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eMTeePeeCestMe26 August 2000
Most of all I remember being disappointed by this made for HBO movie. Diane Keaton, Ed Harris, and most of the rest of this cast are respected actors with long lists of well received works to their credit. It's shocking to see them all together in a movie that manages to come up just short in nearly every respect.
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A lovely romance occurs amid the seedy world of politics
Amy Adler14 November 2006
Hugh (Ed Harris) is a hotshot, bachelor senator determined to run for president. One day, however, he happens upon an old high school classmate named Aggie. Aggie (Diane Keaton) is an accomplished and award-winning author with a lovely face and an independent spirit. Hugh is smitten. He convinces Aggie to become his fiancé. But, will Aggie have to sacrifice her principles of honesty in the world of politics, where things are not always what they seem to be? And, will she be able to withstand the rigors of a harsh media blitz? This is, mostly, a nice romance for those who adore tales of affection. Hugh and Aggie are absolutely in love and their banter and conversation are a good view. However, although the movie tries to show the political life in its reality, it doesn't completely succeed. Nevermind. The production values are high and the script is very elegantly written. With these advantages and the handsome personages of Keaton and Harris, those who sit down to the film will find it to be good entertainment.
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Slow Start/Powerful & Eloquent Finale
aripin27 July 2003
To me, the final scene, in which Harris responds to the press corp, is worthy of viewing this intelligent and timeless slice of politics(especially the campaign phase). If only the "real-life" pols would respond in the intelligent, articulate manner as did Mr Harris,then the arrogant, self-serving members of the press would perhaps think twice before surfacing irrelevant, confrontational "garbage" that has absolutely nothing to do with a candidates abilities to effectively handle the challenges of the office for which he/she is pursuing.
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Great Movie!
simplyjc22 August 2001
Running Mates is an excellent movie charmed with two great performances. Ed Harris and Diane Keaton were spectacular! The chemistry between the two was breathtaking and very romantic. A must see in the romance department.
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