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Amusing child serial killer. Those were the days...
insomniac_rod25 March 2007
I remember renting this once in a while back in the early 90's. I had fun with it although it's a predictable slasher flick.

The plot was easy to follow and entertaining as I remember. There were some good death scenes and amusing acting.

The Mikey character was truly good and that's because of the talented child actor who portrayed it.

I remember a death scene involving a pool. Nice sequences and decent gore.

I haven't rented this one in years but I have good memories about it. As far as I remember, it's a decent, entertaining slasher. Recommended for slasher hard core fans or those who enjoy killer child flicks. As someone else mentioned, this movie always reminds me of "The Stepfather".
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Weird film. Very sinister & disturbing!
vengeance2023 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I heard about this film when going through a list of banned films. This film was banned in the UK because of the James Bulger case & still today. Though I caught this one on YouTube. The film didn't have much of a story to it but it was pretty dark & evil in most places!

The film doesn't waste much time & pretty much gets stuck in with 3 kills of his foster parents in the space of 7 minutes approximately! The kills are pretty disturbing! Especially the one where he kills the youngest daughter Beth, where he wobbles the diving board until she falls in & drowns. Although you don't see this, the sound of the splashing stopping suddenly implies that she died! I thought this was pretty evil & twisted! Then the mum who he plainly just electrocutes with a hairdryer whiles she's taking a bath! Then the father who comes home & sees his dead daughter lying lifeless in the pool & swiftly in shock, he slips on the marbles that Mikey laid out & he smashes through the door only for Mikey to brutally bludgeon him with a steel bat! This was a bloody scene! Nasty!

Police arrive & Mikey tells them it was a man who done it. They believe him & he gets adopted by another family! Uh Oh!

Then for the space of 40 minutes no deaths occur, which now would be bad considering this film is a horror, but he bonds well with the new foster parents hes been put with! He crushes on the next door neighbours daughter, Jessie & gets jealous when he sees her & with her boyfriend. He then kills him off after a failed attempt at getting her to dislike him by killing Jessie's cat, Rosie! Evil or what! He begins to worry the teacher at his school (whose friends with his foster mum) when he draws depraved pictures with blood in them & self harms himself at school. His teacher then begins to start digging deeper into his Mikey's past & find out about the murders of his previous family. It's only then after killing Jessie's boyfriend off (when Mikey embraces her) that she suspects that he killed him. His foster mum also suspects this after an incident & a slight death threat involving electrocution!

Mikey then starts to kill off the rest of the family! His step mum with a hammer & slitting her throat via a fall through the balcony. His gym teacher with a bow & arrow & his mum friend teacher with a slingshot! This is the point of the film which got crazy! He also at one point terrorizes Jessie & nearly kills her!

Then to top it off he blows up the house with his stepfather inside (not before using the same fashion of "Hi dad!" he did with his previous father) Then afterwards Mikey gets adopted by new parents & calls himself Josh & well...the whole thing starts all over again! Creepy...!

The film was pretty good & had a level of darkness & sheer creepiness about the kid who looked & was pure evil! The blood was alright in this fill as were the kills, though some could've been abit better! Story was abit simple, though it's not explained why Mikey was evil in the first place! But it was overall a good film with a twisted premise!

Overall, it was a good film! But it lacked a few things here & there! But it was a decent film! I recommend it to all Horror fans!
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Time For a Re-Examination
gavin694217 October 2016
A seemingly innocent and sweet little boy causes murder and mayhem in his new neighborhood and falls for the teenage girl next-door.

As others have pointed out, this film has sort of the same feel as "The Stepfather", except the killer is now a little boy instead of a seemingly caring new dad. Of course, "The Stepfather" is the better movie, but that's no secret.

