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Jennifer Jason Leigh: Hedra Carlson



  • [Allie tries to tell Hedy that she will need to move out] 

    Allison Jones : You've been a good roommate. But it's just this is the man I's going to marry. I want us to start our lives together.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy sighs]  Well, he will cheat on you again. That's a promise. And when he does, don't come running to me, okay? Because I've had it with you. You're so fucking weak!

    Hedra Carlson : [Allie pauses as Hedy smiles back]  I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

  • [Hedy and Sam fight after Hedy forces herself on Sam sexually] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy talks to Sam about her friendship to Allie]  Well, I don't expect you to understand our friendship.

    Sam Rawson : [Sam starts to yell the truth to Hedy]  She cannot fucking stand you for Christ's sake!

    Hedra Carlson : That's not true.

    Sam Rawson : Oh, bullshit!

    Hedra Carlson : Uh-uh.

    Sam Rawson : You're too needy... You're always clingy... You're constantly in her face.

    Hedra Carlson : She needs me. Who was there for her when her boss almost raped her? Hmm?

    Sam Rawson : What?

    Hedra Carlson : Who took care of her? You were off on a business trip, or screwing someone.

    Sam Rawson : She never said a word to me about that!

    Hedra Carlson : That's right. She told me. So, don't try and make me think that we're not close. We lean on each other, and we... We protect each other. We're... We're best friends.

    Sam Rawson : You're nuts, you know that? Yeah, I think you're out of your skull.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy gives a little chuckle]  Yeah, well, sticks and stones, okay?

  • [Hedy finally tells Allie that she murdered Sam] 

    Hedra Carlson : You know why I think you're sick? You're upset about Sam.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy puts on a pair of rubber gloves]  You know Sam's dead, don't you? Yeah, we don't have much time.

    Allison Jones : [Allie cries unable to believe that it's all true]  You... You didn't do it, Hedy, did you? You couldn't have! Oh, Why? Why?

    Hedra Carlson : Allie, he came in my mouth, and then he tried to beat the shit out of me because I wanted to tell you. You know... It was an accident. But... He deserved it.

  • [Hedy dyes her hair back to no longer look like the wanted Allison Jones] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy talks out to Allie in the other room]  Wait till you see me. Your color was beautiful but I can't go around looking like you anymore, can I? Okay now, Allie, don't laugh.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy jumps around the corner, as Allie remains silent with tape over her mouth]  Ta-da!

  • [Hedy tells Allie the cops are on their way and that Allie needs to go with her] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy slaps her hands together]  Okay. Come on. The police will be here soon.

    Allison Jones : But... But you shouldn't run. It'll only make it worse. I know you weren't yourself when you did this, Hedy.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy chuckles]  I know. I was you. Who is this Hedy, anyway? No one's seen her. She's not on the lease. There's not even a fingerprint of hers here. I've been cleaning like crazy. You have to come with me, Allie, or they'll put you away.

  • [Hedy tells Allie what it's really like to be an identical twin] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy softly tells Allie]  Did you know that identical twins are never really identical. There's always one who's prettier. And the one who's not does all the work. She used me, and... Then she left me. Just like you.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy holds a gun up to Allie's head while holding a handful of pills]  Come on. Take them. Come on, Allie, it's nicer this way.

  • [Hedy tries to find Allie down in the basement hallways] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy grabs a hold of a hook for a weapon]  Don't make me come get you! Allie? Come out now. Come on. Allie. Allie!

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy begins slamming the hook into a pipe, screaming louder for Allie to come out]  Come on. Come out now! Allie, please!

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy starts to cry in a little girls' voice]  I'm scared. Where are you?

    [as Allie drops a rat from the ventilation shaft into Hedy's chest] 

  • [Allie attempts to escape from Graham's apartment as she breaks a glass over Hedy's head] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy holds her gun on Allie from escaping]  Allie! Please... Please!

    Allison Jones : I'm not your sister, Hedy. Not anymore. I'm like you now.

  • [Allie reads Hedy's name for the first time in her application] 

    Allison Jones : 'Hedra.' That's unusual.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy blushes]  I got terrible nicknames growing up, which I'm not telling you.

    Allison Jones : Not Hedy, like Hedy Lamarr? I mean, that's exotic.

    Hedra Carlson : Well, I wasn't that exotic in grade school - As opposed to now, right?

  • [Hedy comments on the way Allie is dressed as the two of them walk down the street] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy chuckles]  Where'd you guys learn to dress like that? I mean, it's just so New York.

    Allison Jones : I think you look very comfortable.

    Hedra Carlson : Yeah, I never know what looks good.

  • [Allie asks Hedy if she comes from a big family] 

    Hedra Carlson : Um... I, um... Well, I was supposed to be a twin, but... She was stillborn.

    Allison Jones : Oh, that's so sad.

    Hedra Carlson : I grew up feeling a part of me was missing, you know?

  • [Hedy confronts Allie about not coming home or calling] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy in a low voice mumbles from Allie's bed]  Where the hell have you been?

    Allison Jones : [Hedy turns on the bedroom lamp]  God. Hedy, what are you doing in my room?

    Hedra Carlson : I've been waiting since 6:00 last night to hear from you. I've been worried sick. Buddy was crying all night. I finally had to come in here so he'd calm down.

