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A genre film but balanced enough to avoid the cliché and easy tricks
bob the moo4 August 2006
Captain Daniel McCormick is a happy-go-luck pilot who is known for his risk taken and no-strings lifestyle. As much as he wants to settle down with his longterm sweetheart, he cannot bring himself to say the words. However when she is put into a coma in a car accident and the doctors say there is no hope of recovery he goes off the deep end and decides to volunteer to be frozen in an experiment being carried out by his friend Harry Finley. 53 years later he is woken up in a military storage unit by two young boys who were just messing around. Without a clue what happened to him or what to do, Daniel turns to the two boys for help.

It sounds rather corny and obvious and, in a way, I suppose it is but by not ever playing it for laughs or being self-mocking the film creates a tone that means it all works as long as you meet it on its terms. The story is sentimental and slushy and in this way I imagine it will put many viewers off for being this way. I surprised myself by actually liking it though and finding it all rather engaging and sweet. Although I doubt he knows where Lost is going, Abrams does a good job as writer to avoid cliché and mush the best he can. Miner matches this by directing in a controlled manner that holds back on the sweeping music and emotion until he can actually use them.

The cast work well with this approach and avoid the film becoming a soapy television movie. Gibson may not have had the best of days recently PR-wise (alleged drunk-driving and alleged anti-Semitic remarks) but here he is charming and reasonably good at the emotion. Of course he could have been better considering that when he awoke after 50 years the loss of his wife would still be fresh in his mind. Curtis is solid enough and deals with the material given her. The child support are better than I expected even if they are a bit "cute" in the way all Hollywood kids are. Wood works well with Gibson, which I suppose is the important thing.

Overall this is a solid and enjoyable romantic film that is a bit slushy and melodramatic. It avoids cliché well enough but you do need to meet it on its terms and not be cynical. Not one for the die-hard action fans but it is a good date movie that is gentle and balanced enough to find a mixed audience without losing touch with the genre.
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Love waits for no man, except Mel Gibson.
DavidSim24018322 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When Mel Gibson starred in Forever Young in 1992, it was probably an attempt to break away from the wild man of Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. He actually proves to be quite likable as a romantic lead, and makes Forever Young a sweet, endearing romantic fable.

In 1939, Mel plays Captain Daniel McCormick, an Air Force test pilot. No stranger to danger, he is willing to brave the latest experimental aircraft, but he's unable to take the biggest risk of all, proposing to his girlfriend, Helen.

Every time Daniel tries to work up the courage to pop the question, he loses his bottle. So he decides to wait. Unfortunately, he waits too long. Helen is run down in an accident, and slips into a coma. Daniel can't live without her, and decides to volunteer for a risky experiment.

Daniel's best friend Harry Finley (George Wendt) is one of the first scientists working on cryogenics. He has yet to test his theories on a living, human subject. Daniel decides to go for it, where he will be placed into a capsule and frozen for a year. If Helen ever wakes up, Harry wakes up Daniel.

But of course, things don't go the way they're supposed to. When World War II breaks out, the cryogenics experiment falls through the cracks. Harry is killed, and as a result, Daniel is forgotten about. He stays frozen in the capsule for over 50 years.

Daniel is eventually thawed out by two boys, Nat and Felix (Nat is played by a young Elijah Wood). Daniel wakes to find the world has become a very different place. Staying with Nat and his mother Claire (the delightful Jamie Lee Curtis), Daniel tries to piece together the last 50 years.

To enjoy Forever Young, you will probably have to suspend disbelief quite a bit. The story itself is rather outrageous, but on a simple level, it's fairly enjoyable. It has more than a few shades of Back to the Future about it. In the same way Robert Zemeckis brought a Frank Capra style of storytelling to BTTF, the director Steve Miner also brings a gentle, benign touch to this story.

