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How a Legendary ’90s Verse Helped ‘Patti Cake$’ Star Become a Rapper

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In 1998, the late, great, heavyweight rapper Big Pun blew minds with a memorable verse on “Twinz (Deep Cover ’98),” which included the following tongue-twisting couplet: “Dead in the middle of Little Italy, little did we know / That we riddled two middlemen who didn’t do diddly,” Pun rapped. Nineteen years later, fans of ’90s hip-hop will recognize an homage to those Pun bars in writer-director Geremy Jasper’s coming-of-age hip-hop comedy “Patti Cake$,” starring Danielle Macdonald as an aspiring rapper name Killa P/Patti. The Australian actress plays a suburban New Jersey rapper in the Fox Searchlight indie, which was one of the.
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There’s a Script for a ‘Deadwood’ Film; Your Move, HBO

Will we ever get the closure we deserve?

The Deadwood movie is pretty much HBO’s version of Chinese Democracy. Fans of David Milch’s swear-laced western drama have been clamoring for a resolution to the series ever since it ended abruptly after its third season way back in 2006, and for years now producers and cast have kept this dream alive by teasing the idea of a feature film to wrap things up. But that’s all it’s really been, a tease. Seems like once a year there’s an obligatory update about how everyone’s still interested — cast, crew, creator and network — and a vague promise that any day now the ball will get rolling. Late last year we received the most promising news yet from series lead Ian MacShane, who reported that Milch was ready to write and the cast was prepping for returns to their roles. Great news
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We Have Always Been At War With Drugs: ‘Deep Cover’ A Quarter-Century Later

Looking back at Jeff Goldblum and Laurence Fishburne wearily fighting the war on drugs 25 years ago.

This Monday marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Deep Cover, itself an endpoint of the preceding quarter-century. It bears a deep weariness, beset by crime, racism, and, increasingly, the American government itself. Every frame of the film is soaked in that weariness, and its script explicitly addresses it, as the entire business of its story turns out to be that of the American government’s profit from the illegal drug trade, with then-president George H.W. Bush and the former president of Panama, the notorious CIA operative Manuel Noriega addressed by name.

That it’s ostensibly a crime thriller, a genre picture, makes Deep Cover all the more effective a messenger. In his last film billed as “Larry” — while we’re talking about culmination — Laurence Fishburne stars as a young police officer who, as
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Jeff Goldblum Activity Book Pays Homage to the Beloved Actor – Look at Some Amazing Images

Jeff Goldblum Activity Book Pays Homage to the Beloved Actor – Look at Some Amazing Images
Jeff Goldblum fans are in for a treat with this new activity book, “Do I Hate Being Right All the Time,” by publisher Belly Kids. Paying homage to the beloved actor, the 32 page book features fun games, puzzles and activities that feature the charming Goldblum in various situations.

“First crush, only love, most charming man on screen. To say Jeff Goldblum is the one great thing in this world would be a mass understatement,” reads the book’s description on the website.

Each Goldblum-inspired activity is illustrated by a different artist. The book includes a “Draw Your Jeff Emoji” page by Dan Woodger, a “Where’s Jeff” activity by Bridie Cheeseman, a “The Fly Cut Out” by Conner Perry and many more.

Belly Kids’ website also includes a “We Can Cherish – David Attenborough Quote Book” and a Bill Murray coloring book, “Thrill Murray.”

Read More: Color In Your Very Own
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‘Created Equal’: Aaron Tveit, Edy Ganem Co-Starring, Bill Duke to Direct

‘Created Equal’: Aaron Tveit, Edy Ganem Co-Starring, Bill Duke to Direct
Aaron Tveit and Edy Ganem are starring in the legal drama “Created Equal” with Bill Duke directing.

Production is underway in New Orleans. Lou Diamond Phillips (“Longmire”) and Greg Alan Williams (“Greenleaf”) are also starring.