I do think the film needs to be brought into the light. I had not heard of it until a book by T. S. Kord made me aware, and then when I went to watch it on Hulu, I found the picture quality was not the greatest and the film was cut for full-screen. With horror veterans Mimi Craven and Ashley Laurence, as well as Lyman Ward, it seems like this would be a good film for Scream Factory to pick up.
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Fair If Not Taken Seriously
cosmic_quest7 May 2004
This film was actually banned in Britain since it was due for release in the same year as two ten-year-old boys abducted, tortured and murdered a two-year-old child. To this day, I don't understand that decision since nothing Mikey does reaches the scale of what those two sadistic monsters did nor does Mikey ever attempt to harm complete innocents but chooses his victims from people who have done him 'wrong'.

Anyway, I've finally managed to get my hands on a copy and I have to say, I'm quite glad I did. It's definitely not a film to be taken seriously but it can be rather funny if viewed as a dark comedy. Obviously, there's huge plot holes such as how a ten-year-old can move from place-to-place without anyone checking on his background and why these people were able to adopt him in a matter of days. However, there is something slightly humorous in watching the rather stupid adults be played by a young, calculating boy.
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An entertaining, but predictable take-off
Adam E18 October 1999
"Mikey" reminded me a lot of "Stepfather" with Terry O'Quinn, only a crazed kid instead of a grown-up. "Mikey" is a pretty disturbing, yet predictable film. The film is pretty violent; even a little girl is killed in the thing.

I thought Brian Bonsall did an extremely good job as the disturbed boy, when we're used to him playing that sweet kid. The film has a good measure of suspense and keeps you on the edge, but then they throw in an awful ending that you see coming a mile away. "Mikey" is worth watching if you like fun horror movies, but they could've done much better with the ending.
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Mikey: Creepy unnerving thriller
Platypuschow16 January 2018
Mikey is a horrifying thriller telling the story of a 10 year old boy with more than slight psychotic tendancies.

Many people say the concept is far fetched, I'd be inclined to agree but not to an extent where I couldn't take it seriously.

One fascinating fact about Mikey is that it's still to this day prohibited in the United Kingdom. It was banned due to the James Bulger murder, but alike the accused Childs Play 3 (1991) there are no similarities at all. Most movies are re-reviewed for release but due to red tape Mikey never has been and likely won't be.

It's one of those films that gets under your skin and succeeds in doing so from the opening through to the closing credits.

I'm not saying Mikey is a good film because it's not, but it does what it sets out to do and you have to give it credit for that.

The Good:

Kid does a great job

Very unsettling

The Bad:

Still a rather average effort

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

This is reason 7878952 why I don't want children

Ashley Laurence should have had a better career

Girls liking "Bad boys" when will they learn?
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Could be better
dhstorch12318 October 2013
I discovered this movie as a Star Trek TNG fan, curious of what ever became of Brian Bonsall. A 10 year old serial killer... how could you go wrong? Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh in my review of this film. I guess my sick deviant mind just craved more blood. The plot works, and the big plus is that this film actually has a plot. The story is set up nicely and allows for a window in to the troubled mind of Bonsall's character. After a great opening I felt the film dragged a bit, but as with all thrillers the last 20 minutes more than makes up for it. Worth checking out but not a film you'll tell your friends about or rush to see again.
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Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Freddy Krueger, Damien Thorn, and Michael Myers were once kids too.
jeffman5200131 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie really is cool. In real life there are young psychopaths out there too. This movie demonstrates that there are psychotic kids out there who might end up like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, David Berkowitz a.k.a. The Son Of Sam, and John Wayne Gacy too.

Mikey, played superbly by Brian Bonsall (Family Ties and Star Trek: The Next Generation) is a little boy who lives with foster parents and he ends up killing them, he causes his foster sister to drown in a pool, electrocutes his foster mother and hits his foster dad with a bat. He video tapes it too. Mikey is a wacko kid. Mikey tells the police it was a man who murdered his foster parents.

