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ray-2805 September 2005
Take a handsome young ex-hockey star who could never do much other than skate, a prima-donna figure-skater who finds fault with every world-class partner thrown her way and laughs at said ex-hockey star, and an obligatory crazy-genius Soviet expatriate, send them all after Olympic glory, and you have The Cutting Edge.

Lead characters Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney) and Kate Moseley (Moira Kelly) are star-crossed skaters: an eye injury at the Olympics ruined Doug's hockey career, while an ill-timed fall in the pairs figure skating finals leaves Kate's destiny unfulfilled. Coach Anton Pamchenko (Roy Dotrice) fishes Dorsey out of a construction site and transplants him to the Moseley estate in Greenwich. The fish-out-of-water concept was not as blatant as Pauly Shore's movies, but it was definitely there.

The stereotypical supporting cast did its job: Terry O'Quinn is the wealthy, doting father who is either obsessed with an Olympic medal for his daughter, or obsessed with his daughter who happens to want an Olympic medal (the movie never really makes clear which), while snobby fiancé Hale Forrest (Dwier Brown) is forgettable yet necessary to the plot, as is Walter Dorsey (Chris Benson), Doug's stereotypical nuts-and-bolts, slightly homophobic and very skeptical brother.

With Breakfast Club-like cost-efficiency, the film sticks to the dialogue between the few main characters, who are on screen for the large majority of the film. The questions are timeless: will Kate marry her snobby fiancé or will passion erupt from the love-hate relationship with her skating partner? Will they overcome the judging bias against ex-hockey players and win gold? Will Kate loosen up? Will Doug gain some culture and refinement? One could say that this film is predictable, but that is a good thing. Films like The Cutting Edge lose very little even if you've heard the story told a hundred times in a dozen ways. Suspense is not the goal here; romance is, and this film serves up more of it than almost every media-hyped "blockbuster" I've ever seen.
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A great story for all ages
moviegal-68 January 2001
I was twelve years old when I saw this film. Then, I thought it was great. Now, at twenty-one, I think it's awesome. Some may criticize the "inaccuracies" of the skating, but if one looks closely at the credits, world renowned skater Robin Cousins is the technical advisor and skating scene coordinator. Also, the pairs skaters they compete against are also, as far as I can tell, are real skaters. While they probably wouldn't jump into major competitions right away, they did it this way most likely for timesake. It's a sweet love story that is refreshingly free of violence (save the occasional slapshot), gratutious sex, and vulgar language. It is a delight for young and old combining chemestry, believability, and awesome skating sequences. I give it a nine and a half out of ten; if for nothing else, then for the warm fuzzies you get from watching it.
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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated, PERFECT love story..
A_Different_Drummer12 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have lost count of the number of times I have seen this. It is extraordinary in every way, and that is IN SPITE OF the fact that it appears to have been done as a B-movie on a limited budget and with limited expectations. First the story. A bratty young girl raised by her domineering father to win a medal in skating. Nothing new there. But add to the mix the idea that she needs a last-minute partner because she has burned through all the ready talent, and the best candidate appears to be an ex-hockey skater who can no longer play .. and now it starts to get interesting. Then factor in some of the best on-screen chemistry in recent memory ... and presto, before you can say JACK ROBINSON, we are suddenly in the big leagues in spite of the small budget. One of the tightest scripts ever, with a double climax at the end. (To this day, every skating teacher and skating student will break out laughing when you say "toepick" with that certain special intonation.) Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeny give the performances of their lives yet, ASTONISHINGLY, don't even seem to realize it. (They were young and probably thought that bigger and better parts were ahead of them -- but history will show that, unfortunately, did not happen). Succeeds on so many levels -- as a sports story, as story of personal redemption, and absolutely kills as a love story. More recently the Disney people, realizing that they had overlooked this gem, tried to monetize it with some belated sequels, but lightening seldom strikes twice. A one of a kind guilty pleasure, iconic, capable of being watched over and over, a film that never gets old, and never fails to capture the imagination or steal your heart. A perfect "10." ------------------------------------------------------------

Update Oct 14: The good news is that Disney has grudgingly acknowledged just how good this film is by creating a franchise. Of sorts. The bad news is that, while entry #2 and #3 are OK (but still a pale imitation of the original), #4 is barely watchable at all. Out of curiosity this writer found a copy of the original and re-watched. No, all those who gave this a perfect "10" were not crazy. On re-watching, the tightness of the script, with many clever double-entendres, shines; as does Kelly's ability to deliver some of the best reaction shots in the history of the medium. Chemistry to spare.
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A Nod to the Rom/Coms of YesterYear
staceym31 July 2004
The Cutting Edge is a classic movie and one which I never get tired of watching.

