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Yes, same plot, but it still gets the same laughs as the first one did if not more
Smells_Like_Cheese23 November 2003
Now I'm aware that Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is the exact same plot as the first Home Alone, and not to mention how silly it seems that these folks would leave their kid behind, but come on, this movie was all in good fun. It still has me constantly laughing 'till this day, I think if you loved the first Home Alone, I'm sure that you'll just naturally love this one as well. Not too many folks are just giving it a good chance. I mean, the Wet Bandants are back and they are just as funny as ever! I think this house that Kevin set up was actually in some ways a little more fun than the first because of the traps he was able to set. Not to mention the Plaza Hotel plot was so great and fun to watch.

Kevin and his family are heading down to Florida for Christmas this year, but when Kevin gets mixed up at the air port and gets on the wrong flight, he ends up in New York. Instead of complaining or panicking, he just plain enjoys it. He goes on the ultimate tour with his father's bag of money and credit cards and cons himself into the Plaza Hotel claiming he's there with his dad. But the Wet Bandants who have now re-named themselves as the Sticky Bandants are in New York as well and are planning on stealing all the money from a toy store that is going to be given to the children's hospital. But Kevin is going to make sure that they don't mess around with the kids and has set his uncle's abandoned apartment up for a fun house of traps.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was an absolute blast. The reason I'm giving it a ten is because I think the rating should be higher. People really need to give this movie a shot. My favorite scene is without a doubt when Marv gets hit in the face with the bricks, also, the scene where the Plaza Hotel managers are asked by Kevin's mom "What kind of idiots do you have working here?!"... the lady just smiles and says "The finest in New York!", it was just too funny! I love this movie and I'm always going to recommend it for a good watch, I think you'll enjoy it if you give it a chance.

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I knew it was you, I could SMELL ya getting' off the elevata
Too many sequels suffer from Deja Vu, and hardly any of those carbon copies improve upon the original. Home Alone 2 is a carbon copy, but it's also much better and more complex a movie than the first. In another mad rush to the airport the McCallisters make a point of remembering Kevin this time, but he gets lost in a crowd at the airport and follows a man who looks like his dad onto the wrong plane. Thirteen of the McCallisters are going to Miami for Xmas (do they never stay at home?) but Kevin is headed for the Big Apple, and he's going to have that once-in-a-lifetime vacation he's been wishing for.

There's much more for Kevin to see and do in New York. He scams his way into the Plaza hotel where a suspicious Concierge (Tim Curry) gives him mighty evil looks at every encounter. He goes to Duncan's Toy Chest, the biggest toy store in town and takes many scenic photographs. Though it is a little unnerving now seeing Kevin on the roof of the World Trade Centre.

But the Wet Bandits have escaped, and they have just arrived in New York with loftier ambitions and bigger heists to pull off. They even brush by Kevin a few times not knowing he's there. Typically though, once they get a hold of him the give away far too much info. Once Kevin escapes he takes matters into his own hands once more. His Aunt Georgette from the first movie is still in Paris so he uses her half-renovated home as a huge mousetrap for the bungling burglars.

The booby traps this time are much more painful and nasty, so it's all the more amusing for us. Who can possibly fail to laugh at Marv getting the shock of his life when he tries to turn on the taps? If the movie were to be released now I doubt if it would be let away with a PG rating. Still, it's nothing for any parents to worry about. Unless you fear your child is going to set your head on fire with a blowtorch.

Home Alone 2 has a more satisfying climax than the first. The film doesn't simply end once Harry and Marv are back in the slammer as there is more plot to it than that. Brenda Fricker has a (rather questionable) role as 'The Pigeon Lady' a woman who lives in Central Park and talks to no one-until Kevin reaches out. Plus Eddie Bracken shows up as Mr. Duncan and gives Kevin the best Christmas morning ever as a token of his appreciation.

With a bigger story (okay, some of it re-used) and more characters and a better playground for Kevin, Home Alone 2 manages to be a superior sequel. While not excessively so. There's loads of fun to be had in Kevin's antics, and Tim Curry is downright brilliant as the mischievous Concierge.