Mikey is placed in another foster home, things go great for the foster family till Mikey goes on his killing spree. Mikey's teacher, played by Ashley Laurence (Hellraiser 1, 2, 3, and 6) notices something about his drawing that is psychotic behavior. Mikey's principal, played by Lyman Ward (Ferris Bueller's Day Off) doesn't think that it is a big deal. Mikey has a crush on an older girl, played by Josie Bissett(Melrose Place), she can tell Mikey is a psycho. Mikey's foster parents are starting to get suspicious of Mikey. Mikey over heard his foster mother say about adopting Mikey was a big mistake, that is why Mikey ends up killing them and the Principal and his teacher. Mikey gets away.

I think this movie is awesome, I give it 2 thumbs up and 10/10 stars.
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Twisted and Disturbed
keiranh-205-35464523 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A horribly disturbed film, especially in light of youth that were actually murdered in Britain where it is still banned, this is beyond morbid. Brian Bonsall is genuinely creepy and devious as the films antagonist, a perverse brat who will literally kill for what he wants and/or doesn't get. He falls for a local girl, and murders her boyfriend, and he sees her expectantly as if to replace him. A natural born killer, all Mikey does is murder and kiss up to the authorities after wards. At the end, it's easy to see how it will play out after, more adoptions, more murder. In conclusion, teen slasher flicks are always great, I don't know about toddler slasher flicks though.
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Good movie.One of a kind but there should have been a sequel!
reeves200210 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this movie again after many years.Unfortunately it was VHS because I couldn't find it on DVD.I noticed that the DVD has been long out of print and I don't know why.There are far worse movies that are still in print.I hope it is re-released with some extra features like cast interviews.It would be interesting hearing from Brian Bonsall about his experience on the making of this kind of movie as well as hearing from the director.It is one of a kind since I don't think there has ever really been a movie made about such a young serial killer other than Chucky which wasn't really the same thing and was a whole different kind of movie.I think the last scene was the most diabolical and disturbing. I am disappointed that there was never a sequel made especially the way the movie ended and another family adopted him.There was so much of his story that could have been told and many more creative killings would have been good.His birth parents were never revealed and that could have figured into the plot as well. I always thought that the movie "Mikey" and the franchise "the stepfather" were similar and could have been merged.It would be fitting if the psychotic stepfather Jerry(Terry O Quin)turned out to be Mikey's long lost birth dad.Even now today if there was a sequel to Mikey as an adult it would make a good thriller.It's too bad Brian Bonsall gave up acting. Oh well,it was nice seeing this movie again after all this time.It is still thrilling and effective.
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This is a great slasher movie
dollpenguin12 April 2006
This movie was not exceptionally original, but it stays very interesting throughout. The violence was well constructed, the pacing was perfect, and the acting was above average for this type of film. Brian Bonsall did a wonderful job playing the psychotic killer. One of the things that I especially liked was that his victims were all average people that were easy to relate to. Although they were believable, this movie is still more entertaining than scary.

This movie isn't going to make you think, but for pure entertainment value it is quite good. I love these kinds of horror movies, my favorites probably being Silent Night Deadly Night and Sleepaway Camp. If you enjoy those two movies you will probably like this one as well.
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Killer kid movies are always fun
acidburn-1023 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I came across this quite recently and was surprised to find that this movie is still banned in the UK, because of the Jamie Bulger case and this movie unfortunately got caught up in all the mist, and I can kinda see why, but it would be nice to see a long awaited belated release of this movie in the UK market as it is a fun little gem.

To be honest though it's this movie's banned status that got me intrigued to this and the killer kids genre of horror/slasher are always fun I personally enjoyed the Omen movies, The Bad Seed and The Children, but this is in a league of its own. The movie itself is like I said really fun and moves along at a quick pace, the opening we have the sweet little 9 year old Mikey killing off his current family in quick succession by drowning, hairdryer and baseball bat, talk about fun and then quickly moving on to a new family the Trentons who eventually along with many others meet a similar fate.

