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Chicago Tribune
Far and Away, a mildly old-fashioned romantic melodrama that has as many charming moments as embarrassing ones. Much of the charm is supplied by the earnest performances of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. [22 May 1992]
Somehow it works, in part because of the way director Howard keeps his crowded frames abustle with activity, in part because of the sheer indomitability with which his leading characters are endowed by the actors and by writer Dolman, but mostly because the movie takes enlivening chances with its material.
Rolling Stone
Even at its hokiest, Far and Away is never less than heartfelt.
Chicago Reader
Sometimes it's hard to tell what's mere overreaching and what's nostalgia for Hollywood's former grandiloquence.
Far and Away is a movie that joins astonishing visual splendor with a story so simple-minded it seems intended for adolescents.
Boston Globe
Far and Away is a throwback to the handsome but stodgy historical romances Hollywood used to make, and it can at least be said that it's more ambitious than most of what we'll see this summer. [22 May 1992]
Far and Away looks like an epic, but it lacks flavor and texture. It's so predigested there's nothing left to chew on.
Los Angeles Times
It's strong as can be in terms of production values and panoramic photography (as befits its $70-million budget) and weak as watery tea when it comes to little things like dialogue and character development. [22 May 1992]
Far and Away plays like a theme park attraction: viscerally exciting but detached, impersonal and dull.
There is a richness to Far and Away that seems wasted on its simple love story straight out of "It Happened One Night."

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