It's a great movie on it's own but sadly it will always be called a copycat. Watch it now from a fresh perspective and you might like it more.
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My personal favourite of the franchise
TheLittleSongbird5 February 2009
The first Home Alone is very good indeed. The last two are just wannabes and feel like they don't belong. Home Alone 2 is my personal favourite, and I watch it about once a month. The only problem is that the jokes are basically retreads of the first movie, but believe me, they're miles better than the ones in the fourth ( which is one of the worst movies ever) This is still a very solid film, that gets slow in the second half. The performances are excellent. Macaulay Culkin brought a lot of charm to almost all the movies he's been in. Just a shame, he isn't acting any more. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are hilarious, as always. Catherine O'Hara and John heard are amiable as the parents, while the wonderful Tim Curry gives a hilarious performance as the Concierge. My favourite scenes were the bathroom scene in the hotel, and when the staff are held hostage by a television. Just priceless. Eddie Bracken and Brenda Fricker also make appearances, and their scenes are touching, as they are of friendship and acceptance. I absolutely adored the soundtrack too, New York looks splendid and the Plaza Hotel was incredible to look at. Brilliant movie! 9/10. Bethany Cox
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Christmas Classic in New York
learningthelingo12 January 2010
Macaulay Culkin – one of the most famous child stars since Shirley Temple – returns as Kevin McAllister in the 1992 nostalgic and sentimental slapstick Christmas classic that has not dated since its original release.

As the sequel of the highest grossing comedy of all time, Home Alone 2 is one of the biggest Christmas films of the 90s. Along with its predecessor, the story is all about Christmas. While the familiar Christmas vacation is shown as chaotic and stressful, it is the essential family element that brings us back to the films main themes of togetherness and (paradoxically) independence.

Becoming separated from his family once again when leaving for a Christmas holiday, Kevin is left alone to his own devices, this time in New York City and causes chaos and mayhem when he bumps into the freshly escaped "Wet Bandits", who are once again, out to get him.

The original cast return with Culkin in the lead, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as the hilariously dumb, yet slightly endearing criminals with a heart of coal and the fantastic Catherine O'Hara as the mum every child wants, played with just the right amount of fear, guilt, determination and love that is needed. Another noteworthy return is the sequel of gangster spoof Angels with Filthy Souls, Angels with Even Filthier Souls (a reminiscent construction of Angels with Dirty Faces with James Cagney.) New characters are brought to life by Tim Curry, Brenda Fricker, Eddie Bracken, Dana Ivey and a young Rob Schneider.

Film critics such as Roger Ebert gave the film negative reviews and saw it as portraying violence as too cartoonish. Despite this fact, the mainstream popularity of the film saw it as a success and to most children of the 90s, the second instalment in the Home Alone series is often seen as equal in quality if not better than the first.

This film has been monumental in my life. I cannot remember how I first saw it, but I know that thanks to VHS I watched it a million times. It formed my quintessential idea of New York by using Central Park, Carnegie Hall and the Plaza Hotel as central plot settings. It is as much a Christmas film as it is a New York City film and this familiar touristy promotion shows New York as being a unique "White Christmas" town.

So in the cheery Christmas words of Johnny the Crook from Angels: Merry Christmas you filthy animal…and a Happy New Year.
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I love it!
dee.reid7 December 2005
"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" is young Macaulay Culkin's second greatest hour in the series as Kevin McCallister, who has to learn to be a man again on the mean streets of the Big Apple after being separated from his family once more. He checks into a swank Manhattan hotel (where Donald Trump is apparently staying at too). He's pursued again by comic bad guys Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern), and director Chris Columbus and screenwriter John Hughes keep the action and laughs coming. Tim Curry also appears as a concierge who has to prove that Kevin is on his own, and Brenda Fricker is the pigeon lady who watches over Kevin's little shoulder. There is another tricks & traps showdown at the end, which keeps the slapstick and comic violence at an all-time high.

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Great sequel
FlikJedi7193 January 2020
This is one of the few times the sequel is better than the original. A classic Christmas movie. The house traps at the end are much better than the first movie too. And who doesn't love Harry and Marv?

Final grade: 9/10 ya filthy animal
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Same plot. Same actors. New traps. No problem.
Op_Prime16 April 2000
Home Alone 2 has pretty much the same plot as the first movie, but Home Alone 2 is a very good sequel. The new traps for the Wet, er... Sticky Bandits are great. Once again Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern give wonderful performances. Having Tim Curry in this was also a treat. There is a lot of enjoyment in this movie.
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Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals
Slarkshark25 December 2020
I actually enjoy this one more than the first. Love seeing some of the iconic sites of New York City, and just what it looked like in 1992.