The greatest discovery of all is the fact that Mel Gibson manages to make this film work. He makes for a very endearing character when he is lost in the 1990's. His amazement at the new world is played in a very understated fashion. His confusion and old-fashioned naiveté are subtly incorporated into the story, e.g. discovering filtered cigarettes, seat-belts, answering machines, etc.

What's nice about his performance is also the fact that Daniel was brought up in different times. He has a completely different set of values compared to the cynical attitudes of the present day. I like the scene where Daniel saves Claire from an abusive ex-boyfriend, or when he gets to sit in the cockpit of an old-fashioned test plane.

This type of story could have become very mawkish, but Steve Miner manages to find just the right focus, and balances events just right. Jamie Lee Curtis adds sterling support as always, and she gets a lot of good scenes with Gibson.

Elijah Wood also puts in an excellent performance, showing incredible maturity for his age. He acts as Daniel's guide while he is in the 90's, and proves invaluable in putting together what happened to Daniel's past. He plays Nat as neither too precocious or too juvenile, and went on to the fame that he deserved.

In some eyes, Forever Young has an improbably happy ending, where Daniel is reunited with Helen. But I didn't mind this time round. Probably because I was enjoying myself too much. I especially like the scene where Daniel teaches Nat to fly in his tree-house. Watch the camera angles, and you sometimes feel as if they really are flying a plane.

Forever Young wouldn't win any awards for originality, but if they gave out awards for heartwarming stories, Forever Young would definitely be up for a nomination.
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amazingstella17 February 2005
Such a beautiful film. I don't care if it isn't the most highbrow film ever written - how many people truly are bothered by such details other than academics and snobs? I remember watching this years ago and it is one of the very few films that I love to watch again and again, despite knowing the ending!! It is a wonderful, compelling story of true love, a true gentleman and genuine friendship that crosses the ages. Mel Gibson's character, Daniel, is sensitively portrayed and the ending is incredibly moving. Gibson ably handles all the shifts in emotion and even time. It is a novel way of retelling the 'true love never ends' story and it heart-warming and moving. A young Elijah Wood is entertaining and sweet without being unbearable. Jamie Lee Curtis is totally believable as a young single mother.Highly recommended and very endearing.
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Good for all ages
AnnieO-218 March 2002
I first saw this movie when I was ten years old and have been in love with mel gibson ever since. His performance (big shock) always gets to me. I don't mean to make this a love song to mel, but he has on screen chemistry with everybody, so it's romantic to see him with Jamie Lee curtis and Isabel glasser. Elijah wood is good as one of the less annoying child stars from his era. The story is cute, no oscar winner, but entertaining. A traditional love story in an untraditional plot, Will love wait for me? When do you move on? It's never too late, those kind of things. Again, I saw it when I was a kid and loved it, and now I'm an adult and still enjoy it.
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Time-Travel Story With Feeling
ccthemovieman-113 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is another of these frozen-in-time movies. I know at least two of them that were made in 1991-1992 and they were both fun to watch: this movie and "Late For Dinner."

The good things that this particular film has going for it are: 1 - Mel Gibson plays a very likable lead character in "Captain Daniel McCormick;" 2 - there is a nice 1940s atmosphere in the beginning with a sweet-looking Isabell Glasser, who exhibits one of the sweetest faces and smiles I've seen on film; 3 - there is a good mix of humor, drama and intrigue, as well as fantasy in the story; 4 - there is a nice, almost tear-inducing ending.

The kids in the movie were a little pushy but not too bad. Jamie Lee Curtis was low-key and very pleasant. I like the fact "McCormick" stayed true to his original woman. The film got criticized for being too unrealistic but, hey, it's supposed to be a fantasy story where everything is not explained. The only thing I found stretching things when it shouldn't have been was the kid ("Nat Cooper" - Elijah Wood) helping "Capt. McCormick" land an airplane at the end.

Overall, a nice, touching movie.
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classic/classy chick flick
TAX_WARRIOR11 February 2005
This movie hits all the requisite points for the classic love story.

