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Really not that bad for a sequel
TheLittleSongbird22 March 2010
I don't mind sequels, some are great like Home Alone 2 and Empire Strikes Back, some are nothing special but can be an improvement over their originals like Garfield 2 and others that belong in the garbage like Home Alone 4 and NeverEnding Story 3. This sequel really isn't that bad, at this point I don't think it belongs in either of these categories but in a category titled "a sequel that isn't as good as the original, but a sequel worth watching". It is very daft, even more dafter than Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, with a very silly final 20 minutes and the pacing at this point in the film isn't as strong as it was in the first 40 minutes, which was fun, fun, fun personified. Still, it is very entertaining for a number of reasons. It is nicely filmed, with a good soundtrack and some fun gags and physical comedy. But it was the performances that made it worthwhile. Rick Moranis reprises his role as Wayne and is immensely likable as always, and Marcia Strassman is great as Diane. Daniel and Joshua Shalikar are very cute as Adam, who has a nice, funny little laugh that doesn't grate, thank goodness. The other kids give appealing performances once again, the teen romance is evident here and is rather sappy, but hey I can live with that. Overall, for a sequel, this is really not bad. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Honey, I Stunk the Script
kenjha12 May 2006
The lovable Szalinskis are at it again. In this inferior sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Dad blows up his little son to the size of a redwood. It is enjoyable enough in the beginning but after a while the filmmakers run out of ideas about what to do with a big baby. As with the first film, Moranis brings a lot of energy to his role and Strassman still looks cute but the other kids and the nosy neighbors are missed. The plot line about Moranis' wacky boss just gets out of hand and by the time the action moves to Vegas, the whole plot becomes tiresome. It may have helped if they had a cuter kid play Adam or if they had him do some funnier things.
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Sequel Slightly Better
ccthemovieman-16 October 2006
Here's another example of the sequel being slightly better than the original, at least in my humble opinion. However, the original ("Honey, I Shrunk The Kids") was nothing super, not something you'd call a "classic." It was "pretty good." This one is "good."

It had more laughs and less irritating kids. There is still the stupid teen romance, but not emphasized as much as in the first movie. The little kid in here, who is turned into a giant, is cute and affable and his giggle is fun to hear.

The first 40 minutes of this film are the best. It gets a little too silly after that. At the end, Disney succumbs to the craze of the early '90s: having a woman punch out a man. In this case, it was nice mother (Marcia Strassman.) Give me a break!

The special-effects were okay but not totally convincing. In fairness, it's not easy trying to produce the effects of a 100-foot child walking down the streets of Las Vegas, but they've still come along way from the days of "The Attack Of The 50- Foot Woman" in 1958. However, there is still room for FX improvement.

Overall, some good laughs in the film and - with one exception - likable characters.
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Wayne Szalinski does it again, except now he has a machine that makes things grow.
clck200123 July 2007
This one is pretty good. Those who say that he runs around in a stupid King Kong or Godzilla like fashion are wrong. Does he eat anybody? No. Does he kill anybody? No. He is just a normal baby that has had an accident that most babies never have. He does break things, but that does not mean that he is a terror to society, or should be killed, or tranquilized. Moranis is excellent as his usual "eccentric" role in all three of these movies. Too bad the Szalinski's moved, because I liked the Thompsons from the original. I bet they either had to move because of Nick and Ron always at each others throats, or because Amy and Little Russ could never be parted. But it seems like Amy has forgotten all about Little Russ Thompson by now, because she just goes off to college with no regrets or worries. Bridges was good as Wayne's boss-totally different than his much earlier role as Harvey, the deputy, in the priceless classic, High Noon.
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give this dumb movie a break!
spectre316-19 July 2005
I expected some negative comments, but nearly every single one? C'mon, it's not that bad! It's really simple, stupid and (of course) illogical, but denying that there's no absurd comedic moments (the baby is kind of funny!) and no funny scenarios (the teenagers being stuck in the "toy car") seems bizarre to me.

I loved this film as a kid. There were specials on the Disney Channel when it finally (after what seemed like forever) premiered on there, and it was a rather neat experience for an eight year old.

In fact, I've watched this movie so many times as a kid that I've seen it a hell of a lot more than the unquestionably superior first movie. It was just one of those things.