A very similar formula to the first but obviously set in NYC, so there was a lot of potential for different ideas which I felt they capitalized on. Steady laughs throughout from all the characters. The addition of Tim Curry was amazing. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern crack me up in their roles as the Wet/Sticky Bandits.

A very good sequel that delivers in pretty much every way, especially the Christmas feels.
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Home Alone 2
ilovetheredhotchilipeppers19 December 2004
I have no idea quite why, but Home Alone 2 is my favorite movie of all time. I have the board game (made a while back), tons of books, the piano book as well which I play all year round and I've watched the movie about 80 times so far. I can recite every line and know pretty much everything bout the whole movie. There's just smoothing about this one that is so much better than the first. Perhaps it's just the whole New York scene and I think the bandits do better acting as well. I CANNOT stand Home Alone 3 though. They totally spoiled it and ruined the whole "Home Alone" title. The actors are terrible and the movies just plain sucks. If anyone wants to talk bout the movie with me, don't be shy.
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Christmas classic
brandonrhewitt13 October 2020
The first 2 home alone films are classics and i watch them ever year like a couple of times each a year since i was a kid and my honest opinion is that the second one is my favourite out of the 2 probably because is based in new york and as i'm not American seeing new york at Christmas is like a dream.
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'Home', sweet home.....in New York
smla0231 December 2002

Starring: Machauley Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, and Catherine O' Hara.

The same boy who was accidentally left Home Alone a year ago, accidentally takes the wrong flight. Instead of arriving in Miami with the rest of his family, he arrives in New York! The same two robbers that failed to rob his house last time, coincidentally arrive in New York to rob another place! What a small, freakin' world.

The movie has the same number of slapstick humor and the same amount of fun, so this should be a holiday treat.
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dockerykelli6 July 2019
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was excellent & shot beautifully. It brought back everything that happened in the first film. The same actors portrayed their roles wonderfully. A TERRIFIC storyline. It has laughter throughout the movie, love, thrilling moment and also blossoming friendships. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO ANYONE!!!!! A++ Film.
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its got to be better than the first
jthebeatles4 December 2005
I really like home alone 2: lost in New York its better than home alone its better than home alone 3 and its better than home alone 4. this film for me is one of the greatest films i've ever seen. it is the best comedy of the Ninetie's and there is no doubt about that at all. this film is a brilliant, one because of the things people get up to in it. now if it was my opinion i would give that ten stars out of ten stars and there is no doubt about that either. it is a bit better than the first one if you asked me and ten times as good as the home alone 3 and the even worse one home alone 4. not every one might think that this is brilliant but i do. i don't know if everyone else thinks what i think but like i said before different people have completely different opinions.

George Age 8
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I loved that movie!
alicehoc19829 November 2004
I remember I was 10 years old in '92, I used to watch that movie at my old house where I grew up but I was sitting on the floor near the TV in the living room. Oh, yeah, my favorite part is Macaulay (Kevin McAllister) was walking around in New York when he was lost then later, he went to the toy store to buy something then these 2 bad guys found him then Macaulay (Kevin) was screaming same thing then run away from these 2 bad guys in the city of NY but it was so funny because I loved Macaulay's screaming that make me laugh so hard! I remember Macaulay as Kevin put everything for his ideas of his plan to do for these 2 bad guys but it is so funny. His brother Kieran Culkin (Fuller McAllister - Kevin's cousin) was a cute kid and wears glasses in that same movie as his brother Macaulay. I loved that movie very much since I was a little kid. That movie is the greatest and funniest one that I ever seen!
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My favorite Home Alone sequel from 1992!
abalpn-994721 December 2019
It's still my favorite sequel. Kevin being alone in New York City before Christmas. I like the story. I've watched it more than a hundred times. I remember playing the Home Alone 2 video games on SNES and Sega Genesis. Tim Curry is hilarious as Mr. Hector in the Plaza Hotel. This film has a lot of comedy and great laughs. The first film and the sequel are still my favorite and they're the first two films on my favorite entertaining list.
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Not as classic as the first but still a classic holiday movie.
leahbabe-334038 October 2018
A great holiday classic where Kevin is a bit older but still always watch it every Christmas.
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A sequel-remake that is even better than the original
elisereid-2966627 December 2020
I remember so well how much we anticipated this movie. My sister and I watched its predecessor on video everyday for the whole year leading up to the release of this sequel, and we were not disappointed when we finally saw it. We thought it was the funniest movie ever made, because what little kid doesn't want to see other kids get revenge on grown-ups? It seems to me that any kid that says they don't want that in some way shape or form is lying.