The chemistry between Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney really sells this picture, even before you see the impressive scenery and fantastic skating sequences.

The script is filled with quotable gems, (It's not like his nose was perfect) and what could be a fairly thin story (that, OK, has been done before) is lifted firmly out of the cliche zone by first class direction, a thumping early 90's pop soundtrack and breathtaking choreography.

I can't fault this movie - it's one of my top five - and would recommend it as a family favourite.

This movie gets a very enthusiastic 10/10 from me.
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Funny sports film/romantic comedy
MichaelMovieLoft21 May 2003
I like this movie. First off, you have underrated actors DB Sweeney and Moira Kelly showing their stuff. It is probably their best film they have made. The chemistry is great between the two. You can tell that when they fly insults at each other. The whole cast does a good job and the scenery is nice. I usually don't like films that use Canada as a backdrop for a US city, but in this case, It does a good job as a replacement for Minnesota and suburban New England.

My favorite scene is where they are ready to skate their first performance together. Doug goes backstage and lets out some of his bodily fluids. He goes back to explain to Kate that he always had two helmets and it usually took him 10 minutes to warm up for a game. Kate reminds him that their program is only 2 1/2 minutes. He stares blankly at her and says, "So eight minutes afterward, I'll be okay" LOL. I always think of that line when I am nervous and going into something major.

There are a few cameos by other skating personalities such as Robin Cousins (who also was the technical advisor) and Jo Jo Starbuck. There aren't many ice skating films out there and there are a few that are good. This is one of the few. TOEPICK!!!
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Excellent Coming of Age Romantic Comedy
PBakerTX3 March 2005
I found this movie very enjoyable to watch. The chemistry between Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney is very realistic. Even their arguments with one another appears genuine. Each of them wounded from previous experiences, not willing to open up to one another. All of this taking place in a point in their lives where they are each struggling to find something more out of life and end up discovering themselves and one another. Eventually, taking both of them beyond the quest of a gold medal.

The skating scenes are wonderful and the music (especially the scores from Patrick Williams) was incredible.

This is a movie that I never get tired of and it keeps drawing me back to it.
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a classic
ivana-718 July 1999
This is one of those movies that show that you don't have to have special effects or lots of money for a movie to be great. This is like a movie from 1940s in which acting is the main factor.

The tension between two leads is the structure of this movie.

Its a great romantic/comedy movie and one of my favorites.
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It touches me even now.
jcdavis335 April 2005
I watch this movie over and over again. It drives my daughter crazy but she just laughs and walks away from me. The setting is great due to my love of skating which I have done in small measure my whole life. The father and coach seemed so real to me and very much a part of the support system for the two younger actors in the movie.To me the movie is well constructed and acted. The characters appear real to me and take me on their journey of life as well. I did fall in love with Doug Dorsey and I do hope he is doing well now. I wish to thank and creator of this movie and the director for bringing out the best in the members of the cast. It is a classic to me.
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Good chemistry for a solid rom-com
SnoopyStyle30 December 2013
It's the 1988 Winter Olympics at Calgary. Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney) is a promising hockey player, but his career is cut short by an eye injury. Kate Moseley (Moira Kelly) is a spoiled temperamental pairs figure skater who goes through every partner. Then 2 years later, Moseley still can't find a partner, and Dorsey can't find a team. Her coach Anton Pamchenko decides to put them together despite their combative relationship.