Watching it now, I'll admit that the special effects can be rather cumbersome and the lines are almost always pure cheeseball (Rick Moranis' especially). Also, Keri Russell's work here is absolutely terrible; after watching a lot of "Felicity," I for some reason expected her to be at least near that quality. Not to mention the stupid "villian" who hits the baby with some projectile; very, very mock able.

But it's a nice little dumb movie! Who cares! It's certainly not "sequel hell," etc etc. It's entertaining at the very least.
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King Baby!
DarthBill9 April 2004
That affable, amiable, absent minded professor family man Wayne (Rick Moranis) is back, but now his experiments in size are funded by a big time company and he's a hot property. Unfortunately, his new toddler son, Adam, is the one who gets zapped this time, but instead of shrinking, he's turned into a toddler of Godzilla proportions. If you thought Wayne's wife was unhappy with Wayne shrinking their older son Nick and daughter Amy (who only cameos here) in the first film, just wait till you see her lose it here when she finds out her little boy Adam here! Now it's a race against time for Wayne to shrink Adam back down to size before he's destroyed by an uncaring society, with help from his now teenage son Nick and his girlfriend, Kerri Russell before she hit it big with "Felicity".

May strain the cuteness for some, will warm the hearts of others. Followed by a direct to video sequel that's not even worth the price of rental.
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Nothing To Hate But Nothing To Love,
lesleyharris3027 April 2013
Honey I Blew Up The Kid is a decent family movie with an average story line.The movie will definitely entertain a younger audience,but adults watching this movie with their kids will probably be bored,although I will say it isn't a horrible family film,its not the best,but its not the worst.The original,Honey I Shrunk The Kids,is definitely a much better movie for the whole family to watch.Honey I Blew Up The Kid will appeal to very young children,but the older audience will be bored,and fans of Honey I Shrunk The Kids will be disappointed by this sequel.

Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) gets himself into another very difficult situation when a new experiment causes his youngest child keep growing more and more stories tall.
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Absolutely wild and zany time which you will surely enjoy
Catherine_Grace_Zeh25 November 2005
HONEY, I BLEW UP THE KID, in my opinion, is an absolutely wild and zany time which you will surely enjoy. If you ask me, it was funny when Mandy (Keri Russell) said, "There's no way I'm changing those diapers." Also, if you ask me, Wayne (Rick Moranis) was even absent-minded than in the predecessor. Don't get me wrong, but I thought that it was funny when he told Diane (Marcia Strassman) that he blew up Adam (Daniel and Joshua Shalikar). Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone involved did an outstanding job and I really liked the Las Vegas scenery. Now, in conclusion, if you like Rick Moranis or hilarious sci-fi adventures, I highly recommend this absolutely wild and wacky adventure that you will surely enjoy. You're in for a wild time if you haven't seen it, so get ready!
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"Preeeety lame, Millhouse."
MovieAddict201629 June 2005
I really like the original "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" movie because it was clever, fun and I grew up on it. (Nostalgia always triumphs over film weaknesses.) However the sequel, "Honey I Blew Up the Kid," is absolutely terrible. Although it's not quite as bad as "We Shrunk Ourselves," it's still disastrous and a really poor cash-in on the original (which was an unexpected hit when it came out).

This one involves Wayne (Rick Moranis) the wacky inventor creating the opposite of his last machine - a ray gun that can blow up people (not literally, of course) and make them really huge. (This would certainly replace certain genitalia enlargement pills that exist on the market right now.) But oops, Wayne's toddler gets zapped by the sucker and turns into Godzilla.

The movie tries to rip off Godzilla and all those other cheesy movies by having Big Baby attack the Big City like a giant. Thankfully, he doesn't poop, because that would surely leave a stain on the city.