Yes this movie is totally absurd and unbelievable, I mean how can a little child overpower an adult and it doesn't seem that they try to hard to fend for themselves and therefore making it way too easy for him to kill them, but there are some scenes which are disturbing like the little girl in the swimming pool was unsettling and the beating with the bat was fun but totally unrealistic and that's pretty much the tone throughout the entire movie, at times it is disturbing and yet at other times I couldn't stop laughing and the marble slingshot murder was also cool.

But one of the failings is that we don't get to find out why Mikey is the way he is and why he freaks out of someone takes his shirt off, none of that gets explained, and some of the dialogue is corny as well, and some of the acting is quite questionable at the best of times. But the standouts are Brian Bonsall gives a hilarious and enjoyable turn as the cold blooded killer child Mikey and a special nod to Ashley Laurence as the teacher, who I also enjoyed in the Hellraiser movies, she really pulls you in and seems to be the only character on the ball, she's not fooled by him at all and makes her investigating scenes a highlight and rather interesting and Josie Bissett was simply stunning as the teenager next door who gets caught up in all the mess, she did okay and the Trentons played by John Diehl and Mimi Craven were likable and ideal as parents, but shame they weren't given much to do.

All in all I found Mikey highly enjoyable with inventive deaths and highly entertaining and not meant to be taken seriously I don't think.
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Mikey is the Devil in disguise
Atreyu_II28 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
'Mikey' is a controversial film. I understand that, considering its strong subject. It is a well made movie with almost perfect pace, but one can't deny it is disturbing to see a child doing those horrible things.

Likely 'The Good Son', which came out the year after this one, must have (to a degree) took some inspiration from this. They are both about a murderer child. However, 'Mikey' is considerably more violent than 'The Good Son'. The kid from 'Mikey' is more dangerous and brutal than the kid from 'The Good Son'. Just so you get an idea, Mikey punishes and kills a total of 8 people with no mercy (and we can add the fishes which deaths he is responsible for). In the very beginning of the film, Mikey already shows how much of a disturbed child he is by killing 3 people.

However, we never really get to know how did Mikey become so evil, what made him turn out to be a mentally ill child. 'The Good Son' has the same issue. But likely it was to due to a past of strong childhood abuse.

Unlike in 'The Good Son', however, here the villain doesn't die. Instead, he escapes, pretends his own death and changes his name for Josh so that he won't be caught.

Brian Bonsall portrays very well the killer child. I also enjoyed Josie Bissett's performance as Jessie. Plus, Josie was hot in this.

But, back to the main subject, Mikey is cute and apparently lovable. However, this makes him the perfect actor, because thanks to that he disguises very well his true nature. Mikey is one of the best examples of a «wolf in sheep's clothing».

For people who find interesting the theme of psychopath children, I recommend this. But for those who get disturbed with it, I advice them to avoid this to all costs, especially at night - more sensitive people might have nightmares with this. People should beware: they are going to see things that will shock them.

That said, the movie is interesting, thrilling, scary and intense. A reasonable movie. Funny it isn't. It is about a serious subject, not something to make fun of.
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scared the hell out of me
kummel13 November 2002
I absolutely loved this movie and over the years I have watched it over and over again. I've made my friends and my family watch it and I've recommended it to everyone I know. This movie really gives me the willies because somehow the thought of a child being like Mikey is just plain out scary. I can't really go into details without spoiling the movie so I can just say: SEE IT!!

PS: That the main character also starred in "Family Ties" didn't spoil anything for me any of the times I saw it. He isn't as cute in this movie as he is in the series...
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Good if you like cheering for the killer!
BadWebDiver3 September 2002
This is actually one of those films that's so bad it's kind of funny. The only character of any intelligence or possible sympathy is the central psycho - in this case a kid. The adults are so pathetically naive, and blunder into fatal situations so easily, that it's ludicrously funny to watch. My guess is that this film is a cheap attack at 80s liberal politics - the story is so blatantly one-sided.