Love lost - love found - mistaken death of love one - sacrifice - the hero almost falling for another woman - a cute boy facilitating the reunion - the evil group trying to stop the reunion - a great escape - the reunion scene in a very scenic locale with great camera shots - Mel Gibson.

I went to see it mainly because it had a science fiction angle. I was disappointed in that it was used merely as a plot gimmick and was not adequately followed up.

But the movie was involving in its own right and I was surprised when the ending made me cry. I'm usually immune to the saccharine sweetness in this type of movie but there was just something special in the acting.

There is a bit of action in this film the odd airplane crash, and a touch of humor. George Wendt (Norm of Cheers fame) has a supporting roll but this is above all a love story

The perfect movie to take your Valentine to. It will show her that you love her.
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Nice, irresistable Mel
snowrocket27 February 2002
Although I'm not one for science fiction, I found this film to be entertaining and rather wholesome, much to my surprise, despite its PG rating; we get to see Mel Gibson's naked tushie (Whoo-hoo!). Forever Young takes place in 1939, where Daniel (a pilot played by Mel), after being unable to propose to his girlfriend who soon afterwards falls into a coma, decides to be frozen by his best friend for a year's time. It turns out, however, that he lies dormant until 1992, being accidentally awakened with a boy's jacket in hand. This starts a rather amusing and interesting walk through the streets, and a reunion with the boy, who, with the aid of his mother (played spectacularly by Jamie Lee Curtis), help him on his search to untangle his past -- bringing him to the sudden realization that true love can't wait. This film has it all: drama, action, romance, bits of humor, a well-written script, a wonderful cast, spectacular scenery, and most of all, a gorgeous Mel, who plays his role of the daring, young test pilot to a tee. It's a wonderful film to see, especially if you're a true romantic at heart.
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A gentle, thoughtful, family-style offering
spteos2 December 1999
Forever Young goes in a lot of familiar directions -- time travel, a cuddly child and a single mom, a mix of drama, comedy, sci-fi, mystery and romance. But mostly, it manages to be entertaining without offending anyone or forcing the issue.

The early portion of the show -- set in 1939 -- offers a soft, dreamy, realistic look at what that time was like. The characters seem to have been drawn from the audience, from the masses, instead of being picture-perfect in look and dress. The acting is low-key, relaxing and believable. And, while the plot covers a lot of ground, it ties together well and has enough mystery that the viewer won't be able to guess the outcome and is sure to be satisfied with both the journey and the destination.

Forever Young reminded me of Always, starring Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss. Both shows are loaded with characters that are easy to like because of who they are and how they respond. Mel Gibson in Forever Young is particularly effective when dealing with the son of Jamie Lee Curtis; you know she's already committed and he cannot hang around, but you find yourself wishing the boy could have Mel for his new dad.

Not offering more shows like this is why theaters have so few under-12 and over-35 movie goers.
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True Love Lasts
funky_cherry8621 February 2005
In 1939 Captain Daniel McCormick (Gibson) was a test pilot who was on the verge of asking his childhood sweetheart Helen (Glasser) to marry him. However tragedy strikes when Helen is hurt in a car accident, six months pass and she is still in a coma. Daniel asks his best friend Harry Finley (Wendt) if he could be the specimen for Harry's cryogenics project, soon enough he is in a deep frozen sleep and wants to be woken up when Helen gets better. It's 50 years later and two boys Nat (Wood) and Felix (Gorman) accidentally stumble upon Daniel and he's brought back to life, he becomes friends with Nat's mother Claire (Curtis) who introduces him into the 1990's. Forever Young is a very romantic love story and it proves that love waits forever.

9/10 Stars.
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Old fashioned sweet and gentle tale of enduring love
roghache11 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a lovely sentimental love story that is refreshingly suitable for family viewing. Though not a plausible tale and despite its rather slow start, it does have an engaging plot and sympathetic characters.

