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Great film about what it would REALLY be like to be invisible.
behamut13 September 2000
One of the best points of this movie is what it seriously would be like to be invisible. I'm sure everyone, at least once in their life, has wanted to be invisible, but how few of us really thought about the negative side effects? This movie shows them. Nick (played by Chevy Chase, whose great in a serious role,) gets turned invisible in a lab accident. As soon as the CIA find out about this, they stop at nothing to obtain him. And if they can't have them, no one can (including himself.) Although the film has a large amount of funny parts and an overall light tone, it isn't necessarily a comedy. There is a serious over tone to it that makes it very interesting as well as funny and can be enjoyed almost purely for it's story line and insight on what it would really be like to be invisible. Definitely worth a look for anyone who's up for a good movie.
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Being unseen can been helpful or hurtful
GOWBTW26 February 2008
Chevy Chase is at it again. This time he plays a yuppie who become totally transparent after a freak accident. In "Memoirs of an Invisible Man", Nick Halloway(Chase) becomes both victim and pawn of the CIA. Halloway becomes invisible following an explosion in a laboratory which, makes him a perfect weapon against the enemy. However, someone in the CIA wanted him for more than that. So Nick escapes, and goes to the woman he loves dearly, Alice Monroe(Darryl Hannah). She thinks that Nick is dead, but when she sees the truth, it's out of sight. Literally. Nick's personality and wit gives him the edge when Jenkins(Sam Neill) would give him a promise to give him back his molecules so he can be living a normal life again. So far, Nick finds his condition a bit of a plus so far. He can play practical jokes, without getting caught. The only way you can get caught is to misuse the ability of stealth. It's a lot of fun, it's too bad it didn't do well at the box office. This movie is perfect for home viewing I believe. It wouldn't hurt to be invisible, just get used to it. 4 out of 5 stars!
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Surprisingly good...
Chiron198720 July 1999
Memoirs of an Invisible Man tanked in 1992, and was seen by many as a dismal failure, and a sure sign of Chevy Chase's film career demise. However, I, a life-long Chase fan, was pleasantly surprised by the film, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

It is fast-paced, quick-witted, and features a terrific dramatic turn for Chase. While the story is somewhat muddled, and the other performances, especially Darryl Hannah's, remain a bit stoic and wooden, the eye-popping special effects are truly top notch.

Chevy Chase has never been respected in Hollywood, and his movies are always deemed as failures, but to me, and others, he is a comedic genius, either as the familiar buffoon, such as Clark Griswold of the superb Vacation series, or as the aloof wisecracker, such as Irwin Fletcher, in the Fletch films.

Highly recommended.
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A movie with a serious Chevy Chase - I liked it
waldwuffel-130 April 2008
I've seen this movie a couple of times, and I like to watch it ever since I saw it the first time when its on TV. The plot is moderately original, the settings are good, and on top of all, we see great acting from all three leads: Sam Neill, Daryl Hannah and - to my surprise - Chevy Chase. My main memories about him the time I saw the movie for the first time was him sitting behind the wheel of an estate car, playing is undoubtedly most famous Clark Griswold character, which I really do not like. The more astonishing that it just takes a darker setting, some good co-actors, and the fact that he is visible only about half the time of the movie, and there you go, some fantastic Chevy Chase acting over there. He played his character very authentic, although maybe a little too cool later on during the movie. Maybe this movie cannot hold up to more popular Hollywood movies of its time, but it is a quite decent story with good acting and some very nice ideas. 7 outta 10, with a +1 star understatement bonus.
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Being Invisible Isn't What It's Cracked Up To Be
ccthemovieman-113 January 2007
There are some interesting lessons to learn from this film....not that any of us will ever get to learn this since we'd have to be able to turn invisible. However, when we think about all the fun we could have being invisible, we don't think of all the problems it would cause us. This movie brings some of those to light, so to speak.