They have good chemistry together. Their combative nature is the perfect heat for a relationship. It is a fundamental building block to a good rom-com. That's what we have here. Two perfectly match solid actors doing a good rom-com. Moira Kelly has the perfect indignant pout, and Sweeney has a great sly smirk.
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I thought I was alone
holygallery22 February 2006
WOW, I always thought I was strange for watching this movie 14 times in one day when I was 16. I have a feeling most of you are women, I'm a man and I think this movie is one of the best Rom/Com I've EVER seen. Never mind the fact that it's pretty much an adaptation of Shakespeare's"Taming of the Shrew" The chemistry is spot on between the cast. There was a girl like Kate's character that I was madly in love with at the age of 16. We bickered just like the two leads of this film. This film was my "light and the end of the tunnel". Alas, it was not to be. When I finally confessed, my best friend told me "Never..." Why can't life be like the movies.....
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Favorite Film of All Time
Letyezaoblaka3 July 2004
As a figure skater, my movie choices of my profession are rather limited. If you take out Ronin, in which Katarina Witt is shot, Ice Castle, which I hated, the Cutting Edge is practically the only one left. I loved it. Sure the movie wasn't realistic, but it was good none the less. Wholesome and the skating sequences weren't bad. I loved the Pamchenko. My parter and I even attempted it a few times. Overall, definitely watch this if you are a fan of skating or just have an afternoon to watch a movie. I've seen it more than 20 times...this movie is timeless. My coach plays clips from this movie to us when we are waiting for our turn to compete and even at the celebration parties. I love it.
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Most underrated film of all time.
gouge_away5 June 2002
To those who may not have had the pleasure of viewing this film yet, here is a warning: it is addictive. As others have commented, the Cutting Edge has a rare quality of becoming more watchable with each additional session. The word session as just used is appropriate because this movie is pure therapy. One can only hope that actors Kelly and Sweeney can be brought together again to forge another hit.
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martini142119 March 2006
I think Moira Kelly is astounding in this movie. I believe she is one of the most underrated actress's of our time. Her chemistry and emotion with D.B. Sweeney is incredibly passionate. They act with such intensity you start to believe it's really happening.At the beginning you see how "icey" Kate is. But as the movie progresses and her relationship with Doug starts to bloom she starts showing more emotion. You start to see the real Kate Mosley, not an uptight ice queen. Doug brings out the best and worst in her. And he's right, "Don't say we're not right for each other because the way i see it we may not be right for anyone else." I think this movie is so romantic and it's like it's a reality t.v. show. To me it just seems that real. Their Passion and love seems that real.
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Must watch Romantic Movie
joppanLive19 February 2018
I never said a romantic movie "must watch" before. But this one is really something special. "The Cutting Edge" may not have an interesting story or plot twist offered by movies of the same genre. It has a very simple story which was portrayed in a very simple manner. Still this movie succeeds in winning the my heart. Thanks to Moira Kelly for it. The character "Kate Mosley" was safe with Moira and she immersed into it with extreme perfection. The chemistry between Kate and Doug was heart-warming and it uplifts this movie into a different level. I would recommend this movie to everyone and promise you from my heart that it never disappoints.
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Very good
jcbm-la25 February 2006
I am a guy who usually likes action movies, and normally I don't like romantic movies, but this particular movie really blew me away. It is just great, I loved it.I think it has a very good plot. I just started watching it on TV almost accidentally, but it quickly got me. I feel weird to say this but for a moment it made me feel like when I first fell in love with my now wife. I'm going to buy it and see it with my wife soon, I'm sure she is going to love it too. I highly recommend you to watch it. It mixed art and a semi-torturous love story in a capturing harmonious style. At the end I felt like I wanted to make out with my wife again.
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Made me start skating
erdehoff23 December 2013
Look, this movie is cheesy as hell. I would hope that anyone who plans to watch it would know that in advance. It's a Cheesy Sports Movie with tights (and skating skirts). But it's the best damn figure skating movie that ever was made, and perhaps the best sports romance since "Pat & Mike." Kate is a spoiled bitch who has, for some reason, decided to be a pairs skater. All of her problems are the fault of her partner. Her search for a new partner is not going well. Then she meets Doug Dorsey, a washed-up hockey player, and the script pretty much writes itself from there.