The central killer has such an easy time of it that the plot is almost boring. No one seems to have the remotest chance of catching up to him. He has the uncanny ability to push everyone's buttons exactly the right way. He's so brilliant he can apparently outwit a professional child psychologist without any hassle. He even manages to disarm a gun placed on a table right under the nose of a school principal on the phone. Admittedly some of the coincidences are totally ridiculous, especially the bit with the skeleton that happens to be of a child his age exactly.

If you enjoy the type of story where a psycho killer is running effortless rings around everyone else in the cast, then you may get a wicked thrill from this movie. If you only like sensible stories where the nice ordinary people eventually win and no-one ever really gets hurt, I suggest you avoid this one like the plague.
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Mikey the Menace
TheBlueHairedLawyer21 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The 'killer kid' concept has been done time and time again, but Mikey really pulls it off. He is adopted by a loving young couple who can't have kids of their own, and they think he is amazing. At a primate zoo show he stops to return a purse to an old lady, he loves the baby fish at his new home and he befriends the next-door neighbor's kid immediately. The only one who thinks he's a little off is his new teacher, especially when he hands her a crayon drawing of a turkey with an ax hacking a group of pilgrims to death.

To impress the teenage neighbor girl nearby, Mikey plays dead as a practical joke. He falls in love with her and gets mad when he sees her making love to her boyfriend, smashing the window. Mikey also kills her beloved cat Rosie, and she blames the boyfriend. Soon other people note how disturbing his actions are, and when the boyfriend is electrocuted to death in the hot tub it soon becomes a massacre of neighbors as Mikey rids himself of his adoptive family.

Mikey has great acting and soundtrack, was rather unoriginal but nonetheless a great film.
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Young talent should be stimulated...
Coventry18 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This early 90's chiller is about a 5 (!) year old serial killer. Well, that's disturbing. He murders people without a visible change in his facial expressions. I'd say he's gifted. Only Michael Myers was able to pull that off so far. Although the basic subject is original, the whole movie is rather average. I'd even say passable and not recommended. The young Mikey has a wrong way to deal with his emotions. After being punished by his parents he doesn't obey them...he slaughters them !! Because of his very young age, he isn't suspected of course so the police closes up the case as a robbery with deceased victims. Mikey is adopted by a new family and it all starts out fine. He especially is keen on his new neighbor girl played by Jodie Bisset (the blond chick from "Melrose Place") One problem : she's about 15 years older than he is so he can't handle the fact she has a boyfriend. Overwhelmed by hate, the little psychopath inside Mikey comes alive again... I didn't regret watching it but still I have the feeling something better could have been done with it. Mikey is a standard thriller with the right amount of suspense, nudity and humor but it could have been a lot more if you ask me. I loved seeing Ashley Laurence acting again,though. She was the leading actress in my favorite film Hellraiser and here, in Mikey, she plays the teacher who first starts to think there's something wrong with the little brat. Mikey is a good film to watch if nothing better appears on TV or if you've seen everything else in the videostore already. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Absolutely Dreadful!
andell20 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I don't have a lot to say about this movie, except that people who actually found this film entertaining or gave it a good review are the sort of people that really do scare me.

Mikey is a miniature psychopath who frankly, doesn't actually have a reason for the development of his psychotic behavior! He kills a little girl by luring her into a swimming pool and letter her drown. This grotesque murder of the innocent in and of itself is what I found truly despicable! Of course naturally this miniature psychopath gets away with it, but thankfully no sequel was ever made! Good riddance!

This is not to say that young killers can not be justified in any sense- it just means that the young killer in this film was tasteless. It seems to me that the development of the psychopath child in "Friday the 13th: The Orphan" was more worthy of viewing.
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Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Jnr
meathookcinema13 October 2019
This entry into the taboo 'killer kid' horror sub-genre involves 9 year old Mikey. The first scene shows him slaughtering his entire adoptive family (yes, really) in one fell swoop. Whats more, hes videotaped the whole thing for his later entertainment. Mikey is found hiding in a closet by the police officers investigating who could have done this. After fobbing them off with a fake description of the perpetrator he is then placed up for adoption.