I enjoyed Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah in here and I am not fans of either of them. Chase is funny in this film and does an outstanding job playing the role not just with humor but drama, romance and suspense. You get all of that in this movie. Hannah provides the beautiful face and someone for Chevy to chase.

This is another PG-13 movie that really should have been rated R with the language, for one thing. Overall, it's a film whose title may sound hokey but the story is done well. It''s actually though-provoking. Being invisible would not be all fun and games.
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Chevy Chase can be serious when necessary
necrophilissimo25 September 2005
I have to admit, I was very skeptical about this movie, mostly because most John Carpenter's attempts to do something else than horror or sci-fi have been complete disasters. And having Chevy "cheap comedies" Chase on the cover didn't help. But I'm glad that there still are a few positive surprises lurking in the video rental shelves.

Most movies involving invisible people have been pure special effects extravaganzas with few thrills, so seeing this film was a pleasant fresh meat to the grinder. Performances are great, except perhaps for Hannah (but as she is there for looks, it doesn't hurt). Chase's performance is as solid as it can get and even though there are slight hints of his generic and all-seen comedic maneuvers here and there, when combined with ILM special effects they're fine - a bit like Jim Carrey in "The Mask". Sam Neil is great bad guy, but that's no news for everyone who has seen third "The Omen".

Not to spoil things, I can say that the plot is fine and has several innovative ideas. Just don't expect anything genre-defining or even remotely intelligent, and you're in for an entertaining ride.
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Under-Rated Comedy from John Carpenter
greene51514 January 2009
Memoirs of an Invisible Man is an Under-Rated Comedy from classic genre director John Carpenter, it has Chevy Chase in the title role with fine support from Sam Neil who is Chase's Nemeisis Darryl Hannah is the love interest who look's great in the role ten years after blade runner. the critics may of been harsh upon the film when it was released but like many John Carpenter film's (witness the terrific The Thing')it later found it's audience via video and DVD. the special visual effects by industrial light and magic still stand out today especially the matte paintings. all in all it's an enjoyable film although don't be expecting an all out effect's extravaganza like his previous works as this is more or less light hearted which is fine it's unfortunate that Carpenter's track record has never produced anything memorable since.
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Do they still give you marks for effort?
A_Different_Drummer5 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN was actually a really good novel written by HF Saint in 1987. It is typical of our film culture that many reviewers just assumed that this was some sort of special vehicle designed for Chevy after his middling success with Fletch...? Now (sorry for the lecture, but facts are facts) in my review of the first Fletch film here on IMDb I tried my hardest to point out that Fletch was ground-breaking literature by a great writer and was never written as a comedy; and was certainly never written with Chevy Chase in mind. (But I am sure the author cashed his check anyway!) You gotta figure that by the time the Fletch franchise imploded, Chevy's agent was SERIOUSLY looking for something to reestablish the actor as a lead in a romantic comedy, one that did not involve false teeth and playing an inbred hillbilly. So in the strange bizarro world that passes for Hollywood logic, the next step was to take a serious novel like this and see if Chevy could make it fly? They tried. It's close to the book, which is high praise for Hollywood. Hannah is always fun to watch on screen. And Sam Neill steals every scenes that is not nailed down. But the film never really gels as entertainment and, as others here have noted, Chevy's film career was was starting to run on fumes.
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A well done linear Chevy Chase/John Carpenter film.
Ryan_McLelland19 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
With its tagline one might expect a lot of comedy out of this Chevy Chase vehicle. When released the film bombed not making anything near its budget back, put the nail in the coffin of Chevy's career, and looked nothing like a John Carpenter film. Overlook the sometimes uninspired voice-over by Chase and what you'll find with Memoirs Of An Invisible Man is a very well done drama sci-fi film.

The drill is basically thus: Chase is your average blah-blah yuppie who is turned invisible. The CIA, headed by agent Sam Neill, are after Chase to perhaps sell him to the highest bidder for an 'invisible soldier'. Chase runs and eventually, after hiding at a friend's house, runs back into the previously introduced Daryl Hannah. The two fall for each other while Hannah can't see Chase, as the CIA come close to capture in their pursuit.

