps they should’ve also brought a tent to go with their sinister binoculars, because there’s nothing here but a lot of camp.

Instilling a few snickers among colleagues who might dub it “Mommy Instinct,
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10 Best Movies to See in March: ‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘Dumbo,’ ‘Us’

10 Best Movies to See in March: ‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘Dumbo,’ ‘Us’
What’s up movie-wise in March? Harmony “Spring Breakers” Korine returns to Florida with Matthew McConaughey for a stoner’s odyssey; Jordan Peele unleashes a family of murderous lookalikes; Marvel punches gender iniquity in the face with their first female-fronted solo film; a miraculous documentary places you in America’s first voyage to the moon; and Disney takes a flight of its own with a revived Dumbo. Here’s what’s coming to a multiplex near you in the next month.

The Aftermath (Mar. 15th)

From the Old-Timey Hollywood nostalgia
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Glenn Close Wants to Remake Fatal Attraction from the Female Perspective

Glenn Close Wants to Remake Fatal Attraction from the Female Perspective
Glenn Close has revealed plans to try and remake Fatal Attraction through the eyes of her character Alex Forrest. Adrian Lyne's 1987 psychological erotic thriller starred Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher who has an affair with Close's Forrest character. After Gallagher breaks it off, Forrest goes off the rails and becomes unstable, stalking Gallagher and his family, even going as far as to boil the family's pet rabbit. The bunny boiling scene quickly became a part of the cultural lexicon and is still used to this day to describe an "emotionally unstable and likely to be dangerously vengeful" person.

While many look at the Alex Forrest character as the villain of Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close believes that now is the time to tell the story through her character's eyes. Close has looked back at her character in another light and she believes it's time for audiences to do the same.
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‘Fatal Attraction’ Remake: Glenn Close Is Right to Want the Story Told From Female Perspective

‘Fatal Attraction’ Remake: Glenn Close Is Right to Want the Story Told From Female Perspective
When Adrian Lyne’s unlikely blockbuster “Fatal Attraction” hit theaters in the autumn of 1987, the psycho-sexual thriller a critical and commercial hit, garnering $320 million at the box office and six Oscar nominations, including one for Glenn Close. Now, the actress has said in a recent interview with IndieWire that “Fatal Attraction” is due for a remake from the perspective of her character, Alex Forrest. And she’s exactly right.

While the sub-genre doesn’t have much heat in Hollywood these days — though Gillian Flynn’s novels have spawned some notable exceptions like “Gone Girl” and “Sharp Objects,” and the horror genre has always been compelled by unstable women and their inner lives — Close herself is hoping to give it some new blood with a fresh perspective.

“We’ve gone back to Paramount to find out, because they own the title,” Close told Deadline. “I think they’ve had some things in the works,
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Blu-ray Review: Single White Female Remains Creepy

The early Nineties were the era of the psycho thriller, particularly those of the sexually charged variety. One of the most well-known films of that genre was Single White Female, directed by Oscar nominee Barbet Schroeder. Adapted from John Lutz's novel "Swf Seeks Same," Single White Female starred Bridget Fonda (Allie) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Hedy), and they're both incredible here. As it goes, Allie's husband-to-be Sam (Steven Weber) has cheated on her with his ex-wife and she can't bear to be around him. She kicks him out of her unbelievably spacious, rent-controlled New York City apartment in The Ansonia building (it gives The Dakota --- featured in Rosemary's Baby --- a run for its money) and decides to get a roommate. Enter Hedra/Hedy, the...

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Single White Female Comes to Blu-ray November 13 from Scream Factory

Scream Factory Presents A Film by Barbet Schroeder Single White Female Starring Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Steven Weber, and Peter Friedman Available On Blu-ray™ November 13, 2018 From Scream Factory™ The perfect roommate or a perfect nightmare? An innocent wanted ad – “Swf seeks female to share apt in West 70s; Non-smkr, professional preferred” …

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