The tale, begun in 1939, revolves around a test pilot, Daniel, who is in love with a pretty young woman named Helen. He discovers himself alas, too tongue tied to pop the matrimony question to her in a restaurant as planned. Unfortunately it appears to have been an opportunity forever lost, as Helen is immediately afterward run down by a truck. Unable to bear the ongoing pain of watching his beloved in a coma, he begs his scientist friend, Harry, to use him as a guinea pig in his risky cryogenic experiments and place him in a frozen state until Helen awakens. However, World War II begins, Harry is killed, and plans go awry such that Daniel is not awakened until 1992 when a young boy, Nat Cooper, and is friend inadvertently discover his metal cryogenic tube and pretend it's a submarine. Nat and his mom, Claire, become Daniel's friends in his newly awakened life.

Mel Gibson is very endearing in the role of Daniel, who must try to untangle his regenerated life, adjust to modern times, find Harry, and cope with ongoing grief over Helen... all while living with his new friends, the Coopers. Elija Wood is suitably appealing as the young Nat, and Jamie Lee Curtis gives a sympathetic portrayal of the single mom, Claire, whom Daniel gallantly rescues from an abusive former boyfriend. Daniel and Claire have some interesting scenes together, with her cast as a possible new love interest. Actually Helen, Daniel's old love from the 30's, makes only brief appearances in this film.

There are a number of cute scenes in the movie, such as Daniel gobbling down blueberry pie in a diner booth while trying to summon the nerve to propose to Helen. It's quite amusing when Nat & his pal stumble upon Daniel's cryogenic tube and believe this 'cold man' is a regenerated dead guy whose intent is to do them harm! Nat has an adorable tree house where Daniel later gives his young protégé flying lessons.