The film's plot is fairly linear as the film follows Chase as he runs from the CIA until the finale. However the film does an excellent job of imagining what life would be like could you REALLY become invisible. Would people be able to see what you had to eat and how your food would digest? Does the clothing you had on with the experiment remain invisible as well? Following the film you really feel for Chevy as you might feel he might not escape those who pursue him.

There is not one ounce of a John Carpenter film here so fans of Little China, Vampires, Escape from New York, and his many other films need look elsewhere. Carpenter comes in to tell the story and does so well. The special effects are incredible considering what time period this film was done, when ILM was right on the cusp of their incredible CGI technology but not quite there yet.

This film made me care for Chevy's 'Nick Halloway' and I think the movie being presented as a comedy with its awful posters and taglines killed it. This film is a great 'invisible man' movie, a genre perhaps not done well since Hollywood's horror heyday and continues to not be done well with uninspired flicks like Hollow Man or Fantastic Four's Sue Storm. Actually the direct-to-DVD Hollow Man 2 does a fine job of invisible storytelling as well, but that's a whole other movie....
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Outta sight.
vip_ebriega18 October 2008
My Take: It' ain't great, but its funny and interesting, and packed with wildly imaginative special effects.

Part-Hitchcockian manhunt thriller, part-James Whale and part-screwball special effects comedy, John Carpenter's 1992 misunderstood MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN is a delightful although not entirely great comedy. Or was it really meant to be a comedy? Although it's obviously a Chevy Chase vehicle pumped up by (for-the-time) groundbreaking special effects. But was it really a comedy? John Carpenter refuses to tell us exactly what the identity of, not the character, bu the movie. It was both a thriller, a comedy and a love story at the same time. And, although Carpenter wasn't able to balance all three genres together and make them mesh together completely, he does provide an interesting and skillfully-made little film. The special effects are dated compared to today's standards (By the following year, these kind of special effects would be extinct and would make way for CGI with JURASSIC PARK) but they are still quite convincing at some scenes. As a matter of fact, they're actually quite funny in some scenes (The scene where Chase sees the food he just ate digesting was pretty hilarious). The performances are decent at best, with Sam Niell in fine form as the antagonist, a ruthless undercover agent, and Daryll Hannah as a fine damsel-in-distress. Chase is pretty good too, although due to his comedic screen presence, it's quite hard to take him seriously during his scenes that are meant to be serious.

Although flawed, MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN is a skillfully-paced and hilarious film. It might be an overstatement to say Carpenter was in control here, but no one can say he didn't at least do a passable job.

Rating: *** out of 5.
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Not prime Carpenter, but decent viewing for what it is.
Hey_Sweden11 August 2018
Eventually there comes a time when actors who usually specialize in comedy decide that, for at least once, they'd like to be taken seriously. And so it goes with this Chevy Chase vehicle in which he largely plays it straight. He's cast as Nick Halloway, a securities analyst who is rendered invisible after a freak accident at a laboratory. This makes things difficult as he attempts to romance a documentarian (a radiant Daryl Hannah) whom he's just met, and tries to avoid a sneaky Federal agent (an appropriately smarmy Sam Neill) who wants to exploit Nicks' situation.

At the least, "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" offers an interesting look at a person who has to accept invisibility as a fact of life. In addition to the benefits of not being visible, he must deal with the realities. For example, HE may be invisible, but the food and drink he ingests won't be as they enter his system. All the spy stuff is pretty standard-issue, and one has to presume that the source novel by H.F. Saint was somewhat more nuanced.

Still, this is reasonably entertaining. It was clearly just work for hire for the celebrated veteran director John Carpenter; because it's among the least "Carpenter-esque" of his filmography, it may not be very satisfying to his fans.