This movie is just lame. It isn't funny, it isn't clever, it's hard to watch at times. It's a disappointing sequel to a fun movie that never needed one.
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**** out of ****
clay-83 December 1998
"Honey, I blew up the kid" is wildly fun. When I first saw it back in '92, I couldn't believe how fun the film was. I actually prefer somewhat than Honey, I shrunk the kids. The characters were interesting. The whole relationship between Adam and Wayne was adorable and genuine. Wayne's character was very well developed as a clumsy genius who feels his wife doesn't think he knows what he's doing. And Adam himself has a great babyish personality that I found interesting and absorbing. This movie is a definite must-see. It reminds me a lot of Roland Emmerich's "Godzilla" more than any of the other godzilla movies. I also like how the movie doesn't copy from the original at all.
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Bigger is not always better
Monika-531 July 2000
I saw this film as well as the prequel in the theater, and they don't work nearly as well on the small screen. Matt Frewer and the rest of the "Thompson family" are sorely missed. Rick Moranis, Marcia Strassman, and Robert Oliveri try valiantly, but cannot save this movie. It doesn't have the spirit of adventure that the first one does. But this is also a great place to earmark the early career of Keri Russell, in her first major screen role.
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Such a wonderful family friendly film to enjoy!!!
dockerykelli16 July 2019
Honey, I Blew Up The Kid is such a great movie!!! Tons of laughter throughout the movie. Love, scientific!!! Such a great cast along with the storyline. A+++ Film.
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Honey adventures continues with this sequel
Min11111 October 2018
This is a really good sequel to "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". What I enjoyed the most about "Honey, I Blew Up the Kids" was just how different the plot was compared to the original movie, and that was a good thing. In fact, this movie doesn't look like it has ties to the original at all, so ineffectively, you could watch either in any order, really, and it still won't make much of a difference. What I like about this sequel was just how funny it is compared to the first one. I liked how the baby just kept growing bigger and bigger in a short amount of time. It's also more touching and emotional compared to the first one, and it even had me cry a bit - that you actually felt sorry for the baby. I first watched this on television, and I remember just how funny and enjoyable it was. Probably, the most difficult thing about this movie was picking the correct title for it, and it's a really good title too because I don't know what else you could've came up with other than "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid".
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big laughs very big laughs
jamesarooney29 August 2018
This movie is so overrated I can't believe the critics would say its the worst script in the series this movie is great the kid is cute and funny the acting is really good
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Not Bad
matthewssilverhammer20 April 2018
The best part of this somewhat hacky comedy sequel is the genre change. The first is an adventure film with a suburban backyard as the wilderness. This one is a fairly straight-ahead comedy-cover of an old giant monster flick with a baby playing Godzilla. Sure, the cavalier reactions, obnoxious villains, and incredibly thin story aren't great. But the effects are still super impressive, the humor is good-natured, and Moranis can make almost anything worth watching.
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A Large Adventure Perfect for the Whole Family
bwayjaime20 February 2017
I personally loved "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" and am a huge fan of Rick Moranis's work. As most sequels are, "Honey I Blew Up The Kid" is not nearly as good as the first. I however still found it enjoyable and a lot of fun. The effects could be considered a little dated when compared to more modern movies, but I think it still holds up considering the movie is almost 30 years old. I also felt the movie played it too safe with its action and did not take the risks of its predecessor.

I did enjoy getting to see Nick, who was only 11 in the first movie, as a young teen, dealing with fitting in and relationships (much like Amy's struggle in the first). Also fun fact, this is the first film appearance of Keri Russell from The Americans.

One thing that I wish this sequel would have given is a little bit of discussion on the aftermath of the kids who were shrunk in the first movie. I don't know about you but I would have some PTSD. Then again this movie's main demographic are children and families.

I would recommend watching this sequel if you were a fan of the first, or are looking for a fun, family adventure flick.
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Honey, they blew the sequel
rooboy8430 June 2002
This is a bad sequel. Bad acting, bad script. I'm surprised Wayne Szalinski did such a poor performance after he was great in the first movie.

Only up side is mild entertainment.

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they tried, but it just wasn't funny
helpless_dancer6 April 1999
This sequel was just not funny. The nutty professor screwed up again, but this time he made the baby into a 50 foot monster. I was not impressed.
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When will they learn?
grahamsj312 February 2004
That sequels almost never work? When will I learn not to bother to see sequels? At any rate, this is a typical sequel and, like most sequels, it stinks next to the original. The first film was pretty decent, but not great and this one is a very large step down. Few sequels have even come close to the original film and this isn't one of them. I liked the first film (but didn't love it). I didn't think much of this one. You probably won't either.
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Better than the first movie.
dhvidrine-movie27 January 2001
Seeing the baby turn into a 7 foot person and still getting taller was much better than seeing the characters shrunk in the first movie. I always thought that toddlers can be a real pain but seeing a giant toddler raise havoc in a house and in the city was very hysterical. There was great acting, a great use of common sense, great stunts,and every one played their own parts in a fantastic manner, and great music. I realized in a comical way that it is very hard to keep a giant baby from the neighbors, the press, the police, the government, the city, and his own mom! No wonder people wanted another movie from this series.I had to go to the bathroom several times since, I was laughing so hard at what the baby did throughout the movie. Even the animated introdution at the begining was great.Rent or buy this movie anyway you can it is so funny! I give it ten out of ten stars. Oh also look out for the guest star who plays Carl on Family Matters.
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No it's not as good as the first film, but as far as sequels go it isnt bad either
spencer-w-hensley23 November 2021
I rewatched this film recently as well as its predecessor and although the first film is superior in many ways, many people forget that there have been way, way worse sequels out there than this. Even the franchise's next installment Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves was much inferior to this.