Yes, it has a sappy, sentimental ending although I personally loved it! It's so moving when Daniel is reunited with his long lost love, now elderly but still lovely, in a dramatic scene with a seaside background. He gets the chance to propose to her that he missed 50 years earlier, and they can finally live happily ever after...however long (or short) a time that may be. The movie teaches us a lesson to seize the moment and never leave words left unsaid to loved ones, especially in affairs of the heart.
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The kind of Movie you can watch over and over...
kbridgman10 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The first time I watched this movie was because I enjoy aviation related movies and most things with a 1940's atmosphere. By the time it was over it became my favorite Mel Gibson movie of all time. He is totally believable in an unbelievable situation...and a wonderful story about courage, morals, values, coming to the rescue, commitment, and Great action scenes converge with a truly touching story. One of the more subtly sad and warming, often lost sub-stories, is when it is revealed that Daniel's best friend Harry died trying to save him during a fire which ultimately lead to the 'Experiment' being lost in time. Everything about this story moves along at a wonderful pace...all the pieces believably fall into their alloted time line, yet there is enough mystery and surprise to keep it interesting and riveting. Often overlooked is how much the marvelous soundtrack adds to the effect of the movie...absolutely wonderful movie...and this comes from a guy who normally doesn't care much for the warm fuzzy mushy kind of picture shows.
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Excellent drama that will warm your heart and stay with you eternally
Catherine_Grace_Zeh21 November 2005
FOREVER YOUNG, in my opinion, is an excellent drama that will warm your heart and stay with you eternally. When Daniel (Mel Gibson) got thawed out in 1992, I was really shocked. This was because he met and fell in love with Claire (Jamie Lee Curtis). It was sad he had just lost his girlfriend (Isabel Glaser) in 1939, though. I also enjoyed seeing George Wendt (Harry), too. The moment I found out he was in this, I was taken aback. If you ask me, the performances were good, the direction was excellent, and the cast was perfectly chosen. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this excellent drama that will warm your heart and stay with you eternally to any Mel Gibson or Jamie Lee Curtis fan who hasn't seen it. You're in for a feel good time, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with a friend, and watch it.
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Non-Romantics stay away
Dr_Coulardeau28 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A very touching film because of some extremely sentimental and poignant elements. The girl that holds your heart and to whom you cannot propose crosses a road and gets hit by a truck. Coma…, irreversible…, they say. Better get frozen for later than live through this death. Frozen by some doctor who dies and leaves you behind and you are abandoned in a hangar. A couple of naughty boys revive you and then the real nightmare starts. They all believe you are nuts of course, except the mother of one of the boys, a nurse by profession he saves from an ex-whatever who wants to rape her. Finding your identity after 53 years in ice, that's hard. But there is a slight problem with Dorian Gray's picture. You are the picture and your age shows fast. Will he find and marry his sweetheart and is she still alive? Will he escape the cops and the doctors? Who knows? What will the little boy who revived him do? Nothing to say here. Just keep in mind this film is a piece of romantic beauty and that's all. The visit of the air force base I remember I must have done it in the same period, around 1990, one or two years more or less. That was a funny experience and I would have loved meeting Mel Gibson in one of the jets. But well no luck boy. Mel Gibson is nothing but a celluloid baby who has no real existence and his life is a dream and in this case the dream could have turned into a nightmare. Mel Gibson is a very flexible actor and manages romantic situations or situations with kids just as well as he does mad situations with Max and his tribe, not to speak of the mythic religious rewriting of the passion or the whole cosmos. There is something like a certain Connors and Schwarzenegger in that Gibson, even if he is a difficult spouse to get a divorce from. Back to the future then.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, University Paris 8 Saint Denis, University Paris 12 Créteil, CEGID
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Funny and enjoyable,not a masterpiece though
don_corleone13855 July 2008
I saw it a few days ago and enjoyed it. it's not a masterpiece, i mean the main idea was a little unoriginal and the ending was predictable, but it was a funny and enjoyable movie to watch, especially the chemistry betwean mel Gibson and jamie lee curtis(two great actors) and also elijah wood which was pretty great. mel Gibson did a fine is not his best work but he was good,the most important thing he did was not letting the character be a boring one.elijah wood was also funny and i was kinda surprised to see him in this movie.afterall this movie cannot be considered as a masterpiece or an influential film,but the very important point is that it's not trying to.this film is supposed to be amusing and entertaining and to be "light" for it's audience,and imo it's very successful in it's own way. i give it a 7 out of 10.
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An awesome, charming little film, that's very underrated, with a creative story and wonderful performances!
callanvass3 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is an awesome charming little film, that's very underrated, with a creative story and wonderful performances!. All the characters are just great, and they were all extremely likable as well, plus Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis are simply amazing in this!. this should be higher then 6.0 in my opinion and I don't see why so many people dislike this movie, it's very charming, sweet, creative and everything you could want a romantic comedy! plus the ending was just great and left me with a smile on my face. Elijah Wood is excellent as the kid,and was really likable, and I thought this was very well written and made as well, plus Mel Gibson's aging make up was really cool!. It's one of Mel's most underrated films and Elijah has one of the funniest lines in the movie to a girl (Bitch'in nail polish it looks like blood), plus it has some very surprising moments in the film as well. It even has a little bit of Sci-Fi in it! and it's good natured as well, plus the opening was cool as well. This is an awesome charming little film, that's very underrated, with a creative story and wonderful performances, and I say its a must see!. The Direction is great!. Steve Miner does a great! job here with really good camera work, cool angles and keeping the film at a very fast pace. The Acting is wonderful!. Mel Gibson is amazing as always and is amazing here, he is extremely likable funny, charming had excellent chemistry with Jamie Lee Curtis,Isabel Glasser and Elijah Wood, had lots of charisma and had a really cool character, as he looked pretty comfortable with his role! (Gibson Rules!!!!!). Jamie Lee Curtis is also amazing as always, she is beautiful, funny , had some wonderful scenes with Mel Gibson, also had a cool character, and it was great to see her work with Mel!, she was amazing (Jamie Lee Rules!!!!!!!!). Elijah Wood is fantastic as the kid, he was funny, and and really likable,its too bad that he is not credited enough for this film since its dwarfed by all the attention he gets in Lord of The Ring films. Isabel Glasser is great as Helen, she had very good chemistry with Gibson and was quite pretty I liked her. George Wendt is cool in his role as Gibson's best friend I really liked him. Rest of the cast do fine. Overall a must see!. **** out of 5
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Forever Heck Yeah
gavin69422 March 2006
When I was watching this last night, I didn't realize it was written by the creator of "Lost"... and I'm glad I didn't know that, because it would have tainted my opinion.