Chase is very earnest. You have to respect his restraint; at no time do you get the indication that he wants to crack wise. Hannah is appealing and of course gorgeous. Neill is an effective villain, although he doesn't really try to suppress his natural Kiwi accent for the role. Familiar faces like Michael McKean, Stephen Tobolowsky, Patricia Heaton, Donald Li (From JC's "Big Trouble in Little China"), Rosalind Chao, and Sam Anderson also turn up. JC himself has a cameo late in the picture as a helicopter pilot (billed as "Rip Haight").

But the real stars of the movie are undoubtedly the visual effects team at ILM. If a viewer is otherwise bored with this, they can't deny that the invisibility gags are effective.

Overall, good for some chuckles and thrills.

Six out of 10.
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Fascinating film with Daryl Hannah
slon978 January 2006
Practically irreproachable adventure cinema - fascinating, beautiful, improbably effective (and for the beginning 90 years simply event in the world of special effects), places ridiculous, and places the intense show which does not allow to come off the screen. The original and original decision of a problem of Herbert Wells of which I since the childhood have become engrossed in reading, finds the happy decision in John Carpenter's film.

Chevy Chase, to tell the truth, anywhere especially it is not pleasant to me. There are, certainly, at it excellent roles, but it, basically, pure comedies " Three Amigos ", " National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation " and " Nothing But Trouble ". In other genres it either changes, or looks a little unnaturally, as here, for example. It is good, that, observing of special effects and turns of a fascinating plot, game Chevy Chase often simply you do not notice.

And here for the sake of whom it is really possible to look this film, so it for the sake of Daryl Hannah. Here it is delightful, charming, charming, sexual, fine, beautiful, charming, attractive as an angel, however, as well as everywhere. Ms. Daryl Hannah in my list of the most beautiful girls of Hollywood for a long time borrows one of the first places, and each film in whom it plays, it is possible to look only just for the hell of it to see it on the screen! Sam Neill has not so liked. For me it, first of all the positive hero and in a role of the villain is not looked at all...

In general, film is good. For time it is very good, and to our time - it is simply good and interesting. Owing to participation Daryl Hannah it becomes also wonderful!;)
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Mainstream Carpenter - Surprise, Surprise
gravity315 October 2005
I really stayed away from MEMOIRS FROM AN INVISIBLE MAN for a long time. I couldn't imagine cult-horror/action director John Carpenter pulling this off. But it's actually very well made, quite enjoyable and proves Carpenter's range is greater than many of us would believe. MEMOIRS is as slick a movie as anyone in Hollywood would crank out. It's the thoughtful Carpenter direction, packaged in a Tony Scott style wrapper.

What Carpenter doesn't get quite right is keeping Chevy Chase from smirking a few times too many (an arguably tough chore I'm sure, since that's what you'd usually want him to do more of in any other film). That pulls us out of the moment and made me uncertain just what was intended in a couple of scenes. There are other times when I felt the filmmakers went for a joke a bit outside the range of the rest of the comedy. Because really, MEMOIRS is not so much a comedy as it is a look at what would be the misery of invisibility and not the greatness of it. Mostly the humor is borne out of that misery, and that makes the film a little more compelling and thoughtful than a typical popcorn flick.

The special effects don't feel dated as much as one would expect, and are sometimes quite remarkable. Hannah does well considering she's acting against an effect or by herself half the time - certainly harder than it looks. The cast is all good, and Michael McKean and Sam Neill stand out as you'd expect.

Shirley Walker's score is really the best of any Carpenter film I can think of - perhaps because he stayed out of it this time. I won't say I haven't liked a John Carpenter score in the past, and he does cook up some good melodies, but it's often the weak link. I know he has fun doing them, but music helps the whole story succeed, and Carpenter would be better off turning over his melodic ideas to a pro like Walker more often.