I saw this movie when I was 12 years old. I had never tried ice skating before. The day after I saw "The Cutting Edge," I begged my parents to take me to the rink. As it happens, I had a natural talent for figure skating. Although I never made it to the higher echelons of the sport (I started very late and was rather tall, which makes jumps and spins more difficult -- and pairs skating was definitely not in the cards for me!), I had finally found an athletic pursuit I enjoyed. I love it to this day. "The Cutting Edge" ended up costing me thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of hard work both on and off the ice (not to mention many, many bruises), but it inspired me at a time when I desperately needed to be inspired. I cannot imagine my life without it. Even though I only skate for fun these days, I am grateful to the filmmakers for opening my eyes to joy, regardless of the cheesiness of the package it came in.
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Leaves one feeling good
Shirin-38 March 2006
I first saw this movie as a teen at the movies, and although it follows the tried and true formula of a romantic comedy, the charisma and chemistry between the two lead actors is what sets apart this movie and makes it memorable. Such a movie only works when you start caring about the characters and are rooting for their happy ending - and in that feat, this movie succeeds. The basic premise is of a promising hockey player who is paired with a partner-needing figure skater. The film works on their "repressed" tensions and relationship conflicts both on and off the ice - which they eventually succeed in melting. For those too elitist in their taste in intellectual occupation, you don't have to admit you enjoyed this flick - but I don't think you'll regret the interlude. Have fun - the actors looked like they did.
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A beautiful film with Sweeney & Kelly's best work of their careers
jasarthur13 February 2010
First off, for all those critics who claim this is a chick flick, I'm a guy and I love this movie. I watched the VHS with my kids when it was newly released, and just watched the DVD a couple days ago, getting a lot out of the special features. Especially enlightening are the commentaries by the main actors done in 2006. The overall rating of 6.5 on IMDb is sadly warped by the careless railings of a few hacks who gave it unfairly negative reviews. It deserves much better. Fighting Amish (not his real username) gave it a 1/10 but his comments lacked any substantial critique, focusing only on how much his girlfriend liked it...and then he wonders why he's no longer with her! A movie made with so much care and artistry should not be casually trashed by someone with emotional issues.
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I love this movie
foxycleopatra148929 January 2006
I love this movie. I cant remember when I first saw it, but I loved it right away. I used to do figure skating, Artistic roller skating actually. I used to copy the bit at the beginning with my friends where she skates off with her "ass in the air" and her skirt pulled up a little. But I always wanted to do Ice-skating instead. So every time I watched this movie I felt so envious of Kate because she was so good and she got to do something i wanted so much to do but couldn't. I lost the video I had of this movie a few years ago and was so upset I actually cried. My mother found the DVD in a store the other day and bought it for me and I haven't stopped watching it since. These days i feel so many emotions whilst watching the movie i don't know what to feel XD. I recommend this movie to every single child and adult alike.
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Loved it, loved it..
imbunny227 July 2004
I thought this was the cutest movie I've seen in a long time. I had heard about it before, but never seen it until this week. Boy was I missing a good time. I enjoyed the playful banter between the two main characters. I especially enjoyed the scene where they were playing hockey. What a hoot. His continual baiting of her was adorable. Of course I think that these two actors have been seriously over looked for some good roles. I believe that both D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly could have played the romantic leads in several films that went to other actors. We have such a shortage of romantic comedies, we need more of the electricity you could feel between these two. If that was acting it was GREAT. I also think that Paul Michael Glaser showed promise as a director. He made me feel very connected to the characters in the movie and very much wrapped up in their struggles.

Kudos also to the skating doubles, they were magnificent. The photography in the skating sequences was interwoven well enough that it was not overly obvious to me that they were doubles, even though I knew they were. I hope this film has been seen by a lot of people who feel the same way I do.
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Surprisingly good for a formula movie
imdb-2162225 December 2009
OK, so the plot is formulaic. There is nothing new here, really. Or is there? I have seen this movie a few times, and always liked it. I think it's the acting and dialog.

The acting is a cut above what you would expect from the movie. The female lead is a prima donna. I felt like her complex human emotions at times were fairly believable. Sometimes she's bitchy. Sometimes confused. Sometimes you like her.

The male lead is perhaps not quite as good. But they did not fall into the pattern of simply making him another dumb jock. In a scene where they have both had too much to drink, I felt he reacted in a very realistic way. He delivers this great line in the movie to her after she insists he button the top button of his costume. Something to the effect of 'if buttoning that button made the difference between a long happy life and a painful death, he would not give her the satisfaction.' It was a perfectly acted scene, IMO.

The dialog was much better than expected in this type of movie. There's some pretty funny lines. And some generally great exchanged between the actors that are far less dull than you would expect. If I put this into the category of sports movies, I would say it really rates well partly due to dialog.

OK, so you can predict the plot. Obviously, it's a formulaic movie. But along the way, they throw in a few curves, and the characters react in many ways like normal humans would in the same situation, at least in my opinion.

If you like the love/hate romance movies, and triumphant sporting movies, I think this is up your alley.

p.s. chick flicks are not my favored genre, so the fact I liked this movie, says something I think (because it's a bit of a chick flick at times.)
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confession: 2nd favourite film of all time!
Ph1sh15 March 2005
I am 26. I am male. I like James Bond movies and science fiction. There is no reason I should either watch this movie or enjoy this movie. The concept is dated and done a million times over. A lot of the dialogue is hokey and obvious. And.... I love it. Sweeney and Kelly were at their peaks for these roles, playing the bitch and jock or that era perfectly, and the unashamed 80s and cheese-factor only add to this films charm. We need these films to remind us that there was a world once where romance did not feature cappuccino, text messages, expensive cars and fashion sense. I do not know how this film managed to find its way into my chart... I cannot explain it - just watch it and it may do the same thing for you.... or not. Toepick.
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Definitely A Classic!!!!!
Marian2014 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Cutting Edge has become one of the most popular sports romance films ever released.Despite the fact that it never did well when it was theatrically released back in 1992,it has found its afterlife that it became one of the most beloved films after it was released on video and shown on cable television.

