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Tupac's best performance
mate_733 January 2003
This is a hip-hop classic that I could definitely relate to being from NYC, and having been in a click of four friends since grade school. The film has a great pace and rhythm from start to finish, never a dull moment. Tupac displayed the raw talent and anger that resides in most inner city youth who simply want respect. Unfortunately respect came at a price, which the film was precisely able to convey, through strong performances by Tupac, and by Omar Epps, as the aspiring DJ, in their first featured roles. Samuel L. Jackson has a noticeable role as a pool hall owner, and young Queen Latifah does her thing as the Ruffhouse MC. Ernest Dickerson does an excellent job with capturing the energy of Harlem in an honest way, not dressed as a stereo-typical slum or focused on the historic 125th street, but neutral to lay the groundwork for the true challenges that living in Harlem has to offer these four young men. A classic!!
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Buggieblade23 March 2004
Juice is an urban drama set in early 90's New York City. It is the story of four friends who each look to gain respect in the neighborhood one way or another. Q(Epps), Raheem (Kain), Steel (Jermaine ...), and Bishop (The Late? Tupac)have good chemistry as the group of friends looking to earn some props around the way. The standout performances were from Tupac and Epps. There are many cameos by famous hip-hop celebrities in the film. The story is good and there are many memorable lines for those who enjoy this genre.

The cinematography by Dixon gives you the feel of Harlem during that era. This will go down as a classic hip-hop film with a great soundtrack. All-in-all this film is a must have if you are a fan of the genre, and a decent pick-up if you are not particularly fond of these types of films.


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A classic hip-hop film...as good today as when I first saw it
lotus_chief23 August 2003
This is one of the few, probably the only film in the urban youth genre, a la 'Boyz in the Hood' and 'Menace 2 Society' that I can truly appreciate. This film is as gritty and true to the life as the other films mentioned, but the story and acting in this film rises it above the rest. Tupac Shakur was excellent in his role as Bishop....he came through with a very intense and harrowing performance. If you need any convincing as to his talent, this film will show that. This was arguably Omar Epps' best performance, he was VERY convincing as 'Q'. Where a movie like 'Menace 2 Society' was just a showcase of the gang life, 'Juice' mixes that with an interesting and true-to-life story. It shows the struggle of black youth in a whole new light; I can't help but feel for Q and his friends because that is something that could happen to anyone. A classic for fans of hip-hop culture.

*** 1/2 out of **** stars.
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Great Old School Hood Movie - Tupac and Omar Epps steal it
SnoosReviews14 June 2013
Juice is a film about 4 friends growing up in Harlem, it tells the story of how far you will go to get respect and how possessive the need to be respected can be.

I enjoyed this movie, a good solid hood film. The acting is superb, especially from Tupac and Epps. Really strong leading performances. The transformation of Bishop from the start to the end is played out perfectly by Tupac.

The movie has a great urban old school feel with a belting hip hop sound track. It's funny, tense, emotional and gritty. Watch this if you are into this type of genre, even if your not, its definitely worth a watch.
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Classic film about friends
DunnDeeDaGreat22 October 2001
Juice is a classic film about four friends and the chocies they make and the consquences. The cast all give memorable performances in particular Tupac Shakur as Bishop. The film also features a young Omar Epps. The soundtrack is also one of the best soundtracks ever made for a hip hop film. I love this movie.
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Hip Hop Classic
latisha-simmons30 November 2005
Wow, the memories. This is one of my favorite hip hop flicks. I'm also a Tupac fan and I can honestly say when I first saw this movie.. I hated Tupac because he made the "bishop" character so real... A little too real.. Some say Pac's problems started after he made this film...That he was living out the character... Looking back on it now as I'm older I think the character helped him release some of the darkness in his past. I miss Tupac.. When I look at these watered down rappers ... i.e. 50 Cent.. and how he's still around.. It tells me people are attempted to fill the Pac void.. There will NEVER be another Pac.. Please believe it.. Anyway...I watched the move again recently and it's great the music and the vibe and movement of the film is gritty and honest. It really shows how small situations in the hood can become a big problems.. Pac was excellent and raw. Omar Epps was excellent as well.. I love the movie...It never gets old.