I expected a sappy love story with a sappy Mel Gibson who takes a nap to wake up and find himself falling in sappy love with the ugly, but sappy, Jamie Lee Curtis and adopting her sappy and bug-eyed son, Elijah Wood. Bless my lucky stars, I was wrong. Mel Gibson is frozen by Norm from Cheers after his girlfriend goes into a coma. He wakes up in 1992 (he slept in 1939) to a whole new world. No sappiness, and Mel Gibson wasn't even sucking as hard as he tends to suck (see "What Women Want" for really hard sucking).

I really liked this film, it kept me from going to sleep on time. You'll like it, too, and maybe even more if you watch it with a date because it's really about how love lasts forever. (They say "diamonds" last forever, but those materialistic bastards wouldn't know real love if it woke up from a 50-year slumber!!!!) See this movie soon, because you never know when your last chance to see it will be.
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The easyest 9
lbournelos29 October 2018
I 'm old. I've watched (not seen) more than 3000 movies. I gave 10 to "Apocalypse now" after long, long consideration. This film, according to my humble judgment, MUST be the most essential lesson in the Director's Class School. According to my (again, humble judgment) when you are smiling at the end the film/movie, you have watched a REAL hit!
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old fashion romanticism
Vincentiu20 June 2015
it is easy to criticize it. it is not difficult to enjoy it. because it is not only a romantic movie but a deep honest declaration about force of details who defines life. a film about hope, dreams and love. with a seductive Mel Gibson who use exactly the note for define the story more than chronicle of a new life and sweet emotions. like many romantic films, it is predictable. like many romantic films , it is far to be out from the clichés circle. but it is honest and beautiful and fresh. it has good actors, a not bad script and interesting performances. and a theme who has not end. so, Forever Young. old fashion romanticism, Mel Gibson and his good job, the music and the crumbs from Romeo and Juliet are enough to seduce. and to remand the flavor and the grace of stories full with old fashion romanticism.
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This was a good romantic movie right at the beginning of "chick flick-dom"
martinmcdonough20 May 2008
Hitting just before Sleepless in Seattle (which would be released six months later), this movie was very well done indeed and helped usher in the romantic comedy era of the 90's. Suspend disbelief about the possibility of being cryogenically frozen and then brought back, and this movie works. It's warm, it's witty and it's never overplayed or over-dramatic. Mel's performance in the beginning of the movie when he is apprehensive about popping the question is perfect as he projects probably where every guy has been at some point when he is about to ask. You just want to tell him "ASK!!!" but he can't. It's genuine. Very good date movie. Highly recommend.
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Definitely not Mel Gibson's best work, but still an enjoyable film.
MovieAddict201619 August 2002
FOREVER YOUNG has some big names, like Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood, and George Wendt (Cheers). So with this in mind, you know FOREVER YOUNG has got to be pretty good. And it just so happens, it is.

It's not a great film, but it's good enough to watch, sit through and actually enjoy. Sure, the film is one of those predictable romance films, but aren't they all in this genre?

So take my advice, if it comes on TV watch it, or at the video store if you see it, pick it up. It's not that bad. 3/5 stars-

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Quite Enjoyable, Most of the Acting is Good
gerd8627 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie also shows a man who thinks he lost all that gave meaning to his life, but finds the meaning was not gone in the first place. It is a touching love story.