The story is about an unlikely partnership between an ex-hockey star,Doug Dorsey and a champion figure skater,Kate Moseley as they try to win the gold medal in pairs figure skating in the Winter Olympics.Their constant quarrels and banter at each other during their training until they realized that they have fallen love with each other is what makes the film entertaining from beginning to end.Credit D.B.Sweeney and Moira Kelly for their performance as both have lots of chemistry.Despite the fact that Doug is arrogant and Kate is a bitch,their characters have remained etched to millions of viewers who have seen the movie.They also came to love how both developed to become better people after they have fallen in love with each other and have realized that they cannot live without each other.

Aside from their love story,the underdog theme worked so well in this movie as their quest for the Olympic gold remains extremely difficult from the Regionals to the Nationals until they meet the Russians in the Olympics.Their final move known as the Pamchenko twist has remained popular among fans and figure skaters alike. Viewers will also get entertained as both go through a grueling training under their Russian coach,Anton Pamchenko.Aside from that,the sport of figure skating has come into prominence due to the popularity of this film.

Despite the fact that it is clichéd and predictable,it did not become a hindrance into becoming an enjoyable and entertaining or better yet a classic.Credit should be given to Tony Gilroy for its great screenplay for it not only resulted into lifting this film into becoming more than it should be but it unknowingly resulted into a popular franchise wherein 3 sequels have become a remake of sorts of this film.

This is truly one unforgettable film!!!!
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One of the best....
medic249a23 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This makes great watching even 14 years after it was made! The story is well written and the characters are at least believable. I can't imagine what the logistics of making this must have been like, since camera angles would have been used not only to 'disguise' the skating doubles but also show the footwork that led to complicated moves such as the jumps, lifts & throws.

The story is not entirely impossible, though in places it's a bit far-fetched; an Olympic hockey player, Doug Dorsey (Sweeney) with NHL potential suffers a career-ending injury during the 1988 Calgary Games, while pairs skater Kate Moseley (Kelly) loses her chance at a gold medal when her partner drops her during a lift. Her sharp tongue and bad attitude have driven possible partners away in droves. Now, her coach makes 1 last attempt at finding her a partner - and decides to try with Doug. Although a bit apprehensive at first, Doug agrees to try, and they head for Kate's practice ice on her father's magnificent Connecticut estate. Kate is less than thrilled about this arrangement and tries to run Doug off the way she has the rest of her partners. But Doug has no intention of leaving as this may be his only chance of any kind of career on the ice, and he puts up with Kate's sharp-tongued insults from the start to work their way back to U.S. Nationals - the stepping stone to the Olympics. As their skating blossoms so does the growing romance between them...which leads to Kate dumping her boyfriend on the eve of U.S. National Championships, and the two of them securing a place on the 1992 U.S. Olympic team. With their coach, they start planning a spectacular yet dangerous move for the long program in the hopes of beating the heavily favored Russians, Smilkov & Bruskin (real-life skaters Christine Hough & Doug Ladret), who had won the European championships with perfect across-the-board scores. Kate's announcement that she plans to retire following the Olympics leaves Doug stunned and a bit disillusioned, until she tells him he will find another skating partner easily. When the time comes for their long program, they will bring the arena to its feet...

Choreographed by Robin Cousins, a former men's champion himself, the skating sequences are mostly spectacular save for the Pamchenko move, which would be highly illegal and dangerous. In addition the logistics of making it would be almost impossible. After making the throw Doug would have to perfectly gage where she would land in order to make the spectacular catch that he does in the film, and also, the throw itself defies logic as he would end up throwing her sideways - not up - in which case her head would likely either hit the boards or ice. Although the skating is mostly done by the doubles the camera angles give the audience an idea of the work that goes into some of the moves, in particular the jumps which require some very tough footwork. One thing that others have correctly pointed out is that the real Olympic & Nationals arenas are not darkened for the performances - they are very well lit. This is true of figure skating shows, including the finale at the Olympics, but not for the actual competitions.

While this was made well before I started figure skating myself, I love to watch it even just to see the moves and be able to recognize them! A great movie for anyone who's into figure skating and/or romantic comedy. I could watch this one a hundred times.
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