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Teri Austin: Karen


  • [first lines] 

    Karen : [Karen tries to put the jacket on her boy Sam at the park]  Let me put your jacket on.

    Sam, Karen's son : No, no, no, no.

    Karen : Come on.

    Sam, Karen's son : I don't want to.

    Carter : [Carter comes strolling up beside Karen]  You taking off, Karen?

    Karen : Trying to.

    Carter : Need a hand?

    Karen : Would you mind?

  • [Carter asks Karen if she knows about child development] 

    Carter : Do you realize how important these early years are in Sam's development?

    Karen : Are you kidding? I've read all the books. And, of course, I get all the expert advice I can handle from my mother-in-law.

    Carter : [Carter chuckles]  I know what you mean.

  • [Carter talks to Karen about the importance of child development] 

    Karen : Don't you have any know-it-all relatives?

    Carter : Oh, listen, my father wrote the book on child development. Unfortunately, it's in Norwegian!

    Karen : [Carter chuckles as Karen smiles]  What does he have to say on the subject? In English!

    Carter : What does he not have to say?

    Karen : That bad?

  • [Carter tries to talk to Karen about his dad's clinic in Norway] 

    Karen : Well, what's so visionary about your dad's clinic anyway?

    Carter : Well... first of all, it's in a beautiful, natural, country setting. Amy will be supervised by a team of child psychologists... who record her progress hourly. But the thing is, you can't study child development and think anyone is going to take it seriously... if you only have one subject. It's just another case history. So, what we're setting up is a control group of gifted children. We'll need at least five. None of them older than three years old. That's why I wanted to talk to you about Sam, being one of...

    Karen : Being one of your guinea pigs? Oh, Carter, you gotta be kidding!

    Carter : [Carter shakes his head side-to-side with a smile on his face]  No.

    Karen : Nobody's gonna let their kid go to some snake pit in Norway... to be part of some development study.

    Carter : [Carter looks away pulling on his tie]  It's not a snake pit.

  • [Carter tells Karen about the importance of personality development] 

    Carter : Karen, do you realize that no one really knows anything about personality development. Everything up to now has been pure conjecture. All we psychiatrists do is-is chase cows after the barn door has been opened.

    Carter : [Carter fake sneezes into his hand]  Here, for the first time, we'll have an opportunity to observe what happens... when it happens and precisely monitor the psychological consequences.

    Karen : Well, not with my kid, you don't.

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