Duke is directing from a script by Richard Kletter, Michael Ricigliano, Theta Catalon and Joyce Lewis, based on the novel by Roger A. Brown.

Created Equal” centers on a woman who’s desperate to become a priest in the Catholic Church. She turns to an up-and-coming lawyer who files suit against the Archdiocese of New Orleans for sex discrimination without justifiable cause. As the trial unfolds, an extremist threatens to kill the woman if she doesn’t back off.

Producers are Theta Catalon of T-Cat Films and Karlas Powell. Brown is executive producing.

Duke’s directing credits include “Dark Girls”, “Hoodlums”, “Sister Act 2”, “Deep Cover” and “A Rage in Harlem.” He’s represented by Pantheon and Priluck Company.
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Joe Louis-Max Schmeling Movie Project Seeks Crowdfunding

The producers of a biopic on boxer Joe Louis have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the project.

Bill Duke, Gil Adler and Joel Eisenberg, who unveiled the project in November in to Variety, started the $200,000 campaign on Wednesday on the Seed and Spark site.

“By crowdfunding the development of the property and further, possibly some pre-production financing, we hope to mitigate some finance risk by bringing a fully developed property to the funding entities,” Eisenberg said.

The untitled project will focus on Louis’ historic two fights with German boxer Max Schmeling. Louis became a symbolic figure in boxing during early global tensions leading to World War II, becoming among the first U.S. black cultural heroes. Schmeling was exploited as Hitler’s German Superman, but had no love for the Nazi regime.

Their two fights took place in Yankee Stadium. Schmeling handed Louis his first loss in their first fight
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Bayard Johnson, Who Wrote ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Jungle Book’ Movies, Dies at 63

Bayard Johnson, a screenwriter and producer, died February 10 in Los Angeles after a long battle with cancer. He was 63.

Johnson wrote and produced feature films for Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures, MGM/UA and 20th Century Fox. He made two feature films in Africa and wrote movies based on both the classic Tarzan character (1998’s “Tarzan and the Lost City”) and on Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” (1997’s “The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo”). His first African movie, “Damned River” (Zimbabwe, 1988), written with John Crowther, is among the top 20 action movies of the 1980s in the Netflix database.

With partner Bill Duke (director of “Deep Cover,” co-star of “Predator”), Johnson co-wrote a TV series for HBO and produced a feature film (2007’s “Cover”) about the HIV epidemic.

In 2015 Johnson’s director son Colter Johnson finished production on a film, “Man in a Cage,” from a script by Bayard and Colter Johnson,
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Fright At Home Reviews: Sonny Boy, The Last Witch Hunter, Burroughs: The Movie and More!!

This week sees two Fright At Home articles because, to be honest, we’ve seen quite a few films lately, ones that have stayed in our heads. This one also sees a documentary about one of the greatest writers of all time, William S. Burroughs. We’ve got quite a few films to cover in this one, and we’re excited to tell you Fright Fanatics all about them. Read on!

Sonny Boy (Dir. Robert Martin Carroll)

One of the craziest films I’ve ever seen, Robert martin Carroll’s Sonny Boy is like a coked-up look at family and insanity. Revolving around a very unconventional family full of colorful characters, the film follows “Sonny Boy”, a kind-napped baby who over the years, grows up and is stored in a cage. Beaten and having his tongue cut out by the demented Slue (Midnight Express) , Sonny Boy years for an escape
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Network: TNT

Episodes: 20 (hour)

Seasons: Two

TV show dates: August 13, 2014 -- December 28, 2015

Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Sean Bean, Ali Larter, Morris Chestnut, Amber Valletta, Mason Cook, Tina Majorino, Rob Mayes, and Steve Harris.

TV show description:

This suspenseful crime drama is based on the award-winning book Legends: A Novel of Dissimulation by spy novelist Robert Littell.

Martin Odum (Sean Bean) is an undercover agent working for the FBI's Deep Cover Operations (Dco) division. He has the ability to transform himself into a different person for each of his cases but a mysterious stranger causes him to start questioning his sanity.

