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The Luckiest Guy in Cinema History
queenb8018 September 2005
I didn't give this movie a 10 for it's acting, it's script or it's music. I gave it a 10 because the lead character, Nick West (Martin Hewitt, apparently looking around the set for Brooke Shields) manages to have sex with every woman he meets in the film and have time to beat a murder rap. The story goes like this: Nick is sexy radio show host who likes to talk dirty to his female listeners and then go to the bar and have sex with them. One night he invites a listener down to the station and they have sex on the air. But...things go horribly wrong and Nick wakes up next to a dead listener with an audience who thinks he did it. He must run from the cops, clear his name and have sex with any woman who comes near him. Rounding out the master thespian cast are Delia Sheppard as his partner who he doesn't have sex with. Nick isn't really her type....if you know what I mean. This film has great sex scenes in the unrated version and a soundtrack with the sleaziest saxophone this side of a Jazz station. Great fun.
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Actually not bad at all
walterlv5 April 2002
Unlike 99 percent of the "after-dark" films out there, this one actually has a plot and is actually watchable without the steamy sex scenes, which are also very good. The acting is decent, the cast is not bad (David Carradine), and the girls attractive. Pleasantly surprised.
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Hippolyte Rides Again!
lez_friend11 January 2002
One of the better B-flicks from soft-porn director A. G. Hippolyte, involving a framed radio host and a few questions. The story is just simple enough to be acceptable, and sets the scene for some well-crafted short sexual encounters. A few that stand out involve the underrated, under-used Tracy Tweed; a ride-em threesome; and a sweet brunette. It would have been nice to see some more realism and thought put into the authenticity of the lesbian club - it was a bit false. Pure eye candy, but the good kind.
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Not bad, even the massively censored R-rated cable version
smatysia9 July 2000
I saw the R-rated version shown on cable. Actually this film wasn't nearly as bad as most of this sort are. The plot had some interest, although also some holes. The ending was fairly predictable. David Carradine certainly was slumming. Anyway, this movie is about a couple of radio people, a sex-talk show host and his producer. This being a soft-core porn film, the actors were very attractive, even though my understanding of radio is that it is populated by those people too ugly to be on TV. The actresses were beautiful, although obviously silicone-enhanced. The sex scenes were fair, but I understand from another source that at least 17 minutes of this film were cut for this format. That's an awful lot of soft-core simulated sex for one movie. I'll have to try to watch for the uncut version.
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The best of the MVD erotic thrillers from the early 1990's.
BlackJack_B11 November 2001
Probably my most favorite guilty rental before Showgirls came out; Night Rhythms is lurid fun. Martin Hewitt plays Nick West, a sex-talk radio host that claims to LOVE all women. Strangely, he's never seen in this movie with anyone who ISN'T at least halfway gorgeous. If Kathy Bates or Peggy Rea tried to make a move on him, would he live up to the claim? Anyway, he helps women who are unlucky in love, mostly by providing free sex-talk for three hours a night. Of course, he also gets male callers who take shots at him as well. He also deals with his jealous producer, played by Gregory Dark favorite Delia Sheppard.

Well, one night, a woman by the name of "Honey", played by Tracy Tweed (sister of Shannon) calls his show with her sob story, but later on, shows up in the studio. He tells the producer to put music on while they have a "philosophical discussion", which leads to whoopee. Unbeknownst to West, someone has turned the radio frequency back on, and the listeners hear them having sex, but then, they hear Honey being strangled to death. West is knocked out, and when he comes to, he sees Honey's corpse, and he flees. The rest of the movie is about West clearing his name of the murder. Of course, on the way he has time to make love with just about anyone who'll help him, providing she's female and good-looking.

The movie is very steamy and erotic, with lots of gorgeous women, and a few OK ones. The best one is Deborah Driggs, who plays West's ex-stripper friend Cinnamon, who helps out the most with his plight. The aforementioned Ms. Tweed burns up the screen in her short appearance, and the lady who works as a masseuse is primo. Sam "Flash Gordon" Jones, who plays a detective chasing West, and veteran actor David Carradine, who plays a shady strip club owner, add some name power.

This is a pretty good film in the genre, probably the pinnacle of Gregory Dark's soft-core films. Mirror Images 2 and the first two Secret Games movies are great stuff as well.
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Unrealistic plot, but good acting and hot scenes
Magnus Pym10 December 2000
An erotic thriller, with emphasis on the "erotic". The plot is completely unbelievable, although the actors do a creditable job. Every woman in this movie is amazingly beautiful. There is a large number of (usually gratuitous, but very well done) sex scenes. There is one in particular that is off the erotic charts. I highly recommend it. You should absolutely positively get the unrated version. The Blockbuster version is missing many good bits.

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I could predict the ending.
Hysteria2820 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those b grade soft core flicks from the nineties that prevents one from climaxing even after the movie has finished. I came across this feature as there was nothing else that interested me to watch.

The main plot revolved around a late night radio host who talks to lonely frustrated women. On one night a stripper is mysteriously killed after spending time with the DJ. He decides to uncover the truth behind the murder and clear his name with a female accomplice. This leads the pair in to the seedy underground of strip joints and brothels.

Firstly this is not one of those movies that one writes home about as I predicted the ending even before the movie had finished. One factor that constantly irritated me was the use of lighting. There were white lights in almost all the scenes. I could not help but appreciate the female cast as there were some hot women in the movie. With some soft sex scenes and mild tintilation, the movie sustains the viewer's attention. However it is a shame that the cast seemed to sleep through the whole time and appeared to look uninterested with what was going on.
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