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Sex & Nudity

  • Likely MPAA rating: R for sexual themes and situations involving children, nudity, and language.
  • A man is seen masturbating next to a crate of tomatoes. He is facing away from the camera, so there is no nudity, although his hand is shown moving rythmically in front of his crotch. A man approaches him and tells him to stop, and he replies with, "I am giving your tomatoes life." Later, a woman falls onto the crate of tomatoes and is impregnated by the sperm-covered tomato (this is told to the audience by the narrator when a doctor removes a tomato from the woman's vagina (no nudity) and examines it underneath a microscope, where he sees the sperm.)
  • A boy steps outside and pulls down his pants to pee. It is dark, so nothing explicit is shown.
  • A man states that "sh*tting had become an obsession in my family." Several characters are seen sitting on the toilet. No nudity. During one of these scenes, the camera zooms in on a woman's crotch, although it is dark and barely anything can be seen.
  • A man is shown sleeping in his underwear a few times.
  • A boy peeks through a keyhole and sees a woman wearing a sheer nightdress underneath which her nipples are slightly visible. He then notices that a much older man is sitting in a bathtub in the room. The man is seen carressing the woman's thigh and asking her to do "that thing" one more time. Another scene similar to this one occurs later, with the boy still eavesdropping. In this second scene, the older man asks the woman to "show me your tits" and she removes her top. Her breasts are visible. The boy spying begins masturbating.
  • A boy examines his genitals in a handheld mirror, and then smells his hand. No nudity.
  • Before leaving the room, a man tells a boy to "stop jerking off," although he actually wasn't. However, immediately following, the boy gets out a slab of meat, cuts a slit in it to resemble a vagina, and then puts it into his underwear. He then lays on the floor while looking at a pornographic magazine (several nude women are seen, including breasts and pubic regions) and starts humping into the meat on the floor. No nudity. Afterwards, the boy states that he had become "addicted to pleasure" and he is seen one more time humping into the meat on the floor, the second time much more vigorously. (As a side note, his family is seen eating the meat that he used to masturbate with.)
  • A boy rapes a cat while other boys egg him on. The cat is seen before and after but the act is not shown.
  • A woman masturbates two young boys simultaneously. They are shown standing up on either side of her, with their pants down. There is no nudity. They are heard moaning and saying things like, "Keep going, Regina, don't stop." One boy has his hand on her breast, while the other has his hand up her skirt.
  • A roomfull of nude statues is seen.
  • A roomfull of nude people is seen. You can't really see any explicit nudity though.

Violence & Gore

  • Two fights. 1) A young man is head butted, apparently breaking his nose. 2) a man is slapped, then punched then kicked, causing a bloody nose.
  • A boy is held underwater by a demented man. The boy struggles. The man is struck with a pan to get him to release the boy.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Children drinking what appears to be beer, including one who drinks a large quantity to work up "courage" to do something bad.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Attempted drowning of a child. Attempted murder by a child. A child raping a cat.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man is bathing in a bubble bath. A boy throws a noose over his neck and hangs him, so he is lifted out of the water, completely nude. Some bubbles partially obscure his genitals, although they are still somewhat visible.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is lifted in to the air by a noose about his neck. Scene shows him grasping for the rope and choking. he does not die.

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