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Watch: First Clip From 'Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation' Highlights Intense Car And Motorcycle Chases

If there's a building to hang off or something to jump over, Tom Cruise would rather do it himself than call in a stunt double. Once again, in "Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation," he goes the extra mile to ensure audiences get a level of reality that CGI can't provide. "These stunts are rehearsed to within an inch of their life, but the one thing that Tom feels very passionately about, and it really comes from a place of wanting to entertain the audience, is in a movie like 'Mission: Impossible,' where it’s possible to do these things using a camera that doesn’t rely on the CG that 'Star Trek' or 'Terminator' relied on, when you actually see Tom Cruise holding onto the side of the airplane and the camera doesn’t cut, you get this pit in your stomach that’s just uncomfortable," producer David Ellison told Collider.
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Casting: Winslet, Wu, Carrey, Bennett, McMahon


Kate Winslet is in negotiations for the female lead in Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic at Universal Pictures. If she signs on, she'll join a cast that includes Michael Fassbender as the late Apple co-founder, along with Seth Rogen, Michael Stuhlbarg and potentially Jeff Daniels. [Source: Variety]


Hong Kong film star Daniel Wu has scored the lead role in AMC's upcoming martial arts series "Badlands," a six-episode straight to series adaptation of the classic Chinese tale "Journey to the West".

Wu plays a ruthless warrior who takes a young boy on a dangerous journey together to find enlightenment. Emily Beecham, Sarah Bolger and Oliver Stark also star in the show which is aiming for a late 2015 or early 2016 release. [Source: Variety]

Deep Cover

Jim Carrey is reportedly set to star in a new comedy called "Deep Cover" which Carrey, Michael Aguilar, Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland will produce. Plot details are unknown,
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Jim Carrey Finds 'Deep Cover' with 'Dumb & Dumber To' Producers

After teaming up with Red Granite to get the sequel Dumb & Dumber To off the ground, Deadline reports Jim Carrey is getting ready to reteam with the production banner for a new project. Deep Cover is a new comedy that was just picked up by Red Granite from an original pitch by Johnny Rosenthal, an up and coming writer who has a project called The Three Tenors in development at Lionsgate, a comedy called Iron Jack at Sony, and his work on Bad Santa 2 at Dimension. Unfortunately, the plot of this new original pitch is being kept under wraps, but it's likely a comedic approach to an undercover cop situation. More below! It's been awhile since we've had a comedic approach to undercover cop thrillers like Donnie Brasco, and with a chameleon like Carrey in the lead, his cover would likely be an awesome character for him to bring to life.
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Dumb and Dumber To producers want Jim Carrey for new comedy Deep Cover

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Red Granite, the production company the helped get Dumb And Dumber To released, is looking to team up with Jim Carrey again for a new comedy. Deadline is reporting Red Granite's Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland have picked up the pitch Deep Cover from writer Johnny Rosenthal (who reportedly is also working on the script for Bad Santa 2), and they want Carrey to star in the planned movie. If the actor does join the project, he'll also produce the film with Michael Aguilar through...
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Jim Carrey Takes on New Comedy 'Deep Cover'

Jim Carrey Takes on New Comedy 'Deep Cover'
Coming off the success of Dumb and Dumber To, which has earned nearly $130 million worldwide in one month of release, Jim Carrey is teaming up again with Red Granite's Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland for a new comedy entitled Deep Cover. No plot details have been revealed at this time, but the project comes from an original pitch by writer Johnny Rosenthal. Jim Carrey will also produce alongside Michael Aguilar through their Some Kind of Garden production company.