Actually, I think this kind of movie is where Mr. Carpenter needs to return to - a mainstream story that shows his range. His vampire, alien, undead serial killer plots are getting pretty thread bare of late, and maybe there's just not another good story to tell there. He's given us plenty of the best of those - heck he pretty much reinvented the genre with films like HALLOWEEN; what more could he show us in that world? I say come on back to the mainstream, Mr. Carpenter. MEMOIRS proves you can do it, and well at that.
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Good Movie
LuboLarsson26 February 2007
I enjoyed Memoirs of an Invisible Man, its no classic but better than its flop reputation. I've always been a fan of Chevy Chase and I'm also a huge fan of John Carpenter although I never imagined that Carpenter would direct a Chevy Chase movie, but to be honest if I had not heard that John Carpenter had directed this or seen his name in the credits and had just watched the movie oblivious to the fact I don't think I would have guessed this was a Carpenter movie. Nothing about it screams John Carpenter, its much more a Chevy Chase movie although a slightly more serious one than normal. He's pretty good in this, more straight and with less of the physical and wacky comedy that made his name. Daryl Hannah is as beautiful as ever as the love interest and Sam Neil makes a good villain. One thing I will say about this film is it seems like it may have been heavily cut as it seems a bit disjointed at times. Special credit to the special effects guys though , amazing effects for a 1992 movie. All in all a rather good movie.
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The first Chevy Chase movie that I ever saw...and it's in Movie Madness's horror section.
lee_eisenberg3 January 2006
If you're walking through Movie Madness's horror section and see a Chevy Chase movie, you may think that it's either a joke, or that you're dreaming. Well, it's serious. "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" was actually the first Chevy Chase movie that I ever saw (and I even saw it in the theaters). Chase plays San Francisco stock analyst Nick Halloway, who becomes see-through after an accident. His only hope is documentary maker Alice Monroe (Daryl Hannah), but CIA agent David Jenkins (Sam Neill) has his eye on Nick (not literally, of course).

Much of the movie has Nick running away from people. Some scenes are just straight comedy, like his dream of undressing. But most of the movie portrays the grim world that Nick is forced to inhabit. Maybe this was an allusion to the malaise that had taken over the country during Bush Sr's presidency. I wouldn't call this John Carpenter's best movie ever, but I did find it interesting, if only to see Chevy Chase in a non-goofy role.
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Covers so many genres
cryofry6 May 2005
This is my favourite movie of all time. Sure, the plot is pretty simplistic, but so what? It's still a great film with enormous entertainment value. It covers so many different genres: comedy, drama, romance, action, adventure, sci-fi. It is also a very good thriller. Chevy Chase is perfect in the role of invisible man, Nick Halloway. I don't think anyone could have done it as good as he did. He does his usual comedic routine and it works impeccably. He is also very good at drama in this movie. A truly great actor. Daryl Hannah is brilliant and beautiful as Nick's love interest, Alice. The two of them have such great chemistry in this film. Lastly, Sam Neill is the perfect bad guy: Intelligent, arrogant and brutal.
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DaWeas00720 July 2000
I must say, going into this movie I had some preconceived expectations and pretty high desire to see this, based on the fact that I am a huge science fiction fan as well as a technology / special effects fan. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the film, mainly because of the style of the story telling. It was at the present and went back several months and then came back up to the present, which is a method of storytelling I enjoy the most. On top of the that, performances by Mr. Chase, Ms. Hannah, and Mr. Neil, were all top-notch. Special Effects too thrown in were top notch as well, not only cause we were dealing with an invisible man, but we got the viewpoint from two sides, that from the main actor's standpoint (played by Chevy Chase) but from that of how others saw him, or rather how they didn't see him. By the end of the movie, I felt sorry for Nick but at the same time I wanted to be him.

For a good family movie with mystery, suspense, comedy, and some drama, you won't be disappointed in checking out this rare gem. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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An Highly Visible Movie (dvd)
leplatypus12 April 2005
This movie is a good surprise.