LS MahoganyGirl.com
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Gritty, hard-boiled streets drama
thehumanduvet8 May 2000
Top performances from Epps and Shakur make this film watchable, the story a fairly mundane one of street youth gangs drifting into crime in search of kicks, streetcred and "juice" (or power). Shakur is the nutter who leads the way on a downward spiral, eager to get involved in any crazy venture and leading his more cautious friends down with him, Epps the good kid hoping to escape the ghetto life through his DJing skills. Uniformly good acting especially from the two leads, cameos from Queen Latifah and Samuel L. Jackson, tense atmosphere and a funny, slang-heavy script all act in its favour, but a lack of originality and a rather mediocre ending bring it down a notch or two. Worth a look if it's your scene though.
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Great Stuff...
Liakot Ali12 June 2006
Juice is one of the Best Black Crime (Hood) movie of its time. Starring the late Famous Rapper Tupac in a surprisingly great performance. Out of all the rappers, i would say 2pac is the Best Actor out of the lot. Ice Cube is another good actor, DMX, 50 Cent and Snoop are OK. Omar Epps gives a good performance, who delivers some great speeches at the police station questioning. Juice tells the story of the lives of 4 teens in Harlem. After a robbery goes wrong, they end up in a murder investigation. There are some great Hip Hop tunes in this movie. Special appearance from Samuel L Jackson and Queen Latifah. This is worth the watch, if you enjoy your action movies.
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Power. Respect. JUICE
theweapon3318 August 2002
Power...Respect...JUICE. How far will you go to get it? Juice is a great story about four Harlem friends who crave the respect on the streets they call juice. The friends are tired of running from gangs, the police, security guards and so fourth. They decide they are going to earn the right to walk the streets they feel they should. So the gang of four decide to grab a gun and stick up the local convenient store. And all havoc breaks loose....? I don't want to spoil it for you. Includes a great cast of Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, Samuel L. Jackson, and Queen Latifah. Go out and rent this movie as soon as you can. Wait scratch that go buy it as soon as you can.
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Is it worth the squeeze?
Steve Pulaski9 October 2011
Juice is yet another hood film that presents itself honestly and with a good sense of realism. It doesn't capitalize on anything but the reality and the dangers of growing up in a city lead by gun violence and senseless murders. In the mix of it all are four Harlem boys all portrayed effectively by Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins, and Khalil Kain.

The boys call themselves "The Wrecking Crew," and are trying to survive with what they have in a dangerous town. They spend most of their time at an arcade or a record shop when they cut school a little early, most of the time being harassed by the police or a gang in the process. One day, one of the boys named Bishop (Shakur) buys a gun, and convinces the other three members to come along in stickup. They rob the store, and from that moment on things go from bad to worse for the boys.

There is a subplot involving another one of the gang's members nicknamed "Q" (Epps) who is an aspiring DJ, and has a big DJ competition the night of the planned robbery.

Writer and Director Ernest R. Dickerson has worked as the cinematographer on various Spike Lee films, and this marks his very first shot behind the camera. While Juice is passable and well-made, it suffers by comparison with film's made by Lee like Do the Right Thing and School Daze. It also can be compared to Boyz N The Hood, another excellent hood film by John Singleton.

I believe because of Spike Lee films and works of John Singleton is the reason why Juice has slipped through the cracks. It has a following, but because of strong critical acclaim surrounding the other pictures and this one just having mixed reviews is the reason why this isn't remembered as well as the other films.

The moral of Juice is great about a psychological change one person can go through in a matter of time, the message about gun violence, and strong friendships being tested. However - this is taken in a more clichéd manner than any other hood film I've seen. We don't know a whole lot about the characters, and we don't know about they're raised. We don't get the parental backstory which is what Boyz N The Hood was cluttered with.

I'm recommending Juice for its morals, its sense of realism, and its subject matter. However, the delivery is a little askew, and the four boys aren't developed as well as they could be. This is still one more realistic hood film that many should make time to see, but this film only reaches the level of average to decent while all of Singleton's films surpassed the above average mark.