Writer Johnny Rosenthal recently sold his pitch The Three Tenors to Lionsgate this summer, and he is also developing Iron Jack for Sony Pictures. The writer also wrote the script for Dimension's sequel Bad Santa 2, a project which star Billy Bob Thornton revealed back in October is still in development. Red Granite stepped up to finance Dumb and Dumber To after Warner Bros. pulled the plug on the sequel. The studio
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Jim Carrey, ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Producers Eye Reteam On ‘Deep Cover’

Jim Carrey, ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Producers Eye Reteam On ‘Deep Cover’
Exclusive: After November’s Dumb And Dumber To scored $128 million worldwide (and counting), it’s a no-brainer that Red Granite would want to stay in the Jim Carrey business. I hear the finance and production shingle led by Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland has snapped up comedy pitch Deep Cover from writer Johnny Rosenthal. If deal sticks it’ll be a starring vehicle for Carrey, continuing his successful relationship with Red Granite, while Carrey would also produce alongside Michael Aguilar for their Some Kind Of Garden banner.

Plot details of the original pitch are being kept under wraps. This summer Rosenthal sold The Three Tenors to Lionsgate. He’s also got action comedy Iron Jack in development at Sony and wrote Bad Santa 2 for Dimension.

Red Granite (Friends With Kids, Out of the Furnace, Horns) opened its doors in 2010 and came out swinging last year with Martin Scorsese’s
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Sean Bean’s ‘Legends’ Renewed for Season 2

Sean Bean’s ‘Legends’ Renewed for Season 2
Sean Bean lives to spy another day — TNT has renewed thriller “Legends” for a second season, with 10 episodes planned for a 2015 debut.

The series is produced by Fox 21, with “Homeland’s” Howard Gordon serving as executive producer. “Legends,” based on the book by Robert Littell, stars Bean as Martin Odum, an undercover agent working for the FBI’s Deep Cover Operations (Dco) division.

The first season of “Legends” averaged 3.2 million viewers in Live + 7 measures, a number that rises to 6.5 million when multiplatform viewing is factored in.
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Sean Bean shares some professional 'Firsts & Worsts'

Sean Bean shares some professional 'Firsts & Worsts'
Sean Back is back on TV in TNT’s Legends (premieres Aug. 13, 9 p.m. Et). Based on the book by spy novelist Robert Littell, Legends centers on Martin Odum (Bean), an undercover agent working for the FBI’s Deep Cover Operations division who begins to question his own identity when a stranger suggests that Martin isn’t the man he believes himself to be.

We did a little digging of our own when Bean visited EW for our “Firsts & Worsts” video series. Watch his installment and read a full transcript below.

EW: What was your first role?

Sean Bean:
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Tina Majorino Talks Legends, How Rewrites Changed Her Character’s Backstory, Support from Veronica Mars and Napoleon Dynamite Fans, and More

The new TNT series Legends, based on the book by master spy novelist Robert Littell, follows Martin Odum (Sean Bean), an undercover agent working for the FBI’s Deep Cover Operations division, who has such an uncanny ability to transform himself into a completely different person for each job that he begins to question whether he really is the man he believes himself to be. The show also stars Ali Larter, Morris Chestnut, Tina Majorino, Steve Harris, Amber Valletta and Mason Cook. During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Tina Majorino (who plays Maggie Harris, the newest member of the Dco team) talked about how she got involved with this show, that a different actor had originally been cast in Sean Bean’s role, how the rewrites of the original script changed the backstory of her character, how Maggie fits in with the team, and the research she did
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Meet Sean Bean’s Multiple Legends Identities — But Which One Is Real?

Sean Bean takes the term workaholic to a new level on TNT's Legends.

The latest action series from Howard Gordon (Homeland, 24) follows Martin Odum (Bean), an agent in the FBI's Deep Cover Operations division who becomes so enmeshed in the personas ("legends") he adopts that the lines between his real and fictional identities start to become blurred.

"This guy ... has a kind of personality disorder, to put it mildly," Bean tells "He's a very driven man who creates characters and people from his past experiences. He's very good at it and he totally immerses himself, to a point where he kind of pays quite a big price psychologically."

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