The majority of the film is centred around Mikey's new life with his new family. He starts out by looking every bit the model angelic child but then red flags start to appear. Then the number of 'accidents' and casualties starts to grow.

The power of this film is that it was filmed and feels like a TV movie. It adheres to this genre's conventions but subverts it because of it's controversial subject matter. This juxtaposition works amazingly well especially as the film pulls no punches when it comes to the truly sadistic and brutal deeds of it's central character. The performance of Brian Bonsall is pitch perfect as the psychopathic child. It's also great to see Ashley Laurence from Hellraiser fame make an appearance as Mikey's concerned teacher.

This film was actually made for the 'straight to video' market in the US but was then to be released theatrically in the UK. The film was submitted for a certificate to the BBFC and was awarded an 18 cert in November 1992. But then things took an unexpected turn. The abduction of toddler James Bulger by two other children dominated the news in February of the next year and the media was stating how horror films and specifically home videos must be the cause. A number of films that had been released were targetted with Childs Play 3 taking most of the blame. The Daily Mail (who else) noted how Mikey was a future release and involved a child killer. Surely this couldn't be released now, could it, they opined. Head of the BBFC, James Ferman then took the unprecedented step of taking back the 18 certificate that had been granted to Mikey and banning it outright. It's hard to believe that this happened but it did. Mikey was resubmitted for a certificate in 1996 but was rejected. The film is still banned in the UK.

BUT, it's on YouTube.
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Mikey is a special child with a different kind of special skills
phanthinga29 April 2018
Mikey is a pretty hardcore slasher flick when the villian who you should fear is not a guy in the hockey mask or a guy can kill you in your dream but the most harmless person in the world:A child.The movie is not messing around with viewer cause about 5 minutes in the movie Mikey the main character already kill his adoptive family start off with the drowning of a little girl.The subject behind Mikey is disturbing and not easy to understand but don't take it seriously cause put all the spychological stuff aside Mikey is still cheesy as hell.
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Highly Entertaining!
Astraether1 December 2020
I laughed throughout this movie, so in that sense it was highly entertaining! I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a dark comedy or just so bad it's good. I had it recommended to me after asking for evil child movies. For whatever reason, it's a trope I love!

This one certainly fit the bill, complete with cheesy one-liners. I remember Brian Bonsall in Family Ties so it was fun to see him play the adorable but murderous waif. Parts were slow but the beginning was off to a good start and the ending was so over the top ludicrous that I actually LOLed. I'm almost surprised this doesn't have better cult status. Fun if you want to be entertained by bad horror.
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I loved Mikey!
msval5 November 2006
If I had to choose between The Good Son (McCauley Caulkin) or Mikey (an unknown actor); my choice would be Mikey. I thought this young actor did a fine job. I'm surprised I have not seen him in other movies. Mikey was psychotic; yet, in a strange way, lovable. I enjoyed the suspense of what Mikey was going to do next. The psyche of Mikey should have been explored more thoroughly. What happened to him in his earlier years? Who were his real parents and what did they do to him, if anything? Better yet, what happened to them? However, the movie seemed to be low- budget so perhaps the budget did not allow for further exploration.
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Decent movie but start of the movie, woah!
atinder7 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is still banned in the UK, due to James thing back in 1993

This movie gets going from very first second of the movie, I found the start of the movie very chilling and a bit disturbing (That pool scenes was so hard to watch) This evil 9 year boy kills all of his adored family in first 3 minutes of the movie.

The movie calm down a little and as dose Mikey, when he again adored by another family and first he acts calm and start to act angle to everyone.

As the movie goes, he dose get bit more silly and he lose the tense feeling it had at the start of the movie and soon as he dose get his way, he start act evil again.

