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  • When his girlfriend is murdered, champion chess player and widower Peter Sanderson (Christopher Lambert) finds himself the prime suspect of her murder and the investigating officers Captain Frank Sedman (Tom Skerritt) and arrogant Detective Andy Wagner (Daniel Baldwin) think he is lying about his movements during the hours of his girlfriend's death. But, when his girlfriend's killer calls him on the telephone and tells him he wants to play a game with him, Peter decides to work with Captain Sedman, Detective Wagner and the beautiful psychologist Kathy Shepard (Diane Lane) to assist them in bringing the killer down. Then as the killer begins murdering more victims, Sedman and Wagner begin believing he is the killer, and Kathy wonders if Peter is guilty or innocent. Peter soon uncovers the killer's identity and that he is David Willerman (Charles Bailey-Gates), a disturbed former child chess player who stabbed Peter with a fountain pen during a chess game 20 years earlier, and is obsessed with Peter and bent on revenge upon Peter. David kidnaps Peter's daughter Erica (Katherine Isabelle) in order to lure Peter into a deadly final confrontation. Edit (Coming Soon)


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