It tells the story of a modern invisible man. There is no question about experiment, mad scientist, etc... because the hero is a simple trader, and his life turns into a mess the day he becomes accidentally invisible.

On this simple idea, this movie succeeds in a lot of genres: it is a fantasy movie, a comedy, a thriller, a romance, a Carpenter's movie with a subtle critic of America....

The locations are also very enjoyable and spouses well the need of the story: the urban life of San Francisco & the countryside near the ocean. In the city, the action is dynamic, while in the country, there is much time for reflexion.

All the tricks of the invisibility are well done. Every 5 minutes, you will be delighted to see a funny, inventive shot. On the psychological side, all the implications of this situation are confronted: the loneliness, the power, oneself's identity, the value of appearance, etc....

At least, all the actors are wonderful: Hannah delivers her traditional but so much sensitive portray of a delicate, naive, sincere woman. Chase excels with his attitude and he sure brought his comedy experience.

In conclusion, congratulations Mr. Carpenter !!! Your talent have blended harmoniously all this, and in spite of of being far away of your traditional horror movie, you prove that you are a great director !!!!
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Chevy Chase's finest performance in fun comedy
TheNorthernMonkee29 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers

Since Ralph Ellison wrote "The Invisible Man" in the 1950's, the notion of the individual with the unique hiding ability has been well in the minds of teenage boys the world over. Every male on the planet will at one point or another have dreamt of being invisible and sneaking into the girl's changing rooms. Often when people create their own films on a similar premise, they always create the man as your well meaning individual who wants to fix himself. Ultimately he's never your average guy though. In 1992 though, John Carpenter directed Chevy Chase in arguably the most unique aspect of this story ever.

In "Memoirs of an Invisible Man", Chase plays yuppie Nick Halloway. Having a doze at a conference as a result of a nightmare hangover, Nick is genetically altered and awakes to find himself transparent. Now chased by Government agent David Jenkins (Sam Neill), Nick finds himself an invisible fugitive.

This film is a great laugh for late night entertainment. With Chevy Chase in his finest role, the film has a charismatic leading man who manages to play the part superbly. Adding to this an eerie performance by Sam Neill, and your on to a winner.

Yes, OK admittedly this film is never going to win any awards, except perhaps for it's clever effects, but it's well worth watching. With great performances, a decent script and a few good jokes, "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" is a clever little film well worthy of praise. Enjoy
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an underrated and good bad movie
jean-no22 March 2008
There is always "something" in a John Carpenter movie. In this one, the great "something" is a really great nonsense humor. Lots of sequences are, in my opinion, unforgettable. Like the moment when the invisible Chevy Chase manipulates a guy he knocked to use a taxi. I love the way the CIA guys do every mistake possible (acting as treaters and villains) or the way Nick Halloway tries hard to have a quiet and normal life - no invisible man had wished that before, I think. It is definitely not a great movie and even not the average John Carpenter movie, but it still is fun. The french-subbed dialogs are very funny, I don't know how accurate they are to the original dialogs.
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The fun is very visible in this sweet, unassuming little film
inkblot1125 July 2007
Nick Holloway (Chevy Chase) is a self-centered businessman who, somehow, ends up in a scientific experiment gone awry. As the sole inhabitant of a building at the wrong time, Nick is rendered invisible by a glitch in a research project. Almost immediately, he is tracked by a nefarious government agent (Sam Neill) who insists that Nick become part of the United States spy program...or else. Yet, Nick is clever and manages to escape, time and again. At last, Nick takes refuge at an empty summer house on the California coast, where he orders the delivery of groceries and tries to plan his next move. Visitors arrive unexpectedly, and one of them is a beautiful woman named Alice (Darryl Hannah), whom Nick has romanced before. Can Nick somehow communicate to Alice his troubles and garner her help? This is just one of those "nice little films" that can entertain in a big way for an evening. Chase is terrific, Hannah is beautiful, and Neill looks like he is having a ball as the designated bad guy. The rest of the cast, although unknown, are a complete joy as well. The sets are very special, including the city of San Francisco and the lovely-beyond-compare summer house on the coast. Costumes are likewise very fine, with Hannah looking like a dream most of the time. As for the production values, they are top notch but, the film does pose some problems. Chase is the star, therefore, he can't be "invisible" all of the time. Very often, the viewer sees Chase, but if a mirror or window is nearby, the reflection shows us nothing...except a toothbrush or a hat, for example. The end result is an inconsistency in the realm of invisibility but, in truth, it doesn't matter, not really. For those who love amusing films, with intrigue, romance and funny characters, this is a movie to consider. Although the flick is totally unassuming, it delivers a "good show" for almost any audience out there.
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Dockelektro29 July 2001
What if an ordinary man was invisible? And what if that ordinary man was chased by a group of scientists who want to analyse the effects of invisibility in a human? Full of breakthrough special effects, this film works as an interesting modern day variation of the invisible man theme, with plenty of gags, but also with some cool moments. Chevy Chase is a perfect choice, as Sam Neill in the role of the bad guy. It is a pity that this film remained relatively obscure, it really has originality, albeit distorted by the demands of the studio system.
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Not a true Carpenter flick, but a true Chase flick
ODDBear24 January 2006
Chase plays an egocentric successful prick who by accident becomes invisible. Government sleaze ball Neill wants to apprehend Chase and use him to "serve" his country as a spy.