This movie also shows how a boy would want a man he meets as his father. The man comes into his life, and he knows nothing about his background or history, but he knows he is a friend.

This movie is quite enjoyable if you want an evening of simple entertainment that does have some meaning to it as well.

The whole idea of freezing a person to preserve him for later was new at the time. The movie shows it does work, but that it is not a solution after all.

The acting by Mel Gibson and Elijah Wood makes it a very nice movie to watch. It is too bad they put Robert Hy Gorman in it as well; his acting is absolutely terrible.

All in all, great brilliance should not be expected, but the friendship between the boy and the man gives a warm feeling. The love story between the man and the woman has a sweet-and-sour taste to it, since they do find each other again, but will not get to spend very much time together anymore.
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Simple and humdrum but pleasant and touching all the same
TheLittleSongbird3 March 2010
First things first, I do not think this is Mel Gibson's best film, but it isn't his worst either. This is a minor film with a simplistic plot but charming performances. The pace is rather pedestrian, and Steve Miner's direction is a little too uptight. But Mel Gibson despite playing a tired sort of character, does well at acting bemused, and Jamie Lee Curtis provides charming support. Elijah Wood is also convincing as Nat, and the two lead's reunion is very touching and poignant and it avoids trying to be funny. Nice music and sumptuous filming also help.

Overall, a minor entry in the Mel Gibson canon, but a nice, simple and touching film. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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as comforting as a cup of hot chocolate...
tenthousandtattoos16 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I curl up with this movie occasionally because a) it's a ripping little yarn, b) it's got Mel Gibson in it, and c) because it's as comforting to me as a warm blanket or a cup of hot chocolate.

Gibson plays Daniel McCormick, an army test pilot in 1939 who is about to propose to his girlfriend, Helen (Isabel Glasser) when she is hit by a truck and falls into a coma. Thinking she may never awake, and totally lost without her, Daniel opts to be frozen cryogenically by his scientist best mate and be woken up in a year, or when Helen wakes up, whatever happens first. Unfortunately WWII happens and Daniel's cryo-tube is mistaken for a water heater and abandoned in a factory. Enter mini Frodo and his soon-to-be-toothless best bud stumble across Dan in the back of a warehouse and set him loose in 1992. Rest assured that after some dramas, he discovers Helen is actually still alive and is reunited with her at the end in one of the more imagination-stretching sequences in movie history.

That aside, this is a great little film, perfect "date movie", and one I revisit occasionally when I'm in the mood for a "nice" movie. Mini-Frodo is quite good as the boy Nat, who befriends Daniel, and his own little love story in the film is quite sweet "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." reminded me of all the silly crushes I had at that age. I also liked the fact that while he was obviously attracted to her, Daniel did not get it on with Jamie Lee Curtis' character, but that the story really was about his "true love". I also liked the whole "man with 30's morals in the 90's" thing, because often I feel that I was born in the wrong decade when it comes to that kind of thing...
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Forever Young- Love Story with meaning
millionairesquare14 August 2005
This is for the whole family....except for one violent scene in the kitchen.. It may be slow to some...And realistic to others..Life is not always filled with anticipation...If you like the thought of true love...You will find it here! :0) The film show realism for the time it was written for. To see a future, beyond ours is wonderful..And this movie shows it....from our past. This was set in a time when My mother was born. She would have loved this movie. But she passed away 4 years ago from breast cancer. The lead in the movie reminds me of her and her generation when she was growing up. To find the reality of this show in our daily lives is hard..but it can be done...Give this a chance..Let your children watch... It's much better than watching cartoons and not seeing real life and reality.
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Enjoyable movie
Films_Rule22 November 1999
Forever Young is one of my all time favorites, it combines a great story with excellent performances from Mel Gibson,Jamie Lee Curtis and child actor Elijah Wood. Definitely one of my favorite Gibson flicks,and I always enjoy watching Elijah Wood who in my opinion was one of the finest child actors of his time.
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