    Allison Jones : I'm sorry, I guess I just didn't think.

    Hedra Carlson : No, you didn't. And there's such a thing as a phone, you know? This is New York - Things happen.

    Allison Jones : Okay, okay. I'm sorry, it was... thoughtless, really.

    Allison Jones : [Allie tries to smile]  You're making me feel like I'm 16 years old here.

  • [Allie tries to tell Hedy that she'll be happy and she'll find somebody after she moves out] 

    Hedra Carlson : You'll be very happy and I'll be alone.

    Allison Jones : No, no, wait a minute - You'll find someone, Hedy. I mean, God, if I can...

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy scoffs]  Why don't you look in the mirror, huh?

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy walks Allie to the mirror as they both look at each other]  Look. You're in a different league. I know that. You have this great personality. You've got this great style. You run your own business... You're always going to find someone. You have to be stupid to think that you wouldn't.

  • [Hedy makes a threatening call to Mitch Myerson, pretending to be Allie on the phone] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy in a low voice]  Listen, you pathetic shit. You want to hold on to your business? No, you listen to me this time, asshole. If you trash me around town, you're fucked. And your family is fucked too, you got that? It won't just be you.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy hangs up the phone with a big smile giving a bow to Allie]  Ta-da! Let me tell you he is pissing in his PJ's right now.

    Allison Jones : Gee, Hedy, I hope you never get mad at me.

  • [Hedy looks at her new Allie haircut in the mirror] 

    Hedra Carlson : [combing on her hair]  I love myself like this.

  • [Allie follows Hedy into an exotic club, as Hedy pretends to be Allie] 

    Bartender : Allie! Hey, Allie - Regular or diet?

    Hedra Carlson : Diet!

    Hedy's Date : Something is different.

    Hedra Carlson : Yes.

    Hedy's Date : Yes.

    Hedra Carlson : [as Allie watches]  Jim, you look like my sister's boyfriend.

  • [Allie sees Hedy's night clothes soaking in a sink of water and blood] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy connects it to being on her period]  Mine always comes when I'm wearing something nice.

  • [Hedy tells Allie that she's not going to leave her behind] 

    Hedra Carlson : Why are you making me do this?

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy pulls back the hammer of a pistol]  We're friends, Allie, and you could be in a lot of trouble without me. But I'm not going to leave you. That wouldn't be right. I won't leave you. Okay, let's go.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy slaps Allie in the face repeatedly]  Up! Up, up!

  • [Hedy gets a comment from the check cashier girl about her newest hair color] 

    Check Cashier : What's the part this time?

    Hedra Carlson : Excuse me?

    Check Cashier : You're an actress, right? You're never the same person twice.

    Hedra Carlson : Oh.

    Check Cashier : I like it. I just thought the other was more you.

    Hedra Carlson : Well, maybe next time I'll try blonde.

    Check Cashier : Really? I'm flattered, thanks.

  • [Hedy walks into the apartment and back-slaps the tied-up Allie across the face] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy shakes Allie's body and falls to her knees]  How can you do that? Everything I've done, I've done for you. Do you understand that? The people you hated...

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy slaps her hand to her own chest]  I hated. People like you don't care.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy stands up walking behind Allie, throwing a table to the ground]  Just like that stupid girl in Tampa. She called my parents, too. Told them all my secrets.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy pulls Allie's head back by her hair]  You want to put me away, huh? I can't... I can't keep making excuses for you, Allie. I can't.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy begins to lose her breath, repeating herself while walking into the other room]  I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't - Oh, God. Oh, God, oh...

    [Allie hears the screams and thrashes Hedy makes in the other room] 

  • [Allie tries talking to Hedy from under the tape over her mouth] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy walks up behind her holding a knife]  What?

    Allison Jones : [Hedy then rips the tape off Allie's mouth]  What?

    Allison Jones : [Allie whispers]  Please.

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy mumbles while deepening the knife into Allie's throat]  No.

    Allison Jones : [Allie stretches her neck into the knife and kisses Hedy on the lips, whispering]  Don't make me leave you, Ellen.

  • [Hedy has Allie type her own suicide letter on the computer, telling her what to write] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy says to Allie]  'I don't want to try to be loved anymore. I don't want to be scared anymore. Or to kill anymore. I don't want to kill anymore. I... don't want to be alone anymore. I don't want to be anything anymore. I don't need a reason to kill myself. I need a reason not to. There isn't one.' You don't want to say anything special to anyone? Okay, 'Allison Jones.'

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy holds Allie's hand up to place her fingerprints on the computer monitor]  There. Now they'll know it was you.

    Allison Jones : No one who knows me will believe that I wrote that. I was never that scared. Well... Not like that.

  • [Hedy talks to Allie for the last time, thinking she's in the closed cabinet] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy talks from outside the cabinet doors]  Why are you hiding from me?

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy hits the hook into the cabinet]  You think I can't find you? Huh? Your goddamn shirt is sticking out of the door.

    [Hedy opens the door, gasping as she hits her hook at a mirror reflection of herself] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Allie swings down from the ventilation shaft above, stabbing a screw driver into Hedy's back] 

    Hedra Carlson : [Hedy groans, continuing to try and fight, overpowered by Allie as Allie pulls out and stabs the screwdriver a second time into Hedy's back, as Hedy falls to the ground]  Allie?

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