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The Device DVD Review

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The Device DVD Review
Title: The Device Rlj Entertainment Director: Jeremy Berg Writers: Jeremy Berg & John Portanova Cast: Angela Dimarco, David S. Hogan, Kate Alden Running time: 90 min, Unrated (Language, Violence, Sexuality) Special Features: 3 audio commentary tracks with writers & director, cast, Tracy Torme – screenwriter of Fire in the Sky and Intruders Available on DVD and Digital Download: December 16, 2014 Abby and Calvin (real-life spouses Angela Dimarco & David S. Hogan) are at the airport to pick up Rebecca (Kate Alden), Abby’s sister that they haven’t seen in over a decade. They are reuniting to spread their mother’s ashes at a secluded lake. During their visit together, something strange [ Read More ]

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Icons of Fright interview With The Device Director Jeremy Berg!!

Bypassing the flash and quick cuts of a lot of today’s horror films, director Jeremy Berg, along with this production company, The October People, have done a great job putting out very story-driven genre films. Having directed The Invoking and now The Device (out today!), Berg’s films are closer to the slow-burn approach that horror films used to take, and though the films’ DVD art might not give that appearance, the less is more approach works tremendously well for them.

Berg was nice enough to chat with us for a bit, regarding The Device, its DVD commentary featuring Fire In The Sky writer Tracy Tormé, as well as various other topics. Enjoy!

With The Invoking and now with The Device, you seem to be crafting what some might call “slow burn” horror, as opposed to the gory films that populate the genre a lot these days, your films are very character-driven,
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Image Entertainment Set To Release The Device To DVD This December; Impressive Set of Commentary Guests

Jeremy Berg’s The Device was one of my favorite genre films of this year (review), and it’s the dedication of Berg, co-writer/producer John Portanova, and producer Matt Medisch (known collectively as The October People) that made The Device, their previous film The Invoking and basically everything they have had their hands in really give of a genuine love for the genre/craft approach to filmmaking. Bypassing typical low-budget genre filmmaking full of the same thing, Berg, Portanova and Medisch put out films that feel like they would fit perfectly alongside more subtle genre films, ones that get under your skin more than just blasting you in the face like a lot of others do.

Like The Invoking, the upcoming DVD release of The Device is looking to give fans of the film an experience that goes past just the film itself, with a handful of commentaries (including
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The Notable Films of 2011: Part Five

The Factory

Opens: 2011

Cast: John Cusack, Jennifer Carpenter, Ksenia Solo, Mae Whitman, Sonya Walger

Director: Morgan O'Neill

Summary: An obsessed cop is on the trail of a serial killer prowling the streets of Buffalo, New York. When his teenage daughter disappears, he drops any pretension and professional restraint he might have to get the killer.

Analysis: Shot almost three years ago now, Dark Castle had originally planned to release this thriller back in late 2009. However for reasons unspecified, it has been sitting on a shelf for some time and keeps getting delayed. In cases like these, the most obvious reason is usually the correct one - it stinks (eg. "Case 39"). The company certainly has had its fair share of box-office duds lately including "Whiteout," "Ninja Assassin," "The Losers," "Orphan" and "Splice".

Yet Cusack generally has good taste in projects, his last venture into horror was the surprisingly effective Stephen King
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The Notable Films of 2011: Part Three

Catch .44

Opens: 2011

Cast: Forest Whitaker, Bruce Willis, Malin Akerman, Nikki Reed, Deborah Ann Woll

Director: Aaron Harvey

Summary: The story focuses on three women being thrust into an extraordinary situation involving a psychopathic hitman, a grizzled trucker and a delusional line cook.

Analysis: Oddly little is known about this indie crime comedy aside from the three lead female roles have gone through more than a couple of rounds of casting musical chairs. The likes of Maggie Grace, Kate Mara, Laura Ramsey, Sarah Roemer, Lizzy Caplan and Lauren German were all attached at one point or another before the final trio of Malin Akerman ("Watchmen"), Nikki Reed ("Twilight") and Deborah Ann Woll ("True Blood") were settled on.

Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker, Michael Rosenbaum and Brad Dourif also star with Willis as a crime boss behind everything that happens and Whitaker as a dangerously unstable assassin. Aaron Harvey, who last directed
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Steven Spielberg's new animated miniseries, Diane Lane in HBO movie (Excess Hollywood)

Discovery Channel and Steven Spielberg are at work on an animated miniseries called Future Earth, which will depict what life will look like in 25, 50, and 100 years. Will there be hover bikes?! [Variety] Diane Lane is set to star in Cinema Verite, HBO's upcoming film which looks behind-the-scenes of the groundbreaking 1970s documentary An American Family. Lane is playing Pat Loud, the matriarch of the family who asked her husband on air for a divorce. She must have discovered all his Ed Hardy wear. [THR] Comic-Con might remain in San Diego after all: Though talks began of moving the convention to a different
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