Some of the attacks were a be strange, example (Small spoiler) Such as baby sister getting attacked by the Hammer, she dose not try to take it off him but runs away screaming, anyone with a brain would have knocked the kid down, got the Hammer off him but no, she runs around screaming from 9 year old lol.

I loved the start of the movie, very chilling and shocking at the same time but the rest didn't feel keep that factor.

rest of the movie decent watch and I enjoyed the last part of the movie, there.

6 out of 10
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Can't escape it's exploitation roots
tomgillespie20024 May 2011
One of the forgotten films of those to feel the wrath of the 80's and 90's censorship madness, Mikey has a more genuinely sinister feel to it than the others. Still banned outright in the UK, it tells the story of a young boy name Mikey Holt (Brian Bonsall). We see him first of all getting told off by his adoptive parents for lighting a fire inside the house, so he gains revenge by murdering the lot of them. The father especially gets it bad as he receives a baseball bat to the head from our pubeless protagonist. Unable to solve the murder, the police are quick to relocate Mikey with a new family, who at first warm to their lovable new son. But as he falls for his best friend's sister, and his behaviour starts to get stranger, his school teacher begins to suspect something is not quite right.

Generally thought of as being a 'video nasty', this wasn't actually on the official government list. Strange, considering it is far worse than the majority of the others. What it does share with a lot of the ones that did make the list, such as The Driller Killer and Blood Feast, is that it does lack in quality. Mikey obviously has a bit of a budget, but it's filmed in that TV Movie Of The Week style that makes it look like it should star Shannon Tweed. A lot of the plot developments either don't make sense or are just unrealistic, such as his current teacher phoning his old school and asking them about Mikey (as she suspects something is amiss), only for the teacher on the other end of the phone to give her everything she knows about him straight away. The film has been compared to Child's Play, but Mikey doesn't share the former's comic humour. A decent idea, but the film can't seem to escape it's exploitation roots.

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"Are you gonna be my new mommy and daddy?"
Hey_Sweden14 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Brian Bonsall of 'Family Ties' fame plays a nine year old Bad Seed who murders almost anybody who rubs him the wrong way. In the opening minutes of "Mikey", he's hard at work slaughtering his current foster family. Soon, he's adopted by well-meaning couple Neil (John Diehl, 'Miami Vice') and Rachel (Mimi Craven, "A Nightmare on Elm Street"), and to them he's a perfect little angel. But we all know it isn't going to be long before he's resuming his murderous ways.

Bonsall gives a creditable performance in this hilariously trashy, silly, nonsensical early 90s addition to the "killer kiddie" genre. Written by Jonathan Glassner, it enacts an unsurprising scenario wherein some adults and older people get wise to Mikey, and attempt to do something about him, while Rachel and especially Neil prove to be stubborn dummies. This is also the kind of movie where victims are pretty clueless and don't do much to try to save their own lives. People may end up rooting for this psychotic brat by default.

The cast features a couple of familiar faces: also appearing are Lyman Ward (the title characters' dad in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") as the principal, Ashley Laurence ("Hellraiser") as a concerned teacher, Josie Bissett ('Melrose Place') as the sexy teenage neighbour upon whom Mikey crushes, Mark Venturini ("The Return of the Living Dead") as a detective, and Whit Hertford ("Jurassic Park") as a neighbour boy. These people give a straight-faced go at this exploitative story, which dishes out some fairly amusing kills and half-hearted attempts at suspense. It builds to one of those grand finales that truly brings the house down.

If you're looking for familial thrillers or horror films, you could do better (yes, "The Stepfather" is a better example of this sort of thing), but ultimately "Mikey" is good for some mild chuckles, thrills, and titillation. It works best if you do NOT take it seriously.

One of the most twisted but amusing touches: Mikey takes the time to videotape all of his misdeeds, later watching the tapes and enjoying his own handiwork. He dubs them "Mikey's Funniest Home Videos".

Six out of 10.
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