It's been nearly 30 years since the exciting day we saw Home Alone 2 in theaters, and until yesterday I had not seen it in many years, even though we went through a phase of watching it on video (once it came out) almost as much as we watched the first one. But then, at that age I thought bathroom humor was funny too. My tastes have changed as I've grown up and I did not have high hopes for watching this movie again. How well could it possibly hold up, now that I've been exposed to so many great filmmakers and the likes of Fellini, Jaglom, Visconti and many others line my favorites list?

I was pleasantly surprised. So, so, so pleasantly surprised.

Much to my shock, I laughed almost as much as I did back in 1992, and not just at the slapstick. The way Kevin manipulates grown-ups to get what he wants is still hilarious because it is *almost* believable. The scene where he plays a gangster movie to trick the hotel concierge (Tim Curry) was a highlight in particular, especially now that I'm familiar with Curry and his other work. It's much too funny to spoil.

Would I have liked it as much if I hadn't had fond memories of seeing it as a kid so many years ago? I really think I would've, because I (unlike many of the critics of the day) remember what it was like to be a kid, but even if I didn't, watching idiots be humiliated is fun for someone of any age. It brings out a sense of justice not only for the kids that are belittled by adults, but for any adult who hates to see morons get the upper hand.
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First half is good, second half...so-so
pwalkerfm19 February 2020
Hmm, I have always thought this movie has two parts. The first 40 minutes are entertaining, charming, funny, and smart. Then the film falls into the old slapstick crime genre, which I guess some enjoy, but tends to fall short. A nice ending makes it reasonable, but overall, not the best Hughes effort.
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Better than the first! My favorite Christmas movie, EVER!
bigfamilyforus12 December 2020
This movie came out when I was 14. I love it so much, I have watched a million times in my life, and will never stop loving it!

Its even better than the first, without a doubt my favorite Christmas move in the world. The cast are amazing, giving us more of what we loved in the first, and its full of heart as well as being funny.

Love it always!
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mattid-839818 December 2020
My favorite part was when Kevin didn't know where the lobby was at the Plaza. Thank God there was a great leader there to point him in the right direction.
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Go Kevin
bevo-1367829 March 2020
I like the bit where he swings that heavy thing down and it hits them in the face
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hlundt25 December 2019
This movie and the first is something special to me. I will probably see them every year from I was 5 when and until I die. Everything else seams to change but not this.
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the best Christmas movie ever
samcracc29 June 2007
I have seen this movie at home. I love this Christmas film. Marv and Harry are funny. I like the part when Mr. Duncan gives Kevin McCallister the turtle doves then gives it to a friend to be friends forever. Whats not funny that Buzz McCallister calls Kevin McCallister a trout snipper. When Kevin McCallister comes out Duncan's Toy Chest store then also Marv and Harry come out Duncan's Toy Chest then Harry say "So where to next" then Marv says "should we go to the Central Park Zoo" that was hilarouis. Watch this Christmas movie soon when you buy or have it for a present for Christmas then people all around the world for Christmas will love this Christmas movie.
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This is amazing movie
arled18 March 2018
I watch only this movie in christmas time and never get bored!
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Best Comedy of the 90s
randallkeithorton29 May 2005
This movie was not only the best of the series but likely the funniest and most heart-warming comedy of the 1990s. Slapstick humour, true, but it works, and most importantly, it makes you laugh. This movie had great, creative, hilarious scenes mixed with an emotional and heartfelt story while at the same time remaining true to the elements of the original. The musical scores were fantastic, and it's pretty much a movie that anyone of any age (who isn't a biased moron) can enjoy. Anyone who still believes this movie shames the original ... or that the series itself isn't worth seeing needs to have his or her brain removed ... because it's obviously not being used correctly.

Superb sequel ... superb movie in general.

My rating: 9.0/10
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