This sequel is more targeted for smaller children than its predecessor was. Although its predecessor was a family film it had some more mature themes as well as moments that were intense.

Enlarging a toddler doesnt have the same comedic possibilities of shrinking four kids like its predecessor did but this is still an entertaining movie in it's own right.

The possibilities of what an enlarged toddler would do invading the streets of Las Vegas probably could have been explored a little bit more but what's on the screen are great special effects and performances as well as time catching up with the characters we loved in the first film.

The other thing is this movie was not supposed to originally be a sequel to its predecessor. It was supposed to be a standalone film about a giant baby from a freak accident. But when the first film became a smash, it would only make sense to re-write that concept as a sequel.

Rick Moranis is delightful as always, and his older son this time has a bit more personality than in the previous film. His daughter only appears briefly at the beginning before going off to college.

Lloyd Bridges offers solid support as the owner of the labs where Moranis works and brings a very welcome presence and this was also Keri Russell's first film and she offers good support as well.

And like its predecessor the special effects are amazing. Even for 1992 they are well done and hold up well in the present day.

If you like the great Rick Moranis whom we haven't seen in years (although we will see him again soon when this franchise's reboot entitled Shrunk hits theaters), or if you liked the first film you should enjoy this film also, although it is more juvenile in tone and humor than its predecessor it's still a lot of fun.

Remember it's a sequel. Everyone involved with or who saw Honey, I Shrunk the Kids I am pretty sure knew this was going to be a small step down in quality.

But that doesnt make it a bad movie. It's still a great childhood movie you can show your kids and have a good time.

Stream it on Disney Plus enjoy some nostalgia, dont compare it to its predecessor and you should have some fun.
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Disappointing sequel
seansohr12 October 2021
Disappointing sequel. Great animated opening, and a few choice chuckles but this was clearly produced more with the intent to make money than to entertain. Watch the original instead.
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The story is stretched fairly thin, but the visual effects still hold up pretty well
cricketbat14 June 2021
While not as creative or fun as the original movie, Honey I Blew Up the Kid is still an entertaining film for the family to watch together. The story is stretched fairly thin, and the acting is pretty cheesy, but the visual effects hold up surprisingly well in parts. This sequel isn't bad, it's just not as good when you compare it to Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
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"There is no way I'm changing those diapers."
Bored_Dragon25 October 2020
After shrinking his teenagers to the size of an insect in the first film, the goofy inventor has now accidentally sized up his baby to the size of Godzilla. The innocent creature behaves like any other baby but, at that size, its every movement poses a threat with a potentially disastrous outcome. It is now up to the parents and the older brother to solve the problem before the army intervenes.

The movie is quite naive, incomparably less imaginative and original than the first one, and the effects are nowhere near as impressive. But it's undeniably fun. I do not recommend it to picky hairsplitters, but it is quite a solid choice for relaxed watching with children.

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I expected it to be terrible, it's actually alright
r96sk23 September 2020
It's basically just a reverse of the first film, but 'Honey, I Blew Up the Kid' still satisfactorily entertains.

It's not as interesting as the original given that one has loads of funny anomalies, whereas this has just the singular difference of a giant baby. As such, events do drag out towards the end. However, I did find myself enjoying it, albeit on a minor level. There are a few amusing moments, while it does create some interesting shenanigans with the big kid.

Rick Moranis is the only cast member worth talking about, he doesn't give an incredible performance or anything close but remains - just like in the 1989 production - the best part of the film.

I expected it to be terrible, it's actually alright - not one to be taken at all seriously, it's purely childish. I'm sure the younger audience will find enjoyment in it.
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