Starring: Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins, Khalil Kain, Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by: Ernest R. Dickerson.
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Tupac Shakur's prophecy
NewEnglandPat29 January 2010
This picture is a disturbing but gripping urban thriller that details the lives of four youngsters who drift aimlessly day by day in search of manhood and self-respect. The film offers a realistic slice of street life in a rough neighborhood where families struggle to keep young teens in school and out of trouble. Peer pressure, petty crime and violence mark the lives of the principals and the lure of a gun and its power result in a showdown between the reluctant Omar Epps and the psychotic Tupac Shakur. The young men are on a macho trip throughout the story, squaring off with rival gangs, the police, authority figures and each other. The movie doesn't dwell on the scourge of drug use and pushers but instead essays the coming of age of black youths in an urban war zone and the many pitfalls they encounter as they approach adulthood. Samuel L. Jackson and Queen Latifah are great in supporting roles and the movie has a nifty hip-hop soundtrack that adds pace to a solid uptown crime drama.
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A Tale of Woe.
Kakarot_XR12 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Basically. This movie could easily turn out to be real - hell, I won't be surprised if something like this has already HAPPENED somewhere in the world (most likely it has).

Me and my sister showed this movie to our little brother because he's been caught stealing SEVERAL times from the family business - so we made him watch this and he rather-ed enjoyed it until the killing came along. And we could see it in his eyes, he did begin to think 'what if... that was me'.

What was great about the movie is that it wasn't too predictable nor was it too complex to for a 14 year old to follow.

After watching the movie we lectured him about how a simple theft can lead to more and more crime, and eventually - your life being taken away.

So, not only was it enjoyable - I it was also rather educational.
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I'm so glad I wasn't growing up like that!
Jakub Zahumensky13 March 2007
This movie is really moving and powerful. I haven't noticed many parts of it, where it was weak. Some parts really gave me the creeps and I felt like I was there in the middle of the action being afraid I would get shot myself.

Plus it made me look at the person of Tupac Shakur from another point of view. Though it's "only" a movie, he makes you think that he's actually crazy and if you cross his path, he'll take you out.

I love 2Pac as rapper and this was his first movie I've seen and I have to say that the film did fulfill exactly what I thought it would be, when talking about it's quality.

At the end I just want to add that I'm really glad I have grown up in a happy home in a rather quiet neighborhood!

I recommend this to all. It's worth watching it.
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my favorite movie.
Ghost19 May 2006
this is my favorite movie of all time. i remember seeing this when i was 7 years old. the movie amazed me. the whole concept of "q" being an up and coming DJ was great. and watching scenes of him mixing is what made me want to become a DJ. one of the problems i see now is that watching it now some of the effects seem cheesy, but maybe thats because technology has gotten better and I'm used to newer movies. also i did not like how little of the actual djing was involved in the movie. i think its like shooting a movie about Vietnam and having next to no shootings. another thing i liked was the soundtrack. naughty by nature, big daddy kane, too short, empd, and eric b. & rakim. the songs give you a good vibe for the time period. the main song "juice (know the ledge)" is a great song that gets that whole feel of the DJ culture along with again that time period. i gave it a 10 out of 10 because of how good it was for when it was done. i don't think it would be the same if they remade this movie so i hope they don't.
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Well made drama.
Peach-228 December 1998
Juice is a well made drama that focuses on 4 kids who just get tangled up in a bad situation. It is well directed by Ernest Dickerson and it has a lot of style. Good cast. Worth a watch.
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sickathanyoav8823 May 2007
This movie was str8 fire, its mos definitely was ill as hell. Dope movies like this don't come out no more. They couldn't have picked better actors to play the roles given in this flick. It perfectly exhibited the life & times of this era. The acting was on cue & the psychological progression of a man going mad(2pac) was amazing, i love this movie and the soundtrack. 100% up & down, the movie was Ill. I watched this movie over 20 times & it never gets old. I only wish the movie could have been longer. The only thing i caught in this movie that was really wrong was at the end when Q is holding bishop trying to prevent him from falling...If you look very closely you'll see bishops arms is white..lol. They could have at least picked a black stunt man i laugh hard every time i see it. But other than that the movie is sick & worthwhile.
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Decent Drama
ivony14 September 2003
I caught this movie late at night while channel surfing and was immediately enthralled. Omar Epps is absolutely fantastic in this movie and his on-screen presence is worth at least viewing this movie once. Shakur was a bit, shall we say, OVERLY dramatic, but not to the point of getting annoying or looking at this as a cheesy "B" movie.