This movie isn't called John Carpenter's Memoirs of an Invisible Man, and with good reason. There is nothing Carpenteresque about this film, it feels completely like a Chevy Chace vehicle with state of the art special effects. If you like Chase you'll enjoy this film somewhat, just don't mistake it for an authentic John Carpenter movie. Chase delivers his fair share of decent one-liners and overall the film is quite enjoyable, but a lot of priority has been given to the film's spectacular special effects. The story grows a bit tiresome and it doesn't have any tricks up it's sleeve, it's mostly just Neill chasing Chase.

If you're a special effects nut then this will appeal to you. Chase fans (like myself) will like it too but this ain't no great affair. Sam Neill is a convincing bad guy and Daryl Hannah is always lovely to look at. I can't help thinking that Carpenter couldn't have had total creative control, for this is completely a by the numbers comedy. Oh well, maybe he's just slumming this time around.
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Could Be Better and Better
claudio_carvalho1 October 2015
In San Francisco, the stock market executive Nick Halloway (Chevy Chase) does not like commitment and is a man with no family and very few friends. One day, he goes to the bar and meets his friend George Talbot (Michael McKean) that invites him to join his table with his wife and their friend Alice Monroe (Daryl Hannah). Soon Nick and Alice make out in the ladies' toilet and when Alice leaves the bar, Nick drinks too much. On the next morning, the hungover Nick has to visit his client Magnascopic Laboratories and he decides to take a nap in the bathroom. However there is an accident in the building and Nick does not hear the alarm for evacuation. Soon part of the building and Nick become invisible. When the rogue CIA agent David Jenkins (Sam Neill) finds that Nick is invisible, he convinces his supervisor Warren Singleton (Stephen Tobolowsky) that would be very important to capture Nick to be studied and he chases Nick everywhere. Meanwhile Nick is seeking Dr. Bernard Wachs (Jim Norton) expecting to restore his visibility. Will he be well succeeded?

"Memoirs of an Invisible Man" is a totally different film directed by John Carpenter, especially the music score that is not made by him. The weak screenplay is lost between sci-fi, romance and comedy and the story is too conventional. Daryl Hannah is very beautiful and together with the special effects, make this movie worthwhile watching. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Memórias de um Homem Invisível" ("Memoirs of an Invisible Man")

Note: On 18 Sep 2020, I saw this film again.
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fun movie
jake-431 October 1998
This is an often exciting and quite often funny movie. John Carpenters made a great movie here.
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