Single White Female (1992) Poster

Stephen Tobolowsky: Mitchell Myerson



  • [Mitch Myerson's business computers begin to lose all of the data of Allie's work] 

    Mitchell Myerson : [Mitch angrily reads from his computer screen]  'The Last Payment in Fulfillment of the Contract between Fontana Fashions and Allison Jones is past due. Please Contact Allison Jones within 24 Hours or the rest of your data will be irretrievably lost. This Payment-Policing Program is installed on all Allison Jones' software.'

    Mitchell Myerson : [Mitch screams]  Bitch!

  • [Mitch enters Graham's apartment locking Hedy out in the hallway] 

    Mitchell Myerson : [Mitch sees Allie taped to the floor of the apartment]  What the fuck is going on in here?

    Allison Jones : [Mitch rips the tape off from Allie's mouth]  Be careful, she's crazy.

  • [Mitch attempts to rape Allie during a late night business dinner] 

    Allison Jones : [Mitch stands behind Allie in her chair]  What are you doing?

    Mitchell Myerson : [Mitch runs his hands over Allie's shoulders]  It's just that you're so tight.

    Allison Jones : Mitch, please, don't. That's enough.

    Allison Jones : [Mitch wraps his arm around Allie to hold her down]  Mitch!

    Mitchell Myerson : Now, look. Come on.

    Mitchell Myerson : [Mitch starts to kiss Allie's neck]  I've been a good boy, haven't I? You've been a good girl, and we have nothing to prove anymore.

    Mitchell Myerson : [Mitch slides and squeezes his hand down into Allie's shirt]  This is your last chance to play before you're an old married lady.

    Allison Jones : [Allie frighteningly whispers to Mitch]  Let me turn around, okay?

    Mitchell Myerson : [Mitch let's go of Allie, beginning to pull down his pants]  That's better. That's better. Just a second. Just a sec.

    [Allie in the chair turns to face Mitch, hitting him in the private area before running out of his place of business] 

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