The storyline isn't a bad one and serves to entertain as well as teach. It actually succeeds in doing both. Granted, the movie is a bit predictable, but thankfully this doesn't ruin the experience entirely.

Overall, I give the movie 8 stars. The only real drawbacks being its somewhat predictability and Shakur's tendency to overact.
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Stylish yet gritty debut for Ernest Dickerson
JawsOfJosh19 October 2000
Spike Lee cinematographer Ernest Dickerson (he shot Spike's first 6 films) makes a stylish, dark debut with the 1992 teen drama "Juice". Set in Harlem, the story chronicles the lives of 4 friends (including Tupac Shakur in a strong debut) trying to stay out of trouble. 'Q' is an aspiring DJ who holds fierce all his intentions to stay clean and away from danger. Steel is a chubby homeboy who wishes for nothing other than to have fun. Raheem, a teenage father, serves as the level-headed leader and peace keeper, and Bishop is a hot-headed firecracker eager to start war with the neighborhood gang (although these 4 don't behave like or consider themselves any sort of gang). Soon enough, trouble erupts when they rob the local liquor store in search of "juice" (power, respect) and a war erupts between Q and Bishop. Expectedly, Q would rather focus on an upcoming DJ contest but trash-talking Bishop has other plans.

Dickerson's directorial manner is sleek and balanced, his camera and editing preferences are not as out there and in-your-face as Spike Lee, yet he knows exactly where to put the camera for each scene (the cross-cutting police interrogation sequence is most dynamic, better than that of "The Usual Suspects" and it pre-dates that film by 3 years as well). Dickerson also chooses to avoid the obvious route expected in these kinds of films and delivers a sad, somber ending. The film is stamped hard with the look, sound and feel of the early 90's (an excellent era of those "urban" films if you ask me), colorful clothing, an excellent hip-hop soundtrack and murky neon lighting. If this is up your alley, I also suggest Bill Duke's equally powerful "Deep Cover" (also from 1992). It's too bad that Dickerson's further efforts have not topped this engaging premiere.
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Street level and raw, one of my favorites
Wes3 February 2005
This is one of my favorite movies. It never was big box-office success if i remember correctly, but I would recommend it to anyone. The real beauty of this movie is found in the harshness of the world it portrays, dark, maze-like, and violent, and the way the characters both clash with and reflect this environment. Unfiltered and realistic, we can feel the griminess of these Harlem streets, starkly contrasted by the life in the young men that walk them. They're a crew, brothers, and they display a love only truly understood by those similarly rejected by society at large.

Juice: it's the goal of their lusts and the cause of their fall. In the street vernacular it means power and respect, and is embodied largely in the simple possession of a gun. To take this path, to take up this tool, will hold dire consequences for every one of the crew.

It is an engrossing pleasure to watch Bishop (played with disturbing intensity by Tupac Shakur) as his already thin shell of morality, held tentatively in place by his crew, erodes completely away... spelling doom for those around him. Equally gripping is Omar Epps' Q, struggling vainly against the nightmare his world has become, the judgment of the ledge looming in his future. As their world falls around them, Bishop, Q, Raheem, and Steel must come to terms with the choices they've made, the darkness they have embraced, and the consequences of power misused. Rakim said it best: Let's see if they know the ledge.
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B-Level Script, Awesome Acting
The_Big_Daddy20 August 2002
It's pretty obvious Omar Epps and Tupac are awesome actors. If you don't get it from this movie, watch some of their other work and you'll get it. This movie's script was kind've crap and unbelievable. We're supposed to believe that before the movie Bishop was down and then all of a sudden at the beginning he turns into some cold, calculating guy willing to murder his friends? Man, please. But Tupac had a lot to say, but just didn't have it figured out; he was a little confused. And he got killed before he got a chance to raise up out. But I think Eminem has some of the same emotional complexity and while he has the same death-wish kind've attitude, the rap game isn't as dangerous as it once was. I expect we'll see Eminem grabbing a lot of the roles that Pac would've played.
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An Urban Film At Monumental Portions.
powermandan9 November 2014
I hate rap, hip/hop, pop, techno, dubstep...but Juice is set during the days when rap was taking off and there was actually some technique used and talent behind it. So this is one of the few cases where I did not mind there being rap music. 2Pac is one of the few rappers I like and he sets the screen ablaze. Juice follows four teenagers from Harlem: Q, Bishop, Raheem and Steel (Epps, Shakur, Kain, Hopkins) who try to get power and respect they call "juice." Q follows his dreams of becoming a successful scratch-n-mix deejay and deals with his love life, while Bishop tries more violent activities that break his friends and the streets where they live. After a heist gone wrong, Bishop slowly grows into an out of control madman. Epps as Q and 2Pac as Bishop are the main characters that were fantastic. Both are developed and carried out so well, both were Oscar-worthy. Especially 2Pac, whose portrayal of an inner-city psychopath was so original and so convincing, he really deserved an Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor. It is one of the best acting performances I have ever seen. What I really like about this is that it is purely character driven. Those are the best movies to watch and the best things to read. In fact, this is almost Shakespearean-like. I could see making Juice into a Shakespearean play, with enough modifications to make it seem more sophisticated and complex.
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Great Urban Drama Movie - A lot of substance
darkchaoschao30 May 2013
A movie about 4 childhood friends from a "'hood" in there late high school years. Basically one of the guys in the clique lusts for "juice", in other words, respect and power. He lusts for it so much, he does some pretty crazy things... things that make you really dislike the character. Tupac Shakur, he plays this role. He did a great job acting, played the character very, very well.

This movie never had any bad, boring, plain or corny moments to it. Throughout the whole movie was full of substance.

This movie might not be for everyone however... but if you like 'hood movies, then this is an easy rec. If you like any drama movies, this is an easy rec. If you just like comedy movies, then I wouldn't recommend this to you. But, being me, I love the urban hood drama movies... and this one was one of the best was I've seen, 10/10 stars.
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Amazing Dramatic Movie with Great Actors
kyndrazacherl20 October 2012
To start off, I am a huge Tupac fan, and watched this and Poetic Justice back to back. Those are very far away each other on the love story to horror movie equilibrium, and Juice won by a ton. This movie does a spectacular job of not portraying Tupac as the stupid rap star who wants to act, like T.I., Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre were portrayed in most of their movies. This movie has spawned many classic quotes for me, and shows just how tough the street can be for kids who have no idea what they are doing. This movie has a lot of symbolism, and has a very nice ending that ties well with everything that happens throughout. For being young guys, the four main stars do very well with making their character come to life. 10/10, this movie is a classic to me.
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Hallmark - Milestone of the Hip Hop Culture captured on Celluloid
huxley edwards21 September 2011
I hunted this movie down after seeing the commercial promo on Detroit Television, being in Canada, it was hard to find a movie theatre that was running the film. I was in luck, one cinema was running the film for a week. I was lucky and watched it on the big screen.

This movie is kind of a signpost of the whole hip hop culture and is a reflection of the good and bad sides, summation in the plot. Even what happens to Tupac's character, is a mirror to what was to come with him, but in a mixed up way. Bishop was nowhere near as spiritually centred as Tupac.

There are some awesome footage in the movie that so encapsulates 1991 hip hop culture, that positive uplifting vibe that seemed to dissipate within a matter of months into 1992. The whole cast is perfect for the characters. It's not an overly complex theme or movie, but it's full of neat little dialogues, good acting, some pretty decent cinematography and fun aspects. Q's dedication to the DJ art-form is pretty good too. I'm a DJ and could relate to a lot of what he was going through, and even the DJ competition was pretty close to reality, but some of the audio overdubs do not match up with the action. That's probably my only negative, and most of my friends never noticed those glitches, because they don't spin.

A great movie to give a chance if you come across it. Some dark themes, and it makes a balanced picture. A classic of urban culture of the 90's.
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